Songs That Begin With 'W'

Click on any song title to hear (right-click to download) the song. Table abbreviations: T (tempo), TS (Time Signature), L (Lyrics), C (Chords), V (Volume), K (Keyboard).

Title T TS L C Style Artist V K
Wabash Blues, Green Green Grass964/4NYFolkJoe Francis0274
Wabash Cannon Ball1104/4NYBluegrass1Del Kay423k
Wagon Wheels1144/4NYOrganBalladPauline Z04T2
Waikiki1004/4YYHawaiianWill Stewart052k
Wake Up Little Susie1804/4NYBen Corsetti11T1
Waldeslust1803/4YYJohn Vishnoff093k
Walk Don't Run1484/4NNPeter Hindley072k
Walk Don't Run1484/4YYCountryPop1Will Stewart012k
Walk In The Black Forest1354/4NYShowtuneJannie Kroese0111
Walk In The Black Forest1404/4NYSwing1Bob Boyd082k
Walk Of Life1884/4NYErnie Mulder153k
Walk Of Life1674/4NYPaul Jackson042k
Walk Of Live1654/4NYErnie Mulder042k
Walk Right Back2004/4NYOrganQuickstepDel Kay3374
Walk With Me684/4NYGuitarBalladFrank Blecha023k
Walkin' After Midnght954/4NYNeal Saunders03T2
Walkin' After Midnight904/4NYMovieSwingBruce Milne033k
Walkin' In The Air1124/4NYGuitarBossaHarry BrownRigg0174
Walkin' My Baby Back Home1264/4NYAlex Green31T2
Walkin' My Baby Back Home904/4NYPhil Hall012k
Walkin' My Baby Back Home2004/4NYOrganQuickStepAlex Green022k
Walkin' The Dog1004/4NYFullMonthEddie Shoemaker022k
Walking In The Rain1054/4YYJohn Phillips08S9
Walking In The Shadows1324/4YY60sGuitarPopWill Stewart032k
Walking The Floor Over You1124/4NYJohn Phillips12S9
Waltz Across Texas1403/4NY0791
Waltz Medley1763/4NYVienneseWaltz1Del Kay523k
Waltz Medley1853/4NYLaendlerJoe Francis0274
Waltz Medley903/4NYEnglishWaltzAlan Paganelli05T1
Walzing Piano (c)943/4NYOrchWaltzJaap Poetsma062k
Wanted744/4NYJohn Phillips09S9
Warm Snare2244/4NYTijuanaJannie Kroese0311
Warrens Polka1264/4NYAlex Green113k
Was It A Dream824/4NYMidnightSwingJohn Radford04T2
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights1204/4NYGuitarBossaBob Boyd152k
Watch What Happens1104/4NYAlex Green6391
Watch What Happens1204/4NYPopBossa2Alan Paganelli07T1
Watch What Happens1134/4NYDave Edwards063k
Watch What Happens1224/4NYAlex Green253k
Waterloo Sunset1144/4NY8Beat1Will Stewart102k
Watermark1204/4NYMarcelo Gaspar093k
Watermark1204/4NNHeartBeatMarcelo Gaspar0221
Watermelon Man1004/4NNVince Andreone01T1
Wave1254/4NYHermann Schunk10T2
Wave1134/4NYBeguinePauline Z03T2
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans1604/4NYAlex Green213k
Way It Used To Be824/4NYDavid Bate043k
Way Old Friends Do, The1204/4NNMarcelo Gaspar163k
Way Out There804/4NNChilloutFrank Blecha023k
Way We Were834/4NYCool8BeatChuck Hunt019P
Way We Were, The1574/4NYCool8BeatMarcelo Gaspar113k
Way We Were, The1004/4NNLoveSongVince Andreone01T1
Way We Were, The704/4NYLoveSongChris Bell032k
Way We Were, The704/4NYLoveSongChris Bell022k
Way You Look Tonight, The904/4NYMovieSwingBill Venice01T2
Way You Look Tonight, The1004/4NYBigBandMed1Deane Peters013k
Way You Look Tonight, The1044/4NYMidnightSwingAlex Kruger01C2
Way You Look Tonight, The644/4NY6-8ModernEPDel Kay2274
Wayward Wind1134/4NYDel Kay503k
We Come In Peace (c)1484/4NNJaap Poetsma042k
We Need A Little Christmas1584/4NYChristmasSwingBrian Haylett06T2
We Shall Behold Him864/4NYGary Kilby073k
We Two In Love1034/4NYMidnightSwingDeane Peters023k
We Wish You A Merry Christmas1373/4NYCountryWaltzJoe Waters002k
We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow2004/4NYDixieland1John Radford07T2
We'll Be Together Again684/4NYBruce Milne04T3
We'll Be Together Again904/4NYBigBandMed1Brian Haylett089P
We'll Gather Lilacs1064/4NYSlowBossaBill Venice02T2
We'll Meet Again904/4NYMovieSwingSunny Haddleton06S9
We're All Alone1184/4NYOrganBalladMarcelo Gaspar113k
We're All Alone1184/4NYOrganBalladMarcelo Gaspar073k
We've Only Just Begun964/4NYNeal Saunders05T3
Wedding Of Maggie O'bryen (c), The1134/4NYSunny Haddleton06S9
Weisse Rosen Aus Athen1264/4NYJohn Vishnoff043k
Welcome To My World1284/4NYCountryRockAlex Green67T4
Welcome To My World764/4NYJohn Phillips12S9
Welcome To My World1304/4NYJannie Kroese073k
Welcome To My World724/4NY12-8BalladDel Kay403k
Welcome To My World834/4NYCountry8Beat1Bob Boyd152k
Wer Sol Dass Bezahlen1803/4NYGermanWaltzDel Kay0974
What A Difference A Day Makes764/4NYDel Kay533k
What A Difference A Day Makes1244/4NYHermann Schunk08T2
What A Difference A Day Makes1004/4NNVince Andreone06T1
What A Difference A Day Makes1064/4NYSlowBossaBob Boyd152k
What A Difference A Day Makes994/4NYBeguineFrancisco Albuquerque063k
What A Difference A Day Makes904/4NYAlex Green133k
What A Difference A Day Makes1134/4NYBeguineRoyce Mosgrove022k
What A Difference A Day Makes1004/4NNVince Andreone01T1
What A Difference You've Made In My Life804/4NYGary Kilby053k
What A Friend We Have804/4NYWarren Peters072k
What A Wonderful World 52 4/4 N Y Ken Stenzel 02 T4
What A Wonderful World963/4NYKen Stenzel01T4
What A Wonderful World654/4NY6-8SlowRock1Del Kay543k
What A Wonderful World674/4NY12-8BalladFranco Tancredi02T2
What A Wonderful World724/4NY12-8BalladHermann Schunk05T2
What A Wonderful World734/4NY6-8SlowRock1Ben Corsetti05T1
What A Wonderful World724/4NYRobert Lauzon01T1
What About Me1364/4NY8Beat2Paul Jackson062k
What Are You Doing New Years Eve774/4NYJoe Waters002k
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life1484/4NNHeartBeatMike Szmania0521
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life854/4NYLoungePianoChuck Hunt019P
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life1154/4NNChris Bell042k
What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry724/4NYAlex Green223k
What Child Is This823/4NYJohn Phillips14T4
What Child Is This883/4NYGuitarSerenadeJoe Waters002k
What I Did For Love904/4NYNeal Saunders02T2
What I Did For Love664/4NYAlex Green5891
What I Did For Love1134/4NYAlex Green50T2
What I Did For Love824/4NYJohn Radford06T2
What I Did For Love904/4NYAlex Green082k
What Is This Thing Called Love1184/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd122k
What Kind Of Fool Am I1354/4NYSwing1Mike Szmania0221
What Kind Of Fool Am I1304/4NYDeane Peters063k
What Kind Of Fool Am I1004/4NYAlex Green072k
What Now My Love1304/4NY60s8BeatJoe Francis0274
What Now My Love1854/4NYBebopDave Edwards013k
What Now My Love664/4NYEnka2Alan Paganelli06T1
What Now My Love1064/4NYGypsyRumbaBruce Milne012k
What'd I Say1794/4NYSlowBossaVince Andreone04T1
What's A Man Without A Woman542/4NYErnie Mulder052k
WhatAWonderflWrld524/4NYKen Stenzel01T4
Whatever Will Be Will Be1504/4NYBluegrass1Alex Green273k
Wheels1204/4NYErnie Mulder032k
Wheels1324/4NYJohn Vishnoff063k
Wheels1284/4NY60sGuitarPopAlan Paganelli02T1
When Day Is Done Rock1304/4NYAlex Green30T2
When I Am Laid In Earth1204/4NNno styleChris Bell042k
When I Fall in Love824/4NYGary Kilby033k
When I Fall In Love824/4NYHermann Schunk12T2
When I Fall In Love824/4NYMidnightSwingJohn Radford06T2
When I Fall In Love894/4NYBalladPauline Z04T2
When I Fall In Love794/4NYBen Corsetti06T1
When I Fall In Love904/4NYAlex Green133k
When I Fall In Love704/4NYLoveSongPaul Jackson012k
When I Fall In Love, When You Wish Upon A Star904/4NYMovieSwingJoe Francis0274
When I Grow Too Old To Dream903/4NYEnglishWaltzDeane Peters023k
When I Grow Too Old To Dream2104/4NYAlex Green34T2
When I Need You1103/4NYDavid Bate063k
When I Take My Sugar To Tea1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Bob Boyd223k
When I'm 641304/4NYNeal Saunders03T2
When I'm 641364/4NYGary Kilby023k
When I'm 641204/4NYGypsySwingRon Jubenville0121
When I'm 651844/4NYPianoRag1Ben Corsetti12T1
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling2244/4NYDixieland1Del Kay483k
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling1024/4NYMORSwingJohn Radford04T2
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling1003/4NYOrchWaltzDel Kay0874
When Joynny Comes Marching864/4NYGloria Hanson0391
When Lights Are Low1854/4NYBigBandFast1Dave Edwards053k
When My Baby Smiles At Me1224/4NYAlex Green253k
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again1304/4NYCountry8Beat1Bob Boyd202k
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again1404/4NYJohn Vishnoff053k
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street1254/4NYAlex Green6491
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street1558/4NYPauline Z06T2
When My Sugar, Exactly Like You1284/4NYAlex Green38T2
When Sunny Gets Blue724/4NYMoonlightBalladPhil Hall012k
When Sunny Gets Blue704/4NYJoe Waters032k
When The Lights Go On Again994/4NYAlex Green052k
When The Red Red Robin2004/4NYJohn Radford01T1
When You And I Were Young Maggie1524/4NYAcousticJazzBob Boyd263k
When You Love Someone1244/4NNMarcelo Gaspar143k
When You Walk In The Room1294/4NYWill Stewart082k
When You Wish Upon A Star854/4NYAlex Green5491
When You Wish Upon A Star754/4NYSunny Haddleton07S9
When You Wish Upon A Star924/4NYAlex Green233k
When You Wish Upon A Star1063/4NNGuitarSerenadeVince Andreone01T1
When You Wish Upon A Star784/4NYPianoBalladDel Kay0674
When You Wish Upon A Star1004/4NYBigBandBalladRichard Peck032k
When You Wore A Tulip1264/4NYAlex Green223k
When You're Smiling2054/4NYDavid Bate053k
When You're Smiling1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Bob Boyd223k
When You're Smiling1304/4NYAlex Green173k
Where Am I Going To Live1304/4NYCountrySwing1Del Kay433k
Where Are You Now1354/4NNHeartBeatMike Szmania0521
Where Have All The Flowers Gone924/4NNChris Bell102k
Where Have All The Flowers Gone1204/4NYHal Eaton083k
Where Is Love1004/4NYCool8BeatCynthia Cooke0291
Where Is Your Heart734/4NY6-8OrchestralSunny Haddleton06S9
Where Or When1634/4NYAlex Green183k
Where Or When1124/4NYRumbaBob Boyd092k
Where Or When1124/4NYRhumbaDel Kay0574
Where The Boys Are784/4YYJohn Phillips06S9
Where The River Shannon Flows1204/4NYNortenoJohn Radford05T2
Where The Streets Have No Name1334/4NYEuroTrancePaul Jackson062k
Which Way You Goin', Billy (Piano)1104/4NNMichael MacDonald032k
While My Guitar Gently Weeps1208/8NNMichael MacDonald012k
Whispering1274/4NYAlex Green5791
Whispering1904/4NYAlex Green5291
Whispering1404/4NYPianoComboBoogieBen Corsetti12T1
Whispering1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Alex Green29T2
Whispering1003/4NY9-8WaltzAlex Green173k
Whispering1004/4NY8BeatAdriaBob Boyd092k
Whistling Waltz1764/4NYJohn Radford05T2
White Christmas1104/4NYJohn Phillips15T4
White Christmas944/4NYChristmasBalladJames Hunter04T4
White Christmas1144/4NYSantasSwingMike Szmania0321
White Christmas904/4NYChristmasSwingDel Kay463k
White Christmas964/4NYBen Corsetti08T1
White Christmas1204/4NYAlex Green092k
White Christmas844/4NYWarmChristmasBob Boyd052k
White Christmas884/4NYWhiteCh*E86Del Kay1174
White Christmas934/4NYJoe Waters002k
White Cliffs Of Dover1054/4NYGypsySwingRichard Peck012k
White Sport Coat, A1264/4NYCountryPop1Bob Boyd102k
White Wing604/4NYMarcelo Gaspar143k
Who934/4NYAlex Green35T2
Who2204/4NNno styleRoyce Mosgrove012k
Who Can I Turn To944/4NYEasyBalladDel Kay503k
Who Can I Turn To963/4NYAlex Green45T2
Who Can I Turn To864/4NYPauline Z08T2
Who Can I Turn To1004/4NYBigBandMid2Del Kay0574
Who's Sorry Now824/4YYJohn Phillips06S9
Who's Sorry Now1784/4NYAlex Green5191
Who's Sorry Now1024/4NYPauline Z08T2
Who's Sorry Now1754/4NYAlex Green30T2
Who's Sorry Now1524/4NYP9000BigBand4Ben Corsetti03T1
Who's Sorry Now1604/4NYCntrySing-a-LongAlex Green103k
Who's Sorry Now1134/4NYAlex Green072k
Who's Sorry Now1004/4NNVince Andreone01T1
Who's Sorry Now, Smiles, Black Bird1714/4NYFoxtrot16Joe Francis0274
Who's Taking You Home Tonight1344/4NYJohn Radford01T1
Why Are We Here944/4NYGroundbeatFrank Blecha013k
Why Does It Always Rain On Me1104/4NYPaul Jackson042k
Why Don't You Believe Me794/4NYAlex Green5891
Why Don't You Believe Me954/4NYPauline Z09T2
Why Don't You Believe Me1074/4NYAlex Green32T2
Why Don't You Believe Me1064/4NYAlex Green072k
Why Me1403/4NYCountryWaltzDel Kay433k
Why Me Lord1203/4NYEnglishWaltzDel Kay493k
Why Try To Change Me Now944/4NYEasyBalladBrian Haylett089P
Why Worry, Brothers In Arms804/4NYUnplugged1Ernie Mulder032k
Wild Side Of Live1264/4NYCountryShuffleBob Boyd042k
Wild World844/4NYErnie Mulder233k
Will You Love Me Tomorrow1024/4YYMotorCityJohn Phillips02S9
Will You Love Me Tomorrow1284/4NYWillYouStillLoveMeDel Kay453k
Will You Love Me Tomorrow1064/4NYSoulShuffleWill Stewart092k
William's Seven (c)904/4NNJaap Poetsma062k
Willow Weep For Me704/4NYJoe Waters022k
Winchester Cathedral1264/4NYJulio Cazes133k
Winchester Cathedral1444/4NYDixieland1Eddie Shoemaker033k
Winchester Cathedral1484/4NYBigBandShuffleBen Corsetti04T1
Winchester Cathedral1264/4NYOrchestraSwingBob Boyd102k
Wind Beneath My Wings854/4NNClassicPianoBldMarcelo Gaspar0121
Wind Beneath My Wings704/4NYHal Eaton012k
Wind Beneath My Wings1204/4NYArmWaverDel Kay2474
Wind Beneath My Wings764/4NYLoveSongAlex Green032k
Wind Beneath My Wings664/4NYWarren Peters022k
Windmills Of Your Mind1354/4NYHeartBeatMike Szmania0521
Windmills Of Your Mind1004/4NNChris Bell092k
Winner Takes It All, The1054/4NYDavid Bate073k
Winner Takes It All, The1274/4NYErnie Mulder062k
Winner Takes It All, The1204/4NYMarcelo Gaspar093k
Winter Dreams (c)704/4NYErnie Mulder123k
Winter In America904/4NYErnie Mulder223k
Winter Wonderland1264/4NYJohn Phillips15T4
Winter Wonderland1314/4NYChristmasSwing1James Hunter04T4
Winter Wonderland1254/4NYTapDanceSwingDel Kay393k
Winter Wonderland1084/4NYBigBandBalladJoe Waters002k
Winterdroom (c)1124/4NYJannie Kroese083k
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again1004/4NNChris Bell122k
Witchcraft1164/4NYDavid Bate013k
With A Little Help From My Friends804/4NY16BeatWill Stewart082k
With My Eyes Wide Open1004/4NYAlex Green193k
With These Hands764/4NYJohn Phillips09S9
Without A Word Of Warning1204/4NYBrian Haylett05T2
Without You624/4NYEPBalladFranco Tancredi04T2
Without You1204/4NYCool8BeatMarcelo Gaspar153k
Woman In Love, A844/4NYJames Hunter01T3
Woman In Love, A1084/4NYAlex Green5991
Woman In Love, A844/4NYRobert Lauzon03T1
Woman In Love, A1084/4NYRumbaDel Kay553k
Woman In Love, A1134/4NYBeguineAlex Green28T2
Woman In Love, A1134/4NYBeguineAlex Green113k
Wonder924/4NY6-8SlowRock2Ernie Mulder072k
Wonder Of You, The904/4NYMovieSwingBill Venice01T2
Wonder Of You - Now and Then724/4NYJohn Phillips08S9
Wonder Of You, The1194/4NYCountryShuffleJannie Kroese0211
Wonderful Christmastime1924/4NYSwingfoxJames Hunter04T4
Wonderful Tonight944/4NYGary Kilby053k
Wonderful Tonight804/4NNChris Bell082k
Wonderful Tonight894/4NYSecretServicePaul Jackson052k
Wonderful World764/4NYGary Kilby013k
Wonderland724/4NY12-8BalladHermann Schunk023k
Wonderland By Night1104/4NYOrchestraSwing1John Phillips04S9
Wood Stove1204/4NNMarcelo Gaspar073k
Wooden Heart1564/4YYScandCountryJohn Phillips11S9
Wooden Heart1704/4NYDel Kay503k
Wooden Heart1204/4YYCountrySwing1Will Stewart062k
Words1204/4NYMarcelo Gaspar173k
Words704/4NYSunny Haddleton05S9
Words804/4NY70sPopBalladMarcelo Gaspar133k
Words684/4NYUnplugged1Will Stewart082k
World1004/4NNMichael MacDonald063k
World Is Waiting For The Sunrise2324/4NYGuitarSwingBob Boyd263k
World Is Waiting For The Sunrise1204/4NYPauline Z07T2
World Without Love, A1304/4NY60s8BeatWill Stewart102k
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams1124/4NY8Beat1Bob Boyd303k
Wrapped In Your Arms1064/4NYDiscoLatinErnie Mulder032k
Wunderbar, Vienna Dreams1853/4NYLAENDLERJoe Francis0174


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