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Songs That Begin With 'P'

Click on any song title to hear (right-click to download) the song. Table abbreviations: T (tempo), TS (Time Signature), L (Lyrics), C (Chords), V (Volume), K (Keyboard).

Title T TS L C Style Artist V K
Pagina 10 (The Page Number 10)524/4NYJulio Cazes0274
Pale Toe2174/4NYTijuanaJannie Kroese0111
Palestina1764/4NYBob Gelman0163
Paloma Blanca1304/4NYAlex Green6191
Panflute (c)1004/4NYErnie Mulder082k
Paper Doll1204/4NYJohn Phillips09S9
Paper Doll854/4NYEasyListeningBob Boyd293k
Paper Doll804/4NYPhil Hall012k
Paper Roses1204/4NYJerry Ernst013k
Paper Roses1284/4NYCountryRockAlan Paganelli08T1
Paper Roses1104/4NYCountrySwing1Bob Boyd072k
Papermoon1514/4NYHermann Schunk12T2
Pappirosn1044/4NYBob Gelman0163
Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers1094/4NYGermanMarch2Joe Waters002k
Paradise Again (c)1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Brian Haylett05T2
Paraguayan Song954/4NYno styleChris Bell032k
Parece Que Fue Ayer1034/4NYJulio Cazes0174
Paris Seveille1124/4NYBrazilianSambaErnie Mulder203k
Parla Mi D'amore Mariu903/4NYMarcelo Gaspar123k
Part Time Lover882/4NYJames Hunter02T3
Pasadena2004/4YYDixieland1Will Stewart042k
Passe le cap1114/4NYPatrick Hannequin0191
Patricia1134/4NYBeguinePauline Z06T2
Patricia1254/4NYBBLAT1&2Del Kay413k
Patricia1284/4NYSimpleChaChaBen Corsetti02T1
Patricia1284/4NYPatriciaDel Kay1274
Pavane De Spaigne, Praetorius1454/4NNLarry Gard022k
Pearly Shells1284/4NYHawaiianHal Eaton022k
Peergynt Morning684/4NYRomanticBalladSunny Haddleton03S9
Peg O My Heart904/4YYMovieSwingJohn Phillips01S9
Peg O' My Heart1164/4NYBill McCracken0173
Peg O' My Heart1154/4NYAlex Green42T2
Peg O' My Heart1264/4NYBen Corsetti11T1
Peg O' My Heart1434/4NYBen Corsetti10T1
Peg O' My Heart724/4NY6-8SlowRock1Del Kay373k
Peg O' My Heart994/4NYAlex Green133k
Peg O' My Heart754/4NYSlowRock1Del Kay1974
Pennie Fluitjie Kwela2294/4NYTijuanaJannie Kroese0211
Pennies From Heaven2054/4NYHermann Schunk12T2
Pennies From Heaven1764/4NYAcousticJazzHeikki Kähkölä013k
Pennies From Heaven1184/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd152k
Pennies From Heaven1304/4NYBoleroDel Kay2174
Pennies From Heaven, Slow Boat To China1104/4NYJoe Waters022k
Pennsylvania Polka1304/4NYAlex Green34T2
Pennsylvania Polka1304/4NYAlex Green233k
Pennsylvania Polka1144/4NYPolka1#162Del Kay3174
Penthouse Serenade1004/4NY0115
Penthouse Serenade964/4NYMidnightSwingPauline Z03T2
Penthouse Serenade1254/4NYAlex Green072k
Penumbras634/4NYJulio Cazes122k
Penumbras (Shades)634/4NYJulio Cazes0274
People Will Say We're In Love1304/4NYBigBandMid2Del Kay2774
People Will Say We're In Love1354/4NYShowtuneAlex Green022k
Perdido1284/4NYGuitarBossaBob Boyd162k
Perfidia1084/4NYNeal Saunders03T2
Perfidia1084/4NYStephen Molnar033k
Perfidia1284/4NYChaChaChaDel Kay423k
Perfidia1284/4NYHermann Schunk09T2
Perfidia1164/4NYAlex Green103k
Perfidia1004/4NYBeguineFrancisco Albuquerque032k
Perfidia904/4NYSwing2Bruce Milne012k
Perhaps Love724/4NY12-8BalladJannie Kroese083k
Perhaps Love724/4NYCountryBalladErnie Mulder092k
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps1174/4NYBrian Haylett03T2
Personality804/4NYAlex Green50T2
Peruvian Pipe Dance1044/4NYHal Eaton092k
Peter Gunn1204/4NNPeter Hindley072k
Peter Gunn1004/4NYVince Andreone05T1
Petit Gavotte1484/4NNChris Bell092k
Phantom Of Rock Opera1104/4NYJ-Pop2Gloria Hanson013k
Piano Man1204/4NYGary Kilby023k
Piano Medley943/4NYJoe Francis0474
Piano Roll Blues2204/4NYJohn Radford07T2
Piano Roll Blues1184/4NYJohn Radford01T1
Piano Strings Medley784/4NYAlan Paganelli07T1
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down1484/4NYCountry8Beat2Bob Boyd072k
Picnic754/4NYAlex Green48T2
Picnic964/4NYAlex Green32T2
Picture Of You, A1564/4NYSwing2John Radford02T1
Pink Panther Theme1144/4NYMoviePantherRobert Lauzon02T1
Pipeline1504/4NNno styleChris Bell012k
Play A Simple Melody1634/4NYCountryStrolDel Kay603k
Play Born To Lose Again944/4NYEasyBalladDel Kay613k
Play Me An 8beat1034/4NYJannie Kroese10T2
Playboy1004/4NNMichael MacDonald043k
Playing Accordo's (c)1424/4NYJaap Poetsma0574
Playing Scales (c)1204/4NY60sGuitarPopJaap Poetsma062k
Please Answer Me864/4NYRolandPBalladBen Corsetti03T1
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone1904/4NYDavid Bate043k
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone1254/4NYSwingPauline Z13T2
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone1104/4NYBigBandShuffleJohn Radford01T1
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone1184/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd212k
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone1904/4NYAlex Green273k
Please Help Me I'm Falling884/4NYJohn Phillips12S9
Please Help Me I'm Falling1004/4NYCountryShuffleBob Boyd072k
Please Mr Sun644/4NYSlow&EasyBob Boyd273k
Please Mr Sun924/4NYJoe Waters042k
Please Release Me964/4YYJohn Phillips03S9
Please Release Me1304/4NYJannie Kroese073k
Please Release Me1284/4NYAlan Paganelli06T1
Pledging My Love664/4NY6-8SlowRockDel Kay563k
Pledging My Love734/4NY6-8SlowRock1Bob Boyd233k
Poesie de Noel1004/4NYPatrick Hannequin0191
Poet And Peasant Theme1403/4NYViennaWaltzDel Kay2974
Pokarekare Ana854/4NYSwing1Hal Eaton032k
Polish Wedding Song1604/4NYOberWalzerJohn Phillips09S9
Polka Dots1204/4YYPolkaPopWill Stewart022k
Polka Dots And Moonbeams824/4NYHermann Schunk05T2
Polka Improv (c)1284/4NYOberPolkaErnie Mulder012k
Polka Japie (c)854/4NYOberPolkaJaap Poetsma022k
Polka Medley1184/4NYEddie Shoemaker033k
Polka Medley1204/4NYPolka2Joe Francis0374
Pomp And Circumstance974/4NYJohn Radford07T2
Poor Butterfly1104/4NYGypsySwingAlex Green042k
Poor Little Fool1404/4YYJohn Phillips03S9
Poor People Of Paris1464/4NYS-109Del Kay433k
Popcorn1384/4NYDiscoHandsJannie Kroese0211
Por Ella904/4NYJulio Cazes0174
Por Eso Corro Demas904/4NYJulio Cazes122k
Portugal (c)754/4NYErnie Mulder133k
Postoi Parovoz1044/4NN8Beat1Jaap Poetsma022k
Potato Picking803/4NYSwingWaltzChris Bell102k
Pour Leila (c)684/4NNMarcelo Gaspar0321
Pour Que Tu M'aime Encore804/4NYMarcelo Gaspar113k
Power Of Love844/4NYDavid Bate063k
Power Of Love694/4NYFranco Tancredi04T2
Pra Que Chorar1074/4NYBossaNova1Francisco Albuquerque022k
Prayer To St Francis1134/4NYBeguineDel Kay363k
Prayer To St Francis1124/4NYRhumbaDel Kay1474
Prayer To St Francis1204/4NYSlowShuffDel Kay0274
Pretend854/4NYAlex Green67T4
Pretend984/4NYEasyListeningAlan Paganelli06T1
Pretend754/4NYLoungePianoBob Boyd032k
Pretty Woman1244/4NYHeartBeatDavid Bate043k
Pretty Woman1384/4NYSunny Haddleton05S9
Pretty Woman1254/4NYPauline Z07T2
Pretty World1064/4NYSlowBossaBob Boyd283k
Prisoner Of Love934/4NNAcousticJazzDeane Peters023k
Proud Mary1364/4NYAlan Paganelli09T1
Proud Mary1304/4NYProudMaryDel Kay2074
PS I Love You1234/4NYAlex Green6391
PS I Love You894/4NYAlex Green193k
Puccini873/4NYGuitarSerenadeChris Bell022k
Puff The Magic Dragon1204/4NYUnplugged1Alan Paganelli04T1
Puppet On A String1164/4YYJohn Vishnoff10T2
Puppy Love724/4NYJames Hunter01T3
Put On Your Sunday Clothes1304/4NYBrian Haylett07T2
Put Your Arms Around Me Honey1254/4NYAlex Green6691
Put Your Arms Around Me Honey1444/4NYFoxtrotDel Kay1374
Put Your Dreams Away903/4NYEnglishWaltzDave Edwards043k
Put Your Head On My Shoulder854/4NYJohn Radford05T2
Put Your Head On My Shoulder1084/4NYSlowFoxJohn Radford02T1
Put Your Head On My Shoulder724/4NY16BeatBallad1Phil Hall012k
Puttin' On The Ritz1004/4NYFrench50'sDavid Laplante03T3
Puttin' On The Ritz1924/4NYAlex Green45T2


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