Songs That Begin With 'O'

Click on any song title to hear (right-click to download) the song. Table abbreviations: T (tempo), TS (Time Signature), L (Lyrics), C (Chords), V (Volume), K (Keyboard).

Title T TS L C Style Artist V K
O Christmas Tree803/4NYChristmasWaltzBob Boyd253k
O Christmas Tree833/4NYGuitarSerenadeJoe Waters002k
O Come All Ye Faithful1404/4NYJohn Phillips14T4
O Come All Ye Faithful834/4NYJoe Waters002k
Oh Holy Night964/4NYJohn Phillips14T4
O Holly Night684/4NYJoe Waters002k
O Holy Night1584/4NNChris Bell122k
O Holy Night1274/4NYMarcelo Gaspar123k
O Holy Night1204/4NYBen Corsetti09T1
O Holy Night704/4NYLoveSongRobert Lauzon02T1
O Little Town Of Bethlehem754/4NYSlow&EasyBob Boyd052k
O Little Town Of Bethlehem724/4NYJoe Waters002k
O Portao654/4NYEPBalladFrancisco Albuquerque073k
O Sole Mio1084/4NYRumbaDel Kay613k
O Sole Mio1184/4NYAlan Paganelli08T1
Ob La Di, Ob La Da1204/4NYPiano8BeatBen Corsetti12T1
Ob La Di, Ob La Da1224/4NYBen Corsetti10T1
Object Of My Affection1334/4NYOrchBigBand2Joe Francis0274
Oct Fest Trompetenecho1284/4NYDel Kay553k
Octoberfest Waltzes1843/4NYSchlagerPolkaDel Kay443k
Odd Couple, The1104/4NYEileen Lowry01T3
Odda Da Blue804/4NYDennis Hooker033k
Odda Da Blue804/4NYDennis HookerU33k
Ode To Billy Joe1184/4NYHal Eaton052k
Of Thee I Sing2004/4NYGary Kilby043k
Oh Carol1224/4YYChaChaChaJohn Phillips01S9
Oh Happy Day1084/4NYGary Kilby073k
Oh Johnny1904/4YYJohn Phillips13S9
Oh Johnny1924/4NYAlex Green6591
Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh2214/4NYAlex Green143k
Oh Maiden My Maiden854/4NY6-8OrchestralBrian Haylett04T2
Oh Marie1504/4NYAlex Green5691
Oh Marie1703/4NYAlex Green5391
Oh Marie1433/4NYItalianMazurkaAlex Green29T2
Oh Marie912/4NYAlex Green082k
Oh My Love804/4NYBen Corsetti10T1
Oh Oh Den Haag1204/4NNErnie Mulder0035
Oh Shenandoah964/4NYGloria Hanson0391
Oh You Beautiful Doll1504/4NYAlex Green6691
Oh You Beautiful Doll1504/4NYAlex Green5991
Oh-yeh! (c)1904/4NNHarry BrownRigg0374
Oh, Lady Be Good1304/4NYGary Kilby043k
Oh, Lady Be Good1184/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd192k
Oh, Lonesome Me1434/4NYTapDanceSwingDel Kay433k
Oh, What It Seemed To Be894/4NYAlex Green40T2
Oh, What It Seemed To Be904/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd172k
Oh, What It Seemed To Be754/4NYLoungePianoDel Kay0174
Oh, You Beautiful Doll1102/4NYAlex Green082k
Oh, You Beautiful Doll1204/4NY30sBigBandDel Kay0174
Oh. Look At Me1504/4NYTapDanceSwingBrian Haylett06T2
Okie From Muskogee1284/4NYHoedownWarren Peters062k
Oklahoma1104/4NYPauline Z07T2
Oktoberfest Medley1304/4NYSchlagerPolkaDel Kay443k
Oktoberfest Medley1923/4NYOberkrainerWaltzDel Kay3374
Oktoberfest Waltz1763/4NYDKWaltzDel Kay0974
Oktoberfest Waltzes1803/4NYTraditionalWaltzDel Kay443k
Ol' Man River1084/4NYWarren Peters012k
Old Black Joe924/4NYJohn Radford07T2
Old Black Magic1244/4NYHal Eaton012k
Old Cape Cod704/4NYSwingFoxPhil Hall022k
Old Friend853/4NNGuitarWaltzJaap Poetsma022k
Old Gang Of Mine854/4NYAlex Green6391
Old Gang Of Mine1264/4NYAlex Green35T2
Old Gang Of Mine1924/4NYAlex Green193k
Old Garden1204/4NNMoonlight6-8Marcelo Gaspar053k
Old Lamp Lighter, The704/4NYLoveSongBob Boyd172k
Old MacDonald1254/4NYBen Corsetti10T1
Old Piano Roll Blues704/4NYPubPianoGloria Hanson023k
Old Rugged Cross924/4NY8BeatModernWarren Peters062k
Old Rugged Cross764/4NYArmWaverDel Kay1474
Old Time Melody1604/4NYAlex Green243k
On A Clear Day1254/4NYJazzBosasDel Kay473k
On A Clear Day1404/4NYHermann Schunk09T2
On A Clear Day1084/4NYAlex Green31T2
On A Clear Day1304/4NYHermann Schunk06T2
On A Clear Day1084/4NYOrchBigBand2Dave Edwards043k
On A Clear Day1454/4NYAlex Green133k
On A Clear Day1204/4NYOrchestraFoxDel Kay2774
On Broadway1164/4NYEuroTranceRon Jubenville0121
On My Word Of Honor754/4YY6-8SlowRock1John Phillips04S9
On The Ground904/4NYDavid Bate043k
On The Road (c)1054/4NNLaura Mitchell0374
On The Street Where You Live1784/4NYAlex Green6191
On The Street Where You Live984/4NYMovieSwingJohn Phillips04S9
On The Street Where You Live1054/4NYSwingPauline Z13T2
On The Street Where You Live1604/4NYAlex Green44T2
On The Street Where You Live1204/4NYOnTheStreetDel Kay1874
On The Street Where You Live1384/4NYAlex Green062k
On The Sunny Side Of The Street1604/4NYPianoBoogieHermann Schunk04T2
On The Sunny Side Of The Street1164/4NYBen Corsetti06T1
On The Sunny Side Of The Street1184/4NYBigBandMid2Del Kay2174
On The Sunny Side Of The Street1454/4NYBigBandBalladRichard Peck032k
On The Sunny Side Of The Street954/4NYWarren Peters022k
On Top Of The World1844/4NYJannie Kroese10T2
Once I Loved1204/4NYRockChaChaDave Edwards043k
Once I Loved934/4NYFrancisco Albuquerque063k
Once In A While1024/4NYAlex Green5691
Once In A While704/4NYAlan Paganelli09T1
Once In A While904/4NYAlex Green40T2
Once In A While884/4NYMidnightSwingJohn Radford01T1
Once In A While1204/4NYAlex Green223k
Once In A While1004/4NYMediumJazzDel Kay2874
Once In A While1004/4NYBecauseofYouWarren Peters072k
Once In A While924/4NY8BeatModernDel Kay1074
Once In Love With Amy994/4NYPauline Z12T2
Once Upon A December1043/4NYGuitarSerenadeDavid Laplante01T3
Onde Voce Estiver934/4NYCool8BeatFrancisco Albuquerque073k
One1004/4NYMidnightSwingMichael MacDonald073k
One1204/4NYDavid Bate013k
One (from Chorus Line)1264/4NYNeal Saunders02T2
One Boy1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Brian Haylett04T2
One Day I'll Fly Away954/4NYDavid Bate013k
One Dozen Roses1354/4NYCountrySwing1Bob Boyd092k
One Has My Heart The Other Has My Name1144/4YYJohn Vishnoff10T2
One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else, The1084/4NYEngineRoomDave Edwards063k
One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else, The1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Alex Green113k
One Love764/4NYErnie Mulder062k
One Moment In Time1204/4NYMarcelo Gaspar133k
One Moment In Time744/4NYPowerBalladPauline Z02T2
One Night Of Love963/4NYGuitarSerenadeBrian Haylett049P
One Note Samba1754/4NYHermann Schunk09T2
One Rose (That's Left In My Heart)1604/4NYAlex Green5891
One Rose That's Left1003/4NYChristmasWaltzAlex Green103k
One Year On1063/4YYGuitarSerenadeWill Stewart052k
Onedin Line734/4NYPhil Hall01T3
Only Love644/4NYAlex Kruger02C3
Only The Lonely954/4NYCountryPop1Bob Boyd132k
Only When I Sleep764/4NY16BeatPaul Jackson052k
Only Yesterday1164/4NYDavid Bate033k
Only You804/4NYAlex Green6191
Only You754/4YY6-8SlowRock1John Phillips01S9
Only You934/4NYErnie Mulder143k
Only You1204/4NY6-8SlowRock1Marcelo Gaspar153k
Only You724/4NY6-8SlowRock1Del Kay383k
Only You724/4NYBoleroPhil Hall012k
Only You744/4NYOnlyYouDel Kay1774
Only You (w/Will Stewart)1484/4NNno styleChris Bell042k
Op De Woelige Baren1763/4NYJohn Vishnoff033k
Opus One1454/4NYEileen Lowry02T3
Opus One1804/4NYHermann Schunk14T2
Orange Blossom Special1204/4NYErnie Mulder153k
Orange Colored Sky1204/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd233k
Organ Boogie (c)1784/4NYSwinginBoogieJannie Kroese043k
Organ Groove1754/4NYJames Gracey01T2
Organ Medley2004/4NYTheatreOrgQStepAlan Paganelli08T1
Organ Waltz Medley983/4NNEnglishWaltzAlan Paganelli09T1
Original 2beat (c)1204/4NYSWROCKJoe Francis0174
Original Jazz (c)1774/4NYBBFASTJoe Francis0174
Original Latin (c)1204/4NYJoe Francis0474
Original Latin (c)1094/4NYMARINAJoe Francis0174
Os Botoes804/4NYMovieBalladFrancisco Albuquerque073k
Other Side Of The Moon1324/4NYErnie Mulder213k
Our Day Will Come884/4NYPauline Z01T2
Our Day Will Come1064/4NYSlowBossaAlex Green30T2
Our Day Will Come1084/4NYBigBandSwing1Dave Edwards033k
Our Day Will Come1004/4NYVince Andreone06T1
Our Day Will Come1254/4NYAlex Green143k
Our Day Will Come924/4YY8BeatModernWill Stewart082k
Our Love Is Here To Stay1244/4NYStephen Molnar023k
Our Love Is Here To Stay1004/4NYMovieSwingVince Andreone07T1
Our Love Is Here To Stay964/4NYAlex Green213k
Our Love Is Here To Stay1354/4NYJazzComboBob Boyd122k
Our Love Is Here To Stay1124/4NYJazzBallad1Eddie Shoemaker012k
Out In The Cold Again704/4NYCoolJazzBalladAlan Paganelli01T1
Out Of Blue Jz984/4NYDennis HookerU13k
Out Of Blue Jz984/4NYDennis Hooker013k
Out Of Nowhere1124/4NYAlex Green203k
Outa In Die Langpad2294/4NYTijuanaJannie Kroese0111
Outra Vez654/4NYFrancisco Albuquerque073k
Over The Rainbow1164/4NYBluegrassAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow1184/4NYCabaretAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow1584/4NYChristmasSwingAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow2004/4NYDixielandAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow904/4NYGuitarSerenadeAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow1414/4NYHollywoodAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow1204/4NYIrishJigAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow1124/4NYOrchestralMarchAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow1044/4NYPopManboAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow714/4NYSchlagerAlex Green5591
Over The Rainbow644/4NYAlex Green45T2
Over The Rainbow644/4NYAlex Green40T2
Over The Rainbow1054/4NYHal Eaton052k
Over The Rainbow853/4NYJulio Cazes0674
Over The Rainbow684/4NYUnplugged1Eddie Shoemaker022k
Over The Rainbow904/4NYSwingFoxRichard Peck032k
Over The Rainbow2204/4NYGypsySwingAlex Green042k
Over The Rainbow704/4NY6-8OrchestralWarren Peters012k
Over The Rainbow, Wonderful World1004/4NNMichael MacDonald083k
Over The Waves1804/4NYAlex Green5991
Over The Waves1803/4NYAlex Green143k
Over There1104/4NYArmWaverDel Kay1674
Oxygen1364/4NY6-8TranceErnie Mulder173k
Oxygene1184/4NY6-8TranceRobert Lauzon02T1
Oy Mama864/4NYBob Gelman0163
Oy S'iz Gut884/4NYBob Gelman0163
Oy Tate804/4NYBob Gelman0363
Oye Como A1274/4NYRobert Lauzon03T1


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