Songs That Begin With 'T'

Click on any song title to hear (right-click to download) the song. Table abbreviations: T (tempo), TS (Time Signature), L (Lyrics), C (Chords), V (Volume), K (Keyboard).

Title T TS L C Style Artist V K
Take Five1004/4NYFive-FourVince Andreone08T1
Take It Easy1484/4NYCountryPop1Warren Peters062k
Take It Or Leave It914/4NYErnie Mulder173k
Take Me Home Country Road1024/4NYCountryHitsCynthia Cooke0191
Take Me Out To The Ballgame1234/4NYAlex Green6691
Take Me Out To The Ballgame1904/4NYAlex Green5791
Take Me Out To The Ballgame1944/4NYAlex Green33T2
Take Me Out To The Ballgame1704/4NYAlex Green153k
Take My Breath Away1224/4NYMarcelo Gaspar093k
Take My Hand Precious Lord654/4NYDeepEmotionDel Kay1474
Take The A Train1204/4NYJohn Phillips02S9
Take These Chains From My Heart864/4NYJohn Phillips10S9
Take These Chains From My Heart1264/4YYJohn Vishnoff10T2
Take These Chains From My Heart1004/4NYDel Kay523k
Take These Chains From My Heart1284/4NYCountryRockBob Boyd233k
Take These Chains From My Heart1264/4NYCountryShuffleBob Boyd182k
Taking A Chance On Love1204/4NYStephen Molnar013k
Taking A Chance On Love1204/4NYPauline Z01T2
Taking A Chance On Love1854/4NYQuickstepDave Edwards063k
Taking A Chance On Love1304/4NYAlex Green263k
Taking A Chance On Love1404/4NYJazzClubBob Boyd082k
Taking A Chance On Love1264/4NYHeartBeatBob Boyd042k
Taking A Chance On Love1604/4NYAlex Green072k
Tales From The Vienna Woods1813/4NYDel Kay513k
Talk Of The Town754/4NYLoungePianoAlan Paganelli04T1
Talk Of The Town904/4NYAlex Green113k
Talkin' In Your Sleep1204/4NYSunny Haddleton03S9
Tammy803/4NYSlowWaltz1#139Del Kay3174
Tangerine1144/4NYNeal Saunders05T3
Tangerine1104/4NYRumbaDeane Peters033k
Tangerine1134/4NYBeguineAlex Green103k
Tangerine1124/4NYRumbaBob Boyd062k
Tango Medley1184/4NYDavid Bate053k
Tango Negro1104/4YYJohn Vishnoff093k
Tango Of Roses1204/4YYJohn Vishnoff063k
Tara's Theme404/4NYPopPianoBalladDavid Laplante01T3
Tara's Theme1063/4NNChris Bell112k
Tavern In The Town1184/4NYBanjo&FiddleDel Kay573k
Tchaikovsky Medley904/4NYClassicPianoBldSunny Haddleton07S9
Te Extraño683/4NYJulio Cazes082k
Te Llamo Para Despedirme784/4NYJulio Cazes133k
Tea For Two1184/4NYFranco Tancredi03T2
Tea For Two1284/4NYChaChaChaDel Kay413k
Tea For Two1254/4NYTapDanceSwingPauline Z02T2
Tea For Two1284/4NYHermann Schunk08T2
Tea For Two1524/4NYOrchestraSwing2Hermann Schunk023k
Tea For Two1204/4NYRockChaChaAlan Paganelli06T1
Tea For Two1214/4NYKP80ChaChaBen Corsetti03T1
Tea For Two1284/4NNVince Andreone03T1
Tea For Two1314/4NYFlyMeMoonDel Kay1974
Tea For Two Cha Cha1304/4NYHal Eaton032k
Teach Me Tonight924/4NYJazzBallad1Eddie Shoemaker022k
Tear In My Beer1304/4NYJohn Vishnoff023k
Teardrops664/4NY16BeatBallad2Bob Boyd162k
Tears In Heaven864/4NYGary Kilby053k
Tears In Heaven1204/4NNLoveSongMarcelo Gaspar153k
Tears In Heaven864/4NYno styleChris Bell012k
Tears On My Pillow724/4NY6-8SlowRock1Del Kay373k
Tears On My Pillow854/4NY6-8SlowRock2Bob Boyd132k
Teazers (c)1344/4NYJannie Kroese073k
Teddy Bear1734/4NYTeddyBearDel Kay473k
Teddy Bears Picnic1534/4NYHal Eaton032k
Telephone Line754/4NYRockBalladPaul Jackson062k
Tell Me What I Say1204/4NYPeter Hindley032k
Tell Me Why744/4NY16BeatPhil Hall012k
Ten Cents A Dance844/4YYJohn Phillips13S9
Tenderly1244/4NYDavid Bate053k
Tenderly754/4NYAlex Green30T2
Tenderly654/4NNMike Szmania0121
Tenderly854/4NYAlex Green243k
Tenderly804/4NYJazzBalladDel Kay0274
Tenderly753/4NYEnglishWaltzJoe Waters012k
Tenderness (Ternura)1204/4NNPowerBalladMarcelo Gaspar0221
Tennessee Waltz933/4YYJohn Phillips04S9
Tennessee Waltz753/4NYEnglishWaltzDeane Peters063k
Tennessee Waltz903/4NYSwingWaltzAlan Paganelli04T1
Tennessee Waltz903/4NYStandardWaltzDel Kay2674
Tennessee Waltz1203/4NYCountryWaltzAlex Green042k
Tequilla Sunrise1224/4NYMarcelo Gaspar083k
Test Run (c)2004/4NNCountryShuffleHarry BrownRigg0374
Texas Honey (c)1204/4NYErnie Mulder183k
Texas When I Die804/4NYCountry2-4Del Kay0874
Thank You For Being a Friend944/4NYEasyBalladSunny Haddleton08S9
Thanks To You 78 4/4 N Y John Phillips 16 T4
That Lucky Old Sun684/4NYPhil Hall04T1
That Old Feeling1104/4NYAlex Green6491
That Old Feeling1204/4NYAlex Green46T2
That Old Feeling1154/4NYOrchBigBand2Bob Boyd223k
That Old Feeling1204/4NYAlex Green243k
That Old Feeling2004/4NYQuickStepAlex Green032k
That'll Be The Day1204/4NNPeter Hindley072k
That's All1004/4NY8BeatAdriaDeane Peters063k
That's All1084/4NYEngineRoom2Dave Edwards043k
That's All Right1444/4NYShuffleDel Kay483k
That's Amore1184/4NYAlex Green67T4
That's Amore1763/4NYItalianWaltzDel Kay453k
That's Amore886/8NYThatsAmoreDel Kay3474
That's My Baby1204/4NY30sBigBandBen Corsetti14T1
That's My Desire754/4NYSlow&EasyBob Boyd112k
Them There Eyes2304/4NYGypsySwingAlex Green042k
There Are Smiles1304/4NYAlex Green163k
There Are Such Things1054/4NYAlex Green6591
There Are Such Things1304/4NYMovieSwingAlex Green273k
There Goes My Everything1003/4YYJohn Phillips11S9
There Goes My Heart1084/4NYOrganFoxtrotDavid Laplante01T3
There Is No Greater Love964/4NYAlex Green6591
There Must Be A Way774/4NYBigBandMed1Brian Haylett04T2
There Will Never Be Another You964/4NYBigBandSoundPauline Z02T2
There Will Never Be Another You1854/4NYClassicBigBandDave Edwards043k
There Will Never Be Another You1184/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd162k
There Will Never Be Another You2104/4NNno styleRoyce Mosgrove022k
There, I Said It Again1324/4NYAlex Green263k
There'll Be Some Changes Made1464/4NYTechnicJazzComboBob Boyd062k
There's A Kind Of Hush1304/4NYEileen Lowry01T3
There's A Kind Of Hush1304/4NYBen Corsetti06T1
There's A Kind Of Hush1554/4NYJulio Cazes0174
There's A Kind Of Hush904/4NYJoe Waters012k
There's A Rainbow 'round My Shoulder1254/4NYTapDanceSwingPauline Z02T2
There's A Small Hotel1204/4NYPauline Z07T2
There's A Tavern In The Town1784/4NYCountry1Del Kay1674
There's A Tear In My Beer1764/4NYRock&Roll2Del Kay523k
There's No Business Like Show Business1354/4NYShowtuneDel Kay533k
There's No Business Like Show Business1464/4NYAlex Green46T2
There's No Business Like Show Business1354/4NYHermann Schunk08T2
There's No Business Like Show Business1354/4NYShowtuneAlex Green103k
There's No Business Like Show Business1354/4NYShowtuneDel Kay0774
There's Something About That Name864/4NYGary Kilby073k
These Boots Are Made For Walking1404/4NYPauline Z12T2
These Foolish Things1204/4NYTorben Goldin01T3
These Foolish Things754/4NY30sBigBandStephen Molnar013k
These Foolish Things934/4NYAcousticJazzHermann Schunk03T2
These Foolish Things1184/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd172k
These Foolish Things804/4NYCoolJazzBalladBruce Milne033k
These Foolish Things904/4NYSlow&EasyBob Boyd082k
These Foolish Things824/4NYMovieBalladJoe Waters012k
They Can't Take That Away From Me1284/4NYOrganBalladHermann Schunk05T2
They Didn't Believe Me1124/4NYRunbaIslandPauline Z07T2
They Didn't Believe Me904/4NYMovieSwingPauline Z01T2
Things We Did Last Summer974/4NYSlowFoxPauline Z03T2
Things We Did Last Summer704/4NYLoveSongJoe Waters012k
Think Of Me1004/4NNChris Bell112k
Thinking Of You754/4NYSunny Haddleton05S9
Thinking Of You (c)804/4NNCoolNightLaura Mitchell0374
Third Man Theme1464/4NYS__00109Del Kay453k
Third Man Theme1254/4NYGypsySwingChris Bell042k
Third Man Theme1844/4NYFoxtrotDel Kay1074
This Can't Be Love1454/4NYDavid Bate043k
This Guy's In Love With You1484/4NNno styleChris Bell112k
This Guy's In Love With You804/4NYChris Bell052k
This Guy's In Love With You804/4YYSlow&EasyWill Stewart042k
This Guy's In Love With You 864/4NYJoe Waters022k
This Heart Of Mine704/4NYCoolJazzBalladBrian Haylett04T2
This Is All I Ask904/4NYAlex Green213k
This Is All I Ask1204/4NYPhil Hall04T1
This Is My Lovely Day1104/4NYBigBandMed1Brian Haylett069P
This Is My Song724/4NYAlex Green67T4
This Is My Song1074/4NYJannie Kroese10T2
This Is My Song724/4NY12-8BalladDel Kay503k
This Is My Song1004/4NYAutumnLeavesJoe Francis0374
This Is My Song724/4NY12-8BalladAlex Green123k
This Is No Laughing Matter1014/4NYOrchestraSwing1Pauline Z05T2
This Love Of Mine1364/4NYAlex Green5391
This Magic Moment1064/4NYSlowBossaWarren Peters022k
This Masquerade1084/4NYAcousticJazzChuck Hunt019P
This Nearly Was Mine1063/4NYCool8BeatAlex Kruger01C2
This Old House1764/4NYJiveDel Kay2774
This Old House1764/4NYRock&Roll1Paul Jackson022k
Those Were The Days1244/4NYHal Eaton082k
Those Were The Days1004/4NNCastschockVince Andreone02T1
Thousand Stars, A724/4NY6-8SlowRock1Del Kay363k
Thousand Stars, A604/4NYPianoStringBalladDel Kay2974
Thousand Stars, A644/4NY6-8ModernEPDel Kay2274
Three Coins In A Fountain764/4NYHermann Schunk05T2
Three Kings1254/4NNPeter Hindley072k
Three Polkas1284/4NYOberPolkaAlan Paganelli04T1
Ths Land Is Your Land1704/4NYHeartBeatGloria Hanson0391
Ticket To Ride1164/4YYSVP/FreshFolkWill Stewart062k
Tico1204/4NYSambaRobert Lauzon01T1
Tico Tico1024/4NYOrganSambaDavid Laplante02T3
Tico Tico1044/4NYSambaHermann Schunk10T2
Tico Tico1104/4NYJulio Cazes082k
Tico Tico1204/4NYOrganSambaBen Corsetti01T1
Tide Is High1004/4NYChartPopMichael MacDonald053k
Tie A Yellow Ribbon 150 4/4 N Y CountryPop1 Grant Cantrill 01 55
Tie A Yellow Ribbon1004/4NYNeal Saunders03T2
Tie A Yellow Ribbon1684/4YNMichael MacDonald082k
Tie A Yellow Ribbon1924/4NYOrganQuickStepPaul Jackson052k
Tiger Rag1284/4NYAlex Green40T2
Tijuana Taxi1864/4NYTijuanaDavid Bate023k
Tijuana Taxi2004/4NYTijuanaDel Kay473k
Tijuana Taxi1494/4NYPauline Z11T2
Tijuana Taxi2004/4NYTijuanaBen Corsetti02T1
Till904/4NYAlex Green6691
Till724/4NY12-8BalladAlex Green5191
Till404/4NYAlex Green48T2
Till984/4NYHeartBeatPauline Z04T2
Till764/4NYPianoStrBldDel Kay1274
Till The End Of Time864/4NY40sBigBandBrian Haylett07T2
Till There Was You1154/4NYAlex Green5291
Till There Was You684/4NYMarcelo Gaspar163k
Till There Was You684/4NYAlex Kruger02C3
Till There Was You984/4NYBalladPauline Z13T2
Till There Was You1124/4NYAlex Green50T2
Till There Was You754/4NYDeane Peters033k
Till There Was You1204/4NYStephen Molnar033k
Till There Was You864/4NY40sBigBandAlan Paganelli06T1
Till There Was You1124/4NYJulio Cazes0674
Till There Was You904/4NYPianoBalladAlex Green082k
Till There Was You744/4NYJoe Waters012k
Till There Was You, I'll Follow The Sun1204/4NYUnplugged1Stephen Molnar013k
Till We Meet Again1003/4NYAlex Green35T2
Till We Meet Again873/4NYGuitarWaltzDel Kay2074
Time After Time724/4NY12-8BalladDel Kay533k
Time After Time1204/4NYAlex Green38T2
Time After Time824/4NYMoonlightBalladBob Boyd082k
Time After Time1114/4NYGypsySwingAlex Green042k
Time Is Tight1364/4NYPeter Hindley032k
Time On My Hands1254/4NYBrian Haylett03T2
Time Was1104/4NYSlowBossaDave Edwards053k
Time With Me Darlin1304/4NNEasyListeningFrank Blecha033k
Tiny Bubbles1004/4NYHawaiianDel Kay523k
Tiny Bubbles804/4NYAlex Green42T2
Tiny Bubbles1004/4NYHawaiianDel Kay2374
Tiny Bubbles1354/4NYHawaiianRichard Peck032k
Tipperary1264/4NYJohn Vishnoff023k
Tirol, Tirol, Tirol1284/4NYOberPolkaJohn Vishnoff063k
Titanic Theme754/4NYLoveSongRobert Lauzon03T1
Titantic444/4NYDennis HookerU13k
Titantic444/4NYDennis Hooker013k
To A Wild Rose1004/4NNChris Bell122k
To A Wild Rose944/4NYBallad1Harry BrownRigg0174
To All The Girls I've Loved Before724/4NYCountryBalladDel Kay583k
To All The Girls I've Loved Before1134/4NYBeguineErnie Mulder092k
To All The Girls I've Loved Before1054/4NYBoleroDel Kay363k
To All The Girls I've Loved Before824/4NNVince Andreone03T1
To Each His Own874/4NYEasyListeningAlan Paganelli08T1
To Go Beyond854/4NYMarcelo Gaspar113k
To Know Him Is To Love Him734/4NY6-8SlowRockDel Kay613k
To Know Know Know Him624/4NY6-8OrchestralAlan Paganelli05T1
To Life1204/4NYBob Gelman0363
To Love Again903/4NYLearning3/4Pauline Z13T2
Toccata Fugue & Entertainer1104/4NNPaul Jackson042k
Todavia (Yet)604/4NYJulio Cazes092k
Today1123/4NYCountryWaltzErnie Mulder102k
Today644/4NYSlow&EasyFrank Blecha013k
Today I Started Loving You Again1104/4NYCountry8Beat1Bob Boyd142k
Together Again854/4NY6-8ModernEPWarren Peters022k
Tomtiedom (c)754/4NYLoveSongJaap Poetsma042k
Tonight1204/4NYPatrick Hannequin0191
Tonight1004/4NYMike Szmania0421
Tonight I Celebrate My Love664/4NYGary Kilby053k
Tonight I Celebrate My Love704/4NYBluesBalladBruce Milne022k
Tonight You Belong To Me1184/4YYJohn Phillips13S9
Tonight You Belong To Me1204/4NYOrchestraSwing1Bob Boyd223k
Too Fat Polka1102/4NYAlex Green67T4
Too Fat Polka1224/4NYAlex Green253k
Too Fat Polka1284/4NYPolkaOberkrainerDel Kay2574
Too Late Now744/4NYJoe Waters012k
Too Young774/4YY16BeatBallad1John Phillips03S9
Too Young904/4NYPauline Z09T2
Too Young664/4NYMarcelo Gaspar103k
Toot Toot Tootsie1364/4NYAlex Green052k
Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye1264/4NYAlex Green5891
Tooty Flooty684/4NYModCntryPopWill Stewart032k
Toppertje1254/4NYSchlagerSambaErnie Mulder113k
Toreador1104/4NYPopEnkaMichael MacDonald053k
Torna A Sorrento1203/4NYChristmasWaltzErnie Mulder102k
Tosselli Serenade903/4NYEnglishWaltzDel Kay493k
Touch Of Your Lips, The1304/4NYItalianTangoDave Edwards013k
Touching Affair, A864/4NNStephen Molnar013k
Town I Loved So Well, The904/4NNHeartBeatJaap Poetsma022k
Toy's In The Attic824/4NNSlow&EasyMike Szmania0521
Toyland684/4NYKen Stenzel01T4
Toyland884/4NY6-8SoulJoe Waters002k
Trabellaesono1443/4NYItalianMazurkaBen Corsetti02T1
Traces904/4NYCool8BeatAlan Paganelli03T1
Tragedy1184/4NYFunkyDiscoPaul Jackson032k
Traicionera (c)1064/4YYJohn Vishnoff083k
Trains And Boats And Planes804/4YY16BeatWill Stewart062k
Travlin (c)1404/4NNLaura Mitchell0274
Treasure Island884/4NYJohn Radford04T2
Treat Me Nice1674/4NYDel Kay543k
Treat Me Nice1688/4NYRock&RollDel Kay2974
Treat Me Nice1424/4NYPaul Jackson022k
Trein Na Rust704/4NYJannie Kroese053k
Trem Azul (Chico's Student Ligia)624/4NYFrancisco Albuquerque052k
Tresblues (c)704/4NY6-8BluesWarren Peters022k
Treshoedown1284/4NYHoedownWarren Peters072k
Tresnova1204/4NYBossaNovaWarren Peters072k
Trespicken912/4NYFingerPickinWarren Peters072k
Treswarm (c)1004/4NYWarren Peters022k
Tribute To Reagan664/4NYSlow&EasyVince Andreone04T1
Trip To Tijuana2004/4YYTijuanaWill Stewart032k
Tristan And Isolda Theme684/4NYJulio Cazes0274
Triste1404/4NNHarry BrownRigg0374
Tristes Momentos (Sad Moments)924/4NYJulio Cazes0574
Tristeza1104/4NYHermann Schunk10T2
Trocando Em Miudos1114/4NYBossaNova1Francisco Albuquerque052k
Truck Drvn Man1134/4NYSunny Haddleton01S9
Truckin1204/4NNQuickstepMike Szmania0121
True Blue (c)1204/4NNLaura Mitchell0374
True Love1164/4NYJohn Phillips10S9
True Love923/4YYEnglishWaltzJohn Phillips03S9
True Love1053/4NYEnglishWaltzEddie Shoemaker033k
True Love903/4NYHermann Schunk08T2
True Love943/4NYPopWaltzBob Boyd212k
True Love953/4NNEnglishWaltzMarcelo Gaspar083k
Trumpeter's Prayer, A1104/4NYCubanBoleroBrian Haylett06T2
Try A Little Tenderness704/4NYAlex Green5491
Try A Little Tenderness1924/4NYSunny Haddleton07S9
Try A Little Tenderness1004/4NNChris Bell102k
Try A Little Tenderness804/4NYMidnightSwingDeane Peters013k
Try A Little Tenderness804/4NYAlex Green33T2
Try A Little Tenderness804/4NYAlex Green193k
Try A Little Tenderness804/4NY8BeatModernBob Boyd132k
Try To Remember903/4NYChristmasWaltzDave Edwards053k
Try To Remember684/4NYSlowBalladDel Kay2274
Tu Carta (Your Letter)904/4NYJulio Cazes0574
Tu Mi Delirio934/4NYFrancisco Albuquerque063k
Tu Ten Vas1104/4NYErnie Mulder102k
Tulips Of Amsterdam1403/4NYCountryWaltzJannie Kroese0311
Tulsa Time1204/4NYBluesRockDel Kay493k
Tulsa Time1204/4NYBluesRockJannie Kroese043k
Turn Around804/4NYAlex Green6591
Turn Around1204/4NYAlex Green273k
Turn Around Look At Me724/4NY6-8SlowRock1Del Kay403k
Turn Around Look At Me804/4NY90PopBld3Del Kay3474
Turn To Stone1424/4NYRockShufflePaul Jackson062k
Tus Ojos Castaños1094/4NYJulio Cazes0674
Tuxedo Junction1064/4NYJohn Phillips02S9
Tuxedo Junction1064/4NYDixieland1Del Kay353k
Tuxedo Junction1064/4NYJunc5&6Del Kay0374
Twangy Medley1794/4NY60sGuitarPopHeikki Kähkölä013k
Tweedle Dee Dee2004/4NYQuickStep#117Del Kay2574
Twelfth Of Never804/4NYSecretServiceDel Kay0274
Twelfth Street Rag2404/4NYHal Eaton012k
Twelfth Street Rag2114/4NYRagtime1Del Kay1274
Twelve1664/4NYComboBoogieDel Kay3374
Twenty924/4NYErnie Mulder203k
Twilight (c)1164/4NYSlowFoxBrian Haylett05T2
Twilight Time764/4NYOrganSwing0115
Twilight Time854/4NYAlex Green6691
Twilight Time724/4NYHermann Schunk12T2
Twilight Time724/4NY12-8BalladHermann Schunk04T2
Twilight Time754/4NYLoungePianoAlan Paganelli03T1
Twilight Time804/4NYAlex Green143k
Twilight Time704/4NY6-8SlowRock1Bob Boyd142k
Twilight Time784/4NYTwilightDel Kay1774
Twist, The1734/4NYTwistAlan Paganelli03T1
Two Guitars594/4NYBob Gelman0363
Two Locos (Two Crazies)534/4NYJulio Cazes0174
Two Spanish Waltzes 90 4/4 N Y John Phillips 16 T4


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