Songs That Begin With 'U' or 'V'

Click on any song title to hear (right-click to download) the song. Table abbreviations: T (tempo), TS (Time Signature), L (Lyrics), C (Chords), V (Volume), K (Keyboard).

Title T TS L C Style Artist V K
Uk Wartimes Medley1164/4NYUSMarchPaul Jackson032k
Un Grande Amore E Niente Piu1294/4NNMarcelo Gaspar043k
Una Casa In Cima Al Mondo734/4NYJulio Cazes133k
Una Emocion Para Siempre1204/4NYErnie Mulder022k
Unbreak My Heart1244/4NNMarcelo Gaspar083k
Unchain My Heart1164/4NYJannie Kroese10T2
Unchained Melody784/4NYAlan Paganelli09T1
Unchained Melody754/4NNSunny Haddleton01S9
Unchained Melody1504/4NNChris Bell102k
Unchained Melody664/4NYSlow41Del Kay2274
Unchained Melody644/4YY6-8ModernEPWill Stewart042k
Undecided1924/4NYHermann Schunk12T2
Under Paris Skies1083/4NYMike Szmania0421
Under The Boardwalk1064/4NYSunny Haddleton02S9
Unforgettable854/4NYAlex Green5991
Unforgettable824/4NYMidnightSwingDavid Laplante01T3
Unforgettable824/4NYGary Kilby043k
Unforgettable1064/4NYSlowBossaBob Boyd273k
Unforgettable1004/4NYJazzClubDeane Peters013k
Unforgettable924/4NYBBandPauline Z04T2
Unforgettable864/4NYMidnightSwingAlex Kruger01C2
Unforgettable824/4NYMidnightSwingRobert Lauzon01T1
Unforgettable764/4NYPianoStrBldDel Kay0374
Unicamente Tu1104/4NYJohn Vishnoff023k
Until It's Time For You To Go904/4NYGary Kilby053k
Until It's Time For You To Go684/4NNChris Bell072k
Until Its Time For You To Go1024/4NYMORSwingJohn Radford04T2
Until The Real Thing Comes Along864/4NY40sBigBandBrian Haylett03T2
Up And Down (c)1603/4NNHarry BrownRigg0274
Up On The Housetop1844/4NYChristmasSwing1Joe Waters002k
Up On The Roof1094/4YYJohn Phillips11S9
Up On The Roof1254/4NY60sGuitarPopChris Bell082k
Up Where We Belong744/4NYWill Stewart082k
Use Me 85 4/4 N Y Ken Stenzel 02 T4
Valentine884/4NYGary Kilby063k
Valse Lent1863/4NYVienneseWaltz1John Radford07T2
Vanessa1184/4NYSoulDanceBrian Haylett029P
Variations On Scarboro Fair824/4NNJoseph Hart019P
Vastrap2004/4NYTijuanaJannie Kroese0111
Vastrap Medley2304/4NYTijuanaJannie Kroese053k
Vaya Con Dios954/4NYAlex Green6291
Vehicle2154/4NNMichael MacDonald073k
Velda (c)1204/4NNVince Andreone03T1
Velda Does The Bolero (c)1094/4NYVince Andreone07T1
Velda Walks On South Beach (c)1004/4NY16BeatVince Andreone08T1
Velda's Boggie (c)1504/4NYVince Andreone04T1
Velda's Magic Dancing Shoes (c)1304/4NYIbiza2002Vince Andreone07T1
Veldas Red Hats (c)1004/4NYVince Andreone04T1
Veldas Smile, Naturally (c)1004/4NY6-8OrchestralVince Andreone08T1
Venus1254/4NYAlex Green6391
Venus1084/4YYJohn Phillips03S9
Venus1244/4NYAlex Green263k
Venus1054/4NYBoleroBrDel Kay2174
Venus, Walk On By1044/4NYRon Jubenville0121
Ver In Die Ou Kalahari1264/4NYCountryShuffleJannie Kroese0211
Vereda Tropical1054/4NYJohn Vishnoff013k
Vers les Etoiles1304/4NYPatrick Hannequin0191
Very Thought Of You, The804/4NYEasyListeningDeane Peters013k
Very Thought Of You, The1064/4NYSlowBossaDave Edwards063k
Very Thought Of You, The1164/4NYAlex Green173k
Vi Ahin Zol Ikh Geyn1044/4NYBob Gelman0263
Vielleicht Kann Es Liebe Sein924/4NY8BeatModernDel Kay493k
Vienna Strings1803/4YYVienneseWaltz1Will Stewart052k
Vieste664/4NYFrancisco Albuquerque022k
Vilia1084/4NYJohn Radford06T2
Vincent804/4NYSlow&EasyBob Boyd212k
Violin Cello704/4NYLoveSongRichard Peck022k
Vivat Far Di Mekhatunim, A1144/4NYBob Gelman0163
Vivendo Por Viver754/4NYModCntryBld1Francisco Albuquerque073k
Vjetsjerny Zvon1004/4NYJohn Vishnoff063k
Voce1324/4NYFrancisco Albuquerque052k
Voce E Eu1434/4NYFrancisco Albuquerque052k
Vogeltjesdans1364/4NYPartyPolkaJohn Vishnoff053k
Volare1274/4NYRockChaChaDel Kay523k
Volare1204/4NYPopFlamencoJannie Kroese043k
Volare1104/4NY8BeatAdriaBob Boyd212k
Volare1104/4NYRumbaFlamencaErnie Mulder012k
Volare W Lyrics1104/4YYJohn Vishnoff073k
Vriendschap864/4NYLoveSongErnie Mulder092k
Vus Du Vilst1084/4NYBob Gelman0263


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