Songs That Begin With 'Q' or 'R'

Click on any song title to hear (right-click to download) the song. Table abbreviations: T (tempo), TS (Time Signature), L (Lyrics), C (Chords), V (Volume), K (Keyboard).

Title T TS L C Style Artist V K
Quando Quando Bossa1174/4NYJohn Phillips05S9
Quando Quando Quando 130 4/4 N Y John Phillips 16 T4
Quando Quando Quando1284/4NYChaChaChaDel Kay593k
Quando Quando Quando924/4NYBrazilianSambaFranco Tancredi02T2
Quando Quando Quando1124/4NYBeguinePauline Z01T2
Quando Quando Quando1084/4NYMamboBen Corsetti02T1
Quando Quando Samba1104/4NYSambaJohn Phillips05S9
Quantanamera1404/4NYBossaNova1Jannie Kroese063k
Quanto Tempo994/4NYBeguineFrancisco Albuquerque032k
Que Seas Feliz904/4NYJohn Vishnoff013k
Que Sera, Que Sera664/4NYJulio Cazes122k
Que Sera, Que Sera1204/4NNBeguineMarcelo Gaspar043k
Que Te Vaya Bien874/4NYJulio Cazes082k
Quiereme Mucho1084/4NYRumbaDel Kay483k
Quiereme Mucho1054/4NYBoleroBrDel Kay2974
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars1064/4NYGypsyRumbaBruce Milne012k
Quiet Village1148/4NYRhumbxDel Kay573k
Quiet Village1058/4NYRhumba2Del Kay2374
Quisiera Ser843/4NYJulio Cazes072k
Quixidix2204/4NYDixieland1Will Stewart052k
Quixote1204/4NYJulio Cazes0374
Quizas1284/4NYHermann Schunk10T2
Quizas, Quizas, Quizas1084/4NYRumbaDel Kay613k
R Hammerstein Medley804/4NYUSMarchRichard Peck032k
Rag (c)1044/4NN8Beat1Jaap Poetsma032k
Rag Mop1004/4NYVince Andreone04T1
Rags To Riches1184/4YYJohn Phillips02S9
Ragtime1884/4NYCharlestonJohn Radford01T1
Ragtime Strut1284/4NYShowtuneFrank Blecha013k
Rain And Tears804/4NYErnie Mulder052k
Rainbow724/4NYAcousticJazzHermann Schunk04T2
Rainbow Waltz1543/4NYVienneseWaltzBrian Haylett029P
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head1204/4NYNeal Saunders013k
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head1334/4NYOrchBigBand2Jannie Kroese043k
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head1084/4NYSlowFoxHermann Schunk023k
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head1204/4NYBigBandBalladBob Boyd132k
Raining In My Heart1224/4NY60sGuitarPopChris Bell052k
Raining In My Heart1224/4NY60sGuitarPopChris Bell042k
Rainy Days And Mondays824/4NYBalladPauline Z13T2
Rainy Summer604/4NNJoseph Hart019P
Ramblin' Rose1204/4YYJohn Vishnoff093k
Ramblin' Rose1004/4NY8BeatAdriaBob Boyd032k
Ramblin' Rose, Dream1854/4NYJohn Radford04T1
Rambling Rose1224/4NYAlex Green5391
Ramona1164/4YYCool8BeatJohn Vishnoff063k
Random903/4NNPopShuffleBrian Haylett029P
Ready To Take A Chance Again1004/4NYMovieBalladBruce Milne022k
Real Live Girl1603/4NYDavid Bate023k
Rebecca1644/4NYJazzClubBrian Haylett07T2
Rebel In Town1204/4NYBrian Haylett04T2
Recado1404/4NYHermann Schunk09T2
Recado1404/4NYBossaNova1Mike Szmania0121
Recuerdos1003/4NYDavid Bate023k
Red Blousse, The1624/4NYRobert Lauzon03T1
Red Red Wine964/4NYGary Kilby063k
Red Red Wine894/4NYErnie Mulder032k
Red River Valley1604/4NYCntrySing-a-LongDel Kay563k
Red River Valley Polka1204/4NYAlex Green5491
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1104/4NYTapDanceSwingBill Mulholland01T1
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1264/4NYAlex Green31T2
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1524/4NYOrchestraSwing2Hermann Schunk013k
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1124/4NYMovieSwingBen Corsetti05T1
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1384/4NYPopBossa1Bob Boyd072k
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1204/4NYJulio Cazes0374
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1204/4NYAlex Green062k
Red Roses For A Blue Lady1154/4NYBigBandFast1Richard Peck012k
Red Rriver Valley1314/4NNMarcelo Gaspar0121
Red Sails In The Sunset954/4NY8BeatAdriaBob Boyd172k
Reflections Of My Life924/4NY8BeatModernMike Szmania0521
Reflections Of My Life1004/4NYEasyBalladMichael MacDonald063k
Relief (With Jc)814/4NYMarcelo Gaspar053k
Religious Medley714/4NYDel Kay513k
Reloj1024/4NYBeguineFrancisco Albuquerque032k
Reminiscing904/4NYBill McCracken0173
Repaz Band1244/4NYBen Corsetti11T1
Resta Con Me804/4NYFranco Tancredi05T2
Return1204/4NNMarcelo Gaspar053k
Return To Me1134/4NYBeguineDel Kay423k
Return To Me1174/4NYPauline Z07T2
Return To Me1134/4NYAlex Green273k
Return To Me1134/4NYBeguineBob Boyd102k
Return To Me, Arrivederci Roma1004/4NY8BeatAdriaDel Kay2474
Return To Sender1204/4NYGary Kilby023k
Reunited784/4NY16BeatBallad1Chuck Hunt019P
Rhiannon1304/4NYBill McCracken0173
Rhythm Of The Rain1214/4NYRhythm Of The RainDel Kay593k
Rhythm Of The Rain1164/4NYBill McCracken0173
Riders In The Sky1304/4NYSunny Haddleton01S9
Riders In The Sky1204/4NYGhostRidersintheSkyDel Kay413k
Riders In The Sky1202/4NNMichael MacDonald022k
Riders In The Sky1154/4NYWill Stewart072k
Riders In The Sky1174/4NNCountry2-4Julio Cazes042k
Riders In The Sky1284/4NYHoedownPaul Jackson032k
Riders In The Sky1204/4NYBluegrassDel Kay0474
Right Here Waiting1204/4NYCool8BeatMarcelo Gaspar0321
Ring Of Fire1204/4NYBen Corsetti15T1
Ring Of Fire1054/4NYCountryPopDel Kay3474
Ring Of Fire1144/4NYItalianTangoBen Corsetti01T1
River Deep, Mountain High1284/4NYWill Stewart092k
Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone, Anon1454/4NNLarry Gard022k
Rock 29 (c)1204/4NYPeter Hindley032k
Rock And Roll Improv (c)1704/4NY60sRock&RollErnie Mulder032k
Rock And Roll Music1554/4NYAlex Green31T2
Rock And Roll Music2004/4NYAlex Green193k
Rock And Roll Party1704/4NY60sRock&RollJannie Kroese0311
Rock Around The Clock1804/4NYRobert Lauzon01T1
Rock Around The Clock1954/4NYBillHaleyDel Kay1774
Rock Around The Clock1764/4NYPaul Jackson012k
Rock Bottom1324/4YYWill Stewart032k
Rock Music For Old People1204/4NYCnrockJoe Francis0374
Rock Train (c)2108/4NYPeter Hindley032k
Rock Ya Sox Off1804/4NYHal Eaton052k
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree1384/4NYCountryShuffleDel Kay393k
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree1504/4NYAlex Green092k
Rockin' Ramona1344/4NYAlex Green6191
Rockin' Robin & Tweedly Dee1664/4NYShagboogiedmEddie Shoemaker022k
Rockin' Wigwam1204/4NYHardRockSunny Haddleton01S9
Rocking Pneumonia1004/4NNBluesRockVince Andreone05T1
Rocky Top Dixie1474/4NYSunny Haddleton04S9
Roll Out The Barrel2204/4NYDixieland1Warren Peters042k
Roll Out The Barrell1244/4NYOberPolkaRichard Peck012k
Roll Over Beethoven804/4NYHal Eaton082k
Roma Nun Fa La Stupida Stasera1064/4NYPopBossa1Franco Tancredi03T2
Romance De Amor1304/4NNno styleChris Bell052k
Romantic904/4NYBalladPauline Z11T2
Romanza954/4NYJulio Cazes112k
Room Full Of Roses1304/4NYCountrySwing1Bob Boyd303k
Rose Marie1284/4NYAlex Green6591
Rose Marie1184/4NYBandMarchAlex Green082k
Rose Of San Antone912/4NYChickenPickinWarren Peters032k
Rose Rosse1104/4NY8BeatAdriaFranco Tancredi02T2
Rose, The824/4NYDavid Bate073k
Rose, The684/4NYPianoBalladWarren Peters062k
Roses Are Red My Love954/4NY6-8OrchestralJohn Vishnoff093k
Roses Don't Talk1054/4NYMarcelo Gaspar143k
Ross Country (c)1284/4NYPeter Hindley032k
Rotation1004/4NYMamboVince Andreone06T1
Route 661524/4NYJazzClubRon Jubenville0121
Rowen Hese1194/4NYErnie Mulder193k
Ruby Baby1234/4NYTwistRon Jubenville0121
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1244/4NYJohn Phillips15T4
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1024/4NYBigBandSalsaBen Corsetti13T1
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1584/4NYRudolphClassicDel Kay463k
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1904/4NYCountryShuffleDel Kay393k
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1524/4NYBen Corsetti08T1
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1584/4NYAlex Green092k
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1624/4NYRudolphDel Kay1174
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer1484/4NYChristmasSwing1Joe Waters002k
Ruiter Van Die Windjie1284/4NYSchlagerAlpJannie Kroese0111
Rum and Coca Cola1204/4NYJohn Phillips07S9
Run To Me1204/4NNMarcelo Gaspar063k
Runaway1514/4NYDel Kay523k
Runaway1644/4NYTwist1Sunny Haddleton04S9
Runaway1764/4NYCrocoTwistErnie Mulder092k
Runaway1614/4NYCrocoTwistAlan Paganelli01T1
Runaway1404/4NNMichael MacDonald012k
Rusishe Sher764/4NYBob Gelman0363
Russia (c)1364/4NYErnie Mulder133k
Russian Song (c)1364/4NYErnie Mulder113k


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