Songs That Begin With 'B'

Click on any song title to hear (right-click to download) the song. Table abbreviations: T (tempo), TS (Time Signature), L (Lyrics), C (Chords), V (Volume), K (Keyboard).

Title T TS L C Style Artist V K
Babe924/4NYBen Corsetti14T1
Baby Face2004/4NYHammer053k
Baby Face1284/4NYAlex Green37T2
Baby Face Medley2004/4NYTheatreOrgQStepAlan Paganelli01T1
Baby Face, Anytime2234/4NYAlex Green123k
Baby It's Cold Outside1064/4NYDreamyBalladTorben Goldin01T3
Baby It's Cold Outside994/4NYSwing1Chris Bell022k
Baby, Let Me Take You Dreaming1204/4NYBrian Haylett07T2
Bach Minuet1264/4NYSunny Haddleton08S9
Back From The Fifties (c)684/4NY6-8SlowRock2Jaap Poetsma052k
Back From There1004/4NYCool8BeatFrank Blecha033k
Back Home (c)1304/4NYHarry BrownRigg0421
Backstreet Girl1203/4NYGuitarSerenadeErnst Mulder163k
Bad Moon Rising914/4NYJannie Kroese093k
Bad Moon Rising1784/4NYErnst Mulder092k
Bad Bad Leroy Brown 140 4/4 N Y Grant Cantrill 03 95
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown1664/4NYBen Corsetti12T1
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown1724/4NYBen Corsetti11T1
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown1724/4NYDetroitPop1Ben Corsetti02T1
Bagpipe (c)504/4NNJaap Poetsma0674
Baila Morena854/4NNLambadaDel Kay2774
Bailamos1004/4NYGypsyPopRobert Lauzon02T1
Baker Street1104/4YYSingrSongWriterWill Stewart012k
Bali Hai 743/4NYPatricia Harman01T3
Bali Hai724/4NYSunny Haddleton06S9
Bali Hai1004/4NYHawaiianDel Kay383k
Bali Hai804/4NYSlowBossaPhil Hall032k
Believe Me754/4YYJohn Phillips11S9
Ballad (c)744/4NNErnst Mulder0 35
Ballad Of The Green Berets894/4NY6-8March1Del Kay2674
Balliamo904/4NYFranco Tancredi03T2
Ballroom Medley1004/4NNQuickstepBrian Haylett019P
Bamboleo1074/4NYJulio Cazes082k
Banjo Plesier2094/4NNTijuanaJannie Kroese0311
Barbara Polka1344/4NYAlex Green47T2
Barbara Polka924/4NYJohn Radford07T2
Bare Necessities1844/4NYFoxtrotJames01T3
Bark For John (c)1804/4NNHarry BrownRigg0374
Bartender Blues1003/4NYCountryWaltzEddie Shoemaker022k
Bashana Haba'a1044/4NYBob Gelman0163
Basin Street Blues1004/4NYSlowBluesJudy Short01S9
Basin Street Blues1004/4NYHal Eaton082k
Battle Hymn Of The Republic864/4NYModBrdwayBldGloria Hanson013k
Battle Hymn Of The Republic1104/4NYDel Kay503k
Battle Hymn Of The Republic1124/4NYBen Corsetti10T1
Battle Hymn Of The Republic1124/4NYOrchestralMarch1Ben Corsetti01T1
Battle Hymn Of The Republic764/4NYArmWaverDel Kay1474
Battlel Hymn Of The Republic864/4NYGloria Hanson0391
Baubles, Bangles And Beads903/4NYEnglishWaltzVince Andreone05T1
Baym Rebins Sude904/4NYBob Gelman0163
Be Bop2154/4NYJames Gracey01T2
Be Bopa Lula1274/4NYBeBopaDel Kay1774
Be Careful, It's My Heart1804/4NYBigBandFast1Alex Green052k
Be My Baby1304/4YYBubblegumPopWill Stewart072k
Be My Love804/4NYPhil Hall05T1
Beach Boys Fun1544/4NYErnst Mulder072k
Beat Goes On1484/4NYAcousticJazzJames Gracey01T2
Beatles Medley794/4NYJames02T3
Beautiful Friendship, A784/4NYMike Szmania0221
Beautiful Friendship, A1084/4NYBebopDave Edwards013k
Beautiful Morning1244/4YYMarcelo Gaspar163k
Beautiful Sunday 118 4/4 N Y Grant Cantrill 03 95
Beauty And The Beast774/4NYAnimationBldTorben Goldin01T3
Beauty And The Beast1204/4NYMarcelo Gaspar133k
Beauty And The Beast704/4NYLoveSongRobert Lauzon01T1
Becase He Lives944/4NYGary Kilby073k
Because Of You764/4NYBrian Haylett05T2
Because Of You1104/4NY30sBigBandDel Kay0874
Because They're Young1284/4YY60sGuitarPopWill Stewart042k
Bedelia1524/4NYHeartBeatJohn Radford03T2
Beer Barrel Dixie2244/4NYAlex Green062k
Beer Barrel Hoedown1284/4NYHoedownAlex Green28T2
Beer Barrel March1164/4NYUSMarchAlex Green062k
Beer Barrel Polka1204/4NYAlex Green5191
Beer Barrel Polka1304/4NYAlex Green47T2
Beer Barrel Polka1204/4NYAlex Green062k
Beer Barrel Polka, Helena1204/4NYPOLKA2Joe Francis0174
Beer Barrell Polka1504/4NYOrchestralPolkaBen Corsetti01T1
Beer Beer Glorious Beer1804/4NYOrchestraSwingJohn Radford02T1
Beethoven's Minuet In G1004/4NNVince Andreone08T1
Before The Next Teardrop Falls924/4NYErnst Mulder143k
Before The Next Teardrop Falls824/4NYCountryBalladDel Kay453k
Before The Next Teardrop Falls1314/4NYCntrySing-a-LongPauline Z05T2
Before The Next Teardrop Falls954/4NYCountrySwing1Bob Boyd102k
Before The Next Teardrop Falls864/4NYCntyBallad82Warren Peters032k
Before The Next Teardrop Falls1044/4NYCountryShuffleEddie Shoemaker022k
Begin The Beguine1404/4NYBigBandFast1Jerry Ernst013k
Begin The Beguine1204/4NYJohn Phillips01S9
Begin The Beguine1134/4NYBeguineDel Kay573k
Begin The Beguine1324/4NYJoe Francis0474
Begin The Beguine1304/4NNJohn Haddleton019P
Begin The Beguine1134/4NYBeguineJannie Kroese063k
Begin The Beguine1084/4NYHerman Schunk07T2
Begin The Beguine1104/4NYHerman Schunk04T2
Begin The Beguine1134/4NYBeguineDel Kay363k
Begin The Beguine1134/4NYBeguineBob Boyd182k
Begin The Beguine1134/4NYBeguineJulio Cazes082k
Begin The Beguine1164/4NYAlex Green143k
Begin The Beguine1204/4NYBeguineHal Eaton022k
Begin The Beguine1364/4NYOhCarolDel Kay2174
Begin The Beguine1134/4NYGD#6/BeguineWarren Peters032k
Behind Closed Doors904/4NY16BeatBallad1Bob Boyd142k
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen2244/4NYAlex Green173k
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen904/4NYBob Gelman0163
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen904/4NYBob Gelman0363
Beim Kronenwirt1903/4NYJohn Vishnoff023k
Belgium2454/4NYErnst Mulder133k
Believe804/4NYMike Szmania0321
Believe1304/4NYTechnoPartyPaul Jackson022k
Belinda Bounce1304/4NYAcousticJazzBrian Haylett089P
Belle (From Notre814/4NYChartBalladFranco Tancredi02T2
Ben1204/4NNHeartBeatMarcelo Gaspar0221
Ben Je In Rotterdam Geboren1123/4NYSwingWaltzErnst Mulder022k
Benny Hill Theme1264/4NYPolkaPopPaul Jackson052k
Berceuse1484/4NNChris Bell092k
Berchtesgaden Fest Song1503/4NYOberWalzerDel Kay443k
Berchtesgaden Fest Song1203/4NYTraditionalWaltzDel Kay3374
Bernie's Tune1944/4NNHarry BrownRigg0374
Besame Mucho924/4NYDave Bate043k
Besame Mucho1084/4NYRumbaJannie Kroese073k
Besame Mucho1304/4NYAlex Green40T2
Besame Mucho1134/4NYBeguinePauline Z08T2
Besame Mucho1134/4NYHerman Schunk08T2
Besame Mucho1104/4NYJohn Vishnoff063k
Besame Mucho1254/4NYBen Corsetti07T1
Besame Mucho1114/4NYBeguineJulio Cazes102k
Besame Mucho1284/4NYSimpleChaChaAlan Paganelli04T1
Besame Mucho1304/4NYFastBossaFranco Tancredi012k
Besame Mucho964/4NYChico Brazil032k
Besame Mucho1104/4NYJulio Cazes0574
Besame Mucho1134/4NYBeguineBob Boyd012k
Besame Mucho1204/4NYAlex Green052k
Besame Mucho1104/4NYPianoRhumbaDel Kay0174
Besame Mucho1264/4NYGuitarRumbaChris Bell0174
Besame Mucho Medley1134/4NYBeguineEddie Shoemaker033k
Best Things In Life Are Free, The1264/4YYJohn Phillips13S9
Best Things In Life Are Free, The1754/4NYBen Corsetti11T1
Best Things In Life Are Free, The1354/4NYSwing1Bob Boyd212k
Best Things In Life Are Free, The1354/4NYShowtuneAlex Green143k
Bestel Maar1324/4NYNortenoErnst Mulder223k
Better Be Tonight 130 4/4 N Y John Phillips 16 T4
Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered704/4NYCoolJazzBalladTorben Goldin01T3
Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered704/4NYHammer033k
Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered1074/4NYPauline Z10T2
Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered1004/4NYPauline Z07T2
Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered1084/4NYAcousticJazzDave Edwards023k
Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered824/4NYMoonlightBalladBob Boyd082k
Beyond The Sea1204/4YYJohn Phillips02S9
Beyond The Sea1064/4NYSlowBossaBob Boyd162k
Biab1 (c)1204/4NYFoxtrot2Brian Haylett019P
Bidin' My Time1204/4NYGary Kilby043k
Biergarten1154/4NYSchlagerPopFrank Blecha013k
Big Band Jam1804/4NYBigBandFast1Warren Peters032k
Big Band Medley1484/4NYBigBand1Del Kay3074
Big Country1354/4NYCountryPopEileen Lowry01T3
Big Country1504/4NYWildWestSunny Haddleton02S9
The Big Hurt 110 4/4 N Y John Phillips 16 T4
Big Hurt1104/4NYBeguineJohn Phillips09S9
Big Sky804/4NYHal Eaton092k
Bilitis704/4NYDel Kay513k
Bilitis804/4NYPianoBalladDel Kay0674
Bill Bailey904/4NYMovieSwingBill Venice01T2
Bill Bailey2244/4NYDixieland1Sunny Haddleton04S9
Bill Bailey2244/4NYSpike Hindley012k
Bill Bailey2204/4NYGuitarSerenadeDel Kay353k
Bill Bailey1224/4NYAlex Green133k
Bill Bailey1184/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd112k
Bill Bailey2084/4NYHal Eaton042k
Bill Bailey1804/4NYBigBandFast1Del Kay2874
Bill Bailey, Downtown Strutters Ball2104/4NYAlex Green35T2
Billie (c)1204/4NYFoxtrot2Brian Haylett019P
Birth Of The Blues 56 4/4 N Y Ken Stenzel 02 T4
Birth Of The Blues754/4NYSlowBluesJudy Short01S9
Birth Of The Blues1124/4NYGary Kilby033k
Birthday Midizmile (c)1484/4NYRagtimeJaap Poetsma062k
Black And White884/4NYSherrifReggaeErnst Mulder203k
Black Bottom1784/4NYEileen Lowry01T3
Black Is Black1204/4NYSpike Hindley012k
Black Orpheus1214/4NYHerman Schunk10T2
Blackberry Blossom824/4NYSunny Haddleton03S9
Blame It On The Bossa Nova1284/4NYRumbaIslandAlex Green66T4
Blame It On The Bossa Nova1704/4NYAlex Green38T2
Blame It On The Bossa Nova1684/4NYBossaNovaDel Kay0774
Blanket1784/4NYErnst Mulder062k
Blended Scotch1824/4NYGayGordonsErnst Mulder153k
Blether (c)1664/4NYSpike Hindley052k
Blowin' In The Wind1074/4NYClem Ebber01C4
Blue And Sentimental804/4NYJoe Waters012k
Blue Bayou 95 4/4 N Y Cool8Beat Grant Cantrill 01 55
Blue Bayou1004/4NYGary Kilby053k
Blue Bayou1084/4NYErnst Mulder102k
Blue Bayou1084/4NYRumbaDel Kay383k
Blue Bayou1084/4NYJohn Vishnoff023k
Blue Bayou1084/4NY8BeatAdriaticBob Boyd102k
Blue Bayou1084/4NYHal Eaton022k
Blue Bayou1034/4NYJulio Cazes0174
Blue Bayou1004/4NY8BeatAdriaWarren Peters012k
Blue Bayou1064/4NYPopBossa1Eddie Shoemaker012k
Blue Bossa1254/4NYStephen Molnar013k
Blue Cat904/4NYBrian Haylett05T2
Blue Christmas1024/4NYJohn Phillips15T4
Blue Christmas2004/4NYChrist4_4Del Kay393k
Blue Christmas1144/4YYJohn Vishnoff073k
Blue Christmas854/4NYBen Corsetti08T1
Blue Christmas1204/4NYRobert Lauzon02T1
Blue Christmas1104/4NYCountryRockAlex Green092k
Blue Christmas804/4NYSlow&EasyBob Boyd052k
Blue Christmas1284/4NYXmas06Del Kay1174
Blue Christmas824/4NYJoe Waters002k
Blue Danube1273/4NYViennaWaltzDel Kay1974
Blue Danube Waltz1504/4NYVienneseWaltz1Gloria Hanson023k
Blue Eyes634/4NYBruce Milne04T3
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain824/4NYCountryBalladDel Kay453k
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain1134/4NYCountryShuffleBob Boyd022k
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain924/4NYCountryBalladDel Kay2074
Blue Funk 58 4/4 N Y Ken Stenzel 02 T4
Blue Hawaii1004/4NYHawaiianDel Kay513k
Blue Hawaii864/4NYHawaiianAlan Paganelli05T1
Blue Hawaii1004/4NYHawaiianAlex Green123k
Blue Hawaii1004/4NYHawaiianBob Boyd092k
Blue Hawaii854/4NYHawaiianAlex Kruger00C2
Blue Moon1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Jannie Kroese063k
Blue Moon1354/4NYMediumJazzBob Boyd243k
Blue Moon1084/4NYSlowFoxPauline Z06T2
Blue Moon864/4NYAlex Green33T2
Blue Moon1024/4NYChico Brazil022k
Blue Moon804/4NY6-8ModernEPWarren Peters072k
Blue Moon744/4NYBlueMoonDel Kay1974
Blue Moon804/4NYMoonlightBalladPaul Jackson032k
Blue Moon1004/4NYGypsySwingRichard Peck032k
Blue Spanish Eyes1304/4NYBen Corsetti15T1
Blue Spanish Eyes1124/4NYSpanishEyesDel Kay0174
Blue Star704/4NYJulio Cazes112k
Blue Star1204/4NYPhil Hall05T1
Blue Suede Shoes1644/4NYDave Bate033k
Blue Tango1304/4NYTango1Del Kay0874
Blue Tears (c)804/4NYCntrySing-a-LongFrank Blecha043k
Blue Velvet684/4NYJulio Cazes0374
Bluegrass Bill1204/4YYBluegrass2Will Stewart052k
Body And Soul824/4NYHammer043k
Body And Soul704/4NYCoolJazzBallad-3BHerman Schunk03T2
Body And Soul1084/4NYEngineRoom2Dave Edwards053k
Boesmanland Shuffle (c)1354/4NYJannie Kroese093k
Bohemian Rhapsody1924/4NNMike MacDonald063k
Boland (c)1084/4NYSlowFoxJannie Kroese073k
Bolero633/4NYTorben Goldin01T3
Bomba (c)994/4NYErnst Mulder223k
Bonanza1504/4NYErnst Mulder052k
Bonaparte's Retreat1264/4NYCountryShuffleBob Boyd202k
Bonita Nina1144/4NYTango1Heikki Kähkölä013k
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy1664/4NYBoogieWoogiePhil Hall05T1
Boot Scootin' Boogie1324/4NYCountryShuffleEddie Shoemaker012k
Born Free 95 4/4 N Y PianoBallad Grant Cantrill 01 55
Born Free12016/16NNMike MacDonald012k
Born To Blush1204/4NNFoxtrot2Brian Haylett029P
Born To Lose724/4NY12-8BalladDel Kay383k
Born To Lose1104/4NYCountryPop1Bob Boyd062k
Born To Lose784/4NYOrganBalladDel Kay0374
Born To Lose, Worried Mind1304/4NYJazzClubWarren Peters052k
Born Too Late854/4YNJohn Phillips06S9
Born Too Late1204/4NYPopRockDel Kay593k
Born Too Late904/4NYCoolJazzBalladPauline Z05T2
Born Too Late1204/4NYPopRockDel Kay1374
Bossa Slowa (c)1044/4NYGuitarBossaBrian Haylett019P
Bossanova Medley1504/4NYPopBossa1Jannie Kroese063k
Both Sides Now664/4YY16BeatBallad2Will Stewart062k
Bouquet Of Roses1304/4NYCountryPop1Bob Boyd202k
Boxer, The1754/4NYErnst Mulder163k
Boxer, The1164/4NNFingerPickinMarcelo Gaspar073k
Boxnet Blues984/4NYBluesRockGloria Hanson013k
Brahms' Lullaby1004/4NNPianoBalladVince Andreone05T1
Brandy1264/4NYChaChaChaEddie Shoemaker012k
Branle De Malte, Arbeau1604/4NNLarry Gard022k
Branle Royne, Praetorius1474/4NNLarry Gard022k
Branle Simple, Praetorius1604/4NNLarry Gard022k
Brasilia1514/4NYGuitarRumbaCynthia Cooke0291
Brass Jam1554/4NNSunny Haddleton05S9
Brazil1234/4NYAlex Green40T2
Brazil1104/4NYHerman Schunk07T2
Brazil1144/4NYBigBandSambaBen Corsetti01T1
Brazil1144/4NYHal Eaton042k
Brazil1124/4NYSambaBrazilDel Kay1374
Brazilian Samba (c)964/4NYBrazilianSambaErnst Mulder193k
Break Me664/4NYModCntryBld1Frank Blecha033k
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do954/4NY70sDiscoFunkDave Edwards013k
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do1004/4NY6-8OrchestralVince Andreone05T1
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do624/4NY6-8OrchestralWill Stewart072k
Breeze (c)944/4NYFrank Blecha043k
Breeze And I, The1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Pauline Z08T2
Breeze And I, The1084/4NYRumbaDave Edwards033k
Breeze And I, The1204/4NYRumbaVince Andreone02T1
Breeze And I, The964/4NYEasyPopDel Kay1074
Breeze And I, The1164/4NYRhumbaDel Kay0674
Bridge On The River Kwai1164/4NYRiverKwaiDel Kay613k
Bridge On River Kwai, The1104/4NYMarc11*G.1.0Del Kay3274
Bridge Over Troubled Water984/4NYGary Kilby023k
Bridge Over Troubled Water754/4NYEasyBalladJohn Vishnoff053k
Bridge Over Troubled Water854/4NYCelineBeatDel Kay0274
Brothers In Arms1104/4NNErnst Mulder0 35
Brown Eyed Girl1404/4NYWorshipMedErnst Mulder123k
Build Me Up Buttercup1284/4NNBubblegumPopMike Szmania0521
Buona Sera2074/4NNJohn Haddleton019P
Buona Sera1304/4NYHal Eaton072k
Busted1204/4NYCountryRock1Del Kay2874
But Beautiful754/4NYAlex Green6291
But Beautiful714/4NYHerman Schunk11T2
But Beautiful1204/4NYAlex Green30T2
But Beautiful1084/4NYSlowFoxtrotDave Edwards013k
But Beautiful1254/4NYAlex Green082k
But Beautiful724/4NYJoe Waters022k
But Is It Blues944/4NYJames Gracey01T2
But Not For Me1304/4NYGary Kilby033k
But Not For Me1204/4NYBigBandMed2Bob Boyd243k
But Not For Me904/4NYPauline Z10T2
Button Up Your Overcoat1924/4NYAlex Green6491
Button Up Your Overcoat1304/4NYBigBandMed2Bob Boyd303k
By Heart634/4NYGary Kilby063k
By The Fireside1334/4NYDixieland1Brian Haylett05T2
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon1004/4NYAlex Green5791
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon1254/4NYTapDanceSwingDel Kay413k
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon1204/4NYBen Corsetti06T1
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon1184/4NYGD3DesifanadaWarren Peters042k
By The Sea1394/4NYAlex Green42T2
By The Time I Get To Phoenix844/4NYDave Bate023k
By The Time I Get To Phoenix764/4NY16BeatBallad1Bob Boyd202k
By The Time I Get To Phoenix724/4NYHal Eaton082k
By The Time I Get To Phoenix684/4NYModCntryBld2Alan Paganelli01T1
By The Time I Get To Phoenix604/4NYChris Bell072k
By The Time I Get To Phoenix794/4NYKN1Orch_BalladWarren Peters052k
Bye & Bye1124/4NYDennis Hooker023k
Bye & Bye1124/4NYDennis Hooker023k
Bye Bye Blackbird1884/4NYAlex Green5791
Bye Bye Blackbird1454/4NYDave Bate073k
Bye Bye Blackbird1444/4NYHerman Schunk14T2
Bye Bye Blackbird2404/4NYBen Corsetti10T1
Bye Bye Blues984/4NYAlex Green5791
Bye Bye Blues1734/4NYHammer053k
Bye Bye Blues2204/4NYAlex Green263k
Bye Bye Blues1264/4NYOrchestraSwingAlan Paganelli04T1
Bye Bye Blues2054/4NYFastJazzBen Corsetti04T1
Bye Bye Blues2104/4NYRagtime1Phil Hall05T1
Bye Bye Blues1444/4NYFoxtrotDel Kay1374
Bye Bye Blues1484/4NYBigBandMed2Warren Peters012k
Bye Bye Love1404/4NYEileen Lowry01T3
Bye Bye Love1264/4NYOrchestraSwing1Bob Boyd293k
Bye Bye Love1484/4NYCountry8Beat1Bob Boyd273k
Bye Bye Love1344/4NYPauline Z12T2
Bye Bye Love1664/4NYBen Corsetti06T1
Bye Bye Love1204/4NYBueBue:veDel Kay2374


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