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Title T TS Style Artist K
Gablues604/4Dennis Hooker3k
Gablues604/4Dennis Hooker3k
Galactic Peace1094/4James GraceyT2
Galactica (c)1204/4Peter Hindley2k
Games That Lovers Play1084/4GypsyRumbaBill MulhollandT1
Games That Lovers Play1444/4Ton Anthonie9k
Games That Lovers Play1084/4Swing2Ton Anthonie2k
Geen Wiegje Als Rustplaats1354/4Jaap Poetsma2k
Gentle On My Mind944/4FingerPickinTon Anthonie2k
Georgia 72 4/4 Grant Cantrill 95
Georgia On My Mind604/4Sunny HaddletonS9
Georgia On My Mind704/4Bill VeniceT2
Georgia On My Mind1004/4Chris Bell2k
Georgia On My Mind1004/4AcousticJazzDeane Peters3k
Georgia On My Mind834/4Hermann SchunkT2
Georgia On My Mind704/4Stephen Molnar3k
Georgia On My Mind704/4Pauline ZT2
Georgia On My Mind684/46-8BluesDennis Hooker3k
Georgia On My Mind754/4LoungePianoHermann SchunkT2
Georgia On My Mind734/4Mike Szmania21
Georgia On My Mind684/46-8BluesDennis Hooker3k
Georgia On My Mind704/4Hal Eaton2k
Georgia On My Mind704/4Phil HallT1
Georgia On My Mind724/4Slow&EasyBob Boyd2k
Georgia On My Mind804/4BluesBalladBruce Milne2k
Georgia On My Mind724/4SoulBalladEddie Shoemaker2k
Georgia On My Mind954/4MoonlightBalladRichard Peck2k
Georgie Brown2164/4GuitarSwingErnie Mulder3k
Georgy Girl1454/4Eileen LowryT3
Georgy Girl1324/4Will Stewart2k
Geronimo1204/4Peter Hindley2k
Geronimo1344/460sGuitarPopWill Stewart2k
Get High With A Girl Like You1154/4Michael MacDonald3k
Get There Again (c)1124/4Frank Blecha3k
Getaway (c)1254/4Laura Mitchell74
Getting To Know You1264/4Gary Kilby3k
Getting To Know You1624/4Alex GreenT2
Getting To Know You1254/4Alex Green3k
Getting To Know You1504/4Bluegrass1Alex Green3k
Ghost Riders In The Sky 120 4/4 Bluegrass1 Grant Cantrill 95
Ghost Theme1484/4no styleChris Bell2k
Gibsons Tune1484/4HeartBeatMike Szmania21
Gimme Some Lovin'1204/4Michael MacDonald2k
Girl From Ipanema, The1404/4Alan PaganelliT1
Girl From Ipanema, The1294/4Hermann SchunkT2
Girl From Ipanema, The1244/4BossanovaPauline ZT2
Girl From Ipanema, The1004/4BossaNova2Vince AndreoneT1
Girl From Ipanema, The1504/4PopBossa2Robert LauzonT1
Girl From Ipanema, The1204/4Hal Eaton2k
Girl From Ipanema, The1414/4Francisco Albuquerque2k
Girl From Ipanema, The1404/4CoolBossaDel Kay74
Girl From Ipanema, The1134/4BeguineBruce Milne2k
Girl From Ipanema, The1504/4SlowBossaAlex Green2k
Girl From Ipanema, The1224/4BossaBrazilDavid LaplanteT3
Girl Watch1704/4CatGrooveErnie Mulder2k
Git Along Slide (c)1804/4Frank Blecha3k
Give A Little Love1204/4Ernie Mulder35
Give Me The Simple Life1204/4Brian Haylett9P
Give My Regards To Broadway2004/4Gary Kilby3k
Give My Regards To Broadway1164/4Alex Green3k
Glad Rag Doll1954/4CountrySwing1Harry BrownRigg21
Glory Is His (c)1484/4HeartBeatDennis Hooker3k
Glory Is His (c)1484/4HeartBeatDennis Hooker3k
Glory Of Love1034/4Neal SaundersT3
Glory Of Love1004/4MovieSwingSunny HaddletonS9
Glory Of Love1824/4Alex GreenT2
Glory Of Love1204/4BigBandMedPauline ZT2
Glory Of Love1284/4Alex Green3k
Glow Worm1284/4ChaChaChaAlex Green3k
Go Tell It On The Mountain824/4Joe Waters2k
Go West1174/4RetroPopMarcelo Gaspar3k
God Bless America954/4Gloria Hanson91
God Bless America1244/4OrchBigBand2Ben CorsettiT1
God Bless America954/4Julio Cazes2k
God Bless America1124/4OrchestralMarch2Ben CorsettiT1
God Bless America904/4March11*G1.0Del Kay74
God Bless America754/4ModBrdwyBld64Warren Peters2k
God Bless America1854/4BigBandFast2Warren Peters2k
God Bless America804/4USMarchRichard Peck2k
God Bless America1204/4ChildrensMarchAlex Green2k
God Bless The World754/4Sunny HaddletonS9
God Must Be A Cowboy At Heart1144/4CountryBrushDel Kay74
God On The Mountain964/4CountrySwing1Ton Anthonie9k
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen1904/4Chris Bell2k
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen1204/4Joe Waters2k
Godfather 4 (c)1153/4GuitarSerenadeJaap Poetsma2k
Godfather Meets the Magnificent Seven1004/4Vince AndreoneT1
Godfather Waltz903/491
Going Home (c)934/4Dennis Hooker3k
Going Home (c)934/4Dennis Hooker3k
Golden Earrings824/4John PhillipsS9
Golden Earrings844/4Phil HallT1
Golden Earrings1054/4BeguineRichard Peck2k
Gonna Get Along Without You Now1264/4OrchestraSwing1Bob Boyd3k
Gonzales1204/4Peter Hindley2k
Good Bad And Ugly, The1074/48Beat1Chris Bell2k
Good King Wenceslas1664/4GuitarRumbaJames HunterT4
Good King Wenceslas1064/4SoulShuffleJoe Waters2k
Good Life1244/4Ben CorsettiT1
Good Night Irene1803/4Alex Green91
Good Night Sweetheart944/46-8SlowRockDel Kay3k
Good Old Elijah (c)1184/4NewCountryFrank Blecha3k
Good Vibrations1004/46-8TranceMichael MacDonald3k
Goodnight Irene1304/4BluesShuffleDel Kay3k
Goodnight Irene874/4Alex GreenT2
Goodnight Irene1403/4SlowWaltzTon Anthonie9k
Goodnight Irene1784/4Country1Del Kay74
Goodnight Medley1334/4Joe Francis74
Goodnight Sweetheart854/4Alex GreenT2
Goodnight Sweetheart944/4XTFarewellDel Kay3k
Goody Goody1214/4RockShuffleAlex GreenT2
Got It1184/4BebopFrank Blecha3k
Gota De Lluvia1343/4John Vishnoff3k
Graceful Breeze (c)774/4PopBalladFrank Blecha3k
Grade Boo Meevies (c)984/4RagtimeLaura Mitchell74
Granada1124/4Jerry Ernst3k
Granada1804/4Bill VeniceT2
Granada1154/4EspagnoleTon Anthonie9k
Granada1693/4Julio Cazes74
Granada Trumpets1904/4GuitarRumba15
Grand Days (c)754/4Jaap Poetsma2k
Grand Old Flag1244/4Alex Green91
Grand Old Flag Medley1204/4ShowtuneGloria Hanson91
Grand Old Flag, God Bless America1244/4Alex GreenT2
Grandfather's Clock1394/4GypsySwingRichard Peck2k
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer1204/4SchlagerPopMichael MacDonald3k
Great894/4Dennis Hooker3k
Great Friend894/4Dennis Hooker3k
Great Pretender864/4Gary Kilby3k
Great Pretender754/4Julio Cazes74
Greece552/4Ernie Mulder2k
Greece (c)1224/4Ernie Mulder3k
Greek Dance744/4Hal Eaton2k
Greek Holyday (c)904/4Ernie Mulder3k
Green Door1554/4Sunny HaddletonS9
Green Eyes1084/4BigBandFast2Alex Green91
Green Eyes1084/4RumbaAlex Green3k
Green Eyes1204/4K7000ModernBegineBen CorsettiT1
Green Eyes1804/4BigBandFast1Alex Green3k
Green Eyes1124/4RhumbaDel Kay74
Green Fields Of Hasselt (c), The1044/48Beat1Jaap Poetsma2k
Green Grass, Told You Lately1104/4Alex GreenT2
Green Green Grass Of Home1044/4Ben CorsettiT1
Green Green Grass Of Home964/4BluesPiano1Ben CorsettiT1
Green Green Grass Of Home954/4Marcelo Gaspar21
Green Green Grass Of Home1144/4CountryShuffle1Ton Anthonie9k
Green Leaves Of Summer1204/4Phil HallT1
Green Leaves Of Summer784/4EpicBalladChris Bell2k
Greenfields634/46-8SlowRock1Phil Hall2k
Greensleeves 94 4/4 Grant Cantrill 55
Greensleeves712/4Clem EbberC4
Greensleeves904/4Peter Hindley2k
Greensleeves983/4GuitarWaltzDel Kay74
Greensleves903/4GuitarSeranadePhil HallT3
Groenkoringlance1264/4CountryShuffleJannie Kroese11
Groovy Kind Of Love, A764/416BeatBallad1Will Stewart2k
Guantanamera1204/4Clem EbberC4
Guantanamera1184/4Stephen Molnar3k
Guantanamera1124/4Francisco Albuquerque2k
Guilty774/4PopBalladBob Boyd2k
Guitar And Banjo934/4Ernie Mulder2k
Guitar Boogie Medley1554/4Swing2Ton Anthonie2k
Guitar Dream (c)974/4Ernie Mulder3k
Guitar Duo (c)844/4Ernie Mulder3k
Guitar Fantasy (c)814/4Ernie Mulder3k
Guitar Jammin1484/4CountryPop1Warren Peters2k
Guitar Melody (c)1043/4Ernie Mulder3k
Guitar Serenade (c)1693/4FlamencoErnie Mulder3k
Guten Abend814/4LoveSongTon Anthonie9k
Gymnopedie No11484/4Chris Bell2k
Gypsy Kings Medley1164/4EspagnoleErnie Mulder2k
Gypsy Violins1154/4John Vishnoff3k
Gypsy, The904/4Slow&EasyBob Boyd2k


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