Drake's Styles

PSR-S950 Song Styles

Drake(January 2014) Here is my song style collection (156 SFF2 format styles) that I currently use on the PSR-S950. About half of these styles are for country songs from the past 20 years and the other half are older classic country songs. Some of the older song styles I have picked up from the internet and the forum and they may already be available elsewhere on the site, but I tweak just about every style I use. My custom song styles that I have created do not included any custom intros. I use Intro #1 and play the intro of the song. I have also included my Christmas set and Elvis set of styles as well.


156 Song-Styles for the PSR-S950
Set 01&02.zip
32 styles
Set 03&04.zip
32 styles
Set 05&06.zip
32 styles
Set 07.zip
10 styles
Elvis Set.zip
25 styles
Christmas Set.zip
15 styles

Genos Styles for the S950

[Dec 11 - Note: Drake has discovered a problem with the Genos conversions for anyone who uses a microphone. He is working on a fix and, until then, the Genos conversion downloads are disabled.]

(Nov 14, 2017) Here are 38 Genos country styles converted for use with the PSR-S950. Click on this link to download these CountryConversions.

(Nov 21, 2017) 11 Genos oldies, revoiced and rebalanced for the PSR-S950, available in GenosOldies.

(Nov 29, 2017) 17 R&B styles, revoiced and rebalanced for the PSR-S950, available in GenosR&B.

Additional Styles for the S950

(April 2017) Yamaha released a free S770 keyboard pack for Cumbia Latin styles. I finished up revoicing them for use in my S950. These 28 styles should now all work in S970, T5 and Genos as well. 

(August 2017) Yamaha has released Salsa Voice and Expansion pack. It was provided free for a limited time. A forum member extracted the styles and Drake was able to tune and modify these styles to work on the PSR-S950. Certainly not a perfect duplication of the expansion pack styles, since the pack has unique voices included. However, you may find many of these very satisfactory. Click on this link to download these S950 Salsa Styles.

(August 2015) Here are 30 "Church and Christmas" styles that I have tweaked so that they use standard Yamaha voices found on the S950 keyboard. I also have 20 of the "Mexican Banda" styles I was able to convert for use in the S950 keyboard using standard voices and drum kits. Styles in the Celtic packs are pretty much using Standard voices in the style and just a few of the OTS voices needed to be changed. The 5 Celtic styles were the tricky ones that needed tweaking done to the style due to a new drum kit that was used for those styles. The Best of Europe is a collection of various styles from the Celtic, Latin, Balkan & Oriental regions. The Mariachi and Norteno styles from Mexico contains three different categories of musical genres: the Mariachi, the Norteno and the TexMex that is influenced by the Norteno, but uses more contemporary instrumentation, a little more sophisticated harmony and syncopated drums. The last set contains the T5 set of 10 "Country Musician" Styles converted for use in the S950 keyboard.

(August 2016) Drake converted 40 Balkan styles for use in the PSR-S910. He then converted these styles to use the voices in his S950. Those conversions are included in the table below.

200 Styles for the PSR-S950 (SFF2)
Church Christmas.zip
8/12/15; 30 styles
Mexican Banda.zip
8/14/15; 20 styles
Celtic NEurope.zip
8/15/15; 40 styles
8/17/15; 40 styles
Mariachi Norteno.zip
8/19/15; 20 styles
8/23/15; 10 styles
8/06/16; 40 styles

Note: Thanks to Ted for converting a number of Drake's conversions to the SFF1 format so they can be used on the PSR-S900/Tyros2 and earlier keyboards. You will find Ted's conversions on the S900 Styles page.

Roland G70 Conversons

(August 2015) Thanks to Drake for sending in a set of Roland G70 conversions that he found on the internet. There are 249 styles availalbe in a single RolandG70.zip file.

Styles for the PSR-2000

(September 2010) Joe, I finished checking and updating all the files as of 9-23-10.These are converted Tyros2, Tyros3, S900 and S910 styles,tweaked using the MidiPlayer (by Michael Bedesem) and the StyleReMixer (by Jorgen Sorensen).

I've changed volume settings for all the styles. I started this project in 2007 using T2 styles and, as newer styles have been added at PSR Tutorial, I added just the new styles from each of those keyboards. I have not changed many of the OTS settings which were with the original style.

For any style too large to play on the PSR-2000, I created two files for the style. The first has Intros and Endings for A&B, the second has the Intro and Ending C. In a few styles the C Intro and Ending were still to large for the PSR-2000. I then replaced the C Ending with the shorter A Ending of the style.

Some styles used a drummer that was not available on the PSR-2000. I found and used another drum section of the style to fill in or I silenced the drummer. When this method could not fix the drummer problem, I omitted that style.

The set contains 500 different styles and fits on 22 disks. The styles are grouped in zip files by category below and show the number of disks required to hold all the styles.

In November, 2010, Drake added 35 styles converted from the "T4-4-T3" conversions for use on the PSR-2000.

532 Styles for the PSR-2000
53 styles (2 disks)
26 styles (1 disk)
29 styles (2 disks)
51 styles (2 disks)
32 styles (2 disks)
44 styles (2 disks)
36 styles (2 disks)
66 styles (3 disks)
50 styles (2 disks)
49 styles (2 disks)
64 styles (3 disks)
(7 styles)
(3 styles)
(17 styles)
(3 styles)
(5 styles)

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