Brian Miles' Conversions

Brian Miles has been converting styles for quite some time. Brian, who has Technics keyboards as well as the PSR-9000 and the PSR-S900, has provided us with many style conversions for use with PSR keyboards.

Tyros5 Styles for SFF1 Keyboads

(June 2017) I had some time available so I went ahead and converted the Tyros5 styles to SFF1 format. These should work on Tyros1 and Tyros2 as well as mid-range keyboards PSR-S900 and earlier. --Brian

SFF1 Tyros5 Styles
Ballad Ballroom Country Dance
Entertainer Latin Movie&Show Pop&Rock
R&B Swing&Jazz World  

CVP 709 Styles for the PSR-S670

(18 March 2017) I've recently converted styles from the CVP709 to play on the PSR-S670 for a friend, replacing the missing style voices using M Bedesems new program. The majority sound good to very good although they are a very few that do not. I have not got around to working on the OTS yet, so you will have to add that yourself. Although these styles were specifically revoiced for the S670, they should also work on the PSR-S770 and PSR-S970. To facilitate downloading, they are provided in 5 zip files.

- Brian

580 CVP709 Style for the PSR-S670
CVP 709
116 styles
CVP 709
110 styles

102 styles

CVP 709
134 styles
CVP 709
132 styles

Conversions for the Tyros

(19 October 2012) Brian has sent in an additional three sets of style conversions that he did for the Tyros. These are in SFF1 format and should work on all the Yamaha keyboards. The first two sets are from the Roland BK7M. There first set does not have OTS while the second set does have the OTS added. The third set is a conversion of the Korg PA3x Internal styles. You will have to add the OTS voices for this set as well.

(25 October 2012) I have added OTS to the first Roland set using my Tyros4. Therefore, these "tuned" styles are in SFF2 format. They should work on the T3/T4/S910 and the new S950. There are in the file. - JW

324 Tyros Style Conversions
24 styles 570KB SFF1
26 styles, 686KB SFF1
250 styles, 3.6MB SFF1
24 styles 529KB SFF2

Styles for the PSR9000

The conversions listed here were all done for use on the PSR-9000. Since I'm sure there are still a number of 9000 owners out there, the original 9000 conversions are provided below. You can use Michael Bedesem's Midiplayer program to convert them to a different target instrument. Generally, the 9000 styles will have a relatively heavy bass when loaded on later PSR keyboards.

277 Styles for the PSR9000
36 styles
36 styles
36 styles
32 styles
34 styles
35 styles
35 styles
33 styles

PSR Styles with Solos #1 Each of the styles in this file has an accompanying "solo" style, e.g. Big Band.sty and Big Band Solo.sty.(12_8 Ballad, Big Band, Big Band2, Blues, BluesBluG, Coun Ballad2, Coun Rock, Coun Waltz, Coun SRk, Ethnic Waltz, Honky Piano, Jazz Combo, Meringue, Modern Guitar, Musical Ballad, Orchestral, Pop Ballad, Samba, Steamboat Dix)

Note: Brian Miles and Eileen Lowery have collaborated to provide additional conversions from the Ketro SD1 Update styles. These conversions, provided below, are for the Tyros and PSR-3000 (6/12/06).

(5 Jan 2009) Brian has converted the Tyros3 styles for use on his PSR9000. The Bass volume has been increased on all the styles, most now play with a more satisfactory bass line. Note that the Ballads and Pop&Rock categories have been updated and replace the earlier versions that were posted here.

476 Tyros3 Styles for the PSR9000
45 styles; 630KB
25 styles; 327KB
29 styles; 347KB
48 styles; 697KB
33 styles; 336KB
40 styles; 605KB
38 styles; 623KB
59 styles; 849KB
46 styles; 758KB
49 styles; 599KB
52 styles

Styles for the PSR2100

(18 April 2009) Brian has converted a number of Tyros3 and PA80 styles for a friend who has a PSR2100 and also generously sent them into the PSR Tutorial. These should also play well on other PSR keyboards.

283 Tyros3 Styles for the PSR2100
49 styles; 830KB
29 styles; 425KB
35 styles; 414KB
70 styles; 1128KB
46 styles; 836KB
54 styles; 755KB
125 PA80 Style Conversions for the PSR2100
23 styles; 414KB
19 styles; 272KB
16 styles; 293KB
19 styles; 294KB
27 styles; 454KB
21 styles; 383KB

Additional Conversions

I've recently reviewed some new style collections available from Brian (or his forum) and extracted any styles that duplicated styles already posted elsewhere on this site. There are an additional 343 styles provided here. I have divided them into three zip files. One has conversions that do not have OTS added to the style. The other two have OTS; one for K6 & K7 styles and one a mixed bag of styles.

343 Additional Style Conversions
113 styles .1MB
127 styles, 1.8MB
103 styles, 1.4MB


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