Jeff's Style Collection

Jeff / The Netherlands has been collecting styles for quite some time. He does not do any conversions, but is, as he says, a "simple collector." However, Jeff does like to share his files with others and has done so in several forums where he participates. Jeff has also graciously provided his collection to the PSR Tutorial, a sizeable one with over 2,100 styles. This is a mixed bag of styles, some with 4 variations and some with only two variations (or 1 or 3 variations). Some have OTS settings; many do not, particularly those with only 2 variations. Some styles are named after songs, others have genre names, others have shorter names I couldn't figure out. I did filter Jeff's collection to exclude styles that appeared elsewhere on the PSR Tutorial site. So even though you've downloaded a lot of styles from here, the styles in Jeff's collection are likely to be "new" to you.

As usual, styles are provided in zip files that must be unzipped to get to the styles themselves. The table below shows each of the zip files, the size of the zip file an the number of styles included.

1,544 Category Styles
121 styles
1089 KB
133 styles
1216 KB
49 styles
616 KB
118 styles
1112 KB
27 styles
217 KB
64 styles
594 KB
121 styles
1147 KB
35 styles
401 KB
122 styles
1168 KB
111 styles
916 KB
74 styles
834 KB
22 styles
262 KB
29 styles
279 KB
62 styles
576 KB
147 styles
1270 KB
46 styles
482 KB
62 styles
333 KB
118 styles
734 KB
83 styles
497 KB
652 Song Styles
112 styles
616 KB
94 styles
542 KB
99 styles
519 KB
109 styles
530 KB
492 KB
91 styles
488 KB
56 styles
477 KB

Styles added 18 October, 2009

Jeff now has a Tyros and has been busy, as usual, collecting styles for his keyboard, and sharing styles with others. Jeff has sent in an another style set, primarily for the Tyros, but these will also work on the 3000. Included in this set are some styles for the T2 and some for the T3 and a group without OTS. After eliminating duplicates in the set and duplicates with styles already on the site, there are still over 300 styles here and some very good ones, too! Styles are in the zip files shown in the table below. 317

317 Styles
36 styles
418 KB
31 styles
392 KB
25 styles
339 KB
23 styles
274 KB
33 styles
462 KB
34 styles
466 KB
23 styles
193 KB
21 styles
281 KB
19 styles
214 KB
72 styles
450 KB

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