10 Most Recent Additions

Patty Jacobson - Conquest of Paradise.

Richard Kent - Love, Look What You've Done To Me.

Patricia Harman - Winnetou Melody.

Ernie Mulder - Vanerao ©.

Onacimus adds an additional 19 styles for World4-OR in SMP S90/S950/S910.

Onacimus adds 12 24 more styles for World4-OR in SMP S970/S950/S910.

Roy Beardmore - Louisiana Man, A Shot of Rhythm and Blues, Singing the Blues, You Belong to Me.

Peter Gasser - Sleepwalk, When Will I See You Again, Woman In Love.

Nick Van Zutphen - I Believe, Maybe (Adams Theme), Never Be Anyone Else But You.

Onacimus adds 31 more styles to WorldOR category in S970, S950, S910 SMP.

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