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Each of the major sections in the PSR Tutorial has a number of pages, sometimes including sub-sections with many pages. With over 460 pages on the site so far, it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. Hopefully, this site directory will help guide you to what is available in the PSR Tutorial. Click on any of the major section titles in the banners below for a directory listing all the pages in that section. Click on any page link to go directly to that page. You can also try a google search of the PSR Tutorial site by visiting our Site Search Page.


The Lessons section is currently being reformatted and, in many cases, rewritten. Revised pages are added as soon as they become available.


PSR Performer Pages

Current Performers

Archived Performers

Bill McCracken 730
Bob McKinney 2k,T4,T5
Chris Bell 3k
Chuck Hunt 9kP
Clem Ebber C401
Craig (Keyboardist) 2k
Dave Church T3
David Kennedy 91,T3,95
Deane Peters 3k,T3,S91
Don Valentine T4
Eileen Lowry T3,T4
Ernst Mulder 2k,3k
Franco Tancredi 2k,T2
Frank Blecha 3k
Gary Diamond 3k
Gary Kilby 3k
Gloria Hanson 3k,91
James T3
James Gracey T2
Janet Griffin T3
Joe Hart 91
Joe Waters 2k,T3
John "Flip" Phillips S900
John Vishnoff 21,3k,T2
Judy Short S90
Julio Cazes 740,2k,S90
Ken Stenzel T4
Ken Toone C6
Kieth Osborne T2
Alan Paganelli T1
Alex Green 2k,3k,T2,S91,T4
Alex Kruger * C209,C309
Ben Corsetti * T1
Bill Mulholland * T1
Bill Venice * T2
Bob Boyd 2k,3k
Bob Gelman * 630
Brian Haylett * 9kP,T2
Bruce Milne * 2k,3k,T3
Chico Brazil 3k
Cynthia Cooke 91
Dave Bate * 3k
Dave Edwards* 3k
David Laplante T3,T4
Del Kay * 740,3k
Dennis Hooker * 3k
Diana Villafane S9
Eddie Shoemaker * 2k,3k
Gary Coupe 21
Hal Eaton * 2k,3k
Harry BrownRigg * 740,21
Heikki Kahkola * 3k
Hermann Schunk 3k,T2
Jaap Poetsma * 2k
Jannie Kroese 11,3k,T2
Jerry Ernst * 3k
Joe Francis * 740
John Radford * T1,T2
Kees Schouten * T2
Larry Gard * 2k
Laura R Mitchel 740
Marcelo Gaspar * 21,3k
Mike Clarke S9
Michael MacDonald * 2k,3k
Michael Szmania 21,S91
Neal Saunders * 3k,T2,T3
Patrick Hannequin 3k,S91
Paul Jackson * 2k
Pauline Z T2
Phil Hall * 2k,T1
Richard Herzog 15
Richard Peck * 2k
Robert Lauzon * T1
Rocco T4
Ron Jubenville 2k
Spike Hindley * 2k
Susie Drage T4
Warren Peters * 2k
Will Stewart * 2k

Midi Files - Alphabetical Index

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