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Start Here Introduction

Keyboard Accessories
USB Flash Drives
Keyboard Panel Layouts
Display Screen
Preset Demos

Preset Songs
Preset Voices
Preset Styles
Style Controls

Style Fingering Options
One Touch Setting
Let's Play

Demo Videos

Tyros Series
PSR Styles

CVP Series


Playing Introduction

Yamaha Files

Yamaha File System
File Operations
Naming Files
Viewing Files
Creating Folders
Copying Files
Changing OTS
Copying Multipads
Download Files
File Compression

Music Finder

Understanding the Music Finder
Yamaha's Music Finder Database
Loading an Music Finder File
Saving an Music Finder File
The Music Finder Screen
Editing MFD Records
Searching the Music Finder
Yamaha IDC's Music Finder+
A MFD for the Tyros4
50 Fake Book Specific MFDs

Understanding Registrations

Registration Videos
Creating Registrations
Pedal and Mic Registrations
Saving Registrations
Richard's Registrations
Song Titles in Registrations
Building Regs on 3K, I
Building Regs on 3K, II
One Song Per Regs
Style Category Registrations
Favorite Voice Registrations

Recording Songs

Record Your Songs
Multi Track Recording
Recording To Your PC
MIDI to WAV to MP3

Tuning Your Songs and Styles

Adjusting Yamaha Styles

Adjusting Your EQ
Balancing Major Sound Comp
Changing Voices As You Play
Mastering the Mixing Console
Saving "Tuned" Styles
Fine Tuning Volume Adjustments
Creating One Touch Settings
Using OTS Preset Voices
Adjusting Voices with DSP

Creating New Styles

Assembling Style Sections
Assembling Style Parts
Copying Intros, Endings, and Fills
Recording Styles
Recording Your Own Multipads

Adjusting Songs

Adjusting Volume in Songs
Adjusting Voices in Songs
Adjusting Song Tempo
Get Most Out Of Song Editor
Advanced Song Editing
Adding Lyrics to a Song
Transposing a MIDI

Vocal Harmony

Vocal Settings for the 2k, Tyros
Tyros EQ Settings for VH Clarity
Vocal Harmony Primer

Quick Steps

Factory Reset Procedures
Backing Up Data
Playing Styles

Using One Touch Settings
Organ Drawbars

Playing Songs with Lyrics
Continuous Song Play

Tyros Workshops

Organizing Files
File Storage in Keyboard

Setup Registration
Registrations Workshop

Arranging Music
Service Manuals

Michael Bedesem's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Songs Home Page

PSR Performers

Current Performers
Bill McCracken
Bob K
Bob McKinney
Brian Miles
Don Valentine
Ernie Mulder
Franco Tancredi
Frank Filipo
Gary Diamond
Gloria Hanson
Grant Cantrill
Jack Williamson

James Gracey
Janet Griffin
Jim Laing
Joseph Hart
Joe Waters
John Phillips
John Vishnoff
Ken Toone
Larry Tyler
Lynn Rae
Mike Cyr
Morrie Reece
Nick Van Zutphen
Patrica Harman

Patrica Jacobsen
Pedro Eleuterio
Peter Gasser
Randy Sherwood
Richard Kent
Richard Losper
Roger Brenizer
Ron Jubenville
Roy Beardmore
Royce Mosgrove
Stephen Molnar
Ton Anthonie
Torben Goldin
Udo Becker
Vince Andreone

Archived Performers

Alan Paganelli
Alex Green
Alex Kruger
Ben Corsetti
Bill Mulholland
Bill Venice
Bob Boyd
Bob Gelman
Brian Haylett
Bruce Milne
Chico Brazil
Chris Bell
Chuck Hunt
Clem Ebber
Cynthia Cooke
David Bate
David Church
David Edwards

David Kennedy
David Laplante
Del Kay
Dennis Hooker
Clem Ebber
Diane Villafane
Eddie Shoemaker
Eileen Lowry
Frank Blecha
Gary Coupe
Gary Kilby
Hal Eaton
Harry BrownRigg
Heikki Kahkola
Hermann Schunk
Jannie Kroese
Jerry Ernst
Joe Francis

John Radford
Judy Short
Julio Cazes
Kees Shouten
Ken Stenzel
Larry Gard
Larry Warner
Jaap Poetsma
Laura R Mitchell
Manoj Yarashi
Marcelo Gaspar
Mark Chapman
Mark Styles
Mike Clarke
Mike MacDonald
Mike Szmania

Neal Sauhders
Oz and Sandra
Patrick Hannequin
Paul Jackson
Phil Hall
Richard Herzog
Richard Peck
Robert Lauzon
Spike Hindley
Steen SR
Sunny H
Susie Drage
Warren Peters
Will Stewart

Midi Files - Alphabetical Index

   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   QR  S    T   UV  W XYZ

MP3 Files - Alphaabetical Index

A-B | C-E | F-H | I-K | L-M | N-Q | R-S | T-V | W-Z

Yamaha XG Midi Library

Christmas 2018 Jukebox

Christmas 2017 -- Christmas 2016


Styles (and Other Files) For Your Yamaha Keyboard






Gig Disks

Gary Diamond
Warren Peters
Scott Langholff
Dennis Hooker

Steve Molnar
Larry Warner
Tom's Gig Disks
Manse Stringer

Freddie Maynell
Chuck Hunt
Tony Sellick
Neal Saunders
Graham UK

Jim Laing
Peter's Regs

Style Collections

Bart Kuijer's Styles
Brian Miles' Conversions
Charley's Style Gems
Chris Easdown's Collection
Daria's Conversions
Drake's Styles

Eileen Lowry's Conversions
Harry's Style Collection
Henni's Style Collection
Ian MacNeill's Styles
Jan's Dance Styles
Jeff's Style Collection

John Vernon's Collection
Onacimus' Conversions
Patrick Hannequin's Styles
Christmas Styles
Other Collections

Oth Kbds

Technics Style Conversions
Roland Style Conversions

Ketron Style Conversions
Korg Style Conversions

Mixed Style Conversions

Other Files

Music Finder Databases

Music Finder Bonus

Multipad Files

Henni's Multipad Files
Frank Blecha's Multipad Files
Leo Dunne's Multipad Files
Mark Z's Multipad Files
Onacimus' Multipad Collection
Vince Lutz's Multipad Files

Registration Files - Introduction

PSR-3000 Registrations
PSR-2000 Registrations
Tyros1/2/3 Registrations
PSR-S910 Registrations

Voice Files - Introduction

Henni's Collection
Michael Bedesm's Collection
Tyros Voices
PSR-2000 Voices


General Music Resources

Fake Books

Books by Name
Easy FBs-by Type.
Easy FBs-by Decade
Musical "Standards"

Jazz Fake Books
Broadway, Movies
PopRock / R&B

Intern'l Favorites
Christian & Jewish

Chord Changes
FB How To ...

Fake Book Songs

Book List
Alphabetical listing of songs and the books they appear in
 A  |  B   |  C   |  D   |  E   |  F   |  G   |  H   |  I   | J-K |  L   |
 M  |  N   |  O   | P-Q |  R   |  S  |  T   | U-V |  W   | XYZ

Top Songs

Top 40 Songs

1930-1934 - 1935-1939 - 1940-1944 - 1945-1949 - 1950-1954 - 1955-1959
1960-1964 - 1965-1969 - 1970-1974 - 1975-1979 - 1980-1984 - 1985-1989
1990-1994 - 1995-1998

Top Singles -- Songs Of The Century -- Top Country -- Top Waltzes--Top Christmas

Pro Clinic

What About Early Arrivers?
Right Hand Play
What Is Jazz?
Drinking on the Job?
Bring their Wife/Girlfriend?
What About Talkers?
Top 10 Waltzes?
Music Light?

Manage Split Point?
Memorize Songs?
Preferred Playing Style?
Open Mic?
Footswitch Pedal
Use Transpose Button?
How Many Styles?
Job Money Makers?

What's a "Gig"?
Faking Performance?
Utilizing Drum Fills
Analyze Audience!
How Much to Charge?
How Long to Play?
Multiple Foot Pedals?


Replacing Unknown Voices
MVC-10 with PSR-S
Sysex for Tyros5 Voices
MuseScore Software
Lead Sheet from MIDI
Christmas Sing-along
Creating Dance Music

PSR-S950 Sound System
Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano
Ideas for Marketing Yourself
A Vocal Harmony Primer
How to Use NRPN
Batch Conversions
The Engine Room

Add Lyrics with PSRUTIs
MFC10 on PSR-3000
Create Large Arrangements
Organizing Your Styles
Keeping Accurate Time
Counting Out Loud
Combining Voices on PSR


S910 Contact Strips
PSR-3k Contact Strips
POZ P2 Logitech Conv
POZ P1 Speaker System
Install Z-5500 on 3k

Install Memory in T2
Install HD in T2
Laptop Platform
Easy Mixer Rack
Travlin' with Z-5500

Build $9 Speaker Stand
PSR Keyboard Stand
Replacing Floppy Drive
Strong Music Rack


W1-Chords I Need
W2-Flying Over Chordland
W3-All the Major Chords
W4-All the Minor Chords
W5-Chord Inversions
W6-Diminished Triads
W7-Augmented Triads
W8-All the Major 6th Chords
W9-All the Minor 6th Chords
W10-All the 7th Chords
W11-All the Minor 7th Chords
W12-All the Major 7th Chords

W13-3 Dim 7th Chords
W14-All 9th Chords
W15-All 11th Chords
W16-All 13th Chords
W17-Suspended Chords
W18-Altered Chords
W19-Slash Chords
W20-Circle of Keys
W21-Circle of Minor Keys
W22-Finding Key w/Flats
W23-Finding Key w/Sharps
W24-"Oh, Duh!" Chord Prog
W25-Musical Form
W26-"Creep" Chord Prog

W27-II - V7-I Chord Prog
W28-VI -II-V7-I Chord Prog
W29-Blue Moon Chord Prog
W30-Embedded CHord Subs
W31-12-Bar Blues Chord Prog
W32-Chord Subs 12-Bar Blues
W33-Alternating 7th & m7th
W34-Unlimited Original CP
W35-"m7 Down a 4th for 7th"
W36-"Hallf-Step Slide"
W37-"Get On That Church!"
W38-"Walk On Up"
W39-Graduation Day!


Keyboard Utility Programs





Murray Best - Yamaha Registration Manager

Joe Maas' MIDI Software

Heiko Plate Software

Jørgen Sørensen Utilities

Style Files - MIDI Files - Other

Wierzba - PSR Style & Midi Databases

Kim Winter's Registration Utilities

Yamaha Utility Programs


Useful Internet Links

Yamaha Corp. Sites

Yamaha Keyboard Support Sites

Pro Links

Music Lessons On The Internet


Supporting the PSR Tutorial

Product Summary Page

PSR Tutorial 2017 Lessons

PSR and Tyros Styles - Introduction

Styles #11 - Styles #10 - Styles #9 - Styles #8 - Styles #7
Styles Library #2 - Styles Library #1


Songs 2017 (2,043 songs) - Songs 2013 (3,862 songs) - MIDI Library (29,000 MIDI files_

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