Yamaha PSR-740/640

160 Preset Styles

The PSR740/640, introduced in 1999, was an excellent keyboard, which many owners still enjoy playing. Here's what Yamaha had to say about the PSR740's styles:

PSR740 keyboard"The PSR740 and 640 contain 160 fully arranged music styles, including specially designed Pianist Styles, to backup your musical performance. Each style has its own unique Intro, Main A/B/C/D variations, and Ending, as well as four fill-in patterns for added musical expression. You can change the instrument part settings of any music style, or even create your own custom styles. The PSR740 also features 'Count Intro' and 'Simple Ending' to enhance your musical performance."

The table below shows the styles included with the PSR740. The time signature and the default tempo are shown in parentheses. Click on a category title to download the a zip file with the styles in that category. Click on the table title to download all the styles in one zip file. (Note: styles listed here updated with corrected original tempos on 2 October 2008. - JW)

PSR740 Preset Styles
8Beat1 (4/4@104)
8Beat2 (4/4@110)
8BeatAdria (4/4@100)
8BeatPop1 (4/4@148)
8BeatPop2 (4/4@116)
BritishPop (4/4@152)
8BeatRock (4/4@120)
8BeatSoft (4/4@67)
8Beat3 (4/4@67)
16Beat1 (4/4@80)
16Beat2 (4/4@80)
16Beat3 (4/4@83)
16Beat4 (4/4@80)
16Beat5 (4/4@80)
SoftFusion (4/4@90)
HipHopPop (4/4@100)
16BeatFunk (4/4@112)
FunkyPop (4/4@100)
80'sFusion (4/4@112)
JazzRock (4/4@102)
FusionShuffle (4/4@100)
16Beat6 (4/4@80)
PianoBallad (4/4@72)
U.S.Ballad (4/4@65)
SlowRock1 (4/4@68)
SlowRock2 (4/4@85)
Modern6/8 (6/8@56)
GuitarBallad (4/4@74)
OrganBallad (4/4@78)
BluesBallad (4/4@62)
EpicBallad (4/4@70)
16BeatBallad1 (4/4@50)
16BeatBallad2 (4/4@60)
RockBallad (4/4@66)
SlowBallad (4/4@68)
AnalogPop (4/4@77)
PopBallad1 (4/4@74)
PopBallad2 (4/4@74)
CoolNight (4/4@80)
PopBallad3 (4/4@78)
Rock1 (4/4@128)
HardRock (4/4@120)
Rock&Roll1 (4/4@176)
RockShuffle (4/4@137)
Twist1 (4/4@164)
4/4Blues (4/4@130)
Rock2 (4/4@125)
8BeatHeat (4/4@150)
Rock&Roll2 (4/4@160)
Twist2 (4/4@166)
BluesRock (4/4@156)
6/8Rock (6/8@120)
Clubdance (4/4@123)
Techno (4/4@152)
Entrance (4/4@120)
Eurobeat (4/4@145)
Trance1 (4/4@140)
Trance2 (4/4@128)
CoolDance (4/4@104)
FunkyTripHop (4/4@85)
House (4/4@120)
Handbag (4/4@125)
Tip (4/4@109)
70'sDisco (4/4@120)
90'sDisco (4/4@110)
DiscoSoul (4/4@117)
MiamiPop (4/4@120)
DiscoTropic (4/4@120)
DiscoHands (4/4@122)
ElectroPop (4/4@120)
Swing1 (4/4@152)
BigBand1 (4/4@134)
BigBandBallad (4/4@82)
JazzBallad (4/4@64)
JazzTrio (4/4@184)
Boogie1 (4/4@166)
Dixieland1 (4/4@220)
BigBandBoogie (4/4@150)
GypsySwing (4/4@232)
Bebop (4/4@140)
Swing2 (4/4@152)
BigBand2 (4/4@152)
Boogie2 (4/4@164)
Dixieland2 (4/4@206)
GospelShuffle (4/4@180)
R&B1 (4/4@114)
Motown (4/4@150)
Soul (4/4@116)
SoulShuffle (4/4@106)
R&B2 (4/4@124)
6/8Blues (6/8@96)
CountryRock (4/4@148)
Country8Beat (4/4@110)
CountryPop (4/4@105)
CountryShuffle (4/4@126)
CountrySwing (4/4@150)
Bluegrass (4/4@142)
CountryBallad (4/4@72)
TwoStep (4/4@126)
CowboyBoogie (4/4@178)
Hoedown (4/4@128)
SambaRio (4/4@128)
BossaNova1 (4/4@157)
BossaNova2 (4/4@150)
Reggae (4/4@90)
SwingReggae (4/4@88)
GuitarRhumba (4/4@166)
GuitarBossa (4/4@140)
Salsa (4/4@106)
Mambo (4/4@104)
JazzSamba (4/4@110)
PopBossa1 (4/4@136)
PopBossa2 (4/4@155)
PopReggae (4/4@100)
PopChaCha (4/4@132)
SlowFox (4/4@108)
Quickstep (4/4@200)
Tango (4/4@130)
ChaChaCha (4/4@131)
Samba1 (4/4@106)
Rhumba (4/4@112)
Pasodoble (4/4@122)
Jive (4/4@176)
Beguine1 (4/4@120)
Foxtrot (4/4@184)
U.S.March (4/4@120)
GermanMarch (4/4@112)
6/8March1 (6/8@120)
Polka (4/4@130)
PolkaPop1 (4/4@122)
PolkaPop2 (4/4@126)
PolkaOberkrainer (4/4@128)
Tarantella (4/4@136)
HullyGully (4/4@126)
PopWaltz (3/4@94)
JazzWaltz1 (3/4@200)
CountryWaltz (3/4@140)
ViennaWaltz (3/4@180)
SlowWaltz1 (3/4@90)
Orch.Waltz (3/4@90)
WaltzOberkrainer (3/4@192)
Musette (3/4@200)
GuitarWaltz (3/4@98)
PStride (4/4@178)
Boogie3 (4/4@176)
Swing3 (4/4@144)
Pianoman (4/4@120)
8Beat4 (4/4@74)
Ballad1 (4/4@72)
Ballad2 (4/4@112)
6/8Ballad (6/8@64)
Ragtime (4/4@148)
March (4/4@116)
6/8March2 (6/8@120)
BossaNova3 (4/4@150)
Beguine2 (4/4@124)
Samba2 (4/4@108)
Waltz (3/4@176)
SlowWaltz2 (3/4@90)
JazzWaltz2 (3/4@160)
80'sDisco (4/4@122)
Funk (4/4@106)
FunkyDance (4/4@107)
JazzWaltz3 (3/4@142)
LightPop (4/4@180)
PopRhumba (4/4@160)
PopShuffle (4/4@120)
Quickstep2 (4/4@200)
Showtune (4/4@145)
SoulShuffle (4/4@90)

The styles in the 740, however, are a different format from the current generation of PSRs. They do have four variations, but do not include OTS. Thus, PSR740 owners can not easily take advantage of the newer styles, where the one touch settings must be removed and other adjustments made to the styles to get them to work acceptably on the 740. However, thanks to the work of Onacimus Sahayam, who now has a PSR-2000 as well as his beloved PSR740, many of the "newer" millennium styles (from the PSR2000 and Tyros) can not be enjoyed by PSR-740 users. Onacimus has also provided conversions of the PSR9000 styles for 740 owners. Below are some additional "tips" from Onacimus about the PSR740 keyboard. -- Joe Waters

New Millennium Styles for the PSR740

by Onacimus Sahayam

I have converted the styles of TYROS and PSR-2000 including Floppy styles and also the additional new styles of the PSR-2100. All together, I am naming these styles as "New Millennium Styles for the PSR-740." In this conversion, I skipped many styles that were already available from the PSR-9000 conversions. For example 8Beat1, 8Beat2, 60's8Beat, etc are already available in 9000 with same and different names. This conversion consisted of two phases.

Phase 1: "Millennium Styles" (206 styles)

 width=Here I picked the selected styles, which have a long and melodious IntroB and EndingB and made some editing works in 740 (changing Tempo & Internal name). In the beginning, I faced many problems. Some files were impossible to load into the 740 because of their huge size. For these, I took advantage of the PSR-2000 Style Creator and deleted IntroC, EndingC and Break sections of each style, after which there was no problem in loading the style.

But still other problems surfaced in many styles. If we play the 7th chord, that sounds different than the natural chord. There are variations in voice change, volume level, parameter values of Reverb, Chorus and DSP depths in some tracks. At first I did not know how to find a remedy for this. Then I discovered that the styles without OTS are free from these problems. So I picked the selected TYROS styles from, "TYROS Styles for PSR 9000" page in PSR Tutorial and repeated the same procedure. There were no further problems.

Still some styles like "SciFiMarch" were impossible to load in 2000 or 2100, so I skipped those styles. There are some additional styles in 2000 (not in TYROS) such as Funky Fusion, Rock + Half Time, Funky Disco, etc. And also the additional new styles of 2100 such as ClassicPnoBld, DreamDance, SchlagerBeat, etc. I removed the OTS from these styles using Michael Bedesem's MIDI Player. Then I completed the first phase of the conversion project successfully. Here, I never used the Style assembling function in PSR 2000 Style Creator.

Phase 2: "Millennium Plus Styles" (251 Styles)

 width= In this phase, I picked all the styles except the existing similar styles of 9000. I made this conversion as I did in "PSR-9000 Internal Styles for PSR-740". For these conversions, I did use the style assembling function.

All together I arranged the styles as categorized in TYROS

A-Pop Rock
H-Ballroom Party

Where necessary, I revoiced and made volume adjustments in some tracks. I also added and removed notes in order to improve the sound on the PSR 740. The reason for adding the first letter before the style name (e.g. A-16BUPT) is that if we make all the styles appear together in one folder, the styles will automatically be arranged into category and alphabetical order.

All these styles are available below. You can get a list of the styles in this MS Excel file. Millennium Styles are in 4 zipped disks and Millennium Plus Styles in 5 zipped disks. Though there are various separate web sites dedicated to PSR 740, 90% of my conversions were done with the help of PSR Tutorial. That is why I am sending these styles only to PSR Tutorial.

I would like to get feedback and suggestion from the PSR-740 owners. So please do send me an email with your ideas and comments. Thank you, Onacimus Sahayam .

206 New Millennium Styles for the PSR740
Disk1 (50) Disk2 (52) Disk3 (50) Disk4 (54)
251 Millennium Plus Styles for the PSR740
Disk1 (55) Disk2 (54) Disk3 (53) Disk4 (53) Disk5 (36)

PSR9000 Styles for the PSR740

by Onacimus Sahayam

I made my conversions in a PSR-2000 (owned by one of my relatives) using the Style Creator function. First, I changed the bar of INTRO B and ENDING B as it is in INTRO C and Ending C, and INTRO A as one bar respectively in each of the styles. Then, I copied the contents from INTRO C, ENDING C and BREAK into INTRO B, ENDING B, and INTRO A. Then I saved the style to disk. Where necessary, I revoiced some tracks that are appropriate for the PSR-740. For example, the 740 has no SWEET HEAVEN voice, so I changed that voice to BRIGHTNESS, ECHOES & FANTASIA. I also changed NYLON GUITAR to SPANISH GUITAR and SMOOTH NYLON GUITAR. Next, I loaded all these styles into the PSR-740 User Styles (1-3). I did some editing in the 740 (changing the internal name) and saved the styles again to another floppy disk as USR files (Uf_00001.usr). In a PC, I changed the file name. The first style in the 8-beats was 60'sRock1, but the name in the PC is S_00101.sty. I changed that name to A-60ROK1.sty. Note that, because of these conversions in the 740, the INTRO C, ENDING C and BREAK disappeared.

The first letter in the filenames denotes the category. I've also included that letter in the name of the zip file. Your your convenience, I have compiled an Excel File that provides a PSR-9000 style list for the PSR740 conversions provided here. -- Onacimus

232 PSR9000 Styles for the PSR740
A-8 Beat (32) B-16 Beat (22) C-Dance (37) D-Swing&Jazz (30) E-R&B (27)
F-Country (22) G-Latin (26) H-Ballroom (14) I-March&Waltz (22)  

All the 9000 original internal styles can be read in 740 without any problem. But we have to revoice some tracks that have some strange voices (if necessary) and can be saved in Registration Memory. These styles are available in the PSR 9000 Styles Page.

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