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This is easier to do than explain.

I can't play by ear so always need and do prefer reading music.

If I can not find a suitable pdf of a lead sheet with chords to print, I search for a Midi File of the required song.

Notation Musician Ad - medium Notation Musician buy now free trial In NotationMusician, load the Midi File and go to along Top of the program to MEASURE and tick EVERY MEARSURE and click SAVE AS DEFAULT. This will number all bars.

Listen through the song and note the start bar for the melody. For example, if this is bar 5, go again to MEASURE, selecting REMOVE and enter 1  -  4 and then click OK.

Most songs repeat after 32 bars so repeat MEASURE/REMOVE to trim the end off the Midi File entering to apropriate bar number and click OK

I resave as file name SHT reminding me this file has been trimmed.

Melody should now display on bar 1.

BASS CLEF/TREBLE CLEF - If melody shows Bass Clef instead of Treble Clef, click on the Clef and a box appears showing the clef sign. Click down four times now shows Treble Clef. Click OK.

TRANSPOSING - Click top of page STAFF, select TRANSPOSE ACTUAL PITCHES, click NEXT and then select KEY required. Choice of Up or DOWN alters how it is displayed. If not happy, go back and try again.

CHORD NAMES - Go to FORMAT, select TRANSCRIBE CHORD NAMES. This will now show chords.

PRINT - For printing go to top page PART and select FAKE BOOK LEAD SHEET or other option to your liking. Now go to FILE to print. Myself, for printing I use an early version of BAND IN A BOX which gives an excellent print quality 32 bars on to just one A4. As an example, here is a lead sheet produced for Every Breath You Take in pdf format.


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This page updated on May 20, 2021 .