If you do a little hunting, you'll find there are a number of sites on the internet that provide a list of "Top Songs." In this section, we show you several of these top song lists. If you are preparing a performance for a particular age group, you may want to check out what songs were popular for that group's younger years. The various lists are accessed via the navigation bar shown on the left. Some of the links there will open up to show individual links for different time spans. Below is a brief description of the major parts of this Top Songs section.

Top 40

Lyrics World is an excellent site not only for a list of top songs, but also for getting the lyrics to these songs. Since the list of top songs from past decades will not change, I've captured that data and included it here in the Top 40 section and the Top Singles section. "Top" can be measured many different ways. "Top 40" lists rock and pop songs that charted in the Top 40 for each year from 1930 to 1998. Years are grouped in 5-year time spans. The list shows the artist and the highest rank each song achieved. Many songs have links that retrieve the lyrics for the song from Lyrics World.

Top Singles

Another definition of "Top" shows the top singles during a time period. The top 25 or so singles for the decade are shown in the links listed under "Top Singles."

Top Century

In a "Songs of the Century" project sponsored by RIAA and NEA, music lovers across the country were asked to select the key songs of the century, keeping in mind the historical significance of not only the song, but also of the record and artist. The hundreds of voters came fsrom all walks of life including local, state and federal elected officials, the music industry, teachers, members of the media and students. The decade listings show the selections alphabetically.

Top Country

The "Top 100 Country" shows the top 100 country songs of all time. There was a PBS special that played all these songs, although I don't rememeber the exact title.

Top Waltzes

A topic in the Pro Clinic dealt with the most popular waltzes. The results of the recommendations offered by the various performers are summarized in the table presented here.

Top Christmas

Top 25 most-performed holiday songs based on ASCAP's most recent performance data for the first three years of the 21st century.

Additional "Top Song" Sites:

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