The PSR Tutorial, while it provides support to owners of Yamaha arranger keyboards, is not associated with Yamaha Corporation in any way. This site was built and is maintained by Yamaha keyboard owners such as yourself. I (Joe Waters) have constructed the web site and maintain it. However, much of the content is provided by a host of Yamaha owners who have generously provided their time and effort to help others. I could not provide this resource without the assistance of all the forum moderators, all those PSR Performers, and all those who have contributed articles and styles to the web site over the years.

I also receive support from the PSR Tutorial "Supporting Members." Anyone may support the site at any time by making a donation. I prefer, however, to offer a resource that members will find helpful in getting the most out of their PSR or Tyros keyboard. So, over time, I developed a number of products that Yamaha owners can order. Your purchase helps offset the ongoing cost of running the web site and the forum. When you order one (or more) of the available products (or make a donation), you become a "supporting member" of the PSR Tutorial and your forum account is marked as such.

There is no charge to accessing any part of this web site and you can freely download the thousands of files available here. Similarly, there is no charge to register in the PSR Tutorial forum and getting whatever additional help you may need with your keyboard. I am able to keep access FREE because of the generosity of those owners who volunteer to support this site.

PSR Tutorial Products

All of the currently available resources are found under the "Products" tab. You will see a short description of each product and a PayPal button to add your selection to your PayPal shopping cart. More detailed descriptions are provided in the remaining tabs above. What you are ordering in the various products is a collection of files that you will find useful in getting the most out of your Yamaha Tyros or PSR or even CVP keyboard. Almost all of these collections are available in a compressed format (zip files) that you download directly to your computer. Anyone comfortable with downloading and unzipping can easily reconstruct the original data set.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable working with a computer and the internet. For those users, we also offer a 16-GB USB drive. One of the great advantages of distributing the data sets on a USB drive is that the entire collection arrives uncompressed and ready to use. In fact, for the keyboards supporting USB ports, USB drives containing styles and/or midi files can be inserted into your keyboard and the files immediately loaded and played.

If you include a USB drive in your order, all of the data collections you order are copied to that drive, unzipped and ready to use. The drive is mailed to you vis US mail. The download instructions are alos sent to you via e-mail. Since everything will be on the USB drive, unzipped and ready to use, you do not need to download anything. However, if you want to get to some of the data sets right away, you are free to do so. A 16-GB USB drive is large enough to hold almost all of the various data collections. The USB drive price includes copying your data sets to the drive and all shipping and handling costs.

Resource collections can be ordered via PayPal by using the "Add to Cart" buttons. For orders outside of the U.S., PayPal handles the currency conversion problem. If you prefer not to use PayPal, or if it is not available in your country, you can follow the instructions given at the bottom of the Products page.

Ordering any of the PSR Tutorial resource collections not only provides you with a great addition to your PSR or Tyros resource library but also enables the PSR Tutorial to continue growing and providing you and other Yamaha arranger keyboard owners with a host of valuable information and resources to help you get the most out of your playing experience.

-- Joe Waters

This page updated on February 15, 2024.