Style Manager Series

Michael P. Bedesem has created a group of terrific freeware utility programs that support Yamaha PSR and Tyros arranger keyboards. They provide users with additional capabilities for managing style, registration, and song files. The programs have been designed to operate on a PC with the Windows™ Operating System (95 or later) at a screen resolution of 800 X 600 (1024 X 800 or greater recommended, especially for MixMaster). Click on the links below or in the buttons shown on the left-side of the page for additional information and to download the program file(s).

FolderCheck (Version 1.0.4 - July 22, '14) is a PC application to assist you in managing folders on Tyros models with hard drives. Yamaha instruments will refuse access to media folders that exceed limits (250 files per folder for Tyros 1 and 500 for Tyros 2/3/4/5). The program enables the user to examine the number of files per folder and split them as desired. It works on your PC, on a USB drive, or on your Yamaha hard drive connected to the PC via the MusicFinder button-initiated storage mode. FolderCheck replaced the earlier HDCheck program. Version 1.0.4 changes include a number of user requested enhancements as well as maintenance items.

MidiPlayer (Version 8.3.1 - Dec 16, '14) is used to play, convert, repair, normalize, display, and edit the song, style, multipad and voice files used in the keyboard. This program will translate files for operation on another instrument. For example, if you have a PSR-3000, you can use this program to convert Tyros style files for use on your PSR-3000. The program includes a "batch" facility so you can process many files at once.

MixMaster (Version 5.1.4 – Feb 19, '17) is a program specifically designed for the display and editing of Yamaha midi files such as the song, style, pad and voice files used by the Tyros/PSR line of instruments. It comes ready to use with translations of voice, effect, midi and known Yamaha sysex commands. While extensive in capability, a great deal of effort has been expended to make it easy to use by users of all experience levels.

It extends these capabilities by offering unattended processing of single or many files with the choice of automatic revoice, auto scaling channel volumes, optimizing for XG compatibility and problem note elimination. No knowledge of midi, file types or processing is required.

MusicFinderView (Version 3.1.3 - June 27 '16) is a PC editor for Music Finder ("mfd") files. With it you can create, edit, display, rearrange, sort, and print Music Finder records. Music Finder files are keyboard specific, but with Music Finder View you convert files from one instrument to another, for example, convert a Tyros mfd database for use on a PSR3000. Version 3.1.3 includes support for the new CVP-609.

OpenText (Version 1.4.3 - Feb 27, '11) is a program that displays a pdf file, or a page in a pdf book, when a registration is selected on a PSR, CVP or Tyros.

PadMaker (Version 3.0.5 - June 19, '17) is a tool for creating a Multipad based on the patterns from one or more styles. With it you can create a pad by selecting an area of a style; audition the pattern on the PC or the keyboard; edit the Voice, Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Tempo, Brightness, Chord Follow and Repeat parameters; and, finally, include user-editable text. Version 3.0.5 has been updated with bug fixes and minor enhancements.

PadMaker-Midi (Version 1.8.5 - June 18, '17) is a tool for creating a Multipad based on the patterns from one or more midi or multipad files. With it you can create a pad by selecting an area of a midi or pad; audition the pattern on the PC or PSR; edit the Notes, Octave, Voice, Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Tempo and Brightness, Chord Follow and Repeat parameters; and include user-editable text. Version 1.8.5 includes corrections to the Edit Note Width function, bolding of last edit in Note View, reporting of the multipad size, an instrument dependent oversize warning and miscellaneous bug fixes.

StyleDump (Version 2.0.1 - Oct 3 '10) is a a multi-purpose file viewer that can be used to list, sort, search, copy, and print the contents of Yamaha style files, section data (Main A, Ending A, etc), CASM, OTS, MusicFinder database entries, Midi song files (type 0 & 1), Voice edit files, Organ flute files, and Multipads.

StylePlayer (Version 1.6.0 - Oct 3 '10) plays Yamaha style files on a PC’s sound card or on a keyboard or other midi device (if the user has midi output), and permits adjustment of the internal style volume. It is similar in function to the style playing capability of MidiPlayer, but offers some additional flexibility.

Producer is a tool for creating or editing files that, when played or expanded on the keyboard, generate accompaniment parts. The program, not updated since the demise of Microsoft's Visual Basic 6.0, has been taken over by Peter Wierzba and a new enhanced version with support for Tyros 5 and PSR-S950 keyboards is available at Peter's Web Site.

This page updated on June 19, 2017