Jørgen Sørensen Utilities

Jørgen Sørensen, web master at The Unofficial YAMAHA PSR Resource Site, has constructed a number of utility programs that keyboard owners will find very useful. Some of his programs are written using Java and can be run on Windows or on Mac/Linux/Solaris systems if the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed. Others were written for Windows using the .Net programming language. For these, the .Net Framework must be installed on your computer. Instructions are provided for obtaining the JRE or .Net software if you don't already have it installed on your computer.

Since Jørgen has developed so many programs, they have been divided into three separate sections. The first section has programs that operate on style files. The second has programs that work with midi files. The third group holds the remaining programs, which handle a variety of different problems. Each section will list the program name and a short description for each program. Clicking on the program name link will take you to Jørgen's site where you can get additional information about that program, see some screen shots, and download the file if you want. The programs that are written in Java and indicated by the phrase "(Java)" and the .Net programs have the phrase "(.Net)" to distinguish them. (Java) programs will run at several platforms, incl. Windows, Mac, Linux. (.Net) programs are Windows only.

This page updated on January 15, 2015.