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Changes in Registration Manager V 5.11

(26 March 2018) Version 5.11 of the Registration Manager is now available. This version corrects a number of inconsistencies in processing Genos registrations discovered after the release of version 5.1. Most of these problems related to the conversion of Song and Audio of previous keyboards to the Genos Song A and B format, and handling of Genos song data within the Editor.

New features in V5.11 include:

  • The file search for audio multipad PD2 when adding custom pads is now available in the Editor
  • Where data is available (Tyros 4 and later keyboards), Voice Not On Target Keyboard will be replaced by the description of the voice, Expansion, User or Panel voice, also when this data is available, any expansion voice file path can be edited
  • Genos C:/ Format has been expanded to include Expansion voices
  • Batch duplication of Voice, Harmony and Multipad now available
  • Live Control assignments can be edited and duplicated is now available for Genos

Other corrections and updates:

  • Make My Registration button is not available unless a valid registration button is selected
  • Edit Substitution button becomes available when a new substitution table is first created
  • Genos buttons 9 and 10 are unchecked in the duplicator when All Buttons is unchecked
  • Genos Song B added to batch Removal process
  • When converting from Genos to prior keyboards, button 9 and 10 second file was incomplete
  • Split point processing for 61 and 76 keys improved
  • Duplication of style split, fingering, intro and variation would damage a registration button if the style section was not present
  • Removed the incorrect duplication of Left Voice when style section missing

Registration Manager Features

This program can be used for the following tasks:

  • Building new registration banks
  • Copying registrations from existing banks
  • Copying style and voice settings from existing banks
  • Editing settings contained in registration buttons
  • Sample styles and voices when keyboard is attached to computer
  • Add / Duplicate / Remove settings from registrations or bank(s)
  • Converting existing registrations to load on a different keyboard
  • Search for text in a registration bank or directory
  • Replace text in path names in a registration bank or directory
  • Preparing numerically organized registration banks (Gig Lists)
  • Creating new registration banks from Music Finder entries
  • Add OTS voice settings to registrations
  • Preparing reports on the contents of banks

This program can be used with the following keyboards:

  • Genos, Tyros 5, Tyros 4, Tyros 3, Tyros 2, and Tyros
  • PSR S970, S950, S910, S900, S770, S750, S710, S700 and S670
  • PSR 3000
  • Clavinova CVP309, CVP609, CVP605, CVP701, CVP705, CVP709

Download Program and Documentation

Click here for V 5.11 of the Yamaha Registration Manager. Complete English documentation is included in a pdf file. There is also a German version of the documentation. Direct any comments or questions to Murray Best. You can also contact Murray through the PSR Tutorial Forum (murrayb).

This page updated on March 26, 2018.