Murray's Registration Manager

Yamaha Registration Manager 5

(10 January 2017) Registration banks are one of the most useful features on your Yamaha. However, for new users, they can be difficult to understand and use. A registration bank instantly configures a keyboard to a specific configuration and thus can hold a lot of information. But it is not always easy to see what is in a registration file or easily move registration buttons from one file to another or convert a registration made on one keyboard for use on another, different keyboard.  This program allows you to review and modify the contents of registration banks, convert the banks when necessary to load on a different keyboard, and much more.

Registration Manager screen

This program can be used for the following tasks:

  • Building new registration banks
  • Copying registrations from existing banks
  • Editing settings contained in registration buttons
  • Sample styles and voices when keyboard is attached to computer
  • Add / Duplicate / Remove settings from registrations or bank(s)
  • Converting existing registrations to load on a different keyboard
  • Search for text in a registration bank or directory of banks
  • Replace text in path names in a registration bank or directory of banks
  • Preparing numerically organized registration banks (Gig Lists)
  • Creating new registration banks from Music Finder entries
  • Creating a Music Finder from directories of registrations
  • Preparing reports on the contents of banks

This program will recognize registrations from following keyboards and can be selected as the Target Keyboard:

  • Tyros 5; Tyros 4; Tyros 3; Tyros 2; and Tyros
  • PSR S970; S950; S910; S900; S770; S750; S710; S700 and S670
  • PSR 3000
  • Clavinova CVP609; CVP605; CVP701

Click here for V 5 of the Yamaha Registration Manager. Complete English documentation is included in a pdf file. There is also a German version of the documentation. Direct any comments or questions to Murray Best. You can also contact Murray through the PSR Tutorial Forum (murrayb).

This page updated on January 10, 2017.