240 Preset Styles

ggThe PSR3000/1500, introduced in 2004, are miid-range arranger keyboards, replacing the previous PSR2100/1100 models. While the 2100 was only a minor improvement over the 2000, the 3000 represents a major step forward. It includes many of the preset voices found on the Tyros model as well as the Tyros Mega voices, which provide more realistic voice sounds in the preset styles.

The styles are a significant improvement over the styles in the 2100, which were basically the same as the styles in the 2000, and there are move of them. There are 240 preset styles in the PSR3000 (190 in the PSR1500). The PSR2100 includes 203 preset styles, the PSR2000 had 181 preset styles, and the PSR740 had 160 preset styles.

The 2000 and 2100 allow users to load a style from a floppy disk about as fast as the preset styles. This expanded the available styles to literally thousands of styles, although not all at the same time. A floppy can hold about 30 to 40 styles, so putting a floppy disk in the keyboard gave instant access to the preset styles and the styles on the floppy disk. In addition, the user memory could hold an additional 20 to 30 styles.

The PSR3000 does not have a floppy disk! In its place is a slot for a SmartMedia card, which, with its 16MB capacity, can hold hundreds of additional styles. But even more important, the PSR3000 introduces a USB port that can hold the industry standard USB thumb (or flash) drive. These little devices are common, and relatively inexpensive now, and can hold thousands of styles. And, you can unplug the drive from your PSR3000, take it to your PC, plug it in there, and copy as many styles, or other PSR files, onto it as will fit. This was a really great leap forward. With the PSR3000, a user can have all the styles they may need, instantly available, at the press of a button. This, coupled with the great sounds and styles in the 3000, has made this keyboard very popular not only for home hobbyists, but for professionals as well.

The 240 preset styles delivered with the PSR3000 are listed below. All of the styles in a particular category are listed individually and each category can be downloaded in a single zip file by clicking on the style category title. These styles will play perfectly fine on the Tyros. Since they incorporate the Mega voices in style accompainments, they will not play well on older keyboards as is, but would have to be adjusted to remove the mega voices and to substitute OTS selections that are not available on earlier PSR keyboards.

You can audition a variety of the PSR3000 voices and styles by checking out these Media Clips from Yamaha.

PSR-3000 Preset Styles
BALLAD - 23 Styles
12-8Ballad 72
16Beat 80
16BeatBallad 66
6-8Modern 64
6-8Orchestral 62
6-8SlowRock 73
70'sPopBallad 75
8BeatAdria 100
8BeatBallad 101
AnalogBallad 77
ChartBallad 62
Chillout 80
EasyBallad 94
EPBallad 60
GuitarBallad 94
GuitarSerenade 106
LoveSong 70
NewR&BBallad 76
OrganBallad 78
PianoBallad 68
PopBallad 77
PowerBallad 60
Slow&Easy 64
BALLROOM - 17 Styles
9-8Waltz 100
ChaChaCha 128
EnglishWaltz 90
Foxtrot 184
Jive 176
OrganQuickstep 200
OrganSamba 124
OrganSwing 143
Pasodoble 122
Quickstep 200
Rumba 108
Samba 110
Slowfox 108
Swingfox 192
Tango 130
TraditionalWaltz 180
VienneseWaltz 186

COUNTRY - 15 Styles
Bluegrass 150
CntrySing-along 160
Country2-4 105
Country8Beat 148
CountryBallad 72
CountryPop 148
CountryRock 128
CountryShuffle 126
CountrySwing 130
CountryTwoStep 126
CountryWaltz 140
FingerPickin 94
Hoedown 128
ModernCntryBld 66
NewCountry 118
DANCE - 28 Styles
6-8Trance 155
70'sDisco1 120
70'sDisco2 117
70'sDiscoFunk 112
80'sDisco 120
ChartPop 104
ClassicHipHop 93
Clubdance 123
DiscoChocolate 106
DiscoHouse 126
DiscoPhilly 100
DreamDance 128
EuroHipHop 90
EuroTrance 140
FrenchHouse 123
Garage 127
Groundbeat 94
House 115
Ibiza2002 135
Ibiza2004 130
LatinDJ's 127
NewHipHop 85
NewR&B 98
RetroPop 128
SwingHouse 120
TechnoParty 132
TripHop 109
USPop 96
6-8SchlagerBld 71
AlpBallad1 63
AlpBallad2 55
DiscoFox 126
PartyPolka 106
PubPiano 126
ScandBugg 154
ScandCountry 156
ScandSlowRock 84
SchlagerAlp 128
SchlagerBeat 126
SchlagerPolka 130
SchlagerPop 120
SchlagerRock 126
SchlagerSamba 125
SchlagerShuffle 127
LATIN - 22 Styles
Beguine 113
BigBandMambo 104
BossaNova 140
BrazilianSamba 96
Calypso 112
Caribbean 106
CubanBolero 90
GuitarRumba 166
HappyReggae 88
LatinDisco1 124
LatinDisco2 100
Mambo 104
Montuno 100
PopBossa 150
PopLatin 103
RockChaCha 120
RumbaFlamenca 110
RumbaIsland 112
Salsa 106
SheriffReggae 92
SlowBossa 106
Tijuana 200
MOVIE&SHOW - 14 Styles
70'sTVTheme 120
ChristmasSwing 158
ChristmasWaltz 80
ClassicPianoBld 66
ModBrdwayBld 60
Moonlight6-8 50
MovieBallad 80
MovieDisco 108
MovieSwing 90
SaturdayNight 108
SecretService 80
Showtune 135
TapDanceSwing 125
WildWest 150
POP&ROCK - 24 Styles
60's8Beat 130
60'sGuitarPop 128
60'sRock1 152
60'sRock2 142
70's8Beat 182
8Beat 112
8BeatModern 92
BritPopSwing 110
BubblegumPop 128
Cool8Beat 100
FusionShuffle 92
GuitarPop 100
HardRock 116
HeartBeat 148
J-PopHit1 98
J-PopHit2 100
PopShuffle 90
Rock 110
RockBallad 72
RockShuffle 121
RootRock 128
SoftRock 75
SouthernRock 131
Unplugged 120
R&B - 26 Styles
6-8Soul 48
60'sRock&Roll 170
BlueberryBlues 96
BluesBallad 72
BluesRock 120
ComboBoogie 166
DetroitPop1 172
DetroitPop2 150
FranklySoul 128
GospelSisters 90
GospelSwing 110
JazzFunk 120
KoolFunk 104
LovelyShuffle 118
MotorCity 102
R&BBallad 86
Rock&Roll1 172
Rock&Roll2 176
SlowBlues 49
Soul 117
SoulBeat 124
SoulShuffle 106
Swingin'Boogie 178
Twist 174
WorshipMed 140
WorshipSlow 75
SWING&JAZZ - 28 Styles
40'sBigBand 82
AcousticJazz 152
Bebop 240
BigBandFast1 180
BigBandFast2 185
BigBandMed1 130
BigBandMed2 130
Charleston 206
CoolJazzBallad 70
Dixieland 224
EasyListening 72
FastJazz 205
Five-Four 168
GuitarSwing 232
JazzClub 164
JazzWaltzFast 194
JazzWaltzMed 180
JumpJive 200
MediumJazz 142
MidnightSwing 82
ModernJazzBld 61
MORSwing 102
OrchBigBand1 144
OrchBigBand2 133
OrchestraSwing1 126
OrchestraSwing2 152
OrganGroove 180
Ragtime 176
WORLD - 27 Styles
6-8March 120
BandaPolka 120
Cumbia 90
Enka 82
Flamenco 169
FolkRock 124
FrenchMusette 200
FrenchWaltz 196
GayGordons 190
GermanMarch 112
Hawaiian 100
HullyGully 126
ItalianMazurka 143
ItalianWaltz 175
MariachiWaltz 170
Norteno 120
OberPolka 128
OberWalzer 190
PopEnka 92
PopFlamenco 120
ScandWaltz 176
ScottishReel 112
Sirtaki 137
SpanishPaso 122
Tarantella 136
USMarch 116
Zouk 118

Listed below you will find, literally, thousands of styles that can be played on your PSR-3000 (or PSR-1500) keyboard. Additional PSR-3000 compatible styles can be found in the Gig Disk Section as well as in the Collections and Other Kbd sections. Of course, the easiest way to expand your style library is to order one or more of the PSR Tutorial Style CD-ROMs.

Onacimus Conversions for the PSR3000

I have converted the various PSR model styles for the use with the PSR3000 changing appropriate voices and volume levels to match the styles on the original keyboard. All the styles are in default tempos and have one touch settings (OTS). I was able to get the dance styles of previous model styles sounding well now in the 3000 by making note changes and also velocity changes only for ‘Dance Kit’ with the Edit function of the Style creator mode. Because the DanceKit drum sounds and arrangements of 3k are different from the previous models (Models before TYROS).

I made note of Gary Diamond's lesson on EQ settings and made my settings with slight changes of Gary's EQ suggestion for the PSR3000. My EQ values are:

Setting EQ1 EQ2 EQ3 EQ4 EQ5
Gain value 5 3 1 5 8
Q (bandwidth) 2.5 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.5
Frequency 500Hz 200Hz 900Hz 2.0kHz 10kHz

This setting is applicable to all of my conversions


PSR-3000 Standard Style Collection

The "standard" collection includes the styles from the old, but great, Yamaha models PSR9000, 9000Pro, PSR2000, PSR2100, PSR1500 and CVP 209/210, which have a lot of Sweet!, Cool! and Live! voices. I have also revoiced some regular voices to use the Sweet, cool and live voices. I have included the PSR1500 styles in this collection because the drum arrangements are similar to the older models, particularly the Dance Kit. This collection of styles, although made for PSR3000 users, will also sound good on the TYROS, TYROS2, CVP3&4, and other new models. Because the drum settings, particularly the Dance Kit, are set according to the PSR3000, most of the styles may not sound well in the PSR2000, PSR9000, PSR1500 and earlier models. However, I have made separate collections for the PSR2000 and PSR2100.

(Nov 2009) I updated this Standard set for PSR 3000 by adding the new S550 styles because these have no Mega voices. The S550 styles have no OTS, so I transferred OTS from the S700 to the appropriate styles. S550 holds a lot of T2 styles. I also added some previous styles because S5 uses a lot of sweet, live, and cool voices and live drum kits (Standard1&2, Brush, Symphony, Cuban and PopLatin kits). Also, S5 uses Cool Bases and Guitars, especially Cool!SlideSteel (DynoSteel1 in 3k) and Cool!SlideClean (Starsphere in 3k) with sliding effects. Finally, I also revoiced some regular voices to sound better in 3k. So, I am sending the entire 11 sets. Please replace the entire sets except Pianist and BCH&Metro folder. I also attached the revised XL file.

(Jun 2017)  I added some PSR-A1000 styles to Standard Style Collection for PSR-3000. This is the Oriental Keyboard released by YAMAHA Corporation on 2001 along with PSR-2000 and PSR-1000. This hold all PSR-1000 preset styles and additional Oriental Styles. I included some styles that have no risk of Oriental voices and drumkits. Also, I remaped some drum notes and made necessary voice changes. Here I included some selected styles in Dance (5 styles) and World (29 styles) categories. These are in SFF1 format.

(Jul 2017) Styles from PSR-A1000 and Ethnic Styles from PSR-S550 added to the World category. 33 Arabic, Iranian, and Khaligi styles from A1000 added to the World category and 24 more Khaligi styles. I also added another 10 Turkish & Greek styles and did some further adjustments in the World styles, which I split into 3 groups. I put all A1000 styles in World2 and World3.

PSR-3000 Standard Style Collection - (950 styles)
99 styles
93 styles
115 styles
79 styles
71 styles
52 styles
95 styles
51 styles
32 styles
25 styles
61 styles
68 styles
68 styles
37 styles
10 styles
Excel File

PSR-3000 Mega Style Collection

The Mega style collection tackles the conversion process of styles from later keyboards that contain mega voices (Tyros. Tyros2, PSR-S700/S900, CVP 309/409, and PSR-OR700). Many of the mega voices are available on the PSR-3000, so these conversions will provide 3000 owners with an excellent expansion of their style libraries. It does take some time to complete these conversions, all of which are individually adjusted by onacimus.

PSR-3000 Mega Style Collection - (769 styles)
74 styles
59 styles
61 styles
63 styles
64 styles
39 styles
58 styles
41 styles
43 styles
28 styles
58 styles
80 styles
66 styles
35 styles
  MS Excel

PSR-3000 MegaPlus Style Collection

(Nov 2010) Yamaha changed the basic file format with the Tyros3. This new format is continued in the PSR-S910/S710 keyboards and the CVP509 keyboard. Converting these new styles to a format that can be used in the 3000 is much more difficult and does take a bit of time. This new style category is now complete.

PSR-3000 MegaPlus Style Collection (146 styles)
35 styles
20 styles
23 styles
16 styles
6 styles
10 styles
10 styles
13 styles
9 styles
4 styles
  Excel file

PSR-3000 Internet Styles Collection

(Jul 2015) - I still have my PSR 3000. I made a new collection for the 3k carrying a lot of styles from the internet (not YAMAHA preset styles). Most of the styles are Mega styles. There are more styles to convert and those will be added later. -- Onacimus

PSR-3000 Internet Style Collection (173 styles)
21 styles
15 styles
14 styles
6 styles
15 styles
9 styles
21 styles
19 styles
2 styles
38 styles
13 styles


Standard Styles for the PSR-1500

(Sep 2007) I made these collections of styles from the PSR9000, 9000Pro, PSR2100, PSR1500, CVP210, CVP307 and the PSR740 floppy disk for the benifit of PSR-1500 owners. I thoroughly checked the 21k styles and selected various styles with a similar from the above models, which have no Mega Voices. I selected many styles from PSR 9000 and 9000Pro that are not in the 21k and also slightly different from the 21k styles. I've collected all new CVP 210 additional styles and also the new PSR1500 styles. In addition to that, I've added the 740 floppy styles that have four variations and also Break Fill in. I copied the Intros and Endings B to C and filled the missed section (B) from PSR8000.

I brought all of these together in one large collection. I made voice changes in tracks as well as in OTS to stantard panel voices acording to the availablity of PSR-1500 voices. I also made volume adjustments as needed. Very interestingly, many styles appear as 'Session' and 'Piano Compo' as in CVP and PSR-1500. Finally, I arranged them into 10 categories (BassCHold and Metronone styles were put in the Ballroom category). novie&Show 16 Entertainer 6 B&C 10

-- Onacimus

387 Styles for the PSR-1500
38 styles
20 styles
24 styles
48 styles
6 styles
29 styles
16 styles
52 styles
43 styles
34 styles
41 styles
26 styles
10 styles
    Excel file

Henni's Favorite PSR3000 Styles

Below are 300+ of Henni's absolute most favourite styles tweaked to the best of his abilities for my PSR3K. (Note: I've regrouped the 315 files into a number of categories to limit the size of each of the zip files. Note that, in addition to the styles listed below, you will find many more styles from Henni's collections on Henni's Collections Page for PSR-3000 owners. These also work very well for keyboard introduced after the PSR-3000.. - JW)

315 styles for the PSR-3000
46 styles
30 styles
32 styles
15 styles
36 styles
28 styles
27 styles
24 styles
20 styles
47 styles

Henni's Tyros 3 Onboard Styles Converted for PSR3K

(Jan 2009) These are converted Tyros 3 onboard styles, tweaked very heavily. I've transposed all the bass voices, added proper voices to all bass voices, changed volume settings and voices used for many, many other voices and changed drum volumes for all styles. Converting the styles is actually a lot of work. Some convert more or less o.k. with Jorgens version 2, others with version 4. Then I rescale the bass voices, tweak the other voices, volumes and find the correct guitars, which is the most difficult part. I'm sure others can improve on these results, but, hopefully, these will give you a good start on your own tweaking. (Update: 1/9/09 -- all the OTS settings have now been assigned correctly; newer versions have been added for Tyros 3 unique styles)

512 styles for the PSR-3000
50 styles
25 styles
31 styles
51 styles
36 styles
42 styles
49 styles
71 styles
47 styles
55 styles
54 styles

PSR-3000 Demos

Convenience, Quality and Expandability Set Yamaha PSR1500 and PSR3000 Apart

Arranger Workstation Keyboards Include USB To Device, Broadband Connections

PSR1500ANAHEIM, CA (June 30, 2004) — The new Yamaha PSR1500 and PSR3000 keyboards combine the technological innovation of arranger workstations and the traditional functions of portable keyboards into great sounding systems for a new generation of musicians.

PSR3000Debuting at Winter NAMM 2004 and available in May, the new entries represent significant upgrades to the Yamaha PSR line, and come equipped with advanced features normally found on higher-end professional units. The PSR1500 and PSR3000 are the first Arranger Workstations to offer USB "To Device" connections that will allow users to connect peripheral devices to their keyboards, and broadband 10Base-T, which facilitates direct connection to the Internet and downloadable content.

"The PSR1500 and PSR3000 provide affordable alternatives to high end workstations, yet include what most professionals look for – convenience, quality and expandability," states Jim Presley, marketing manager, Yamaha Portable Keyboards. "It's a whole new playing field, and the customer is going to want to play along."

The PSR1500 includes 61 full-sized keys with touch response, 96 notes of polyphony, SmartMedia® storage and incredibly realistic organ voices that use modeling technology. Other features include a large 320 x 240 backlit LCD, a 16-track sequencer, 793 GM/XG voices and 16 drum kits, 210 styles, stunningly realistic voices and a stereo two-way speaker system.

"The PSR1500 represents a huge step up in technology and sound for the Yamaha Arranger Workstation line," adds Presley. "This product is the really the result of customer suggestions, such as the USB 'To Device' connection."

Sound and advanced features set the PSR3000 apart from other Arranger Workstation keyboards in its class. The PSR3000 includes 61 full-sized keys with touch response, a generous 128 notes of polyphony, SmartMedia® storage and a selection of stunningly realistic sounds that use Yamaha's proprietary MegaVoice technology. The PSR3000 also includes a color LCD, a 16-track sequencer, 829 GM/XG voices, 240 styles, a stereo two-way speaker system and a video output to display music scores or lyrics.

"The PSR3000 offers the most value of all the Arranger Workstation keyboards in our product line," states Mark Anderson, product manager, Portable Keyboards. "Many of the features were previously reserved for our top models, like Mega Voice technology and a video output. What's more, the USB 'To Device' connection and SmartMedia capability finally bring large media storage to this level of product."