550 Preset Styles

Tyros5In October 2017, Yamaha announced Genos, its most advanced Digital Workstation keyboard ever. "Genos is a whole new type of flagship instrument, rethought from the ground up to inspire and empower songwriters to create finished compositions entirely within its intuitive and powerful environment — while at the same time vastly improving the accompaniment features that live keyboard entertainers know and love."

The Genos offers many new features for a Yamaha keyboard such as a new touch-screen interface, live control knobs and sliders, assignable buttons, 216 arpeggios, and a new playlist feature. It also has an enhanced sound quality for all the voices, a new C7 Grand Piano, and new Revo!Drum voices. And, of course, the new flagship also includes styles, 550 styles, and the new sound content makes the Genos styles better than ever, across all musical genres from pop to jazz to classical to rock to hip-hop to EDM to regional and world flavors.

The Genos has 550 styles. The previous flagship, the Tyros5, included 539 styles. The Tyros4 came with 500 styles, the Tyros3 had 450 styles, and the Tyros2 had 400 styles. The totals suggest that there's not much added to the Genos, but the totals are deceptive. The Tyros4 had 50 more styles than the Tyros3. However, there were 86 brand new styles added to the T4 while 33 styles were dropped. The Tyros5 had 39 additional styles. 40 were brand new styles, while 1 older style was dropped.

The Genos has only 11 more styles than the Tyros5. Is this such a a big change? Well, yes, it is. Of the 550 styles on the Genos, 206 styles are completely new. Another 19 styles have similar names, but very different tempos from earlier versions. This suggests that 40% of the Genos styles are new to previous Yamaha owners. Of course, quite a few of the old standards are still present. There are 215 Genos styles, with the same style name and default tempo, that appeared on each of the previous three flagships. Another 80 styles appeared on the Tyros5 and Tyros4, but not the Tyros3. Thus about 60% of Genos styles are similar to earlier Yamaha styles. Of course, with the new drums and voices, they may sound a whole lot better than the versions on earlier keyboards.

Though many Genos styles are similar to earlier Yamaha styles, they are now offered in a new set of style categories. The Genos styles are distributed among 15 style categories rather than 11. In the table below, all the Genos styles are listed alphabetically by style category. The new Genos styles are listed in blue and highlighted. The triple asterisk (***) indicates styles that appeared on the Tyros5, Tyros4, and Tyros3 keyboards. The double asterisk (**) indicates styles that appeared on the Tyros5 and Tyros4. A single asterisk (*) indicates a style that appeared only on one of the three previous flagships. Styles on the Genos with similar names to earlier styles, but significant differences in the default tempo are shown in bold on a white background. For example, all the earlier keyboards had ChristmasSwing1@158 bps, and ChristmasSwing2@184 bps. These are both gone and replaced with a single ChristmasSwing@140 bps.

550 Genos Preset Styles
BALLROOM - 32 Styles - 10 new
Beguine *** Jive2 ** Quickstep1 SlowWaltz **
Cha-cha1 MoonWaltz Quickstep2 ** SwingFox ***
Cha-cha2 *** OrganCha-cha *** Rumba1 Tango 1
Charleston *** OrganQuickstep *** Rumba2 *** Tango2 ***
EnglishWaltz *** OrganRumba *** Samba1 TheatreFoxtrot ***
FinalWaltz OrganSamba ** Samba2 *** TheatreQuickstep ***
Foxtrot ** Pasodoble1 SlowFoxtrot1 VocalFoxtrot **
Jive1 Pasodoble2 *** SlowFoxtrot2 *** VocalWaltz **
CLASSIC&EVENTS - 18 Styles - 5 new
6-8March *** ChristmasSwing *** OrchestralPolka *** StringAdagio **
80sChristmas ChristmasWaltz *** OrchPopClassics US March ***
AmbientChristmas GreenFantasia *** OrganHymn VienneseWaltz ***
BaroqueAir *** Moonlight6-8 *** PromsMarch ***  
ChristmasBallad *** OrchestralMarch *** RussianWaltz  
COUNTRY - 38 Styles - 19 new
AcousticBluegrass CountryBlues ** CountrySongwriter NashvilleBallad1
Bluegrass *** CountryFolk8Beat CountryStraits ** NashvilleBallad2
CalifornianCntry ** CountryFolkBallad CountryStrummin' *** NashvilleBreakPop
Country2-4 *** CountryFolkUpbeat CountrySwing *** NashvillePop
Country8Beat1 CountryHits *** CountrySwingBallad NashvilleRock
Country8Beat2 *** CountryPop *** CountryWaltz *** Pickin'Swing **
Country8Beat3 CountryRock *** EasyCountryBallad *** PopBluegrass
CountryBallad1 *** CountryShuffle1 FastCountryBlues TopChartCountry
CountryBallad2 CountryShuffle2 *** Hoedown ***  
CountryBallad3 CountrySingalong *** ModernPickin' **  
DANCE - 42 Styles - 23 new
BigRoom *** Dubstep FunkyHouse *** Reggaeton
ChartEDM EDM Anthem GangstaHouse RetroDance
ClubDance1 *** ElectroHouse GlobalDJs ** RockYaBeatbox
ClubDance2 *** ElectroHouse GrindHouse Slow'n'Swingin'
ClubHouse *** Electronica ** HardClub ** StreetBeatbox
ClubHouse *** ElectroPop HardTrance TrancePop ***
ClubRiddim * ElectroStep Ibiza2010 ** TropicalHouse
DanceFloor ** Eurodance1 MiamiHouse TurkishEuro ***
DangerDance Eurodance2 ModernHipHop *** US ClubDance *
DirtyPop ** EuroTrance *** PartyAnthem  
DreamDance ** FrenchClub ** PianoHouse  
EASY LISTENING - 32 Styles - 8 new
40sSwingBallad ** CloudyBay ** HappyBeat OrchestralSwing2 ***
70sChartBallad *** DreamyBallad *** Hawaiian *** OrganBossa ***
70sEasyPop EasyBallad *** LushBallad OrganSwing ***
70sPopDuo1 ** EasyListening *** MidnightSwing *** PartyAGogo
70sPopDuo2 ** EasyPop *** NightWalk ** Play4Sofa ***
8BeatAdria ** EasySwing Orchestral12-8 RomanticWaltz ***
AngelSun ** EpicBallad *** Orchestral6-8 TheatreOrgBallad
ChillPerformer ** EuroPopOrgan *** OrchestralSwing1 *** Tijuana ***
ENTERTAINER - 50 Styles - 17 new
AlpenBallad1 *** GermanRock *** RumbaIsland SchlagerRumba ***
AlpenBallad2 *** HelloShuffle * Schlager3-4 SchlagerSamba ***
AlpenSchlager ** MalleDiscoKing Schlager6-8 *** SchlagerShuffle **
ApresSkiHit ** MallorcaDisco ** SchlagerAlp ** SchlagerWaltz ***
ApresSkiParty MallorcaParty ** SchlagerBeat *** SoftSchlager **
AustrianDiscoPop ModernSchlager * SchlagerFever ** SwingSchlager *
AustrianGuitarPop OktoberRockHit SchlagerFox ** SynthPopDuo **
DanceFox2016 PandaHipHop SchlagerPalace *** VolksDance
DiscoFox *** PartyArena ** SchlagerPolka ** VolksSchlager
DiscoFoxRock ** PartyPolka *** SchlagerPop YoungBallad *
DreamSchlager PolkaPop *** SchlagerRock1 YoungFox *
ElectroSchlager PopRumba *** SchlagerRock2  
FantasyFox RockPartyKing SchlagerRock3 **  
JAZZ - 35 Styles - 8 news
AcousticJazz *** BigBandShuffle JazzGuitarClub *** OrchBigBand1 ***
AfroCuban *** ClassicBigBand *** JazzOrganBallad OrchBigBand2 ***
BigBandBallad CoolJazzBallad *** JazzOrganCombo Ragtime ***
BigBandCount CoolJazzClub * JazzOrganGrinder SlowJazzWaltz ***
BigBandCrooner CoolPianoJazz *** JazzOrganGroove Swingin'BigBand ***
BigBandFast1 *** Dixieland ** JumpJive *** TradPianoBallad ***
BigBandFast2 *** FiveFour *** ManhattanSwing ** TradPianoJazz ***
BigBandJazz ** FrenchJazz *** MediumJazzWaltz *** UpTempoSwing *
BigBandMedium *** InstrumentalJazz ** ModernBigBand ***  
LATIN - 30 Styles - 9 new
Bachata *** Guaguanco *** PopBossa *** Salsa ***
BoleroLento *** Guajira *** PopCha-cha * SambaRio
Bomba *** GuitarRumba *** PopCumbia SlowBossa ***
BossaBrazil ** JazzSamba ** PopFlamencos * SmoothLatinBallad
BossaNova *** LatinPop PopLatin *** SpanishRumba *
BossaRio LiveCumbia PopLatinBallad *** TangoFlamencos *
CoolBossaNova * LiveMerengue PopMerengue  
CubanSon *** LoungeBossa *** RockCha-cha  
MOVIE&SHOW - 30 Styles - 9 new
70sTV Theme *** CultKidsTV MovieHorns Sci-FiMarch **
80sDetective EtherealMovie *** MoviePanther *** SecretService ***
80sMovieBallad *** EtherealVoices ** MovieSoundtrack *** TapDanceSwing ***
AnimationBallad *** GuitarSerenade *** MovieSwing1 *** TheatreShowtime *
AnimationFantasy *** It'sShowtime MovieSwing2 *** TV Blockbuster
BoxingLegend MovieBallad *** OnBroadway ** WildWest ***
BroadwayBallad *** MovieClassic RomanticMovie  
ChoirSoundtrack ** MovieDisco SaturdayNight ***  
OLDIES - 39 Styles - 12 new
50sRock&Roll ** 60sRisingPop ** BubblegumPop *** ScandShuffle ***
6-8SlowRock *** 60sRock&Roll *** Classic8Beat *** ScandSlowRock ***
60s8Beat *** 60sShadowedPop OldiesRock&Roll *** SimpleShuffle
60sBlueEyedSoul 60sUnderground ** PianoBoogie SingalongDanceBand
60sBritishSoul 60sVintagePop *** PubPiano *** SingalongPiano **
60sChartSwing *** 60sVintageRock *** Rock&Roll *** Skiffle ***
60sGuitarRock 60sVintageRumba Rock&RollJive SurfRock **
60sOrganBallad BeachRock ** Rock&RollShuffle Twist ***
60sPianoPop *** BlueberryBlues *** ScandBugg *** VintageGuitarPop ***
60sPopRock ** BoogieWoogie ScandCountry ***  
POP - 49 Styles - 24 new
00sBoyBand ** BritPopAnthem * FunkPopRock *** PowerPopBallad
12-8PopBallad BritPopDiva * IrishFolkPop SkyPop
16BeatBallad *** BritPopSwing *** IrishPopBallad SmoothPopBallad
6-8GuitarBallad ChartPianoShuffle *** KissDancePop SongwriterBallad
6-8PopBallad * Chillout1 *** Live8Beat *** SoulfulBallad
90s8BeatBallad Chillout2 *** LoveSong *** SweetPop
90sDisco *** ChilloutCafe *** ModernPopBallad *** UnpluggedBallad
90sGuitarPop *** CinematicPop OrchestralPop UnpluggedPop **
90sPopShuffle ** CrazyPop PianoBallad *** VocalPopBallad **
Acoustic8BtBallad ** DivaChartPunk PopEvergreen ** WestCoastPop ***
BoyBandBallad ** DivaPowerPop PopRockShuffle  
BoyBandPop EpicDivaBallad PopTeenShuffle  
BritishDancePop EpicEuroBallad PowerBallad ***  
R&B - 45 Styles - 14 new
6-8SoulBallad BluesShuffle HipHop SlowBlues ***
70sChartSoul *** BluesShuffleBand * HollywoodGospel ** SoulBallad
70sCoolBallad ** Classic16Beat *** JazzFunk *** SoulShuffle ***
70sScatLegend ** CoolR&B ** JazzFusion SoulSupreme
80sGrooveBallad DetroitPop *** KoolShuffle * SouthernGospel ***
80sSmoothBallad *** FranklySoul *** LiveSoulBand *** SuperGroove
90sPopGroove FusionShuffle *** LovelyShuffle *** SwingSoul
90sSmoothBallad GospelBallad ** MotorCity *** Worship6-8 ***
AcousticBlues * GospelBrothers *** Mr.Soul WorshipSlow ***
AcousticShuffle GospelSisters *** R&B PopDiva ***  
AmazingGospel ** GospelSwing *** R&B Shuffle  
BluesRock *** GuitarBlues R&B SoulBallad ***  
RETROPOP - 47 Styles - 25 new
6-8ClassicSynth 80sClassic6-8 80sSynthBallad PopLegend **
70s8BeatBallad 80sDiscoBeat *** 80sSynthDuo PopWaltz ***
70sDisco1 *** 80sDivaBallad 80sSynthPop RoseDisco *
70sDisco2 *** 80sEuroPop 80sTeenDisco SheriffReggae ***
70sDiscoFunk *** 80sFunkIcon BritishSunnyPop SingItDisco
70sFrenchHit *** 80sGuitarPop *** Cool8Beat *** SunnyReggae
70sGlamPiano *** 80sMonsterHit DiscoChocolate *** Swedish8BeatPop
80s8Beat *** 80sPianoBallad FunkDisco *** SwedishPopShuffle
80sAnalogBallad ** 80sPopBallad GrooveShack SynthPop ***
80sBoyBand *** 80sPopDiva HappyReggae *** Uptempo8Beat ***
80sBritishPop 80sRetroDisco LatinPartyPop *** Wonder8Beat
80sChilloutSynth 80sShuffle * PhillyDisco  
ROCK - 25 Styles - 11 new
6-8Rock ** 80sRockAnthem * BritRockPop *** StadiumRock **
70sHardRock 80sRockBeat CanadianRock * StandardRock ***
70sShuffleRock 80sRockDiva HighRoadRock Summer8BeatRock
70sStraightRock 80sSynthRock *** IndieRock US RockShuffle *
80sClassicRock 90sRockBallad *** OrchRockBallad1 **  
80sEdgyRock AcousticRock *** OrchRockBallad2  
80sPowerRock *** BigRockBallad ** PowerRock ***  
TRAD&FOLK - 38 Styles - 13 new
AlpenLand GermanMarch1 *** OberkrainerPolka2 ScottishWaltz
BohemianWaltz *** GermanMarch2 *** OberkrainerPolka3 *** Sirtaki ***
BrassBand GermanWaltz *** OberkrainerWaltz1 SpanishPaso ***
CelticDance *** IrishDance *** OberkrainerWaltz2 *** StubnmusiWaltz
CelticDance3-4 ** IrishHymn *** OberkrainerWaltz3 SwingingMusette
Flamenco *** ItalianMazurka *** ScandWaltz *** Tarantella ***
FolkPop *** ItalianWaltz *** ScottishJig TheatreMarch ***
FolkSongDuo MariachiWaltz *** ScottishPolka *** ZitherPolka ***
FrenchMusette *** MexicanDance *** ScottishReel  
FrenchWaltz *** OberkrainerPolka1 ScottishStrathspey  

While new Genos users will appreciate all the new styles, those trading up may find that some of their favorite styles are gone. The table below list preset styles from the Tyros5 and Tyros4 models that are NOT available on the new Genos. Of course, all but the Audio styles from the Tyros5, can be loaded externally on the Genos.

178 Tyros5 and Tyros4 Styles Not in Genos
12-8Ballad BrazilianSamba DiscoPhilly ModernShuffle RomanticBallet
30sBigBand BritPop DiscoTeens MoonlightBallad RumbaFlamenco
6-8Modern BritRockAnthem EasyCountry2 MORSwing Saeidy
6-8Orchestral Calypso EPBallad MovieDisco ScandCountry2
6-8SlowRock2 Caribbean EuroHipHop NewBluegrass ScandHambo
6-8Trance CaribbeanRock FastBossa NewCountry ScandPopShuffle
70sChartCntry CelticTrance FingerPickin' NewHipHop ScandSchottis
70sCountryPop CelticXmas French50s NewR&B SchlagerItalia
70sR&BPopBld ChartBallad GospelFunk NewR&BBallad Showtune
70sRock ChartGuitarPop GospelParty Norteno ShuffleBlues
70sRockBros ChartR&B Groundbeat OberPolka2 SingerSongWriter
70sRockShuffle ChartRockShfl HardRock OberWalzer2 Slow&Easy
80sEPBallad ChoralHymn HighlandWaltz OrchestralBallad SoftRock
80sPop ChoralSymphony HullyGully OrchestralBolero Soul
80sSynthDisco ChristmasShuffle IrishHymn2 OrchestralBossa SoulBeat
8BeatBallad2 ChristmasSwing2 ItalianPolka OrganBallad SoulBrothers
8BeatGtrPop ClassicalMenuet ItalianTango OrganCombo SoulSwing
8BeatModern ClassicalSerenad JazzClub OrganGroove Straight8Pop
9-8Waltz ClassicHipHop JazzGuitarClub OrientalPop Strathspey
90sCoolBallad ClassicPianoBld JazzPop PianoBoogie StringConcerto
AcousticBallad ContempHorns JazzWaltzFast PopBossa2 Swingin'Boogie
AlpenLand3-4 ContempPop JerseyPop PopClassics SwingWaltz
AlpRock ContempPopBld Jig PopFlamenco TechnoParty
AnalogBallad ContempRock KoolFunk PopPianoBallad TheatreBallad
BandaPolka ContempRockBld LACoolSwing PopR&B TheatreShowtime
BandaVals CountryBrothers LatinDisco1 PopShuffle TheJazzSingers
BaroqueConcerto CountryRockBld LatinDisco2 Ragtime2 Toccata
Bebop CountrySwing2 Let'sFunk RetroDiscoHouse Vallenato4-4
BigBandMambo CountryTwoStep Merengue RetroPop VienneseWaltz2
BigBandMed2 CrocoTwist ModBigBandBld Rock&Roll2 WorshipFast
BigBandSalsa Cumbia ModBigBandShfl Rock&RollShfl WorshipIrishRk
BigBandSamba Danzon ModBluegrass RockChaCha WorshipMed
BigScreenClassic DeepHousePop ModCountryBld2 RockSchlager1 WorshpPowerBld
Blockbuster DetroitPop1 Modern16BtBld RockSchlager2 Zouk
Bomba2 DiscoHands ModernCntryPop RockShuffle
BrassBandHymn DiscoHouse ModernJazzBld RomanticBallad

Genos Demos

Yamaha Announces Genos

Incredible Sounds, Effects, and Styles Make Yamaha Genos the Ultimate Songwriting and Performance Keyboard

BUENA PARK, Calif. (October 2, 2017) — Yamaha today announced Genos, the most advanced Digital Workstation keyboard ever imagined. Packed with incredible sounds, enhanced DSP effects, stunningly real accompaniment Styles, and studio integration, Genos represents the new benchmark in sound, playing experience and visual appeal.


Genos is a whole new type of flagship instrument, rethought from the ground up to inspire and empower songwriters to create finished compositions entirely within its intuitive and powerful environment -- while at the same time vastly improving the accompaniment features that live keyboard entertainers know and love. Featuring a sleek and modern design that commands attention onstage, this game-changing instrument is set to elevate performance and enjoyment for professional musicians, hobbyists, and listeners alike. Among its myriad improvements and new features are:

Breathtaking New Sounds

Genos features nearly twice the amount of AWM2 sample ROM as the Tyros5 that chronologically preceded it, including gorgeous new Yamaha CFX and C7 concert grand Voices. Brand new Revo! drum and special FX Voices use more dynamic sampling and round-robin triggering to create startlingly human rhythm parts. Also new are Kino strings, developed with film and TV scoring in mind. Their sound quality is on par with the best software scoring libraries, and they use similar stereo techniques — such as panning different players in the string section to different channels — to achieve blockbuster-worthy authenticity. New brass Voices are also on hand, as are new guitars (acoustic and electric), basses, synth leads and pads, accordions, and more. With 256 notes of true stereo polyphony, available notes will never be cut in half just because stereo Voices are in use, and even dense arrangements and performances won't brush the "ceiling." Plus, Articulation Element Modeling (AEM) technology automatically chooses the correct instrument articulation (a way an instrument can sound depending on how it is played) in real time according to the player's keyboard technique: key velocity, tempo, legato versus staccato, and so on. This allows for flawlessly realistic acoustic instrument emulations across brass, strings, woodwinds, guitars, and many other categories. The player can also select specific articulations (bowing techniques, guitar slides, brass fall-offs, and much more) using the three Articulation buttons or connected controllers such as pedals.

Audio Quality and Massive Effects Power

Digital-to-analog conversion is the last thing that happens to any digital instrument's sound before going on to the listening system, and it's a make-or-break link in the signal chain. That's why Yamaha used new 32-bit DACs on the main outputs for exceptionally smooth sound. Also included is a S/PDIF digital output for computer recording, providing better-than-CD-quality resolution at 24 bits. Expanded DSP provides a gargantuan 28 insert effects, which may be stacked and distributed in any way players need — even all 28 on a single Voice. These use the same Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) technology as high-end Yamaha mixing consoles, emulating the sound and behavior of classic compressors, choruses, rotary speakers, reverbs, and much more. With graphical user interfaces that recapture the look of vintage gear, they look as great as they sound. Among the new VCM effects in Genos are Real Reverb, numerous classic guitar and bass amp models, stompboxes, and improved rotary speaker for organ and damper resonance for piano.

Control and Interface Features

Genos offers more real-time control than any songwriting or performance workstation ever made. The Live Control section provides nine assignable sliders and six assignable knobs. Above these is a crisp OLED strip showing the setting each knob or fader controls at any instant, so the player doesn't need to delve into the main display in order to make changes on the fly. From the balance of parts in an accompaniment Style to individual parameters in a synth sound to drawbars in an Organ Flutes Voice, this unprecedented level of control is sure to make Genos as appealing to today's synth enthusiasts as it is to veteran users of auto-accompaniment keyboards. The main display is a brilliant 9" color touchscreen with updated graphics. To its right, six large Gateway Buttons quickly navigate to Genos' major modes of operation such as Style and Voice selection, Song mode, and more. Below these are six assignable buttons that let the player cue custom actions or changes, again avoiding the menu-diving that would otherwise interrupt the creative flow. Ten registration buttons (with multiple banks) save and recall virtually all Genos panel settings. Registrations can now be organized into Playlists for quick access at gigs that might cover diverse types of music. Multi Pads trigger one-shot musical phrases and hits to spice up performances while the keyboard is busy playing the main instrument Voices. Via the Audio Link function, the Multi Pads can trigger user-created audio files for even more customization.

Miles of Styles and Robust Recording

Yamaha accompaniment Styles have always led the industry in realism, conducting a real-time backing band that follows players' chord changes and musical choices. Genos' cornucopia of new sound content makes its 550 Styles better than ever, across all musical genres from pop to jazz to classical to rock to hip-hop to EDM to regional and world flavors — and beyond. Though the Styles are incredibly diverse and each has many selectable variations, intros, fills, and endings, musicians who want utterly original accompaniment can craft their own Styles in the Style Creator — either by editing factory Styles or from scratch, thanks to the full-featured 16-track MIDI recorder that resides under the hood. To develop an original idea, pick a Voice and Style, work out the arrangement, and then record it as a MIDI song. The MIDI Quick recording mode automatically assigns all the keyboard and accompaniment Style parts to the proper channels. A MIDI Multi recording mode is also present for more advanced users who wish to build songs a track at a time. Then, overdub more Voices, add a vocal track right onboard (using the highly realistic and flexible Vocal Harmony features if desired), and record the result as a stereo WAV file. Being able to mix everything to audio — what the player's fingers are doing, what the Styles are doing, mic input, and even the Multi Pads — makes Genos a songwriter's dream. Without requiring any other gear, demos can sound as polished as studio mixes.

What Songwriters are Saying

Despite the Genos' deep feature set and technical prowess, songwriters of a decidedly music-first, technology-second bent are finding it intuitive and immediate to use. Among these are Nashville A-listers Beth Nielsen Chapman and Ashley Gorley.

"I get inspired, usually, from a sound. That's why I'm so crazy about this keyboard, because the sounds are so fabulous. … It's like having a co-writer that's me, so we get along really good! I find it very intuitive for a person like me, and I think a lot of songwriters are like this. Our minds are just going bzzz, and this is probably one of the most simple setups I've ever worked with … There are these lovely sounds that I can layer and make each song really unique unto itself. I can't wait to really use this as a main tool to create production ideas." - Beth Nielsen Chapman

"Nashville is a guitar town, but I'd always written — and still when there's a writers' round or a Bluebird-type event — I would always use keyboard. The first thing I noticed was ... really good piano sounds. There's always been a struggle with keyboards' drums and guitars. The guitars usually don't come across well, but on this one, I can hold onto things and make it sound a little bit more like I'm messing around on the guitar. It's great. … Especially if you're not a computer-proficient person where you can download millions of libraries and go through all that — that's a whole day to do that, and if it's three minutes, then I'd forget whatever I was going to play! So to have the right amount of sounds … one page where I can see it here and affect it here, then I'm good. This sounds like it could actually be part of a track." - Ashley Gorley

They found, as any musician who tries Genos will, that it is simply the best sounding, most complete, easiest to use, and inspiring Digital Workstation keyboard ever created.

Additional Features and Specifications

For more information about Yamaha Genos, please visit https://www.yamaha.com/genos/