450 Preset Styles

PSRS970 keyboardThe PSR-S970 has 450 Styles, including 10 all-new DJ styles, 366 Pro, 31 Session, 3 Free Play and 40 Audio Styles. The more junior PSR-S770 has 360 styles (320 Pro, 27 Session, 10 DJ, a Free Play and none of the new audio styles).

Here's what Yamaha says about the S970 styles:

DJ Styles are a new live performance concept, featuring a collection of chord progressions that eliminate the need for continuous chord changes with the left hand. Now you've got both hands free to play melody lines, use theLive Controllers, or even trigger additional external audio with the Multi Pads to add a unique flair to your performance.

Bring your performances to life with Audio Styles, featuring high quality percussion ensembles and drums, all recorded by world-class musicians in studios around the globe. Audio Styles add natural feel and warmth to any rhythm track for greater expressive potential than ever before.

Voice & Style Expansion Packs enable you to customize the PSR-S970 with a wide range of additional content from all over the world. When loaded into the keyboard, you can instantly access authentic new sounds, rhythms and backing in the musical style of your choice.

The table below lists all of the styles in the PSR-S970 and PSR-S770. Styles marked with a (C) are available in both the S970 and S770. The 90 styles exclusive to the S970 are marked with an (A) and shown in blue font. Some styles appear only in the S770 and they are marked with a (B) and a red font. The cateogy titles indicate the total number of styles in the S970 (and the S770) for that category.

PSR-S970 & PSR-S770 Internal Styles
BALLAD - 45 (29) Styles
12-8Ballad (C)
16BeatBallad (C)
6-8BalladRock (A)
6-8Modern (C)
6-8Orchestral (C)
6-8SlowRock (C)
70sChartBallad (A)
70sGlamPiano (C)
80sAnalogBallad (A)
80sBoyBand (C)
80sEPBallad (C)
80sSmoothBallad (C)
8BeatBallad1 (C)
8BeatBallad2 (C)
90sCoolBallad (C)
Acoustic8BtBld (A)
AnalogBallad (A)
AngelSun (A)
Chillout1 (C)
Chillout2 (C)
ChilloutCafe (A)
ChillPerformer (A)
ContempGtrPop (A)

ContempPopBld (C)
CoudyBay (A)
Easy8Beat (A)
EasyBallad (C)
EPBallad (C)
EpicBallad (C)
GuitarSerenade (C)
IndustrialChill (A)
LoveSong (C)
Modern16BtBld (C)
ModernPopBld (C)
NewR&BBallad (C)
NightWalk (A)
OrganBallad (C)
PianoBallad (C)
Play4Sofa (A)
PopGtrBallad (A)
PopWaltz (C)
PowerBallad (C)
R&BSlowBallad (A)
R&BSoulBallad (C)
SoulR&B (C)
BALLROOM - 18 (18) Styles
9-8Waltz (C)
ChaChaCha (C)
EnglishWaltz (C)
Foxtrot (C)
Jive (C)
OrganChaCha (C)
OrganQuickstep (C)
OrganRumba (C)
OrganSamba (C)
OrganSwing (C)
Pasodoble (C)
Quickstep (C)
Rumba (C)
Samba (C)
Slowfox (C)
Swingfox (C)
Tango (C)
VienneseWaltz (C)
COUNTRY - 29 (26) Styles
70sChartCntry (C)
70sCountryPop (C)
Bluegrass (C)
CntrySing-along (C)
Country2-4 (C)
Country8Beat (C)
CountryBallad (C)
CountryBeat (A)
CountryBlues (A)
CountryBrothers (C)
CountryHits (C)
CountryPop (C)
CountryRock (C)
CountryRockBld (C)
CountryShuffle (C)
CountryStrum (C)
CountrySwing (C)
CountryTwoStep (C)
CountryWaltz (C)
EasyCountry (C)
FingerPickin' (C)
FolkPop (C)
Hoedown (C)
ModBluegrass (C)
ModCountryBld1 (C)
ModCountryBld2 (C)
ModernCntryPop (C)
ModernPickin' (A)
NewCountry (C)
DANCE - 64 (48) Styles
6-8Trance (C)
70sDisco1 (C)
70sDisco2 (C)
70sDiscoFunk (C)
80sDisco (C)
80sSynthDisco (C)
90sDisco (C)
BigRoom (A)
ChartPop (B)
ChartPop1 (A)
ChartR&B (C)
ClassicHipHop (C)
ClubBeat (C)
Clubdance1 (C)
Clubdance2 (C)
ClubDJHouse (C)
ClubHouse (C)
ClubMixDJ (A)
Dancefloor (A)

Dancehall (C)
DiscoHouse (C)
DiscoPhilly (C)
DiscoTeens (C)
DreamDance (C)
Dubstep (C)
ElecCity (A)
ElectricHouse (C)
Electronica (C)
ElectroStep (C)
EuroDance (C)
EuroTrance (C)
FrenchClubHouse (C)
FrenchDJ (A)
FunkDisco (C)
FunkyHouse (C)
GangsterHouse (C)
Garage (C)
GlobalDJ's (C)
GrimeHouse (C)
Groundbeat (C)
HardStep (A)
Ibiza2010 (C)
MellowHipHop (C)
MiamiHouse (C)
MinimalElectro (A)
ModChartPop (C)
ModernHipHop (C)
NatureHipHop (A)
NewHipHop (C)
NewR&B (C)
PercussiveTrance (A)
PianoHouse (C)
PopR&B (C)
ProgressiveHouse (C)
R&BElectro (A)
ReggaetonDJ (A)
RetroClub (A)
RetroPop (C)
SynthPop (C)
TrancePop (C)
TripHop1 (C)
USChartHit (A)
USHipHop (C)
ENTERTAINER - 48 (34) Styles
70sFrenchHit (C)
8BeatAdria (C)
AlpBallad1 (C)
AlpBallad2 (C)
AlpenSchlager (A)
ApresSkiHit (A)

BreathlessHit (C)
ChartFox (A)
DiscoFox (C)
DiscoFoxRock (C)
DiscoHands (C)
EuroPopOrgan (C)
Evergreen (A)
GermanRock (C)
HelloShuffle (A)
MallorcaDisco (A)
MallorcaParty (C)
ModernSchlager (A)
PartyArena (A)
PartyPolka (C)
PartyRock (C)
PolkaPop (C)
PubPiano (C)
ScandBugg (C)
ScandCountry1 (C)
ScandCountry2 (C)
ScandShuffle (C)
ScandSlowRock (C)
Schlager6-8 (C)
SchlagerAlp (C)
SchlagerBeat (C)
SchlagerFever (A)
SchlagerFox (C)
SchlagerItalia (C)
SchlagerPalace (A)
SchlagerPolka (C)
SchlagerPop (C)
SchlagerRock (C)
SchlagerRumba (C)
SchlagerSamba (C)
SchlagerShuffle (C)
SchlagerWaltz (C)
SoftSchlager (A)
StandardPop (C)
SwissCharts (A)
Tijuana (C)
YoungBallad (A)
YoungFox (A)
LATIN - 40 (34) Styles
Axe (C)
Bachata (C)
Batucada (A)
Beguine (C)
BoleroLento (C)
Bomba (C)
BossaNova (C)
BrazilianBossa (A)
BrazilianSamba (C)
Calypso (C)
CoolBossa (A)
CubanChaCha (A)
CubanSon (C)
Cumbia (C)
Danzon (C)
FastBossa (B)
Forro (C)
Guajira (C)
GuitarRumba (C)
HappyReggae (C)
Joropo (C)
LatinDisco (C)
LatinPartyPop (C)
Merengue (C)
OrchestralBossa (C)
OrganBossa (C)
Parranda (C)
PopBossa (C)
PopLatin (C)
PopLatinBallad (C)
Reggaeton (C)
RockChaCha (C)
RumbaFlamenco (A)
RumbaFlamencos (C)
RumbaIsland (C)
Salsa (C)
SalsaGranCiclon (A)
SambaReggae (C)
SheriffReggae (C)
SlowBossa (C)
TangoFlamenco (A)
MOVIE&SHOW - 32 (27) Styles
70sTVTheme (C)
AniFantasy (C)
AnimationBallad (C)
BaroqueAir (C)
Blockbuster (C)
BroadwayBallad (C)
ChristmasShuffle (C)
ChristmasSwing (C)
ChristmasWaltz (C)
ClassicPianoBld (C)
EtherealMovie (C)
EtherealVoices (A)
French50s (C)
GreenFantasia (C)
Moonlight6-8 (C)
MovieBallad (C)
MovieDisco (C)
MoviePanther (A)
MovieSoundtrack (C)
MovieSwing (B)
MovieSwing1 (A)
MovieSwing2 (A)
OnBroadway (A)
OrchestralBolero (C)
OrchestralMarch (C)
PopClassics (C)
RomanticBallet (A)
SaturdayNight (C)
Sci-fiMarch (C)
SecretService (C)
Showtune (C)
TapDanceSwing (C)
WildWest (C)
POP&ROCK - 49 (36) Styles
16BeatRock (A)
6-8Rock (A)
60s8Beat (C)
60sBigHit (A)
60sGuitarPop (C)
60sPianoPop (A)
60sPopRock (C)
60sRisingPop (A)
60sSuperGroup (A)
60sVintagePop (C)
60sVintageRock (B)
70s8Beat (C)
70sRockShuffle (A)
80sGuitarPop (C)
80sPop (C)
80sPopRock (C)
80sPowerRock (C)
90sSynthRock (A)
8BeatModern (C)
90sGuitarPop (C)
90sRockBallad (C)
AcousticRock (C)
BritPop (C)
BritPopSwing (C)
BritRockPop (C)
BubblegumPop (C)
CanadianRock (A)
ChartGuitarPop (C)
ChartPianoShfl (C)
ChartRockShfl (C)
Classic8Beat (C)
ContempRock (C)
ContempRockBld (A)
Cool8Beat (C)
FunkPopRock (C)
HardRock (C)
JazzPop (C)
KoolShuffle (C)
Live8Beat (C)
OrchRockBallad (A)
PowerRock (C)
RetroSoul (A)
RockShuffle (C)
RockShuffleFast (A)
ScandPopShuffle (A)

StandardRock (C)
Unplugged (C)
Uptempo8Beat (C)
VintageGtrPop (C)
WestCoastPop (C)
R&B - 36 (33) Styles
6-8Soul (C)
60sRock&Roll (C)
70sChartSoul (C)
BlueberryBlues (C)
BluesRock (C)
DetroitBeat (A)
DetroitPop1 (C)
DetroitPop2 (C)
FranklySoul (C)
FunkPop (A)
FunkyShuffle (A)
GospelBrothers (C)
GospelSisters (C)
GospelSwing (C)
JazzFunk (C)
KoolFunk (C)
LiveSoulBand (C)
LovelyShuffle (C)
ModernShuffle (C)
MotorCity (C)
OldiesR&R (C)
PianoBoogie (C)
Rock&Roll1 (C)
Rock&Roll2 (C)
Rock&RollShfl (C)
ShuffleBlues (C)
Skiffle (C)
SlowBlues (C)
Soul (C)
SoulBrothers (C)
SouthernGospel (C)
Twist (C)
Worship6-8 (C)
WorshipFast (C)
WorshipMed (C)
WorshipSlow (C)
SWING&JAZZ - 37 (30) Styles
AcousticJazz (C)
AfroCuban (C)
Bebop (A)
BigBandFast1 (C)
BigBandFast2 (C)
BigBandSwing (A)
Charleston (C)
ClassicBigBand (C)
CoolJazzBallad (C)
CoolJazzWaltz (A)
CoolPianoJazz (A)
CoolSwing (A)
Dixieland (C)
DreamyBallad (C)
EasyListening (C)
FastJazz (A)
Five-Four (C)
FrenchJazz (C)
InstrumentalJazz (C)
JazzClub (A)
JazzGuitarClub (C)
JazzWaltzFast (C)
JazzWaltzMed (C)
JumpJive (C)
MidnightSwing (C)
ModBigBandBld (C)
ModBigBandShfl (C)
ModernBigBand (C)
ModernJazzBld (C)
MoonlightBallad (C)
MORSwing (C)
OrchBigBand1 (C)
OrchBigBand2 (C)
OrchestraSwing1 (C)
OrchestraSwing2 (C)
OrganGroove (C)
Ragtime (C)
WORLD - 52 (45) Styles
6-8March (C)
ArabicEuro (C)
Bhajan (C)
Bhangra (C)
BohemianWaltz (C)
Duranguense (C)
Flamenco (C)
FrenchMusette (C)
FrenchWaltz (C)
GermanMarch (C)
GermanWaltz (C)
Grupera (C)
Hawaiian (A)
HighlandWaltz (C)
HullyGully (C)
IrishDance (C)
IrishHymn (B)
IrishHymn1 (A)
IrishHymn2 (A)
ItalianMazurka (C)
ItalianPolka (C)
ItalianWaltz (C)
Jig (C)
Jing Ju Jie Zou (C)
Keroncong (C)
Laff (C)
MalfufFunk (A)
MariachiWaltz (C)
ModCeltic4-4 (A)
ModCeltic6-8 (A)
ModernDangdut1 (C)
ModernDangdut2 (C)
Norteno (C)
OberPolka (C)
OberWalzer (C)
OrientalPop (C)
PopFlamenco (C)
Reel (C)
Saeidy (C)
SaeidyPop (A)
ScandWaltz (C)
ScottishPolka (C)
Sirtaki (C)
SpanishPaso (C)
Tarantella (C)
TurkishEuro1 (C)
TurkishEuro2 (C)
USMarch (C)
USMarchingBand (A)
WehdaSaghira (C)
Xi Qing Luo Gu (C)
ZitherPolka (C)
Zouk (C)

Onacimus' Styles for the PSR-S970/975

All New Generation Keyboard Styles

(18 April 2020) I have started another collection of styles for PSR-S970 and PSR-S975. This may also be useful for PSR-SX700 users. This new collection includes all the Styles of GENOS, PSR-SX900 and CVP-809. There are a lot of new styles here. Many old styles are programmed with new voices and new drum kits. Some old styles are given different names. This collection of styles are mostly revoiced and remaped. Preferably, I selected mostly PSR-SX900 styles. Because these styles have less risk of new Mega Guitars and Basses of GENOS and CVP-809. But they use new drums and other new voices. I also applied  DSP effects to Electric Guitars like top model styles.  Then, I added other new styles of GENOS and CVP-809. 

Pianist Styles of CVP-809 are same as previous CVP styles. Some names are slightly different. The track voices are revoiced with extraordinary Piano voice given as Styles voice in PSR-S970 and S975. The voice is 'S.Art!ConcertGrand' with parameters 108-000-001. This only voice can also be extracted. This voice has .nlv extension. I am sending this voice ( ConcertGrand.t228.nlv ). Please save this in User Area.

I have prepared an Excel list with the source of styles and detailed comments. 

(3 August 2020)  I have updated the All New Generation Keyboard Styles for PSR-970 & S975 by adding converted GENOS V.2 Superior Pack Styles. Updated categories are in the table below.

PSR-S970/S975 ANGKS (825 styles)
113 styles
85 styles
70 styles
61 styles
74 styles
59 styles
63 styles
38 styles
70 styles
81 styles
66 styles
35 styles
13-DJ Styles
10 styles
    Excel File


Christmas Styles Collection

(Dec 2016) I have created Christmas style collection for PSR S970 drawing from the Standard, Super Mega, Super Mega Plus and Special collections for S970, which are available below. These styles may also compatible to T4, T5, C6, & C7 keyboards. In the Christmas Style set there are lot of Christmas Styles. Though there are some other styles from other categories as well: ClassicMoon6-8 & Moonlight6-8 for "O! Holy Night", MOR Swing & TapdanceSwing for Swing type songs ("Rudolph the Red-nosed Raindeer"), MORWaltz for "Silent Night". There are 91 styles available in this Christmas-S970.zip file. The sources for all the files are available in this Microsoft Excel file. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

-- Onacimus

Standard Styles Collection

Note: all of the changes/updates described below are in the Standard Styles table below.

(Feb 2016) I have now completed a Standard Styles collection for the new PSR-S970 with a total of 980 styles. The "Standard Styles" collection includes styles from nine keyboards: PSR-9000 and 9000Pro, PSR-740 floppy, PSR-2000, PSR-2100, PSR-1500, PSR-550, and CVP-209 and CVP210. For this Collection, I picked styles from PSR-S910 Standard collection, added some more styles, and did slight voice editing.

I retained the Icons of styles as given in the Original keyboard (styles after 2k models). For unknown icons (9k & S550 styles have no icons), I applied icons similar to other styles of the same type. In Style icons, some icons are in the icon list of S970. Some icons are appearing but not in the list. I changed many style icons. Most of the icons are not in the icon list of the S970. For example, the 'Pro' icon in "8Beat3" of POP&ROCK is not in the icon list. I viewed in Michael's Midi Player where there is a section for icons. For "Pro" icon, we should change the four character code between Style name and extension (8Beat3[Style name], .T108[Icon character] & .prs[Style type extension]). Using this procedure, I changed many icons.

In many styles, I retained "Standard Kit 1 & 2" because these are given as Live! kitsIn some Dance styles, I revoiced some Dance Kit to the House Kit of S970 and remaped the drums according to the sound of Old Dance Kit (9K, 2K, C2 & 15). I changed many Dance styles in the Dance category by changing DanceKit to HouseKit. I remaped the drum notes to hear the original sound of the Old DanceKit (PSR-740, 9000, 9000PRO, 2000, 2100, 1500, CVP-209 & 210). Here only PSR-S550 uses the new DanceKit (TYROS, PSR-3000...)

I updated many styles in each category by changing new voices of S970 in style tracks as well as OTS (Live!ConcertGrand, Sweet!OrchFlute, Cool!VintageFlatBass, etc...) and by replacing the old voices. I did this voice change in new styles of duplication (JazzRock1 and JazzRock2 of Pop&Rock are the same. 1 is from 9k, 2 is from 2k. Here Drum setup is different but the acomp are same. I changed the new voice only in 2k style).

I edited many styles that use DanceKit. Using the unique 'Drum Setup' in S970 style creator, I translated to 'AnalogT9Kit' and did Drum remaping, Leveling, Pitch Corase etc to resemble the old DanceKit voice (Before TYROS and PSR 3000).

(Aug 2016) I extended the S970 Standard collections by adding Oriental Styles from PSR-A1000. (YAMAHA released this PSR keyboard along with PSR-1000 & PSR-2000 during 2001). I added styles of 'Arabic' and 'Turkish&Greek' in additional "Oriental" folder (this set can be useful only for S-series keyboards). I also added 3 styles in the World category, which has no risk of Oriental voices. These styles are SFF1 styles and have only Standard voices.

(May 2017) I extended the Standard Style collection by adding more PSR-740 styles. PSR-740 is the first PSR Keyboard to hold styles with 4 variations, 2 Intros (A & B) and 2 Endings (A & B). Most of the styles are unique. I transfered Intro C, and Ending C from the related PSR 8000 styles. I also added a Break from Fill BA of the PSR 8000. In the Excel file, I named these style as PSR-740Plus (7P). Already I have included some 740 Floppy Styles. Now these are also called as 7P. Here I skipped some styles that were the same in 9k and later.

I also added five CVP 109 Styles: "8BeatBallad1" and "PopBallad1" in Ballad, "Groundbeat1" in Dance, "SwingBallad" in Swing&Jazz, and "PopSamba1" in Latin. CVP 109 (1999) also holds 4 Variation styles released between PSR 8000 and PSR 740. Till now, there is no source to get those styles. I viewed the CVP 109 styles from the PDF data list. Most of the unique Styles are in PSR 740 and PSR 8000. Some styles are given in PSR 9000 and CVP 209. Some of the styles are given in different names. For example CVP 109 "SwingBallad" is given as same in PSR 8000, "BigBandBallad" in PSR 740 and "MillerBallad" in PSR 9000. I picked the above styles from 8K, reassembled, made as 4 Variation Styles and named them as CVP 109 Styles. So I think all the 1999 styles are included in Standard Collection.

(Jun 2017) I added some PSR-A1000 styles to Standard Style Collection for S-Series Keyboards. PSR-A1000 is the Oriental Keyboard released by YAMAHA Corporation during the year 2001 along with PSR-2000 and PSR-1000. This holds all PSR-1000 preset styles and additional Oriental Styles. I have included some styles that have no risk of Oriental voices and drumkits. Also I remaped some drum notes and made necessary voice changes. Here I included some selected styles in Dance and World categories. These are in SFF2 format.

I converted 4 styles from PSR-A1000 and 6 Ethnic Styles from PSR-S550 (2 Arabic [ArabicEuro & WehdaSaghira2], 2 Indian [Bhajan & Bhangra] and 2 Chinese [Jing Ju Joe Zon & Xi Qing Lou Gu] styles. For these, I converted the Ethnic kits to the basic ArabicKit, PopLatinKit and other common DrumKits and remaped the notes. In some styles I transferred R1 and R2 from other related styles as I did for Audio Styles. I included these styles in the World Category. So these can be played in TYROS Keyboards also without any risk of Ethnic voices and drumkits.

I split World Styles into 3 groups. I put all A1000 styles in World2 and World3. I added 'Laff' and 'Saeidy' of PSR-S550 to World1. Now, I added all A1000 styles without missing anything. Also, I made some voice changes in many World styles. I shifted 5 Oriental Styles (BandanDance, KarachiDance, LaffDance, SaeidyDance & TurkishDisco) from Dance Category to World2&3. I also shifted 'Cumbia1&2' from Latin to World1.

(Oct 2017)  I have updated the whole set of Oriental category by adding some more styles and editing many existing styles. There are totally 90 styles. XL file also updated.

PSR-S970 Standard Style Collection (1,287 styles)
115 styles
100 styles
122 styles
112 styles
106 styles
69 styles
103 styles
75 styles
50 styles
52 styles
75 styles
66 styles
62 styles
71 styles
10 styles
9 styles
90 styles
    Microsoft XL File

Super Mega Styles

(Mar 2016) For the "Super Mega Styles collection" for the PSR-S970, I picked styles from the S910 collection and added a few more styles. This collection includes all SFF1 Mega styles from Tyros1, Tyros2, CVP-309, CVP-409, PSR-3000, PSR-S900 and PSR-S700.

For this collection, I picked all Tyros1 styles as basic and added other styles if they were new and slightly different. I also did some slight revoicing. I put different icons for each style, mostly matching the original.

In building the SuperMega collection for the S950, I used the S970 collection and found that some styles had to be edited in almost every category and some added to World.

(Aug 2016) Like the Standard collection, I extended the Super Mega collections by adding Oriental Styles from PSR-OR700. (YAMAHA released this PSR keyboard along with PSR-S700 & S900 during 2007). I added all 'Arabic&Maghrebi' and 'Turkish&Greek' and some styles of 'Iranian' together in 'Oriental' folder (these set of styles can be useful only for S-series keyboards). I also transferred some styles in World category, which have no risk of Oriental voices. The Oriental Styles that I included have 'ArabicKit1' and 'ArabicMixKit', those are available in most of the S-series keyboards. These styles are SFF1 styles those have Mega voices.

(Jun 2017) I added some PSR-OR700 styles to Mega Style Collections. This is the second Oriental Keyboard released by YAMAHA Corporation during the year 2007 along with PSR-S900 and PSR-S700. The PSR-OR700 holds all PSR-S700 preset styles and additional Oriental Styles. It has more Oriental Styles than PSR-A1000. Specially the styles have Mega Voices to the level of S700. In this update, I included some styles from 'Arabic&Maghrebi' that have no risk of Oriental voices and drumkits. I also remapped some drum notes and made necessary voice changes. In some styles I transferred R1 and R2 from other related styles.

(Aug 2017) I split the World Styles into 3 groups. I put all OR700 styles in World2 and World3. I added all OR700 styles (146 styles) without missing anything. I also made some voice changes in many World styles. I moved 8 Oriental Styles from Dance Category to World2&3.

(Oct 2017) I updated the whole set of Oriental category in Super Mega Collection by adding some more styles and editing many existing styles. There are totally 98 styles.

PSR-S970 Super Mega Style Collection (1,294 styles)
120 styles
105 styles
100 styles
90 styles
120 styles
65 styles
100 styles
70 styles
75 styles
65 styles
105 styles
80 styles
66 styles
35 styles
98 styles
Excel File

Super Mega Plus Styles

(May 2016) I completed the Super Mega Plus styles collection for the PSR-S970. To review the difference in these S970 collections:

Source keyboards include S710, S650, S910, TYROS3/CVP-509, S950, TYROS4/CVP-609, TYROS5/CVP-709. Here S910=S750 and S950=S770. But there are some unique styles in new ones. Also some unique styles of S670 are added. S710 has no Mega Strings and Brass. S910 has no Mega SingleCoil, Jazz, Vintage Basses. S950/T3 has no Mega Finger, Vintage, Slap, Amp, Pick Guitars and Real & Classical Strings. S970 has all Mega voices mentioned above and related S.Art! and regular voices of TYROS4. But Mega Choir Voices and S.Art2 voices are not included. I faced some risks to convert some TYROS Styles with DSP effect (Rock type styles). I tried my level best to substitute the effects. I included the S970 Converted Audio styles. Dance styles iinclude new DJ styles. For using DJ styles in T4 and after or C6 and after, the extension (.scp) should be changed as .sty or .prs or .sst. Latin and Ballroom styles include some unique Brazil styles of S670.

Like Standard collection, and Super Mega collection, I have also extended both Super Mega Plus collections by adding Oriental Styles from PSR-A2000. (YAMAHA released this PSR keyboard between PSR-SX10&SX50 during 2011). I added all 'Arabic&Maghrebi' and 'Turkish&Greek' and some styles of 'Iranian' together in 'Oriental' folder (these set of styles can be useful only for S-series keyboards). I also transferred some styles in World category that have no risk of Oriental voices. The Oriental Styles that I included have 'ArabicKit1' and 'ArabicMixKit', those are available in most of the S-series keyboards. These styles are SFF2 styles, which have Mega voices in tracks and S.Art! Voices in OTS.

(Aug 2016) I added styles from the PSR-A3000. Some of the Oriental Styles are given in World category. I added some in both World categories and others in the Ethnic category. I also updated some styles in the Oriental category. These changes are incorporated in the table below.

(Feb 2017) I started converting Choir tracks of T4, T5, C6 & C7 styles having Mega Choir voices. Editing Choir tracks are difficult because there are a lot of voice changes (MSB, LSB and Program Changes) and parameter changes (Control changes like Attack, Release, etc) in a single track. There may not be much difference on the edited choir tracks in TYROS models. T4 and T5 have a lot of Mega/SuperArticulation/Regular choir voices. PSR models have only Choir (legacy), GothicVox, UuhChoir, Gospelvoices, etc. But S970 has two new Choir voices (BoysChoirAah and BoysChoirOoh in SuperArticulation! and Live!). These voices cannot be replaced with the Mega Choir voices of the TYROS styles. Lot of note editions, velocity changes and parameter changes have to be done. So these styles will be useful for PSR owners.

I found there are three types of Mega Choir. 1. *aa, 2. *oo and 3. *ee. For *aa I replaced BoysAah, GhoticVox and Choir (Legacy). For *oo ... BoysOoh and UuhChoir. But for *ee, I put Aah and Ooh alternatively in previous updates. Now I changed HaaChoir (000-114-053) for *ee, it sounds different. With these changes I edited the 8 Swing&Jazz styles.

(Sep 2017) In PSR-A3000 some of the Oriental styles are given in World category. (5-8Greek, 7-8Greek, Baigo.) I updated the existing styles and added the new ones by revoicing with new voices and Drumkits with the standard of S950. In these styles I remaped TurkishKit as Arabic New Kit. New World5-OR category introduced.

Conversion of the Oriental styles is now complete. Note: the 299 styles in the World OR sets below (22, 23, and 24) can also be played in the Tyros4 and the Tyros5.

(Oct 2017)  I updated the whole set of Oriental category in S970 Super Mega Plus Collection by adding some more styles from PSR-A3000 and editing many existing PSR-A2000 styles. I placed these styles in two folders. 80 styles in Oriental1 and 84 in Oriental2. These styles are usable only for S-Series keyboards.

(Oct 2017) A number of Genos conversions added .

(Jun 2018) Table updated to contain Genos conversions to date. I expanded the Super Mega Plus Collections by adding the new Plus styles of PSR-S975. I converted all the styles except some Oriental styles that were already included from the PSR-A3000. I also added 2 GENOS Styles (R&BSoulBallad in Ballad and RetroDance in Dance) and 'CelticDance3-4' of CVP-709 in World1. I updated the ChartEDM and USClubDance2 styles in the Dance category.

S970 Super Mega Plus Style Collection 1

(April 2019) Since the Super Mega Plus Collection has such a huge number of styles in each category, I split this collection into two collections, one based on PSR models and a second based on Tyros models.

The Super Mega Plus Collection-1 (SFF2 PSR Models) for PSR-S970 contains all the PSR styles from 11 keyboards (PSR-S650, S670, S710, S750, S770, A2000, A3000, S910, S950, S970, S975). I also edited some styles and renamed many styles.

(21 March 2020) I updated 'Super Mega Plus Collection-1 (SFF2 PSR Models) for PSR-S970 by adding the new and different styles of PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900. I viewed all styles of both PSR-SX700 and SX900. Some styles given only in previous Top models (TYROS, CVP) are given in both PSR Models. Also new GENOS styles are included in both models. I also selected some old top model styles (T4 & T5) that have the risk of SA2!StyleVoices and all the new GENOS styles from both. Preferably, I selected SX700 styles. These have no risk of tweaking except OrganFlute voices in OTS. The voice parameters of OrgFlutes voices are different. The other SX900 styles use all T5 voices and some GENOS voices and drums. So some works are needed. DSP effects of SX700 are same as S970. But the DSP effects of SX900 are different, may be like T4 and T5. So I edited the DSP effects of SX900 styles while converting.

(Dec 28,2020) I started the conversion of some Preset PSR-SX600 Styles. This keyboard has the same voice setup of PSR-S770/S775. Also many additional unique voices are given. Many new Styles are included. First, I converted 30 new Styles that have less risk of strange voices and drums. I will convert the others a little later. These styles are added in the Super Mega Plus Styles Collection 1 for PSR-S970 below. This is also applicable for PSR-S975, SX900 and SX700. The new converted styles are also available in this zip file.

PSR-S970 SMP Collection 1 - Update (PSR Models - 1,911 styles)
69 styles
73 styles
66 styles
55 styles
117 styles *
116 styles
44 styles
50 styles
57 styles
59 styles
79 styles
87 styles *
102 styles *
85 styles
93 styles
64 styles *
66 styles
71 styles *
71 styles *
88 styles
74 styles
73 styles
64 styles
24 styles
80 styles
84 styles
  Excel File

* 12/29/20 - updated with some SX600 styles.

Super Mega Plus Style Collection-2

The second collection, Super Mega Plus Style Collection-2 (Top Models) for PSR-S970, includes styles from 7 top-model styles (Tyros3, Tyros4, Tyros5, GENOS, CVP-509, CVP-609, CVP-709). For this Tyros collection I made a lot of changes.

(9 April 2020) I updated SMP Style Collection-2 (Top Models) for PSR-S970 by converting and adding the all new and different styles of the new CVP-809. While viewing the Data List of CVP-709, I see that many styles are missing in each category (in the Preset File folders). I assume that those styles may be AudioStyles, which cannot transferred to any external device, eg. "80'sAmericanPop", "WestCoastBeat", "VintageR&R", "70'sCountrySwing", "SlowCountryPop", etc. Many of these styles are now available in CVP-809. CVP-809 has the complete voices of GENOS and many more exclusive Clavinova voices. Converting these styles also takes lot of time. To remap the drums, editing notes of Mega Vocal voices, replacing appropriate voices to the unknown voices in tracks as well as OTS and applying DSP effects to many styles.

PSR-S970 SMP Collection 2 (Tyros Models - 1,303 styles)
84 styles
87 styles
78 styles
67 styles
70 styles
60 styles
66 styles
48 styles
66 styles
63 styles
48 styles
46 styles
52 styles
47 styles
58 styles
59 styles
58 styles
91 styles
86 styles
72 styles




Genos Styles for PSR-S970

(Aug 2018) Onacimus' project to convert Genos styles converted 232 styles as of June 10. The voices were changed according to the availability of S970 Panel voices.

Starting in late August, Onacimus revised the new GENOS styles by editing the Drum notes by Drum Edit (Drum Setup) function of PSR-S970. He plans to convert the rest of the Genos styles. I have rearranged the GENOS styles as per TYROS categories with comments in an XL file.

Genos Styles for PSR-S970
01 Pop&Rock
70 styles
59 styles
50 styles
45 styles
49 styles
41 styles
39 styles
35 styles
43 styles
20 styles
9 styles

Special Style Collection for S970

(May 2016) I have changed the name "EX & EX Styles" to "Special Style collection For PSR-S970". I have updated all the styles and added many new styles in 11 categories. I have converted many Expansion styles. The interesting thing is, these styles can be played well without any expansion packs. I have remaped the new kits by using the drumkits available in S970. For example, in Entertainer styles, 'SchlagerKit' is translated to 'HouseKit' of S970 (See 'KaiserSchlager', 'KaiserShuffle, 'ModernSchlager1&2, 'SchlagerDiscoFox' and many others.)

These styles also can be used in TYROS3, 4, 5, CVP-509, 609, 709, S950 and S770. Some styles of Entertainer section need drum remaping in T3, C5 and S950. Because they have no 'HouseKit'. The voice selections are up to the standared of S770. There are more than 100 styles in World category so I used two folders. I added another category (Ethnic), which will sound well only in S-series keyboards. I added a lot of Oriental styles that uses 'TurkishKit' , 'PopLatinKit' and 'ArabicKit2' (Legacy) in World category. And styles having Oriental Voices (Nay, Er Hu, Di Zi,...) and Oriental Kits (Arabic1 and ArabicMix) in Ethnic category.

( Nov 2017) Many new or updated styles from 'Latin-Salsa' pack added to the Latin category and one added to Ballroom and Ethnic. All the updates are in the tabe below.

Special Style Collection for PSR-S970 (993 styles)
56 styles
42 styles
74 styles
22 styles
55 styles
22 styles
126 styles
08-Ballroom40 styles
62 styles
146 styles
115 styles
128 styles
106 styles
MS Excel    

Indian Style Collection

(Feb 2016) I have assembled a collection of all YAMAHA Indian styles. They are from the Indian2, IndianDevotional, and IndianEntertainer Expansion packs for the PSR-S970. Additional styles are from the S950 Bonus styles of Indian2, S750 Pack and Bonus styles of Indian2, S650 pack and Bonus styles on Indian2 and some preset styles from S710 & S550. I brought together all these styles (95 styles) in one collection by eliminating duplicates. These styles will play well in S970 only if any one of the three Indian packs are installed. A Microsoft XL file is also available.

Onacimus Classic Styles for SFF2 Keyboards

Onacimus has converted styles from a number of "Classic" Yamaha keyboards (PSR-730, PSR-740, PSR-8000, PSR-620 & PSR-510) for use on SFF2 keyboards like the PSR-S970. You will find many more style conversions by Onacimus for earlier keyboards that will also work very well on the S970. You can find these conversions on Onacimus' Covnersions page.

PSR-S970 Demos

Yamaha S Series Arranger Workstation Keyboards Packed with Amazing Voices and Styles to Create, Arrange and Perform

PSR-S970NASHVILLE (July 9, 2015) Yamaha Corporation of America today announced three new Arranger Workstation models packed with more advanced features and all-in-one performance capabilities than ever before. The PSR-S670, PSR-S770 and PSR-S970, which propel Yamaha's award-winning PSR-S Series to the next level, are being unveiled at the 2015 Summer NAMM Show.

All three new Arranger Workstation keyboards feature two assignable control knobs that offer unprecedented control over a number of Voice and Style characteristics, innovative DJ Styles that put the focus on real-time Style and Voice manipulation, a large onboard Flash ROM that affords use of Yamaha's ever-growing library of Voice and Style Expansions, and a number of advanced connectivity options that provide performance and recording possibilities previously only found on the acclaimed Yamaha TYROS5.

"Any of these new keyboards would be a truly powerful addition to any musician's arsenal, whether they are playing live, writing a song or producing music," said Mark Anderson, director of marketing, Yamaha Keyboard Division, Yamaha Corporation of America. "While the PSR-S670, PSR-S770 and PSR-S970 each offer unique features, they all are remarkably versatile, high-quality keyboards that are both powerful and portable, allowing you to create, arrange, record or perform music in any genre."

The top of the PSR-S Series line, PSR-S970, offers a new, larger VGA screen, superior sound innovation, vocal harmony features, pro-quality accompaniment features and comprehensive recording capabilities. Musicians of all levels will be attracted to the forty new percussion-based Audio Styles that provide impressive backing and accompaniment capabilities previously only found on the higher-end TYROS5. Audio Styles add natural feel, ambience, and warmth to drum and percussion parts, allowing greater creative expression. Audio Styles also benefit from Yamaha's Time Stretch Technology, which commands the audio to follow your tempo without changing pitch, so everything stays in perfect sync.

Another attractive audio-centric feature on the PSR-S770 and PSR-S970 models is a powerful Vocal Cancel function that effectively cancels or suppresses the vocals and solos, allowing you to make your own "minus one" track and sing karaoke-style with just instrumental backing.

Each new Arranger keyboard in the PSR-S Series also has an Audio Link Multi Pad function that lets you link your own audio files, such as sound effects and vocal phrases, and trigger them from the Multi Pads as you perform.

New iOS apps and an ever-expanding library of Voice & Style Expansion packs allow users to customize their music like never before. Featuring a 16-track sequencer, a variety of DSP effects and iOS app integration, the new Arranger Workstations are the most versatile and best sounding to date, solidifying Yamaha's PSR-S Series as the preferred choice of musicians around the globe.

The PSR-S970, PRS-S770 and PRS-670 (MSRP range: $999 to $2,499) will ship in September