160 "Organized" Styles

Scott Langholff photo(December 2003) The folders on my Gig Disks are organized similarly to the folders on my Tyros hard drive with 10 main categories allowing for the 3 subcategories in Swing (Fast, Medium, and Slow). On my hard drive, the Misc category has additional sub categories for Polka, Irish, Xmas etc. (See Scott's article on "Organizing Files" for more of an explanation of how he organizes his file system. Scott is also mentioned on our ProLinks page. You may also want to visit Scott's Web Site. The jukebox below provides examples of Scott's performances. - JW)

The reason I did it this way, even having some empty category folders on some disks, was so that each disk would have the same listing in the exact same spot on one page, without having to go to another page. After awhile, this all becomes automatic. Otherwise, if the categories were different from disk to disk, it would be one more thing to concentrate on in a live gig situation. As it is, there are enough things to consider in that situation, for sure. (Note: In the disks below, I have rearranged some files so that there are no empty folders since an empty folder does not get sent in a ZIP file. - JW)

Scott's Songs

Dream Baby

I Wanna Be Like You

Nearness Of You

Jam Session

Walk Don't Run

With all these disks laying around at home, I just kept thinking how can I set these up so I can use the same system that has a hard drive or SD card when I'm ready, and not have to change a thing. When I got my Tyros, it was relatively easy to transfer this floppy disk organizational scheme over to the hard drive without any major changes. Just think, by the time the PSR-3000 comes out, if people are using the 10 one-page category system, they will be able to take these gig disks and just load them in, all set to go. There really was a method to my madness.

Any of these main categories could easily end up with more subcategories if using a hard drive or SD card. Ballad could end up with tunes that are 6/8 ballad, one for 8 beat, etc. Swing could be divided into Big Band and Combo, each with Fast, Medium, and Slow. Misc could end up being any thing that doesn't fit into the other categories like, Irish, Polka, Old Time, Marches, Scot-Irish, Christmas, etc, etc.

You may question some of the categories I selected for certain tunes. But, I used what made sense to me. For example, in R&B there are some tunes that may be questionably R&B. But I thought was the way to go here was to include any actual R&B tune along with anything that used a blues type progression, be it fast or slow. I am referring to "modern" or post-1960ish tunes. I generally put standard blues or pre-1960ish songs into the swing category.

It also seemed to me that the 10 one-page categories would cover all of the major style and song types in a much easier and logical manner than what you find on a lot of keyboards now. For example: Dance and Disco could easily be placed into Pop; Movie and Show and World can be put into one of the other main categories as all of those will logically fit into one of the ten.


Scott Langholff's Gig Disks (PSR-2000)
40 Styles
40 Styles
40 styles
40 Styles


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