Here's a set of 30
Christmas styles for the
Tyros, courtesy of Bogdan.

I was very impressed with styles Bogdan (aka Kastlefan) was creating with One Man Band (OMB) and providing to the PSR community. I asked him if he wouldn't share those styles with the PSR Tutorial and arranged to set up this Gig Disk page for Bogdan's styles. Scroll toward the bottom of the page and let Bogdan tell you a little about himself. - JW

Styles for the PSR-3000

The songs in these zip file are listed by song title, like most "gig" disks, followed by the name of the performing artist, if known. There are 627 songs in this collection. They are provided in six parts.

627 Styles for the PSR-3000
8 August '10
100 Styles
1 November '09
100 Styles
10 February '09
100 Styles
8 October '08
107 Styles
29 September '08
110 Styles
5 August '08
110 Styles

Styles by Performer Name

Bogdan has been working on creating styles by performer name (A's, then B's, etc). However, the styles are meant to go with particular songs, and are named after the song, so they naturally belong to the set of Gig Disks. In keeping with that theme, I have compiled volumes that, when uncompressed, fit on a floppy disk. 786 Bogdan's styles are provided in the Artists' table below. Click here for a description of the disk contents for the A-H artist files below.

786 Artist-Grouped Song Styles
A Artists
48 styles
B Artists
113 styles
C Artists
105 styles
D Artists
115 styles
E Artists
35 styles
F Artists
60 styles
G Artists
120 styles
H Artists
89 styles
FBauer TY* FBauer 2K*
* Tyros and PSR-2000 versions of 50 Frans Bauer songs.

German Schlager & Volksmusik Styles

All of these styles are tweaked to the Tyros keyboard and contain OTS. They are provided below in three zip files, each with 90 styles. Click S&V Contents to see a listing of all the included styles.

270 German Schlager & Volksmusik styles
90 styles
90 styles
90 styles

Bogdan Background

Home Info: Bogdan was born on June 28, 1964 in Sevnica, Slovenia. He is not married and has no children. He has been retired since 1992. Today he keeps himself occupied playing keyboards, creating styles with OMB, writing music sheets, and teaching his pupils how to make music on a keyboard.

photo of BogdanMusical Background. In my school days, I learned to play the accordion. 1987, however, I got sick (arthritis, cloth disease etc.). Because of arthritis, my joints (hips, knees, shoulders) had limited flexibility. I had several operations on my joints, mostly prosthetics insertion, but a year later I found that couldn't play the accordion anymore (shoulders). So, in 1988 I bought an organ -- a Solton (2 manuals, 12 styles, 12 voices). Two years later, in 1990, I purchased my first keyboard -- Kawaii (50 styles, and 50 voices). Between 1994 and 2001, I get Goldstar Gek 625 (100 styles, 100 voices) and Yamaha PSR 225 (100 internal voices, 100 styles), etc.. My first keyboard with a floppy disk was the Yamaha PSR 1000, which I bought in 2002. Last year, in July, I got the Yamaha PSR 9000 Pro.

I'm happy now just to be alive. Two times already I have been on the edge of life. Thanks to God, I'm still here. Since 1992, I have been retired because of my illness. My main occupation now is MUSIC. When I play, I feel happy and forget all problems. When I bought myself a computer (in 2000), I suddenly discovered another world, a world of communication over the internet. I have several friends all over the world. I would like to mention here, Chris Shapcott from Cornwall UK, Larry Warner from USA, Liliane Christine Basilio from Sao Paolo, Brasil, and Mitic Zoran from Jesenice, Slovenia and many, many other friends. These guys and gals help me to survive my daily problems.

I'm also a big fan of German schlager and volksmusik music genre . My favorite band is KASTELRUTHER SPATZEN and my big wish is to be present on their traditional yearly performance in Kastelruth - North Italy in October. I believe this year I'll realize that, although with my crutches, which are my constantly escort.


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