photo of Larry Warner Musical Bio. I started piano lessons at age five. In my later years, I also played Clarinet, Bassoon, and Oboe. My favorite was the Bassoon. I played in Marching and Concert Bands with the Clarinet and the Bassoon in a couple of Symphony Orchestras for a few years.

I became paralyzed in the right hand, which curtailed all instrument playing for about 38 years. I found a keyboard that I could play the melody with only one finger. I was discouraged with one finger, so I developed an "outrigger brace" that would allow me to use my four fingers and thumb, although the thumb does not move. All together, it is better than one finger. Now I can enjoy playing music again.

At the age of 87, I only play occasionally for Senior citizens groups now. Fee or not, at times it is not worth it -- the equipment gets too heavy to lug around, especially if you must go a distance from your car, like a city block, and also use an elevator.

I have found many keyboard friends around the world, also on Joe Waters' site, including Joe, that have helped me with my keyboard questions, problems, and related things. Many, many thanks to each and everyone of them.

Larry W. (Warner)


The first gig disk below are my "sing-along's" that I have used when I played at Senior Centers. With these sing-along styles you can use the Intro's and Ending's or not at all. You can use four variations (A, B, C, D) or only one depending on the length of the song or the people. I don't use the Intro or Ending on some of them. For instance, on Happy Birthday, I only use "D" and the Ending only. Also, maybe some songs I will use only one variation or if I should play one chorus, I might use two variations. Two choruses, I might use A & B variations on one chorus and C & D variations on the second chorus.

179 Gig Disk Styles from Larry
Sing-Along Gig Disk
41 styles
Gig Disk No. 1
24 styles
Gig Disk No. 2
24 styles
Gig Disk No. 3
20 styles
Gig Disk No. 4
October Fest - 20 styles
Gig Disk No. 5
50 Xmas styles


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