MixMaster v22r1 build 220322

This version will work on Windows™ 7 and later.
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▶ Download MixMaster v22r1 build 220322 ◀

This build is not a installable .msi file, but a zip file containing all necessary files to run MixMaster.
Unzip and store the files somewhere on your PC.
Then start MixMaster v22r1 build 220322.exe from that place.
This way you can use the installed version together with this test version.

Release Notes
- Menu options : open with no Mixer View - has been removed
- Menu options : changes made in the GoTo program settings
     Unchecked : Only Midi part of the file will be send with extension .mid
     Checked : File with all extra chunks is send to the called program with extension .sty,.mid,.pad,.vce or .cld
               For Audio Styles - audio chunk is not send to called program - extension will be .sty
- Possible to load .aus. These are Audio Styles (Audio can't be edited)
- CASM View has been corrected
- PSR SX900 instrument file corrected
- Batch Process : Volumes,Velocities and Expressions are now changable by Percent or fixed value.
- Batch process : error volume changes for only one channel : problem is fixed.
- Some more bugs have been fixed

Please try and feedback any remarks and/or bugs.