Other Utilities

Click on the links for additional info and download instructions. (Java) programs require the Java Runtime Environment; (.Net) programs require the .Net Framework on your computer. (Java) programs will run at several platforms, incl. Windows, Mac, Linux. (.Net) programs are Windows only.

Backing Track

Backing Track is a software program for extracting chord sequences from videos and converting this in several formats. Yamaha Song, MIDI File, HTML File and Text File. Furthermore a csv file for import in Bedesem/Wierzba Producer software. 

Image to PDF

Image to PDF converts image files to PDF documents. Batch mode conversion; automatic image resize etc. Excellent for sheet music books. (.Net)

Music Book Viewer

Music Book Viewer is a PDF viewer program that can be operated from the Numeric Key Pad only. This program requires Acrobat Reader ver.7 or ver.8 installed on your computer. (.Net)

Music Finder File Manager

Music Finder File Manager helps you manage records in the Music Finder files for Yamaha keyboards. The program can be used for creating, updating, and sorting records in mfd files. In addition, two files can be merged and duplicate records can be deleted. (.Net)

Software Program Manager

Software Program Manager helps you manage the collection of software from The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource site. It automatically detects all jososoft software programs installed on your computer, shows the version number, provides links to the program web site, and links to run or un-install the program. (.Net)

Song Books Manager

Song Books Manager is a software program for managing your collection of songs and songbooks. Furthermore to search for songs and for opening songbook files.Song Books Manager fetches the data in two Excel sheets. E.g. the sheets frequently provided by Xeenix at PSR Tutorial

Text Formatter

Text Formatter formats a text file (with song lyrics, for example) to fit on a keyboard screen. (.Net)

Voice Finder

Voice Finder gets information about the voices in Yamaha keyboards. The program shows the voice as a function of the selected Program, MSB, LSB and keyboard model. (Java)

This page updated on November 25, 2017.