(Jan 2013) Playing an Arranger-Keyboard can be done in several ways. You can play with everything the keyboard offers you and that is quite a lot. You can go a step further and give your music a personal touch that goes beyond the Preset-Styles and the One Touch Settings .

One way to do this is playing with the use of new MultiPads, which you can load into your keyboard. When your keyboard has the Synchro Start for the MultiPads, they can play like a track in the accompaniment section of a style.

Your keyboard has 4 One-Touch Settings for each style, enough to play a song. But there are 8 buttons for Registrations, which can be made to your own taste. In fact, you can see these 8 Registrations as 8 One Touch Settings in which the multi pads can also be included. Playing with 8 Registrations enriches your music.

You can make your own multi pads by recording them or you can use the Padmakers programs made by Michael Bedesem, which are very easy to use. multi pads can be made out of Midifiles (PadMakerMIDI) or from Styles (PadMaker) by using Michael's programs. Once you have a MultiPad, you can edit them in many ways in your keyboard.

After reading this, I hope you will enjoy the multi pads you find on this page or the multi pads already made by other members. In fact, I hope you will try to create your own multi pads and share them with other members .

The multi pads you find on this page are made on the Tyros4 but can be used on several other Yamaha Arranger-Keyboards.

When there is an L in the name of the multi pads you have to push all the 4 buttons at once and let them start with the SynchroStart for the MultiPads.

- MarkZ.

The zip files below include 220 multi pads that Mark uploaded to the PSR Tutorial Forum since 2012.

56 pads
51 pads
12 pads
12 pads
14 pads
20 pads
20 pads
Multipads 2015-16.zip
35 pads

This page updated on June 4, 2019 .