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Dans Met Mij Corrina (4/18) Tyros5

Heideroosje (4/18) Tyros5

Meisje Ik Ben Een Zeeman (4/18) Tyros5

A Broken Heart (11/25) Tyros5

Donker West (11/25) Tyros5

Guitar Melody (11/25) Tyros5

(May 11, 2022) Music has always been a big part of my life. I started playing accordion when I was nine years old and found that I had a real knack for it. I soon joined a large accordion orchestra in my home town Beerta (a tiny village in the north east of the Netherlands) and enjoyed playing in this group for many years.

My parents also wanted me to play the piano and started me on lessons in a neighboring village. This did not work out at all. My teacher and I had very different ideas about music: I wanted to play the boogie-woogie, he only allowed me to play nocturnes and other classical music pieces. He told me that boogie-woogies would destroy my fingering and that was the end of that. Music needs to come from the heart.

Juul photoAt one point my parents got an electric organ and that turned out to be much more my thing. My parents were always very invested in my musical development and made sure I was properly schooled on this instrument as well. Around my sixteenth birthday I joined a band (The Rodys) and started playing clarion in our local drum band.

After finishing school, I joined the Navy in the guided weapon systems department. Everyone who played an instrument was automatically enlisted to the ship band. As part of the band, we basically toured the whole wide world and performed in places such as Norfolk USA, Odessa, Tolio and Gibraltar which was a great experience.

I regularly changed ships during my time at the Navy and joined the band every time. Often the keyboardist position was already taken, in which case I would try out a different instrument. This allowed me to add bass guitar and saxophone to the list. But, whenever I could, I would go back to my first love, the accordion.

At one point we were stationed for a long time at Curaçao, where we would often play music on the beach. One night, almost 50 years ago, I was playing music with some of my crew mates when a number of ladies joined our group to listen to the music. One of those ladies later became my wife to whom I am still happily married.

After eight years in the Navy, I moved back to the mainland to work as an electrotechnician, but my love for music always stayed. Next to my day job I played in a band called The Rio’s at weddings and parties. I also volunteered to play accordion in nursing homes and accompanied Dutch folk choirs together with a friend, which I still do on occasion (unfortunately, my friend recently passed away after 30 years of playing the accordion together).

Now that I am a bit older, the on-stage performances have become less frequent. I do still accompany one Dutch folk choir for men and record background music for singers and choirs who do not have the luxury of professional musicians. I used to record songs using the MIDI format but have recently switched to mp3 as this is much easier to play from a telephone.

I have a lot more time to devote to my music now that I am retired. I practice at least an hour a day on my accordions and record a lot of German and Dutch folk music. I also still enjoy the boogie-woogie. I record my music on the Tyros 5 and Roland FR7. I am trying to covert my old midi files in to styles with Style Works2000, but is not an easy process. In any case, over the years, I have produced a ton of mp3 and midi songs and the pile keeps on growing. I would love to share these songs with you all via this website. I will also try to share some of my best midi files from the past.

Juul Meffert

Juul's MP3 Songs

Juul's songs are arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs were recorded on the Tyros5.

Aan het noordzeestrand © (T5) *

Aan Het Strand Stil En (fr7&T5)

Aan het strand stil en * (T5)

Aber Dich (T5)

Accordeon tango (T5)

Aloahe (T5) *

Aloha He (fr7&T5)

Aloha He (T5) *

Aloha Oe in G (T5)

Amazing Grace (T5)

Amsterdamse Grachten (fr7&T5)

Ballast lied * (T5)

Before The Next Teardrop Falls (T5)

Blame It On The Bossanova (T5) *

Boody Mary F (T5) *

Bridge Over Trobled Water (T5) *

Broekje Van Jantje (T5) *

A Broken Heart (T5)

Bye Bye Love (T5)

Costa Del Sol (T5) *

Daar Bij Die Molen 2 (T5) *

Daar Was Laatst Een Meisje Loos (fr7&T5)

Daar was laatst een meisje loos (T5)

Daar Bij Die Molen (T5)

Dan Gaan De Lichten Aan (T5) *

Dans Klein Zigeunermeisje (T5) *

Dans Met Mij Corrina (T5)

Dans met mij (T5)

Dans Nog Eenmaal Met Mij (T5) *

De Bloemenmand (T5)

De Boom (T5) *

De nevelhekse (G) (T5)

De Oude Man En De Zee (T5) *

De Sneeuwwals (T5) *

De Speelman (T5) *

Deze Zee (T5) *

Donker West (T5)

Dorp Aan De Rivier Bes (T5) *

Down By The Riverside (T5)

Droomland (T5)

Duizend mijlen (X9)

Duizend mijlen (T5) *

Een beetje beetje meer (T5) *

Een Koffer Vol Met Dromen (T5) *

Een Pikketanussie (T5) *

Eens (T5) *

Een Zeereis Is Mooi (5.) *

El Condor Pasa (T5)

Greetje Uit De Polder (T5) *

Guitar Melody (T5)

Gulio Gitarro (T5)

Gulio Guitar Swing (T5)

Gulio Show (T5) *

Heide roosje (T5) *

Heideroosje (T5)

Hele nacht aan jou gedacht (T5)

Hello Mary Lou (T5)

Ik Zal Jou Nooit Vergeten (T5) *

Jij Denkt Dat Je Alles Mag (T5)

Juuls Own Guitar Song c (T5)

Kapitein neem ons mee op reis (T5)

Keetje Tippel (X9)

Keetje tippel (T5)

Kleine Paloma (T5) *

La Paloma (T5)

La Paloma * (T5)

Laat maar lekker waaien (T5) *

Lambada Kaoma (T5) *

Meisje Ik Ben Een Zeeman (T5)

Mien Drenthe (T5) *

Morgenmuffel Keyboard (X9)

My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean (T5)

Old Calahan (live) (T5) *

Old calahan2 (T5) *

Op de weolige baren (T5) *

Pappie Loop Niet Zo Snel (T5) *

Patrona bav aria (T5) *

Patrona Bavariae (T5)

Rio Rebelde Gulio Eglesias (T5) *

Rolling Home (X9)

Rutsch Polka (T5)

Schoonoords Volkslied (T5)

Send Me The Pillow (T5)

Sierra Madre (T5)

Somewhere Between (T5) *

Speel Je Accordeon (T5) *

Steeds Weer Huil Je (live) (T5) *

Steve Waltz 8 min (X9)

Tabe Mien Laiverd (T5) *

The Mermaid (T5)

Trompeten Echo (T5)

Tussen Het Riet (T5) *

Twee Reebruine Ogen (T5) *

Veenlied (T5) *

Ver In Den Vreemde (T5)

Verzonken Stad (T5) *

Vissers meisje * (T5)

Vlinder (Karst) (T5) *

Vrij Zijn Als Een Vogel (T5) *

Waarom ben jij nooit op zondag vrij (T5)

Wanneer de rozen in bloei staan (F) (T5) *

When The Saints Go Marchin' In (T5)

Wonderful Land (T5)

Zeemann Adieu (T5)

Zeeman, De Zee Is Jouw Thuis (T5) *

Zeeman O Zeeman (T5)

Zeven Rozen Zeven Jaren (live) (T5) *

Zillertaler hochzeitmarsch (T5) *

Zwarte slaven (T5) *

Zwervers Lied (T5) *

* Juul has made available the styles that he used for these songs. You can download all of these song-named styles in a single file.

(Jul 5, 2022) Here are 8 additional Dutch MP3s Juul received from his friend Dick. Those marked with an asterisk (*) also have the style file available. All can be downloaded in this file.

Als De Fluitvogel Zingt (live)

Een Mooie Tocht Op Zee

Hemels Blauw F *

Meisje Ik Ben Een Zeeman in C *

Mooi Volendam (D) *

Mooi Volendam (live)

Sarie Rocknroll *

Trompeten Echo (live)

Dutch Song-Named Styles

(Oct 12, 2022) There are quite a few of Juul's MP3 songs that included the style used for that performance. Rather than search for a specific style for those that don't, Juul has sent in a whole library of Dutch song-named styles. If you know the song, you can use that style to play it. Many of these styles will work fine with songs above that do not have a specific style provided. There are over 200 style files included and you can download them all in this file.

Juul's MIDI Songs

(May 29, 2022) Juul's midi songs are arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs were recorded on the Tyros5. 79 songs were added in 7 installments and they can all be downloaded in a single zip file: Juul Midifiles

A Woman Left Lonely

Aan De Amsterdamse Grachten

Ales Wat Ademt

Ales Wat Ik Doe

Als De Sterren Aan De Hemel Staan

Als De Sterren Daarboven Stralen

Amazing Grace

Ambos Polka


Blauwe Spaanse Ogen

Blue Spanish Eyes

Boemenmand (Flower Basket)

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Bye Bye Love

Clarinet Polka


Daar Bij Die Waterkant

Daar Zaten Twee Motten

De Alpenexpres

De Glimlach Van Een Kind

De Vlieger

De Vogeltjesdans



Drift Away


Een Beetje Vrede

Een gebroken hart kent geen rust

Een Kopje Koffie

Eine reise ins gluck

Eleanor Rigby

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Flight 602

Hallo Josefien

Hello Mary Lou

Hij Was Een Smokkelaar

Hooge Dennen



Good luc charme

Grootvaders Klok

Handjes de lucht in

Hey Jude

I Honestly Love You

If I Were A Carpenter

In The Still Of The Nite

It's A Kind Of Hush

It's All In The Game


Je te vaux

Just A Bit

Kangoeroe Eiland

Killing Me Softly With His Song

Knock Three Times

O Mona

Last Date

Lieve Meid Heb Jij Even Tjd



Mooi Volendam

Oh When The Saints

Que Sera Sera


Ritme van de regen

Rood zijn de rozen

Sail Along Silv'ry Moon

Shake Hands

Somewhere Between

South Of The Border

Steeds weer huil je

Strangers in the Night

Tot Ziens Belinda

Trompet Echo

Tulpen uit Amsteram

Twas Een Visser Midzee

Vreemde in de nacht

Wien Biebt Wen

Wij zijn de slijpers uit Parijs

Zillertaler medley

(Dec 31, 2022) Juul adds another 92 of his midi songs for your enjoyment. The songs are arranged alphabetically in the table below by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download that song. Songs were recorded on the Tyros5. All 92 of these midi songs can be downloaded together in this file: Juul Midifiles

32 Jjaar

Aan de Amsterdamse grachten

Aan de Grens van de Duitse Heuvelen

Aan De Kust

Aan het Strand

Ach Margrietje

Af en toe Gaan Pa en Moe

Als de Klok van Arnemuiden

Als de Morgen Is Gekomen

Als de Nacht Verdwijnt

Bij ons in de Jordaan

Blauwe Spaanse Ogen

Bloemetjes Gordijn

Brandend Zand

Broekje van Jantje

Bruderlein Drink


Da do run Run

Daar bij de Waterkant

Daar bij die Molen

Daar was Laatst een Meisje Loos

Dans met mij in de Morgen

Dat gaat naar Den Bosch toe

De dood Gewoonste Dingen

De hete Woestijn

De loemenmand

De Pieteroliekar

De Postkoets 2

De Postkoets

De rode koe van Dirk van Strik

De Verzonken Stad

Door de Bossen Door de Heide

Dorpslied Geesbrug


Een Beetje Vrede

Een Gebroken hart

Een karretje op de Zandweg Reed

Een Muis in een Molen

Het IJssel Lied

Holland Medley

Hoor je het Ruisen der Golven

Huilen Is voor jou te Laat

Ik heb Eerbied voor jou Grijze Haren

Ik Krijg een Heel Apart Gevoel van Binnen

Ik meen Het

Ik sta op Wacht

Ik Trek Mijn Wandelschoenen Aan

Ik Wacht op Jou

In Gedachten zie ik dat Kerkje Weer

In T Groene dal in T Stille Dal

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Ja dat Is Peter

Jij Kunt Niet Altijd 16 Zijn

Kleine Anabel

Kleine cafe aan de haven

Kleine Kokette Katinka

Kom Mee Naar Buiten Allemaal

Kom Zwarte Zigeunerv

Komt Vrienden in den Ronde

Lente Kind

Mama Heintje


Meisjes met Rode Haren

Middelandse Zee

Mijn Bonnie Is Over de Oceaan

Mijn Febed

Mijn Opa

Mooi was die Tijd


Mussidenn Dixi

Oh Vissersmeisje

Oh wat een Mooie Tijd

Ome Jan

Op de grpte stille heide




Tabe Ouwe Reus

Tussen het Riet

Veel Bittere Tranen

Vogeltje Watzing je Vroeg

Vuile Huichelaar

Waarom Krijg ik Geengehoor

Wals medley 1

Wals medley 2

Wals medley 3

Wat Kost dat Hondje

Zeg Kleine Ree

Zeven Brieven heb ik jou Geschreven

Zonnetje gaat van ons Scheiden

Zuiderzee Ballade

Zwarte Slaven

Some visitors have asked whether these midi files are self made or whether I have changed something in the file.

Where are they from? I do the following things. I search the hard disks from my friend for midi files and then delete duplicates. That still leaves a lot of files, about 120,000 midi files! I don't know where all these files come from but for a long time they have been used for music lessons.

For the files with styles, I look and listen to styles to compare them with the song. I play the styles on the keyboard. I do not change anything on the midi file or the style only the name so that the midi file and the style name are the same. For the other midi files without a style, I listen to them and if they sound well, I include in a volume and send it here.

Now and then, I play some songs on the Tyros5 and those are the MP3 files that I have provided elsewhere on this page.