MP3s Without Melody

(May 10, 2023) I recently opened a 3rd very large hard disk from my passed friend Dick. I could not believe how many files there were. There were a whole lot of midi files. Not all the MIDI are playable on the Tyros, but I can repair those over time. What I also discovered were many mp3 files without a melody. All of these were named with a number and an Excel sheet with the names of the files. These files were from the music school and were meant to help students to learn playing with music.

In my past working life, I was an IT Manager in a company with 4,500 people. About 4,000 of which had one or more handicaps (like being deaf or blind, could not walk, was missing a hand and so on). In my office, I had a room with 12 computer workstations where we tried to teach some people how to work with a computer. There were two ladies who were blind but with speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, they could learn to type in, for example, Microsoft WORD. I also had 12 ladies with one or more handicaps and they did our telephone in and out calls. So, my experiences with handicapped people is very great and that is also the reason why I now give music lessons to people with a handicap.

At this moment, I am providing keyboard lessons to two blind ladies (Yamaha PSR-E237 and PSR-E373). After 2 years, they play very well and want more music. However, playing with a midi file is not possible because their keyboard does not play midi files. So, I put some MP3 files on the mobile phone and then used an audio cable to connect the phone to the AUDIO IN port in the PSR-E237. This works perfectly and the ladies are very happy. The mobile is speaking the title from the music so that is also not a problem.

In the questions I receive, there are many people who can't handle midi files and ask me how to do that. In some cases, I can help but by far not all questions because they don’t understand how to do many things. I think that for these people, an MP3 file can be helpful because the MP3s are ready to play and you can play them from a laptop, phone or tablet and then use a cable to connect to your keyboard. I think everyone understands how to use a cable. Also, for people with one hand, playing an MP3 is useful

The files I am talking about here were all made in the Spooky studio and are mp3 files with NO MELODY. So, they are from me, Dick and Hans. We worked together or alone in the studio to record a lot of music. I still work with Hans to perform songs for artists on demand and the music school. Hans plays mostly the guitar or if needed the saxophone. I play accordion or keyboard. The artists work mostly on street performance and play our music and sing with the MP3 file. The music school is, unfortunately, no longer operating.

I make also, on my own, a lot of mp3 files for background playing and they are mostly without melody. These are also very useful for people with handicaps because the can play the file on a lot of devices. Now here are two ladies playing these files and they are very happy.

If you don’t like the KEY, for example D#, you can transpose your Keyboard. If you want to change the key from the mp3, you can use the free program AUDACITY. This program allows you to can change the key and also the tempo from the mp3.

The files in the table below are all MP3 files without a melody. Try some out. Click on any song to download it. Click on MP3 No to download all of them.


Alo-ahe (1)


Aan de a.damse grachten (1)

Baby kom terug (1)

Brabantse nachten (1)-

Corry en de Rekels Zonder het te weten (1)


Down By The Riversyde

Een Beetje Verlefd nr 1 (1)


He Susie (1)


Its Now Or Never

Itsi bitsi tenewini

Junge komt balt wieder

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