MIDI Lesson Files


(Jun 4, 2022) I found my midi files that I used to give keyboard lessons. These midi files are combined with the style from which they are played. We did this as follows. First, we played the song ( mostly my friend Dick ) with a working style and created the midi file. Then, in most cases, the style is made from the midi file. Then we print the score list to play the melody. (if you would like the song lyrics and chords, these are available for 570 songs in this text files.zip file.) The pupil played first the whole song together with the midi file Then, we mute the melody line. After awhile, when the pupil was ready, he or she could play the song with the style. This method has worked very well.

The "MIDI Lesson" files were originally submitted in small groups of 15 to 45 songs. The songs were available individually and the styles only in a zip file for each submission. I have combined all these earlier submissions into Midi Lesson (ML) packages of about 100 songs. Each ML zip file includes both the midi file and the associated style file.

(March 27, 2023) ML7.zip contains 15 additional song/styles. Click ML7Songs.txt for a song list.

(April 18, 2023) ML8.zip contains 15 additional song/styles. Click ML8Songs.txt for a song list.

(May 3, 2023) ML9.zip contains 15 additional song/styles. Click ML9Songs.txt for a song list.

(May 17, 2023) ML10.zip contains 16 additional song/styles. Click ML10Songs.txt for a song list.