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If you enjoy playing your keyboard, sooner or later you will want to record your songs so that you, and others, can sit back and listen to them. You can record your songs on the PSR or Tyros and create a midi file. This can be as simple as turning record ON and then playing the song and turning record OFF. This method is described in the lesson on Recording Songs by David Lindsay, who provided these steps for the PSR-2000. More details on using the Multi Track recording capability are available in the lesson on Multi Track by Ernie Mulder recording on the PSR-3000.

You can also connect your keyboard to your stereo system and, if you have a casette tape, simply play and record your songs to the tape. Today, however, casette tapes are becoming less frequent than CD players. Maybe you will want to record your song on your very own CD. A number of PSR owners have made their own CDs. The process requires some additional software on your personal computer and there are several programs that can help you do this. Gary Diamond's lesson on Recording to PC will walk you through the steps for the solution that he recommends.

With the most recent keyboards, Yamaha has made it much easier to create audio files so you can make your own CDs and share your music. Using the Tyros3, in the "Midi to Wav to MP3" article, I show you how you can use the Tyros3 (or Tyros2) Hard Disk Recorder feature to record an audio file. This audio file can then be exported to your USB drive and from there moved to your computer where you can incorporate it into an audio CD or create an MP3 from that file so you can share it with others.


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This page updated on February 15, 2024 .