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July 16 2004 -- You can save individual song setups in each of the 8 registration buttons.  That way a single bank of 8 registration buttons can cover 8 different songs.  This is the way Richard Peck used the registration buttons to set up his PSR-2000 for his performances.  Richard is one of our PSR Performers and you can download examples of Richard's performances by visiting the Richard's PSR Performer page. (Since sending in his registration files, Richard traded in his PSR-2000 and is now performing with a Yamaha Tyros.)

Richard has been kind enough to share these setups with us. Richard has generously provided us with nine registration files, which he has labeled Bank1 to Bank9, that he uses for his performances.  Each of the eight registration buttons in the nine banks listed sets up the PSR-2000 for a particular song or type of song.

Note: the PSR-2000 registration banks also work on the PSR-2100. When Richard moved on to the Tyros, he also sent in a set of Tyros registrations with 14 registration banks. These are also available below with conversions for use on the Tyros2 and Tyros3 as well.

The song setup is meant to be played through the entire song and does not use the OTS.  The table below shows the individual songs (or song type) in each of the 9 registration button for each of the 9 registration bank files. To download any of the registration bank files, click on the links in the table. Two additional tables are provided for your convenience. One shows all the songs listed alphabetically and the other shows the included styles listed alphabetically.

Richard has also been kind enough to provide a short lesson on Selecting Voices when you set up your keyboard for a song. 

9 Registration Banks for the PSR-2000

The table below lists all the songs by song title (Song) and includes the registration bank (File), the registration memory button (RM), the style (Style) and the tempo (Tempo). You can download all 9 files in one single zip file.

Song File-RM Style Tempo
Alice Blue Gown Bank3-4 Swing2 90
Amazing Grace Bank1-2 ModCountryPop 67
America the Beautiful Bank2-4 USMarch 80
April Showers Bank6-4 GypsySwing 120
Autumn Leaves Bank2-5 Swing2 85
Battle Hymn of Republic Bank8-7 USMarch 80
Bellefonte tunes Bank4-2 FastBossa 150
Blue Moon Bank9-1 GypsySwing 100
By the Time I Get to Phoenix Bank6-3 MoonlightBallad 90
Casey Waltz Straw Blonde Bank9-8 TraditionalWaltz 180
Cool Water Bank7-1 CountryShuffle 100
Crazy Bank9-6 CountryShuffle 105
Dear Hearts Gentle People Bank4-4 Swingfox 170
Detroit City Bank4-5 CountrySwing1 150
Don't Fence Me In Bank2-1 Country8Beat2 148
Dreamland Bank2-5 Swing2 85
Dreams Bank1-6 MoonlightBallad 90
Easter Bonnet Bank2-8 GypsySwing 160
Elvira Bank9-7 CountryPop1 140
Five Foot Two Bank7-7 Swingfox 175
Gambler Bank2-1 Country8Beat2 148
Georgia on My Mind Bank5-5 MoonlightBallad 95
Girl from Iponema Bank9-2 BossaNova 140
God Bless America Bank2-4 USMarch 80
Golden Earrings Bank3-8 Beguine 105
Grandfather's Clock Bank9-3 GypsySwing 139
Green Grass of Home Bank1-4 CountryPop1 95
Heart of My Heart Bank7-8 Swingfox 145
Hello Dolly Bank5-6 Showtime 110
Hoedown Bank7-6 Hoedown 125
Honey Bank5-7 Moonlight Ballad 90
I Don't Know Why Bank8-5 Swing2 90
I'll Fly Away Bank8-6 Bluegrass1 115
King of the Road Bank5-4 CountrySwing1 130
Laura's Theme Bank3-7 CountryWaltz 155
Let Me Call You Sweetheart Bank6-6 TraditionalWaltz 130
Lilli Marlene Bank5-8 Swingfox 115
Little White Church Valley Bank5-3 GypsySwing 140
Loch Lomon Bank1-8 PianoBallad 85
March Medley Bank6-5 USMarch 116
Margie Bank7-7 Swingfox 175
Memories Are Made of This Bank8-8 BigBandBallad 135
Merry Go Round Bank5-2 GermanMarch1 105
Moon Glow Bank1-7 Swingfox 150
Mr. Sandman Bank8-2 Foxtrot 200
My Blue Heaven Bank9-4 Swingfox 110
My Way Bank1-6 MoonlightBallad 90
Paper Doll Bank8-3 BigBandFast2 120
Peg of My Heart Bank3-1 Swing2 100
Polka Bank1-1 OberPolka 123
Puff the Magic Dragon Bank3-3 Swingfox 110
Red Roses for a Blue Lady Bank6-1 BigBandFast1 115
San Francisco Bank7-3 MoonlightBallad 90
Sentimental Journey Bank6-2 BigBandFast2 95
Sheik of Araby Bank7-2 Swingfox 192
Showtime Bank1-5 Showtime 125
Sing along Organ Bank5-1 MoonlightBallad 82
Sioux City Sue Bank6-7 Country2-4 90
Small World Bank5-2 German March1 105
Somewhere Over Rainbow Bank4-8 Swingfox 90
Spinning Wheel Bank3-5 Country2-4 120
Stardust Bank2-3 BigBandBallad 90
Stephen Foster Bank8-4 LoveSong 70
Sunny Side of the Street Bank6-8 BigBandBallad 145
Sweet Georgia Brown Bank8-1 Swingfox 192
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Bank1-3 BigBandBallad 100
Take Me Out to Ball Game Bank4-3 TraditionalWaltz 180
Tennessee Waltz Bank9-5 SwingWaltz 110
Theater Bank2-6 Showtime 120
Tiny Bubbles Bank3-2 Hawaiian 135
Today Bank7-5 TraditionalWaltz 100
Waltzing Matilda Bank2-7 Jig 120
When You Wish Upon a Star Bank1-3 BigBandBallad 100
White Cliffs of  Dover Bank4-1 GypsySwing 105
Wonderful World Bank4-7 Moonlight Ballad 82
Yellow Bird Bank4-6 Beguine 115
Yellow Rose of Texas Bank3-6 USMarch 100
Your Cheatin' Heart Bank2-2 CountrySwing1 150
Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Bank7-4 USMarch 116

Registration Banks for T1, T2, and T3

The table below shows the songs, and song types, included in this 14 registration bank set created on the Tyros1. I have used Yamaha's conversion programs to convert the registrations for use on the Tyros2 and also the Tyros3. The table shows the style and tempo used in the registration. In some cases the registration called for an external style and so the style name will give you an idea of what to use if the style does not show up on your keyboard.

Song File-RM Style Tempo
Sentimental Jrny P01-1 40sBigBand 88
Dark Delta P01-2 30sBigBand 150
Theater Org mrch P01-3 TheatreOrgMrch 124
Tel me forgive me P01-4 GUitarSerenade 106
Dear heart gentle P01-5 CntrySing-a-Long 174
Entertainer P01-6 Ragtime1 165
Belefonte P01-7 RumbaIsland 129
Strutters Ball P01-8 SwingFox 192
Wurlitzer P02-1 TheatreOrgMrch 208
Moonglow P02-2 30sBigBand 143
Zippity P02-3 USMarch 116
Barrel P02-4 OberPolka1 128
Puff P02-5 EasyListening 108
Love me tender P02-6 OrchestraSwing1 80
Bluegrass P02-7 Bluegrass 120
Easter Bonnet P02-8 GypsySwing 160
TORG P03-1 TheatreOrgMrch 124
My Shadow P03-2 TapDanceSwing 126
Wish Upon a Star P03-3 ChristmasSwing1 100
Green Grass of Home P03-4 CountryRock 115
Detroit City P03-5 CountryShuffle 135
Gambler P03-6 CowboyBoogie 150
Cheatin Heart P03-7 CntrySing-a-Long 148
GB America P03-8 USMarch 84
Begin Begine P04-1 Begiuine 120
March Medley P04-2 USMarch 116
Sigm Chi P04-3 English Waltz 109
Hawaiian P04-4 Hawaiian 150
King of Road P04-5 CntrySing-a-Long 135
Yakety Sax P04-6 Bluegrass 140
Whispering P04-7 OrganQuickStep 200
In The Mood P04-8 BigBandFast1 180
Banks Loch Loman P05-1 PianoBallad 85
RU Lonesome P05-2 OrchestraSwing1 126
Hello Dolly P05-3 Showtune 120
I Fly Away P05-4 Bluegrass1 120
Jazz P05-5 AcousticJazz 146
I Was Married P05-6 CountryShuffle 135
Today P05-7 CountryWalz 108
Crazy P05-8 CountryShuffle 105
Autumn Leaves P06-1 OrchestraSwing2 80
Lauras Theme P06-2 JazzWaltzFast 156
White Cliffs P06-3 GypsySwing 105
Georgia P06-4 GypsySwing 100
Girl Ipanema P06-5 PopBossa1 142
Whipporwills P06-6 OrchBigBand1 110
Yellow Bird P06-7 Beguine 120
Danny Boy P06-8 Live8Beat 106
My Way P07-1 OrchestraSwing1 76
San Francisco P07-2 Swing2 75
Frankie Johnny P07-3 BigBandFast1 144
Bill Bailey P07-4 Showtune 121
Alice Blue Gown P07-5 EasyListening 90
Tennessee Waltz P07-6 English Waltz 90
Girl of my dreams P07-7 OrchestraSwing1 100
Three Coins P07-8 MoonlightBallad 85
Lilly Marlene P08-1 SlowFox 105
Ball Game P08-2 SimpleFox 170
Peg Heart P08-3 30sBigBand 120
Red Roses Bl Lady P08-4 MidnightSwing 115
Always P08-5 BigBandFast2 94
Cool Water P08-6 CountryShuffle 100
Up Lazy River P08-7 BigBand1 116
Sunny Side Street P08-8 BigBandMed2 145
The Rose P09-1 ModBrdwayBld 80
Sweetheart Tree P09-2 ChristmasWaltz 94
Moon River P09-3 MidnightSwing 98
Nonsense P09-4 CertainSmile 166
Sing Waltz P09-5 SwingWaltz 140
Sing Waltz P09-6 SimpleWaltz 155
Sing C P09-7 OrchestraSwing1 144
Sing EF P09-8 OrchestraSwing2 144
Mr Sandman P10-1 BigBandFast2 185
Buttns Bows P10-2 CountryShuffle 153
Alley Cat P10-3 BigBandMed1 150
Sleepy Time Gal P10-4 OrchestraSwing1 120
Big Organ P10-5 TheatreOrgMrch 116
Rainbow P10-6 Learning6-8 86
Wonder World P10-7 6-8SLowRock1 70
Stride Gilded Cag P10-8 StrideSwing 165
GlowWorm P11-1 BigBand1 110
Sweet G Brown P11-2 BigBand1 176
Memories P11-3 6-8SLowRock1 88
Irish Eyes Smiling P11-4 TraditionalWaltz 180
Dixieland P11-5 Dixieland1 214
Hawaii 1 P11-6 Hawaiian 102
Hawaii 2 P11-7 Hawaiian 198
Hawaii 3 P11-8 Hawaiian2 101
Mem made of ths P12-1 Swing1 145
Honey P12-2 GypsySwing 90
No other Love P12-3 EasyListening 100
Oh What Beaut Mo P12-4 EasyListening 149
People Will Say in Love P12-5 EasyListening 115
Some Enchanted Ev P12-6 ModBrdwayBld 85
If I Loved You P12-7 EasyListening 85
I Don’t Know Why P12-8 OrchestraSwing1 94
Dreams P13-1 MidnightSwing 100
When I Lost You P13-2 MidnightSwing 100
Paper Doll P13-3 30sBigBand 115
Small World P13-4 Showtune 122
Merry Go Round P13-5 USMarch 110
Phoenix P13-6 ChristmasSwing2 90
America Beaut P13-7 USMarch 85
My Co Tis of Thee P13-8 Learning3-4 104
Organ1 P14-1 SimpleFoxtrot 120
Dearie Do U Rem P14-2 SimpleQuickStep 208
Amazing Grace P14-3 GuitarSerenade 106
Battle Hymn P14-4 USMarch 79
Waltzing Matilda P14-5 ScottishReel 112


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