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(December 5, 2012) -- As a picture is worth a thousand words, I've created some YouTube videos that show how registrations work. As other lessons point out, registrations can be created to control virtually everything on the keyboard. They allow us to concentrate on playing the song, rather than playing the buttons.

The Power Of Registrations

To find out what registrations can do, take a look at this video: "The Power of Registrations". It shows a single registration bank controlling the style, voices, lyrics (via text files), sheet music (via midi files), tempo, and transposition. All I do in playing the song is hit the pedal once each time I want to change from one registration to the next.

Creating Your Own Registration

To create your first registration file, check out this video: "How to create a registration". It shows how to start from scratch, memorize your settings, and save the file.

Creating a Setup Registration

Another very popular feature of registrations is to set up the keyboard the way you want it. For example, you might want to assign pedals, set the vocal harmony and microphone settings, etc. Many people create a "setup" registration that they load every time they turn on the keyboard. Here's how to do it: "How to create a setup registration".

Using An iPad With Your Keyboard

If you play from sheet music like I do, it gets annoying lugging around all those music books. And you still have to find the piece to play. With today's technology, all that can be eliminated. Here's how to use an app called SongBook+ to display your sheet music on an iPad: "Displaying sheet music on an iPad."

Using a Registration Sequence

The most powerful feature of registrations, in my opinion, is the sequencer, and it's probably the most under used. Here's how to create a registration which will load in the sequence you want, so you can concentrate on playing the song, not fiddling with the buttons: "Registration Memory Contents and Sequencer"

How To Start and Stop the Rhythm with Registrations

Many times you want to silence the rhythm, or stop it altogether, then start it up again during a song. This video shows how.

Saving Your Very First Registration Bank

If you've tried to save a bank, and "lost everything", this video is for you. It shows what to do when you've filled the eight active registrations and want more.

Troubleshooting Registrations

If your registration isn't loading what you think it should (user style, song file, voices, etc.) then take a look at this video. It shows the two most common problems with registrations: that your registration can't find the file you memorized, and you didn't memorize the right groups.

Gig Setup

If you use "song registrations" (one registration bank per song), you can easily and quickly set up for any gig. This video shows how to create a playlist, and how to set up to take requests.

Sample Registration Collections

To see registrations in action, you can download one or both of my collections Crooning and Christmas. These are both for the Tyros 4 ( and There is some setup required, so check out the README file after you've downloaded the collection.

[Fred is a regular visitor to the PSR Tutorial Forum. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to post your question and Fred, or other forum members, will be happy to provide answers.]


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