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[The following "lesson" was provided by Gary Diamond in a forum posting in 2006. Look in the Workshops section for a more in depth discussion of Setup Registrations by Heidrun Dolde .- JW]

(March 30, 2006) -- Having a few minutes this morning, I decided to post my response to one of the most frequently asked questions about saving pedal and mic settings. This information applies to the PSR-1500, 3000, and Tyros series as well.

Essentially, you must create a registration that only applies to the foot pedal(s), and or any other functions you wish to take place at startup. While you cannot change the keyboard's default startup information, you can create a registration that you will accomplish the same task and can be accessed immediately after turning on the keyboard.

First, plug in the pedals you intend to use into the appropriate jacks. Next, press the direct access button, then select the function for that pedal, vocal harmony, fill, etc.

At the same time, you may also wish to modify your mic settings. If so, set up the type of vocal harmony that suits your voice plus any additional vocal settings such as mic EQ, delay, reverb, etc.

Now press the registration [MEMORY] button located on the right side of the registration buttons. This will open the Registration Memory Contents page. Using the [#8] button and the Data Wheel, select and uncheck all boxes other than the MIC and PEDAL boxes. Only these two should be checked. Now, press registration button [#1]. Keep in mind that at this point the registration is still only in a temporary memory location and has not been permanently saved.

Now, press the [REGISTRATION BANK] button, which is located at the extreme left of the registration memory buttons. Press the SAVE button (bottom button of [#6]), provide the new registration with a name, I call mine "SETUP", press OK and the registration will be permanently saved in the USER area. Copy this new registration to both your smart media card and USB drive for backup purposes.

Next, press the Registration [MEMORY] button again, and this time uncheck both the MIC and PEDAL boxes, and place check marks in all the other boxes you would normally use for a registration -- style, tempo, voice, etc. This will insure that any subsequent registrations that you make will not overwrite the setup information. Now press [EXIT] and return to the main screen.

To test this registration, turn off the keyboard then turn it back on. Press the Registration Bank button, then select "SETUP" and press the [#1] registration button. The button indicator will turn red, your pedals should be ready to go, and your mic settings will be ready as well.

Gary smile

Fred Smith authored a YouTube video called "How to create a setup registration" that shows you could use a registration to assign pedals, set the vocal harmony and microphone settings, etc. Many people create such a "setup" registration that they load every time they turn on the keyboard.


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