This PSR Tutorial Songs 2021-20 Collection is delivered on a 32 GB USB drive and includes:

All of these songs appeared on the PSR Tutorial web site in 2021 or in 2020. Eventually, all will be archived and no longer available online.

These songs can be played in your computer (Windows or Mac) as well as on many mobile devices (such as iPads, iPods, mobile phones). They also can be played on recent Yamaha arranger keyboards (Genos, Tyros5, Tyros4, PSR-SX900, PSR-S975, PSR-S970, PSR-S950, PSR-S910) and Yamaha digital pianos (DGX and CVP).

Song Filenames

All MP3 filenames reflect the name of the song. In addition, one or more codes appended to the song name give you information about the performance. For example, "_c" (for copyright) indicates that this is an original song by this performer. "_v" (for vocal) indicates the performer sings the song. "-PPKK" is a 2 (or 3) letter abbreviation (PP) for the performer and a 2-letter abbreviation (KK) for the keyboard. To illustrate, consider the three examples below:

File Organization

Christmas Songs have their own folder. There are 312 Christmas songs drawn from the PSR Tutorial 2021 and 2020 Christmas Concerts. 21 PSR Performers contributed to the Christmas Concerts as well as 25 members of the PSR Tutorial Forum. To facilitate browsing these songs from your Yamaha keyboard, I divided the songs into three alphabetical subfolders (A-H, I-N, O-X) each of which has about 100 songs. The Christmas/Holiday songs take up 1.5 GB of storage and provide 16 hours of holiday music (including some original compositions).

Regular Songs - The remaining 792 songs were provided by the PSR Tutorial Performers from January 2020 through December 2021 and can be found on the individual performer pages. In this collection they are sorted alphabetically by song title and stored in a series of alphabetical folders (A-B, C-E, ..., U-Z). Although a computer folder can easily handle hundreds of files, browsing on a Yamaha keyboard shows files in screens displaying six 10-song tabs. 120 songs can be displayed in two screens so I have tried to keep all the song subfolders at about 100 songs.

Documentation - A "_Docs" folder includes several PDF files detailing contents of this collection as well as a Microsoft Excel file.

"Songs Alphabetical 21-20” (available as a PDF file and a Microsoft Excel file) lists all the songs alphabetically by filename (which is the song title) along with the performing artist, the keyboard used and the length of the song. Note that the “Songs by Filename” pdf file is 30 pages when printed out.

A separate “Christmas Songs 21-20” pdf file lists only the 312 Christmas songs in 9 pages.

Songs by Performer” lists song information alphabetically by Performer. 39 "PSR Performers" and 25 forum members contributed 1,004 songs to this collection. Recent MP3 songs for the PSR Performers and any available midi files are on their PSR Performer page in the Performers section of the PSR Tutorial web site. A short musical biography and a picture of each Performer is also available on the Performer page. Performers not currently listed in the current Performer's section, are found in the Archived Performers section.

The tables below list the PSR Performers and Forum Members who contributed to this collection. The forum members provided songs to the 2021 and 2020 Christmas concerts. The table shows the abbreviation for that performer and the number of songs included in the Songs 2021-20 collection.

PSR Performers Abb Songs
Alan Clare AC1 8
Andras Kronen AK1 1
Andrey Gusev AG1 2
Bob Coate RC 6
Bob K BK 14
Chris Easdown CE1 21
Craig CK 51
Deane Peters CE1 17
Don Valentine WG 2
Ernie Mulder EM 44
Franco Tancredi FT 2
Gabriel Schuck GS 39
Hans S. Bernal HSB 6
Jack Williamson JW3 4
Jim Laing JL 26
Jim Matthews JM 65
Joe Waters JW 2
John Phillips FP 6
Jon D JD 57
Larry Tyler LT 99
Manuel Dorantes MD1 19
Maria Alicata MA1 130
Mark Styles MS 5
Mark Wilburn MW 8
Mike Cyr M2 1
Mike Hackworth MH 74
Nick Van Zutphen NV 101
Norman Fernandez NF 3
Osvaldo De Souza OZ 14
Pedro Eleuterio PE 16
Richard Kent RK 1
Roger Brenizer RB 19
Roy Beardmore R2 40
Royce Mosgrove RO 11
Ryszard Biezczad RY 25
Toine Dejong TD 17
Ton Anthonie TA 1
Torben Goldin TG 5
Toril Susegg TS 51
Forum Members Abb Songs
Armando Pina AP1 17
Arthur Fultz AF 1
Bob (SciNote) SN 6
Bruce Breen BB2 4
Carlos CQ 3
David Read DR1 6
Del B DB2 2
Drake M DM 1
Esa Rossi ESA 4
Fred Smith FS 1
Gary Kilby GK 2
Janus JA 5
Jeff Murdock JM2 1
Jewel Palmer JP1 1
Jurianna Steyn JS1 1
Larry DR4 1
Larry Hawk LH 3
Larry Smith LS 1
Mike (keynote) KN 4
Mike Mroz MM2 1
Richard Willis RGW 1
Rick Fox HR 2
Robert Ford RF 6
Tim Bird TB 4

Songs 2021-20 by Keyboard” lists song information alphabetically by Keyboard. 15 Yamaha arranger keyboards, 3 CVP and DGX pianos and the Electone HS organ are represented. The number of songs by keyboard, as well as the 2-character keyboard abbreviation, are shown in the table below.

Keyboard Abb Songs
Genos G1 17
Tyros5 T5 165
Tyros4 T4 197
Tyros2 T2 17
PSR-SX900 X9 190
PSR-S975 98 27
PSR-S970 97 132
PSR-S770 77 20
PSR-S950 95 129
PSR-S750 75 3
Keyboard Abb Songs
PSR-S910 91 13
PSR-3000 3k 25
PSR-2100 21 1
PSR-E433 E4 7
PSR-EW410 E4 13
DGX 650 DG 5
CVP809 C8 19
CVP701 C7 8
CVP301 C3 3
Electone HS HS 3

Using This Collection

Most PCs provide software to play MP3s. Double-clicking on any song is likely to launch that software and play the song. However, your PC may also include a music database program, such as iTunes, and all of the MP3s can be loaded into your music database program. Each song includes song data indicating the performer and the keyboard used.

Yamaha arranger keyboards from the PSR-S910 onward are able to play back WAV and MP3 audio files. Consult your keyboard manual for detailed instructions on how to load and play an MP3 file in your keyboard.

As an example, here are the steps outlined in the PSR-S950 manual.

  1. Connect the USB flash memory containing the audio files to the [USB TO DEVICE] terminal.
  2. Press the [USB AUDIO PLAYER] button to call up the USB AUDIO PLAYER display.
  3. Press the [H] (FILE) button to display the audio files saved to the connected USB flash memory
  4. Press one of the [A] – [J] buttons corresponding to the file you want to listen to.
  5. Press the [8 down arrow] (AUDIO PLAY) button to start playback
  6. To stop playback, press the [2 up or down] (STOP) button.

Remember that when you tab to the USB device, you will have to tab through the relevant folders until you come to the actual MP3 files.

This page updated on January 18, 2023 .