This PSR Tutorial Songs 2017-2016 Collection includes 1,020 songs (MP3 format) -- 91 hours of listening pleasure. 58 performers contributed to this song collection and 18 Yamaha keyboards are represented. All of these songs appeared on the PSR Tutorial web site in 2017 or 2016, but many are or will be archived and available only in this song collection.

These songs can be played in your computer (Windows or Mac) as well as on many mobile devices (such as iPads and iPods). They also can be played on recent Yamaha arranger keyboards (Genos, Tyros5, Tyros4, PSR-SX900, PSR-S975, PSR-S970, PSR-S950, PSR-S910).

All songs have been normalized to a common volume level. This means that you do not have to continually adjust your speakers for songs that are too loud or too soft.


All MP3 filenames reflect the name of the song itself. Appended to each song name are one or more codes indicating information about the performance.

For example, a file labeled "Call Me_v-LTT5.mp3" is the song "Call Me" with a vocal by Larry Tyler (LT) playing on his Tyros5 (T5). See tables below for performer and keyboard abbreviations.)

Since these are MP3 files, they also can contain song information. For all songs, the "Contributing Artist" field holds the name of the performer. For regular songs, the "Album" field contains the name of the keyboard used. For Christmas songs, the "Genre" field shows the name of the keyboard.


Christmas Songs - 193 songs are drawn from the PSR Tutorial Christmas Jukeboxes in 2017 and 2016. These songs are in the "_Christmas" folder. 20 PSR Tutorial Forum members and 20 PSR Performers contributed to these holiday song collections. The Christmas songs take up 755 MB or storage and provide almost 10 hours of holiday music from around the world.

Other Songs - The remaining 827 songs are listed alphabetically in a series of alphabetical folders (A-C, D-H, I-L, M-Q, R-S, and T-Z). While a computer folder can easily handle a thousand plus files, your Yamaha keyboard folders are more restricted. That is why, for convenience, these songs were organized into subfolders.


The contents of the collection are detailed in several pdf files as well as a Microsoft Excel file found in the "_Docs" folder.

"Songs, by Title

Available as a PDF file and a Microsoft Excel file, this report lists all the songs alphabetically along with the performing artist, the keyboard used and the length (minutes) of the song. Note that the “Songs, by Title” pdf file is 28 pages when printed out.

A separate “xmas Songs by Title” pdf file lists only the 193 Christmas songs.

Songs, by Performer

This pdf file lists song information alphabetically by performer. The "PSR Performers" have their own PSR Performer page in the Performers section of the PSR Tutorial web site. You can find additional MP3 and/or midi songs on their Performer page as well as a short musical biography and a picture of the Performer. Performers not currently listed in the current Performer's section, are found in the Archived Performers section.

The table below lists the PSR Performers (marked in bold type), their abbreviation, and the number of songs in this collection. The other artists in the table contributed songs to the Christmas Jukeboxes in 2017 or 2016.

Performers in the Songs 2017-16 Collection
Performer Abb Num Performer Abb Num
Alan Clare AC1 2 Andreas Kronen AK1 3
Ben Seller BS 7 Bernie Henry BH2 1
Bert BL 1 Bertie SB 4
Bill Harden BH3 1 Bob (SciNote) SN 4
Bob K (Bob Tim) BK 18 Brian Miles BM2 6
Craig CK 157 Deane Peters HM 25
Del B DB2 4 Del K SK 1
Drake M DM 1 Ernie Mulder EM 93
Franco Tancredi FT 3 Gary Diamond GD 4
Gloria Hanson GH 3 Gregory Pace GP 1
Guillermo GG 1 Hans Sarmiento Bernal HSB 11
Jack Williamson JW3 40 Janet Griffin GR 14
Janus JA 4 Jim Laing JL 28
Joel True JT2 1 John Phillips FP 6
Joseph Hart JH 1 Kieth Osborne KO 1
Larry Tyler LT 91 Marc Thysebaert MT 1
Michael Witek MW 1 Mike Cyr M2 6
Nick Van Zutphen NV 88 Patricia Harman PA 2
Patricia Jacobsen AC 6 Paul Baumann PB 1
Paula P1 1 Peter Gasser PG 50
Randy Sherwood RS 14 Richard Kent RK 152
Robert Ford RF 1 Roger Brenizer RB 30
Ron Jubenville RJ 18 Roy Beardmore R2 52
Royce Mosgrove RO 4 Stephen Molnar SM 7
Sue Groom S1 1 Ton Anthonie TA 5
Torben Goldin TG 3 Toril Susegg TS 20
tyrosman t 2 Udo Becker UB 6
Vlad Lorincz VL 4 Wally Towells K1 3
William Barnard WB 1      

Songs by Keyboard

This pdf file lists song information alphabetically by Keyboard. 15 Yamaha arranger keyboards are included as well as the CVP-301 and the Korg PA4X. The number of songs by keyboard, as well as the 2-character keyboard abbreviation, are shown in the table below.

Keyboards included in the Songs 2017-16 Collection
Keyboard Abb Songs Keyboard Abb Songs Keyboard Abb Songs
Genos G1 41 Tyros4 T4 177 PSR-3000 3K 2
PSR-S970 97 82 PSR-S910 91 54 PSR-2100 21 6
PSR-S770 77 6 PSR-S710 71 42      
Tyros5 T5 195 Tyros3 T3 6 PSR-E433 E4 4
PSR-S950 95 372 PSR-S900 90 4 CVP301 C3 1
PSR-S650 65 2 Tyros2 T2 1 KorgPA4X 4X 4

41% of these songs were recorded on the top-level Genos or Tyros models. 56% of the songs were recorded on midrange PSR models.

The chart below shows the number of songs by keyboard with the keyboards listed from the newest arranger keyboards back to earlier models.

The table below shows the release dates of Yamaha arranger keyboards from 2009 through 2019. Since these are songs submitted in 2017 and 2016, there are no PSR-SX900 or PSR-S975 models represented. But the vast majority of songs (95%) were recorded on the previous 6 models.

Year 2019 2018 2017 2015 2013 2012 2010 2009
Keyboard SX900 S975/775 Genos S970/770 Tyros5 S950/750 Tyros4 S910/710

Using This Collection

Most PCs provide software to play MP3s. Double-clicking on any song is likely to launch that software and play the song. However, your PC may also include a music database program, such as iTunes, and all of the MP3s can be loaded into your music database program. Each song includes song data indicating the performer and the keyboard used.

Joe Waters

December 7, 2020

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