L A Breakdown (Jumbo)

L A International Airport (Jumbo)

La Bamba (Fantastic, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

La Cage Aux Folles (UltBrdwy)

La Canzone Di Doretta (Movie)

La Cinquantaine (The Golden Wedding) (Fantastic, Favorite)

La Comparsa (Jumbo, FirstTime)

La Cucaracha (Folksong, Favorite)

La Cumparsita (Favorite, Legit)

La Dolce Vita (Movie)

La Donna E Mobile (Fantastic)

La Donna É Mobile (Verdi) (Legit, Favorite)

La Fiesta (RealJazz, JustJazz)

La Golondrina (Favorite, Legit, Jumbo)

La La Lu (Disney, Jumbo)

La Marseillaise (Favorite, Legit)

La Paloma (Jumbo, Fantastic)

La Paloma Blanca (Favorite)

La Passerella Di Addio (Movie)

La Samba (RealBk1)

La Sorella (Fantastic)

La Sorella (Favorite)

La Vida Feliz (RealBk1)

La vie en rose (Fantastic, UltFakeB, JustStanR)

Ladies Of Brisbane (Folksong)

Lady (Wedding)

Lady Bird (RealBk1, Jazz50s, RealJazz)

Lady Came from Baltimore The (Jumbo)

Lady Day (Jazz60s)

Lady Gay (Folksong)

Lady In Red (Fantastic, UltPopRock)

Lady Is A Tramp The (StandReal, JazzStand, SwingEra, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltJazz, JustStanR, Legit, Sinatra)

Lady Isabel And The Elf Knight (Folksong)

Lady Lay Down (UltCntry)

Lady Madonna (Beatles, ClassRock, BestEver)

Lady Marmalade (R&B)

Lady Of Carlisle (Folksong)

Lady Of Spain (UltFakeB, Legit, Jumbo)

Lady Of The Evening (Berlin, RealJazz, Favorite)

Lady Play Your Mandolin (Fantastic)

Lady Sings The Blues (Blues, RealJazz, JustJazz)

Lady Willpower (Fantastic)

Lady's In Love with You The (Movie, SwingEra, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Laia Ladaia (FirstTime)

Lamb Of Glory (Gospel)

Lambeth Walk (UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, FirstTime)

Lambs On The Green Hills The (Celtic)

Lament (RealJazz)

L'Amour Toujours L'Amour (Love Everlasting) (Fantastic)

Lamp Is Low The (RealBk3, JustJazz)

Lamp Of Our Feet Whereby We Trace (Hymn)

Land Of A Thousand Dances (UltPopRock, Jumbo)

Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl (Folksong)

Lands End (UltJazz)

Lanigan's Ball (Celtic)

Largo (Handel) (Fantastic)

Largo from "The New World Symphony" (Dvorak) (Legit, Fantastic, Favorite)

Lark And The Magpie (Legit)

Lark In The Clear Air The (Folksong, Celtic)

Lark In The Morn The (Folksong)

Lark In The Morning The (Celtic)

Las Mananitas (Favorite)

Las Pulgas Freeway (Worlds)

Lasso The Moon (SingerCty)

Last Blues I'll Ever Sing (FirstTime)

Last Cheater's Waltz The (UltCntry)

Last Child (ClassRock)

Last Christmas (UltXmas)

Last Dance The (Sinatra)

Last Date (UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, 50Cntry, UltCntry)

Last First (RealBk1)

Last Kiss (EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Last Month Of The Year The (PianistX, UltXmas)

Last Night (Blues, R&B)

Last Night Of The World The (UltBrdwy)

Last Night On The Back Porch (I Loved Her Best Of All) (UltFakeB)

Last Night When We Were Young (EarlyJazz, RealJazz, Sinatra)

Last Nite (RealBk3)

Last One To Know The (UltCntry)

Last Request The (Folksong)

Last Resort (RealJazz)

Last Resort The (UltCntry)

Last Rose Of Summer (Legit)

Last Season (RealBk3)

Last Time I Felt Like This The (Movie, Wedding, FirstTime)

Last Time I Saw Paris The (Movie, SwingEra, UltFakeB, UltJazz, FirstTime)

Last Train from Overbrook (RealBk1)

Last Train To Clarksville (UltPopRock, BestEver)

Last Waltz The (Wedding, BestEver)

Last Word In Lonesome Is Me The (UltCntry, BestEver)

Late Lament (RealJazz)

Laugh! Clown! Laugh! (Fantastic, PerfComp, UltJazz, Jumbo)

Laughing On The Outside (Crying On The Inside) (Fantastic)

Laughter In The Rain (UltPopRock, BestEver)

Laura (RealBk3, RealJazz, Legit, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Laurie (RealBk1, RealJazz)

Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) (Legit, Disney, Folksong, Favorite)

Lay Down Sally (ClassRock, UltFakeB, UltCntry, UltPopRock)

Lay Me Down (Roll Me Out To Sea) (Fantastic)

Lay Of Diarmad The (Celtic)

Layla (ClassRock, UltFakeB, UltPopRock)

Lazy (Berlin, RealJazz, Jazz60s)

Lazy Afternoon (PianistF, Jazz50s, UltBrdwy, UltJazz)

Lazy Mary Will You Get Up? (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Lazy Moon (FirstTime)

Lazy River (Jazz50s, JazzStand, UltFakeB, RealJazz, Legit)

Lazybird (JustJazz)

Lazybones (JazzStand, UltFakeB)

Lead Kindly Light (Legit)

Lead Me Lord (Hymn)

Lead Me On (UltPopRock)

Lead Me To Calvary (Hymn)

Lead Me To The Rock (Gospel)

Lead On O King Eternal (Hymn)

Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us (Hymn)

Lead Us O Father In The Paths Of Peace (Hymn)

Leader Of The Band (BestEver)

Leader Of The Laundromat (BestEver)

Leader Of The Pack (EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Leah (50Cntry)

Lean Baby (Sinatra)

Leaning On A Lamp Post (UltFakeB, UltBrdwy)

Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (Hymn, Gospel)

Leaning On The Lamp Post (FirstTime)

Leap Frog (BestEver)

Learn Your Lessons Well (UltBrdwy)

Learnin' The Blues (Fantastic, Sinatra)

Learning To Lean (Gospel)

Leather And Lace (ClassRock, BestEver)

Leatherwing Bat (Folksong)

Leave A Tender Moment Alone (UltFakeB)

Leave It (PerfComp)

Leave It There (Hymn)

Leavin' On My Mind (Gospel)

Leavin' On Your Mind (PerfComp, UltCntry)

Leaving (Worlds)

Leaving On A Jet Plane (UltFakeB, Legit)

Legalize My Name (Jazz60s)

Legends Of The Fall (Movie)

Lemme At It (Worlds)

Lemon Drop (RealJazz)

Lemon Song The (Blues)

Lemon Tree (BestEver)

Lennie's Pennies (WorldsG UltJazz)

Les Bicyclettes De Belsize (Fantastic)

Les Poissons (Disney)

Lesson In Leavin' A (SingerCty)

Lester Leaps In (StandReal, JustJazz)

Lester Left Town (WorldsG UltJazz, Jazz60s)

Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella (PerfComp, BestEver, Jumbo, Fantastic, FirstTime)

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (Hymn)

Let All On Earth Their Voices Raise (Hymn)

Let All The People Praise Thee (Hymn)

Let All Together Praise Our God (Hymn)

Let 'Em Eat Cake (Gershwin)

Let 'Em In (PerfComp, BestEver)

Let Erin Remember The Days Of Old (Folksong, Celtic)

Let Forgiveness In (Jumbo)

Let Go (FirstTime)

Let Him Go - Let Him Tarry (Celtic)

Let It Be (Beatles, BestEver, Fantastic)

Let It Be Me (Elvis, Wedding, FirstTime)

Let It Rain (ClassRock)

Let It Ride (ClassRock)

Let It Roll (Let It Rock) (UltCntry)

Let It Shine (BestEver)

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (PianistX, UltXmas, Fantastic, UltJazz, JustStanR)

Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart (Hymn)

Let Me (FirstTime)

Let Me Be (Jumbo)

Let Me Be Good To You (Disney)

Let Me Be Lonely (Jumbo)

Let Me Be The One (RealBk1, 50Cntry, Fantastic)

Let Me Be There (Elvis)

Let Me Be Thine Forever (Hymn)

Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Fantastic, Wedding, Favorite, BestEver)

Let Me Come In (UltBrdwy)

Let Me Entertain You (UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, Legit)

Let Me Fly (Folksong)

Let Me Go To Him (Jumbo)

Let Me In (R&B, UltPopRock)

Let Me Love You Baby (Blues)

Let Me Love You Tonight (Legit)

Let Me Sing And I'm Happy (Berlin, UltFakeB)

Let Me Tell You About Love (UltCntry)

Let Me Try Again (FirstTime)

Let Saints On Earth In Concert Sing (Hymn)

Let The Bright Seraphim (Wedding)

Let The Good Times Roll (UltFakeB, EarlyRock, PerfComp, UltJazz, Jumbo)

Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (Hymn)

Let The Rest Of The World Go By (Fantastic, Favorite, BestEver)

Let The Sunshine In (Legit, Fantastic)

Let The Whole Creation Cry (Hymn)

Let There Be Love (JazzStand, Wedding, UltFakeB, UltJazz, Jazz60s)

Let There Be Peace On Earth (Jumbo)

Let There Be You (UltJazz)

Let Thy Blood In Mercy Poured (Hymn)

Let Us All Be Joyful Now (Folksong)

Let Us Break Bread Together (Hymn, Gospel, Folksong, Favorite)

Let Us Climb The Hill Together (Wedding)

Let Us Now Our Voices Raise (Hymn)

Let Us Plead for Faith Alone (Hymn)

Let Us with A Gladsome Mind (Hymn, Legit)

Let Yourself Go (Berlin, Movie)

Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing (BestEver)

Let's Be Buddies (UltBrdwy)

Let's Be Thankful for Thanksgiving Day (FirstTime)

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off (StandReal, UltJazz, JustStanR, Gershwin)

Let's Dance (EarlyJazz, UltJazz, BestEver, Jumbo, FirstTime)

Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) (Fantastic, StandReal, JustStanR)

Let's Do Something Cheap And Superficial (PerfComp)

Let's Face The Music And Dance (Berlin, JazzStand, Movie, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Let's Fall In Love (RealBk2, EarlyJazz, Wedding, UltFakeB, UltJazz)

Let's Fall To Pieces Together (SingerCty, UltCntry)

Let's Gather Round The Parlor Piano (FirstTime)

Let's Get Away from It All (JazzStand, SwingEra, UltJazz, BestEver, Sinatra)

Let's Get Down To Business (Blues)

Let's Get It On (R&B)

Let's Get Lost (SwingEra, RealJazz)

Let's Get Together (Disney, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, Jumbo)

Let's Go Dancin' (RealBk1)

Let's Go Fly A Kite (Disney, Movie, Jumbo)

Let's Go To The Movies (PerfComp)

Let's Go To Vegas (SingerCty)

Let's Groove (R&B)

Let's Hang On (SingerPop, UltPopRock)

Let's Have an Old Fashioned Christmas (UltXmas)

Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee (Berlin, SwingEra, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy)

Let's Hear It for The Boy (Movie, R&B, UltFakeB)

Let's Just Praise The Lord (Gospel)

Let's Keep Growing (Wedding)

Let's Kiss And Make Up (Gershwin)

Let's Love (Jumbo)

Let's Misbehave (Fantastic)

Let's Not Talk About Love (UltBrdwy)

Let's Put It Back Together Again (UltCntry)

Let's Put It Over with Grover (Disney)

Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep (Fantastic)

Let's Start The New Year Right (Berlin)

Let's Stay Together (RealBk3, UltPopRock)

Let's Take A Walk Around The Block (Fantastic)

Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk (Berlin, UltFakeB)

Let's Take The Long Way Around The World (UltCntry)

Let's Twist Again (EarlyRock, BestEver)

Letter The (Fantastic, Legit)

Letter To My Baby (Blues)

Letters Never Sent (BestEver)

Letting Go (PerfComp)

Levon (ClassRock)

Liberation (Chicago)

Liberty Bell March (Favorite)

Liberty Song (Legit)

Liberty Tree (Disney)

Lida Rose (PerfComp, UltBrdwy, BestEver)

Lido Shuffle (SingerPop, ClassRock, BestEver)

Liebestraum (Dream Of Love) (Fantastic, Wedding, Favorite)

Liebestraum (Liszt) (Legit)

Liechtensteiner Polka (UltFakeB)

Lies (UltFakeB, 50Cntry)

Life And Legend Of Wyatt Earp The (TV)

Life Goes On (SingerCty)

Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries (Fantastic, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltJazz, Legit)

Life Is Like That (Blues)

Life Saver (Chicago)

Life Without Her A (UltBrdwy)

Life's Railway To Heaven (Hymn, Gospel)

Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing (UltFakeB, Jumbo, FirstTime)

Lift Him Up (Gospel)

Lift Up Your Heads O Mighty Gates (Hymn)

Light At The End Of The Darkness (Gospel)

Light At The End Of The Tunnel (UltBrdwy)

Light Cavalry Overture (Favorite)

Light Cavalry Overture (Von Suppe) (Legit)

Light In Your Eyes (R&B)

Light Of The World (UltBrdwy)

Light Of The World Is Jesus The (Hymn)

Light Sings (UltBrdwy)

Lighthouse The (Gospel)

Light's Abode Celestial Salem (Hymn)

Lights Of Paris (Jumbo)

Ligia (RealJazz)

Like A Lover (O Cantador) (RealBk2, RealJazz)

Like A River Glorious (Hymn)

Like A Straw In The Wind (PerfComp, Jazz60s)

Like A Virgin (UltPopRock)

Like Father Like Son (RealBk2)

Like Someone In Love (PianistF, RealBk1, JazzStand, SwingEra, UltFakeB, UltJazz, Sinatra)

Like Sonny (RealBk2)

Likes Likker Better Than Me (Folksong)

Like's Railway To Heaven (Folksong)

Li'L Darlin' (Fantastic, StandReal, UltJazz, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Li'L Liza Jane (Go Li'L Liza) (Jazz50s, Folksong, Favorite, Legit, Fantastic)

Lil' Red Riding Hood (UltFakeB, 50Cntry)

Lili Marlene (FirstTime)

Lilies Grow High (FirstTime)

Lilies Of The Field Theme (Legit)

Lilli Marlene (UltFakeB, Jumbo)

Lily Of The Valley The (Hymn, Gospel)

Lily Of The West (Folksong)

Limbo Rock (UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, 50Cntry)

Limehouse Blues (Fantastic, Favorite, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Limelight (UltJazz)

Limerick Is Beautiful (Folksong, Celtic)

Lincolnshire Poacher The (Folksong)

Linda (PerfComp, BestEver, Jumbo, Sinatra)

Linda Mujer (Legit)

Linda On My Mind (Lying Here With) (UltCntry)

Line for Lyons (RealBk1, UltJazz)

Lines And Spaces (RealJazz)

Linger Awhile (PerfComp, UltJazz, BestEver, Legit, Fantastic)

Linstead Market (Folksong)

Linus And Lucy (BestEver, Fantastic, JustJazz)

Lion In Winter The (PerfComp)

Lion Tamer (FirstTime)

Lips Of Wine (FirstTime)

Lipstick On Your Collar (UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Lisa (RealBk2)

Lisbon Antigua (In Old Lisbon) (UltFakeB)

Listen (Chicago)

Listen Here (WorldsG RealJazz)

Listen Now (Worlds)

Listen To The Mocking Bird (Fantastic, Favorite)

Listen To The Mockingbird (Folksong, Legit)

Listen To What The Man Said (PerfComp, BestEver, Jumbo)

Litha (RealBk3)

Little African Flower (JustJazz)

Little Altar Boy (Jumbo)

Little Annie Rooney (Fantastic, Folksong, Favorite)

Little April Shower (Disney)

Little Arrows (FirstTime)

Little Baby (Blues)

Little Bird Little Bird (Jumbo)

Little Bird Told Me A (UltFakeB)

Little Bit O' Soul (ClassRock)

Little Bit Of Heaven (Shure They Call It Ireland) A (Favorite, Fantastic)

Little Bit Of Heaven A (Celtic)

Little Bit Of Soap A (Jumbo)

Little Bitty Tear A (UltCntry)

Little Black Rain Cloud (Disney)

Little Bo Peep (Fantastic, Favorite)

Little Boat (O Barquinho) (PianistF, UltJazz, BestEver, FirstTime, JustJazz)

Little Boy Blue (Favorite)

Little Boy Lost (Legit, JustStanR)

Little Boy Sad (UltCntry)

Little Brains A Little Talent A (PerfComp)

Little Brown Book (Jumbo)

Little Brown Dog (Folksong)

Little Brown Jug The (Fantastic, Folksong, UltJazz, Favorite, Legit)

Little Bunch Of Rushes The (Celtic)

Little Buttercup (I'm Called) (Favorite)

Little Child (Beatles)

Little Darlin' (UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Little David Play On Your Harp (Folksong)

Little Deuce Coupe (EarlyRock, UltPopRock, Fantastic)

Little Drummer Boy (FirstTime, JustStanR)

Little Egypt (R&B, EarlyRock, BestEver)

Little Fall Of Rain A (UltBrdwy)

Little Fish In A Big Pond (Berlin)

Little Games (FirstTime)

Little Girl (UltJazz, Wedding, BestEver, FirstTime)

Little Girl Blue (EarlyJazz, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltJazz)

Little Girl Of Mine (EarlyRock)

Little Girls (UltBrdwy)

Little Good News A (UltCntry)

Little Green Apples (UltFakeB, UltCntry, Legit)

Little Hands (PerfComp, UltBrdwy)

Little Heartache A (UltCntry)

Little House The (TV)

Little Is Much When God Is In It (Hymn, Gospel)

Little Jack Horner (Fantastic, Favorite)

Little Jazz Bird (Gershwin)

Little Jazz Bird (Fantastic)

Little Jeannie (UltPopRock)

Little Joe The Wrangler (Folksong)

Little Kiss Each Morning (A Little Kiss Each Night) A (Fantastic)

Little Lady Make Believe (FirstTime)

Little Lamb (UltBrdwy)

Little Lamb Dragonfly (PerfComp)

Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action A (UltCntry)

Little Lulu (TV)

Little Maggie (Folksong)

Little Man You've Had A Busy Day (EarlyJazz, UltFakeB, FirstTime)

Little Mary Sunshine (UltBrdwy)

Little Melonae (Jazz60s)

Little Miss Lovin' (Chicago)

Little Miss Muffet (Favorite)

Little Mohee (Folksong)

Little Night Music A (Fantastic)

Little Night Music A (UltBrdwy)

Little Niles (UltJazz)

Little Old Lady (Jazz60s)

Little Old Lady The (From Pasadena) (EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver, UltBrdwy)

Little Old Sod Shanty On My Claim (Folksong)

Little One (Worlds)

Little Orphan Girl The (Folksong)

Little People (FirstTime)

Little Pony (Fantastic)

Little Prince (Jumbo)

Little Queen Of Spades (Blues)

Little Red Rooster (Blues)

Little Rock (UltCntry)

Little Saint Nick (Fantastic)

Little Sandy Girl (Folksong)

Little Saucepan The (Folksong, Celtic)

Little Shoemaker The (UltFakeB)

Little Shoes (RealJazz)

Little Sir Echo (Fantastic, Favorite)

Little Sister (SingerCty, Elvis, UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Little Snowball Bush (Folksong)

Little Star (Fantastic, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Little Street Where Old Friends Meet A (Jazz50s, PerfComp, Jumbo)

Little Sunflower (RealBk1, RealJazz)

Little Taste A (Worlds)

Little Tear A (RealBk1)

Little Things (UltCntry)

Little Things In Life The (Berlin)

Little Things Mean A Lot (Legit)

Little Things You Do Together The (UltBrdwy)

Little Tommy Tucker (Favorite)

Little Waltz (RealBk1, RealJazz)

Little White Cloud That Cried The (BestEver)

Little White Duck (Legit)

Little White Lies (EarlyJazz, JazzStand, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Little Willie Leaps (UltJazz)

Little Wind (RealBk2)

Little Wooden Head (Disney)

Littlest One Of All The (Worlds)

Live And Let Die (PerfComp, Legit)

Live Another Day (Blues)

Live for Life (Legit)

Live Like A King (Disney)

Lively Up Yourself (RealJazz)

Livery Stable Blues (PerfComp)

Livin' (RealJazz)

Livin' On A Prayer (ClassRock, UltFakeB, UltPopRock)

Living At Home with Mom (Jumbo)

Living for Jesus (Hymn)

Living for The City (R&B)

Living In America (R&B)

Living In The Shadows (UltBrdwy)

Living Years The (UltPopRock)

Liza (All The Clouds'l Roll Away) (Fantastic, Gershwin)

Liza Jane (Folksong)

Lo He Comes with Clouds Descending (Hymn)

Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming (PianistX, UltXmas, Hymn, Favorite)

Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero (Jumbo)

Lo What A Cloud Of Witnesses (Hymn)

Loch Leven Love Lament (Celtic)

Loch Lomond (Fantastic, EarlyJazz, Folksong, Favorite, Legit, Celtic)

Lochbroom Love Song (Celtic)

Lock Up Your Daughters (Jumbo)

Loco-Motion The (SingerPop, R&B, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Lodi (Jumbo)

Logical Song The (UltPopRock)

Lolita (PerfComp)

Lollipop (EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver, Jumbo, FirstTime)

Lollipop Train (Jumbo)

Lollipops And Roses (Fantastic, BestEver, FirstTime)

London Bridge (Fantastic, Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

London Town (PerfComp)

Londonderry Air (Legit)

Loneliness (Fantastic)

Loneliness Is Just A Word (Chicago)

Loneliness Remembers (What Happiness Forgets) (Jumbo)

Lonely Again (50Cntry)

Lonely Alone (UltCntry)

Lonely Boy Blues (Blues)

Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro) The (UltPopRock, Jumbo, Fantastic)

Lonely Girl (RealJazz)

Lonely Goatherd The (UltBrdwy)

Lonely Hearts (UltCntry)

Lonely House (Jazz60s)

Lonely Man (Elvis)

Lonely Ones The (Jazz50s, Jumbo)

Lonely Street (UltFakeB, 50Cntry)

Lonely Teardrops (R&B, UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Lonely Too Long (UltCntry)

Lonely Town (Fantastic)

Lonely Woman (RealBk3, UltJazz)

Lonely World (Jumbo)

Lonesome (Jumbo)

Lonesome And Sorry (FirstTime)

Lonesome Cowboy (Elvis)

Lonesome Number One (50Cntry)

Lonesome Road The (EarlyJazz, Favorite, BestEver)

Lonesome Tears (PerfComp)

Lonesome Valley (Folksong, Favorite)

Lonesome Whistle Blues (Blues)

Lonesomest Girl In Town (FirstTime)

Long Ago (And Far Away) (Wedding, SwingEra, UltJazz, RealBk1, UltFakeB, Movie, FirstTime, Gershwin)

Long Ago Tomorrow (Jumbo)

Long And Winding Road The (Beatles, Wedding, BestEver)

Long As I Live (UltCntry)

Long Before I Knew You (PianistF, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy)

Long Black Limousine (Elvis)

Long Black Veil The (PerfComp, UltCntry)

Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) (SingerPop, ClassRock, UltPopRock)

Long Distance Call (Blues)

Long for The Silver Lining (FirstTime)

Long Gone Blues (Blues)

Long Gone Lonesome Blues (Blues, UltCntry, 50Cntry)

Long Lonesome Highway (PerfComp)

Long Long Ago (Favorite)

Long Long Long (Beatles)

Long Long Time (FirstTime)

Long Road (Blues)

Long Tall Sally (Beatles, R&B, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Long Time No See (Chicago)

Longer (Wedding, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Longer I Serve Him The (Gospel)

Longest Walk The (UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Longneck Bottle (UltCntry)

Looby Loo (Folksong, Favorite)

Look And Live (Hymn)

Look At The Birdie (RealBk3)

Look Away (Chicago)

Look Down That Lonesome Road (Folksong)

Look for Me (Gospel)

Look for Small Pleasures (UltBrdwy)

Look for The Silver Lining (EarlyJazz, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltJazz, Favorite)

Look Heart No Hands (UltCntry)

Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman (UltFakeB, Jumbo)

Look Of Love The (Movie, Wedding, BestEver, Jazz60s, Sinatra)

Look To The Rainbow (JazzStand, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, Legit)

Look To The Sky (RealJazz)

Look To Your Soul (Jumbo)

Look What You've Done (Blues)

Look What You've Done To Me (BestEver)

Look Ye Saints The Sight Is Glorious (Hymn)

Lookin' for Love (SingerCty, Movie, UltCntry)

Lookin' Good But Feelin' Bad (UltBrdwy)

Lookin' Out My Back Door (Jumbo)

Lookin' Out My Window Through The Pain (UltCntry)

Lookin' Through The Windows (R&B)

Looking At The World Thru Rose Colored Glasses (FirstTime)

Looking At You Across The Breakfast Table (Berlin)

Looking for A Boy (Fantastic, Gershwin)

Looking for A City (Gospel)

Looking for A New Love (R&B)

Looks Like Love Again (FirstTime)

Looks Like Meringue (Worlds)

Looks Like We Made It (UltPopRock, Legit)

Loop De Loop (UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Loose Ends (RealBk2)

Lord Ascendeth Up On High The (Hymn)

Lord Be Thy Word My Rule (Hymn)

Lord Bless You And Keep You The (Jumbo)

Lord Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing (Hymn)

Lord Enthroned In Heavenly Splendor (Hymn)

Lord for Tomorrow And Its Needs (Hymn)

Lord from The Depths To Thee I Cry (Hymn)

Lord I Hope this Day Is Good (UltCntry)

Lord I Want To Be A Christian (Hymn, Folksong)

Lord If At Thy Command (Hymn)

Lord I'm Coming Home (Hymn, Gospel)

Lord Is Good To Me The (Disney)

Lord Is In His Holy Temple The (Hymn)

Lord Jehovah Reigns The (Hymn)

Lord Jesus Christ Be Present Now (Hymn)

Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord Most Dear (Hymn)

Lord Jesus Christ We Humbly Pray (Hymn)

Lord Jesus Think On Me (Hymn)

Lord Keep Us Steadfast In Thy Word (Hymn)

Lord Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart (Hymn)

Lord Listen To Your Children Praying (Gospel)

Lord Make Us More Holy (Hymn)

Lord Mr Ford (UltCntry)

Lord Of All Being Throned Afar (Hymn)

Lord Of Glory Who Hast Brought Us (Hymn)

Lord Our Lord Thy Glorious Name (Hymn)

Lord Rendal (Folksong)

Lord Speak To Me (Hymn)

Lord Teach Us How To Pray Aright (Hymn)

Lord Thee I Love with All My Heart (Hymn)

Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days (Hymn)

Lord Will Come And Not Be Slow The (Hymn)

Lord with Glowing Heart I'd Praise Thee (Hymn)

Lord's My Shepherd I'll Not Want The (Hymn)

Lord's Prayer The (Gospel, BestEver)

Lorelei The (Fantastic, Gershwin)

Loser with A Broken Heart (Chicago)

Losing My Mind (UltBrdwy)

Lost And Found (Fantastic)

Lost Child The (Celtic)

Lost Her Love On Our Last Date (50Cntry)

Lost Highway (50Cntry)

Lost In Meditation (Jazz50s)

Lost In The Fifties Tonight (In The Still Of The Nite) (UltCntry, BestEver)

Lost In The Stars (Jazz50s, JazzStand, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltJazz, 54Stan)

Lost In Your Eyes (Wedding, UltPopRock)

Lot Of Livin' To Do A (PerfComp, UltBrdwy, UltJazz, StandReal, Jumbo)

Lotus Blossom (Jazz60s)

Lough Sheelin's Side (Celtic)

Louie Go Home (Jumbo)

Louie Louie (EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Louisana Purchase (Berlin)

Louise (Jazz50s, Movie, UltFakeB)

Louise Louise Blues (Blues)

Louisiana (UltJazz)

Louisiana Man (50Cntry)

Louisiana Saturday Night (UltCntry)

Lousiana Hayride (Fantastic)

L-O-V-E (Wedding, BestEver)

Love (Can Make You Happy) (Disney, UltFakeB, Jumbo)

Love American Style (TV)

Love And Marriage (Fantastic, Sinatra)

Love And The Weather (Berlin)

Love At My Heart (Celtic)

Love Came On Stealthy Fingers (RealBk1)

Love Can Build A Bridge (Wedding)

Love Changes Everything (UltFakeB, UltBrdwy)

Love Child (WorldsG R&B)

Love Come Take Me Again (UltBrdwy)

Love Connection The (Worlds)

Love Dance (RealBk1)

Love Divine All Loves Excelling (Hymn)

Love Don't Come Any Better Than This (UltCntry)

Love for Sale (Fantastic, StandReal, UltJazz, JustStanR)

Love In Bloom (UltFakeB)

Love In Ev'ry Room (FirstTime)

Love In The Moonlight (Jumbo)

Love In Vain Blues (Blues)

Love Inside The (Wedding, UltFakeB)

Love Is A Battlefield (ClassRock)

Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Jumbo)

Love Is A Good Foundation (FirstTime)

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (StandReal, Legit, JustStanR)

Love Is A Simple Thing (Jazz50s, JazzStand, Wedding, UltFakeB, UltJazz)

Love Is A Song (Disney, Jumbo)

Love Is All Around (ClassRock, Movie)

Love Is All We Need (Legit)

Love Is Blue (BestEver, Jumbo)

Love Is for The Two Of Us (Jumbo)

Love Is Here To Stay (UltFakeB, UltJazz, Wedding, JustStanR, JustJazz, Gershwin)

Love Is In The Air (FirstTime)

Love Is Just A State Of Mind (UltCntry)

Love Is Just around The Corner (EarlyJazz, JazzStand, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Love Is Like an Itching In My Heart (R&B)

Love Is Only Love (PerfComp, Jumbo)

Love Is Sweater Than Wine (Jumbo)

Love Is Sweeping The Country (Fantastic, Gershwin)

Love Is The Sweetest Thing (Fantastic, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Love Is The Thing (FirstTime)

Love Letter (RealBk3)

Love Letters (JazzStand, Movie, Wedding, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Love Letters In The Sand (UltFakeB)

Love Lies (RealJazz)

Love Lifted Me (Hymn, Gospel)

Love Look Away (PianistF, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, 54Stan)

Love Makes The World Go Round (Theme From "Carnival") (UltBrdwy, Legit, Fantastic)

Love Me (Elvis, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Love Me And The World Is Mine (Fantastic, Jumbo)

Love Me Do (Beatles, Wedding, PerfComp, BestEver)

Love Me Love The Life I Lead (Elvis)

Love Me Or Leave Me (Fantastic, StandReal, EarlyJazz, JazzStand, Movie, UltFakeB, RealJazz, Legit, Jumbo, 54Stan)

Love Me Tender (Elvis, Movie, Wedding, UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltCntry, UltPopRock, Legit)

Love Me Tomorrow (Chicago)

Love Me Tonight (UltCntry, FirstTime)

Love Me with All Your Heart (Cuando calienta el sol) (UltFakeB, UltCntry)

Love Music (FirstTime)

Love Nest The (Favorite, BestEver, Fantastic)

Love Of A Lifetime (Wedding)

Love Of God The (Hymn, Gospel)

Love Of My Life (UltCntry)

Love On The Rocks (Movie, BestEver)

Love Potion Number 9 (EarlyRock, UltBrdwy, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Love Power (Fantastic)

Love Put A Song In My Heart (UltCntry)

Love Reborn (Worlds)

Love Remains (Wedding)

Love Said Goodbye (Jumbo)

Love Shack (UltPopRock)

Love Sneakin' Up On You (SingerPop)

Love Song (Wedding, Jumbo)

Love Song A (UltCntry, Wedding)

Love Song Of The Year (Elvis)

Love Speaks Louder Than Words (StandReal)

Love Story (Where Do I Begin) (Jumbo)

Love Struck Baby (Blues)

Love Takes Time (R&B, UltFakeB, UltPopRock)

Love Talks (UltCntry)

Love The One You're With (UltPopRock)

Love Theme (Movie)

Love Theme Form "La Strada" (FirstTime)

Love Theme from "La Strada" (Fantastic)

Love Theme from "Serpico" (Movie)

Love Theme from "St Elmo's Fire" (UltFakeB)

Love Theme from "The Red Mantle" (Jumbo)

Love Theme from Pagliacci (Vesti La Giubba) (Fantastic)

Love Thy Will Be Done (UltFakeB)

Love Walked In (PianistF, StandReal, UltFakeB, UltJazz, Wedding, Gershwin)

Love Was Here Before The Stars (Jumbo)

Love Was New (Chicago)

Love Was Right Here All The Time (Jumbo)

Love Will Be Our Home (Wedding)

Love Will Find A Way (Disney, UltPopRock, Legit)

Love Will Keep Us Together (Wedding, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Love with Me (Melody's Song) (Wedding)

Love Without End Amen (SingerCty, Wedding, UltCntry)

Love You Didn't Do Right by Me (Berlin, Jazz50s, Movie)

Love You Madly (Jazz50s, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Love You Save The (R&B)

Love You To (Beatles)

Love Your Spell Is Everywhere (UltFakeB)

Lovelier Than Ever (PerfComp, UltBrdwy)

Lovely (UltBrdwy)

Lovely Debutante (Jumbo)

Lovely Hula Hands (UltFakeB, FirstTime)

Lovely Leitrim (Celtic)

Lovely Night A (UltBrdwy)

Lovely Rita (Beatles)

Lovely To Look At (UltFakeB, Legit, Wedding, FirstTime, 54Stan)

Lovely Way To Spend an Evening A (SwingEra, UltFakeB, RealJazz, FirstTime)

Lover (EarlyJazz, JazzStand, Movie, Wedding, UltFakeB, RealJazz, Jumbo)

Lover Come Back (Jumbo)

Lover Come Back To Me (StandReal, EarlyJazz, JazzStand, UltFakeB, Fantastic)

Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?) (PianistF, Blues, SwingEra, UltJazz, BestEver, FirstTime, JustJazz)

Lover's Concerto A (Wedding, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Lover's Holiday (Jumbo)

Lovers Of The World Unite (FirstTime)

Lover's Question A (EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver, Fantastic)

Love's Been Good To Me (Jumbo, Sinatra)

Love's Golden Day (Jumbo)

Love's Grown Deep (Wedding)

Love's Haunts (RealBk3)

Love's Made A Fool Of You (PerfComp)

Love's Old Sweet Song (Fantastic, Favorite, Legit)

Love's Theme (R&B, PerfComp, BestEver)

Lovesick Blues (Favorite, FirstTime)

Love-Wandering The (Celtic)

Lovin' Al (UltBrdwy)

Lovin' On Borrowed Time (Jumbo)

Lovin' You (BestEver)

Lovin'est Woman In Town (Blues)

Loving You (Fantastic, Blues, Elvis, UltFakeB, EarlyRock, Jazz60s)

Loving You Has Made Me Bananas (Jumbo)

Low Low Lands Of Holland The (Folksong)

Low-Backed Car The (Celtic)

Lowdown (Chicago, ClassRock, R&B, UltPopRock)

Loxodrome (RealBk2)

Lucille (Blues, EarlyRock, UltCntry, BestEver, Legit)

Luck Be A Lady (PerfComp, UltBrdwy, BestEver, Sinatra)

Luckenbach Texas (UltCntry, BestEver)

Luckiest Man in The World (Gershwin)

Lucky Day (Fantastic)

Lucky In Love (UltBrdwy)

Lucky To Be Me (Fantastic, StandReal)

Lucretia Mac Evil (ClassRock)

Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds (Beatles, ClassRock, BestEver)

Luke And Leia (From "Return Of The Jedi") (Fantastic)

Lullaby (Brahms) (Fantastic, Folksong, Favorite)

Lullaby In Rhythm (RealBk3)

Lullaby My Baby (Folksong)

Lullaby Of Birdland (Fantastic, RealJazz, UltJazz, Legit, JustJazz)

Lullaby Of Broadway (Fantastic, StandReal, JustStanR)

Lullaby Of The Leaves (RealBk2, EarlyJazz, JazzStand, UltFakeB, PerfComp, UltJazz, Jumbo)

Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) (BestEver)

Lulu's Back In Town (Fantastic)

Lure Of The Fairy Hill The (Celtic)

Lush Life (RealBk1, Jazz50s, JazzStand, UltJazz, BestEver, Jumbo, JustJazz)

Lusitanos (Worlds)

Lusty Month Of May The (UltBrdwy)

Lydia (RealJazz)

Lyin' Eyes (Fantastic)


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