D C Farewell (WorldsG UltJazz)

D Minor Mint (RealBk3)

Daahoud (WorldsG UltJazz)

Dabbling In The Dew (Folksong)

Daddy (BestEver)

Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast (UltCntry)

Daddy Sang Bass (Gospel, PerfComp, UltCntry, Legit, Jumbo)

Daddy What If (Jumbo)

Daddy's Girl Cynthia (RealBk3)

Daddy's Hands (SingerCty, UltCntry)

Daddy's Home (Fantastic, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Daddy's Little Boy (PerfComp, BestEver, Jumbo)

Daddy's Little Girl (PerfComp, BestEver, Jumbo)

Dahomey Dance (RealJazz)

Daisy Anthem The (Disney)

Daisy Jane (Fantastic)

Daisy Mae (Worlds)

Dallas (TV)

Dallas Blues (Blues)

Dalmatian Plantation (Disney)

Dance Alone With You (Gershwin)

Dance Ballerina Dance (BestEver)

Dance for Your Thoughts A (Worlds)

Dance Little Bird (Fantastic)

Dance Mama Dance Papa Dance (Legit)

Dance Of The Hours (Favorite)

Dance Of The Infidels (Fantastic)

Dance Of The Raindrops (Jumbo)

Dance Of The Slave Maidens (Borodin) (Legit)

Dance Of The Sugar-Plum Fairy (PianistX, UltXmas, Favorite, Legit)

Dance Only with Me (UltBrdwy)

Dance The (Wedding)

Dance To The Music (Fantastic)

Dance To Your Daddy (Folksong)

Dance To Your Shadow (Celtic)

Dance with A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stockin') (UltFakeB)

Dance with Me (R&B, EarlyRock)

Dance with Me Henry (The Wallflower) (EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Dance: Ten; Looks: Three (PerfComp, UltBrdwy)

Dancer At The Fair (Jumbo)

Dancin' Cowboys (UltCntry)

Dancin' In The Moonlight (Fantastic)

Dancin' Your Memory Away (UltCntry)

Dancing (PerfComp)

Dancing In The Dark (Fantastic, StandReal, JustStanR)

Dancing In The Sheets (Movie)

Dancing In The Street (RealBk3, Movie, R&B, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Dancing Leaves (Jumbo)

Dancing On A Dime (Jazz50s)

Dancing On The Ceiling (Fantastic, StandReal, EarlyJazz, JazzStand, UltFakeB, RealJazz, UltBrdwy)

Dancing with Tears In My Eyes (Fantastic)

Dang Me (EarlyRock, UltCntry)

Danger Zone (Movie)

Daniel (ClassRock, BestEver)

Danke Schoen (Wedding, BestEver)

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) (TV, EarlyJazz, Folksong, Favorite, BestEver, Celtic)

Dansero (Jumbo)

Danube Waves (Favorite)

Danville Girl (Folksong)

Darby Kelly (Celtic)

Dardanella (EarlyJazz, Favorite, BestEver)

Darius Dance (RealBk3)

Dark Eyes (Favorite, Legit)

Dark Horse (ClassRock)

Dark Lady (WorldsG Jumbo)

Dark Light (Worlds)

Darktown Strutters' Ball The (UltFakeB, Favorite, Legit)

Darlene (50Cntry)

Darlin' (Fantastic, UltCntry)

Darlin' Corey (Folksong)

Darlin' Dear (Chicago)

Darling je vous aime beaucoup (Wedding, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Darling Maiden Hark I Ask Thee (Folksong)

Darling Nelly Gray (Folksong)

Darn It Baby That's Love (UltBrdwy)

Darn That Dream (PianistF, RealBk1, JazzStand, SwingEra, UltFakeB, UltJazz, JustStanR)

Dat Dere (RealJazz)

Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady (Fantastic)

Daughter Will You Marry? (Folksong)

Daugther Of Peggy O'Neil (Legit)

David Of The White Rock (Folksong)

Dawn (Go Away) (EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Dawn Of Time The (RealJazz)

Day After Day (It's Slipping Away) (Jumbo)

Day Bright Day Of Glory A (UltXmas)

Day by Day (TV, Hymn, RealBk2, JazzStand, SwingEra, Wedding, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, BestEver, Jumbo, Sinatra)

Day Dream (RealBk3)

Day He Wore My Crown The (Gospel)

Day I Fall In Love The (Movie)

Day In Day Out (StandReal, Fantastic, JustStanR, Sinatra)

Day In The Life A (Beatles, ClassRock)

Day In The Life Of A Fool A (PianistF, Jazz50s, JazzStand, UltFakeB, UltJazz, Legit, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Day Is Dying In The West (Hymn)

Day Is Past And Over The (Hymn)

Day Is Surely Drawing Near The (Hymn)

Day Of Resurrection The (Hymn)

Day The Circus Left Town The (Jumbo)

Day The Rains Came The (UltFakeB, FirstTime)

Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended The (Hymn)

Day Tripper (Beatles, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Daybreak (Legit)

Daydream (UltPopRock, BestEver)

Daydream Believer (SingerPop, BestEver)

Daydreams About Night Things (UltCntry)

Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) (UltFakeB)

Days Of Forty Nine (Folksong)

Days Of The Waltz (FirstTime)

Days Of Wine And Roses The (Fantastic, StandReal, RealJazz, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Daytime Friends (Fantastic, UltCntry)

Daytime Nightime Suffering (PerfComp)

De Kalb Blues (Blues)

Deacon Blues (ClassRock, FirstTime, JustJazz)

Dead Man's Curve (EarlyRock)

Dead Presidents (Blues)

Deadheads And Suckers (Folksong)

Dear Boy (PerfComp)

Dear God (Jumbo)

Dear Heart (JustStanR)

Dear Hearts And Gentle People (UltFakeB, Jumbo)

Dear Jesus In Whose Life I See (Hymn)

Dear John (TV)

Dear Little Shamrock The (Celtic)

Dear Lord (RealBk2)

Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind (Hymn)

Dear Me (50Cntry)

Dear Old Donegal (FirstTime)

Dear Old Girl (Legit)

Dear Old Nebraska U (PerfComp)

Dear Old Southland (FirstTime)

Dear Prudence (Beatles)

Dear Uncle Sam (Jumbo)

Dear World (PerfComp, UltBrdwy, Jumbo)

Dearest Jesus We Are Here (Hymn)

Dearie (Jumbo)

Dearly Beloved (RealBk1, Movie, SwingEra, UltFakeB, UltJazz, Wedding)

Death And The Lady (Folksong)

December 1963 (UltPopRock, BestEver)

Deceptacon (RealJazz)

Deck Of Cards The (UltCntry)

Deck The Hall (PianistX, UltXmas, Favorite, Fantastic, Legit)

Deck Thyself My Soul with Gladness (Hymn)

Decoration Day (Blues)

Dede Dinah (UltFakeB)

Dedicated To The One I Love (R&B, Wedding, UltPopRock, Jumbo, FirstTime)

Dedicated To You (StandReal)

Dee Song (RealBk2)

'Deed I Do (PianistF, Jazz50s, UltJazz, BestEver, Jumbo)

Deep Blue Sea (Folksong)

Deep In A Dream (Fantastic)

Deep In The Heart Of Texas (UltFakeB)

Deep Purple (StandReal, Legit, Fantastic, JustStanR)

Deep River (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Deeper And Deeper (Hymn)

Deeper Deeper (Hymn)

Deeper Than The Holler (UltCntry)

Deer Song The (Folksong)

Del Sasser (Worlds)

Delaware (PerfComp, BestEver)

Delevans (RealBk1)

Delgado (RealBk2)

Delia's Gone (Folksong)

Delicado (Baiao) (Fantastic)

Delilah (BestEver)

Delishious (Gershwin)

Delta Dawn (Legit)

Depth Of Mercy (Hymn)

Derby Ram The (Folksong)

Des Hold My Hands Tonight (Jumbo)

Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune) (RealBk1, JazzStand, UltJazz, JustJazz)

Desert Song The (Fantastic, UltFakeB)

Desire (RealBk1)

Desiree (BestEver)

Desperado Love (UltCntry)

Desperado The (Favorite)

Detour (UltCntry, Legit)

Detour Ahead (RealBk2, RealJazz)

Detroit City (PerfComp, UltCntry, Jumbo)

Devil Got My Woman (Blues)

Devil May Care (RealBk2, JustStanR)

Devil Or Angel (EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Devil with The Blue Dress (R&B)

Devilish Mary (Folksong)

Devil's Bregade March (I Want A Woman) (Legit)

Devil's Questions The (Folksong)

Devil's Sweet (Chicago)

Devoted To You (Fantastic, Wedding, EarlyRock, UltCntry)

Devotion (Wedding) (Wedding)

Dewey Square (UltJazz)

Dexter (RealBk3)

Dexterity (JustJazz)

Dialogue Part I (Chicago)

Dialogue Part Ii (Chicago)

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (BestEver)

Diana (FirstTime)

Diane (Legit, Fantastic)

Diary The (EarlyRock)

Dick Darby (Folksong, Celtic)

Did I Remember? (Legit)

Did You Ever (Blues)

Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? (UltPopRock)

Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? (Movie)

Did You Ever See A Lassie? (Favorite)

Did Your Mother Come from Ireland? (Legit)

Diddie Wa Diddie (Blues)

Didn't It Rain (Folksong)

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel? (Folksong)

Didn't We (Jumbo, Jazz60s)

Didn't We Papa (Gospel)

Died for Love (Folksong)

Dienda (RealBk3)

Different Drum (BestEver)

Different Worlds (TV)

Dig (RealBk1)

Dig A Pony (Beatles)

Dig It (Beatles)

Diga Diga Doo (FirstTime)

Diggin' Up Bones (UltCntry)

Diggy Liggy Lo (50Cntry)

Diminushing (RealJazz)

Dinah (EarlyJazz, PerfComp, UltJazz, BestEver, Jumbo, FirstTime)

Dindi (RealBk1, RealJazz, BestEver, Jazz60s)

Ding Dong! Merrily On High (UltXmas)

Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (Legit)

Dingle Puck Goat The (Folksong, Celtic)

Dink's Song (Folksong)

Dinner with My Friends (Fantastic)

Dinosaurs Main Title (TV)

Dippermouth Blues (Blues, RealJazz)

Dirty No-Gooder's Blues (Blues)

Dirty Work (FirstTime)

Disco Lady (UltPopRock)

Disenchanted (UltCntry)

Dissatisfied (Blues)

Dissertation On The State Of Bliss (Love And Learn) (Movie)

Distant Drums (UltCntry)

Distant Melody (PerfComp)

Dites Moi (UltBrdwy)

Divertimento (RealBk3)

Diving Duck (Blues)

D-I-V-O-R-C-E (UltCntry)

Dixie (I Wish I Was In) (Fantastic, UltFakeB, Folksong, Favorite)

Dixieland (Legit)

Dixieland Delight (Fantastic)

Dizzy (Wedding, UltPopRock, Jumbo)

Dizzy Atmosphere (UltJazz, JustJazz)

Dizzy Miss Lizzie (Beatles, EarlyRock, Jumbo)

Dizzy's Business (Fantastic)

Django (RealBk2, Jazz50s, UltJazz)

Do As I'm Doing (Folksong)

Do Do Do (Gershwin)

Do I Hear A Waltz? (UltFakeB, UltBrdwy)

Do I Love You (EarlyJazz)

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? (PianistF, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy)

Do It ('Til Your Satisfied) (UltFakeB, UltPopRock)

Do It Again (ClassRock, Favorite, JustJazz, Gershwin)

Do Lord (Gospel)

Do Me Right (Blues)

Do Me with Love (UltCntry)

Do My Johnny Booker (Legit)

Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me (Fantastic, Jazz50s, JazzStand, UltJazz, BestEver, RealBk1, Legit, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Do That To Me One More Time (UltPopRock)

Do They Know It's Christmas? (PianistX, UltXmas)

Do Wah Diddy Diddy (EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Do What You Gotta Do (Jumbo)

Do Ya' (SingerCty)

Do You Believe In Magic (BestEver)

Do You Care? (Jumbo)

Do You Ever Fool Around (UltCntry)

Do You Ever Think Of Me? (Legit)

Do You Hear The People Sing? (UltBrdwy)

Do You Know My Jesus? (Gospel)

Do You Know The Way To San Jose (Fantastic, BestEver, Jumbo)

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? (PianistF, Blues, EarlyJazz, JazzStand, UltFakeB, UltJazz, JustStanR, 54Stan)

Do You Know Where You're Going To? (Movie, R&B, BestEver)

Do You Love As Good As You Look (UltCntry)

Do You Love Me (R&B, EarlyRock)

Do You Love Me? (UltBrdwy)

Do You Wanna Go To Heaven (UltCntry)

Do You Wanna Make Love (UltFakeB, Fantastic, FirstTime)

Do You Want To Dance? (R&B, BestEver)

Do You Want To Know A Secret (Beatles, Legit, Fantastic)

Dobie (TV)

Doce Presenca (RealBk2)

Dock Of The Bay The (Sittin' on) (StandReal, UltPopRock, Fantastic, JustStanR)

Doctor Jazz (SwingEra, PerfComp, RealJazz)

Doctor Lawyer Indian Chief (Jumbo)

Doctor My Eyes (UltFakeB)

Doctor Robert (Beatles)

Dodger Song The (Folksong)

Dodi Li (FirstTime)

Do-Do-Do (Fantastic)

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Chicago)

Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind (UltCntry, 50Cntry)

Does He Really Care for Me (Jumbo)

Does Jesus Care? (Hymn, Gospel)

Does The Spearmint Lose Its Flavor (FirstTime)

Does Your Heart Beat for Me? (FirstTime)

Doesn't Anybody Know My Name (Jumbo)

Dog-gone Blues (Favorite)

Dogs In The Wine Shop (RealBk2)

Doin' The New Low-Down (FirstTime)

Doin' What Comes Natur'lly (Berlin, UltFakeB)

Dolores (Movie, UltFakeB)

Dolores Waltz (Favorite)

Dolphin Dance (RealBk3, RealJazz, JustJazz)

Dolphin Dreams (RealJazz)

Dominique (Movie, BestEver, Legit)

Domino (Fantastic, FirstTime)

Dona Dona (FirstTime)

Dona Nobis Pacem (Hymn, Favorite)

Don'Cha Go 'Way Mad (Fantastic, Sinatra)

Doncha' Think It's Time? (Elvis)

Doney Gal (Folksong)

Donkey Riding (Folksong)

Donkey Serenade (BestEver)

Donna (Fantastic, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Donna Lee (UltJazz, JustJazz)

Donna Reed Theme (TV)

Don't (Elvis, UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Don't Ask Me Why (Elvis)

Don't Ask Why (RealBk3)

Don't Be Afraid Of Romance (Berlin)

Don't Be Angry (50Cntry)

Don't Be Blue (StandReal)

Don't Be Cruel (SingerPop, Elvis, UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltCntry, UltPopRock, Legit)

Don't Be So Mean To Baby (Jumbo)

Don't Be That Way (RealBk3, EarlyJazz, Legit)

Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You (UltCntry)

Don't Blame It All On Broadway (Jumbo)

Don't Blame Me (RealBk3, BestEver, Legit, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Don't Bother Me (Beatles)

Don't Break The Heart That Loves You (Fantastic)

Don't Bring Lulu (Fantastic)

Don't Burn The Candle (At Both Ends) (Jumbo)

Don't Cheat In Our Home Town (UltCntry)

Don't Come Knockin' (PerfComp, UltCntry)

Don't Count The Rainy Days (SingerCty)

Don't Cry Daddy (Elvis)

Don't Cry for Me Argentina (Movie, UltBrdwy, Fantastic, BestEver, FirstTime)

Don't Cry Joe (Fantastic, Sinatra)

Don't Cry My Love (Jumbo)

Don't Cry Out Loud (Fantastic, UltFakeB, UltPopRock)

Don't Do Me Like That (UltPopRock)

Don't Even Change A Picture On The Wall (Jumbo)

Don't Ever Leave Me (UltBrdwy)

Don't Explain (SwingEra, UltJazz, FirstTime, JustJazz)

Don't Fall In Love with A Dreamer (UltPopRock)

Don't Fear The Reaper (ClassRock)

Don't Fence Me In (Fantastic, JustStanR)

Don't Forget The Poet (RealBk2)

Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Fantastic, RealBk1, JazzStand, SwingEra, UltJazz, BestEver, Legit, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Don't Get Me Started (UltCntry)

Don't Give In To Him (50Cntry)

Don't Give Up (FirstTime)

Don't Go Breaking My Heart (PerfComp, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Don't Go No Further (Blues)

Don't Go Out Into The Rain (Legit)

Don't Go To Strangers (RealBk1, Jazz50s)

Don't I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again (Folksong)

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Legit)

Don't Jump To Conclusions (Disney)

Don't Know Much (Wedding, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Don't Leave Me Now (Elvis)

Don't Let It Bring You Down (PerfComp)

Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (SingerPop)

Don't Let Me Down (Beatles)

Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (UltFakeB, UltCntry, Legit, 50Cntry)

Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (UltJazz, BestEver, FirstTime)

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (ClassRock, PerfComp, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (Folksong)

Don't Like Goodbyes (PerfComp, UltBrdwy, Sinatra)

Don't Look Back (ClassRock)

Don't Make Me Over (Fantastic, R&B, BestEver)

Don't Make Promises (BestEver)

Don't Marry Me (UltBrdwy)

Don't Pass Me By (Beatles)

Don't Pull Your Love (UltFakeB)

Don't Rain On My Parade (UltBrdwy, Jazz60s)

Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby (R&B, EarlyRock)

Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (Fantastic, BestEver, Legit)

Don't Sleep In The Subway (BestEver, FirstTime)

Don't Smoke In Bed (Blues, RealJazz)

Don't Stand So Close To Me (ClassRock, UltFakeB)

Don't Stop (ClassRock)

Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) (R&B)

Don't Take Your Guns To Town (UltCntry)

Don't Take Your Love from Me (SwingEra, UltJazz, BestEver, Jumbo, Sinatra)

Don't Tell (That Sweet Ole Lady Of Mine) (Jumbo)

Don't Tell Me Your Troubles (50Cntry)

Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closin' Time (UltCntry)

Don't Underestimate My Love for You (UltCntry)

Don't Wait Too Long (Berlin)

Don't Want To Be A Fool (R&B)

Don't Worry Baby (EarlyRock)

Don't Worry Be Happy (Movie, BestEver)

Don't Worry 'Bout Me (StandReal, EarlyJazz, JazzStand, RealJazz, FirstTime, JustStanR, Sinatra)

Don't Worry 'Bout That Mule (Jumbo)

Don't You (Forget About Me) (Movie)

Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) (UltCntry)

Don't You Know I Care (Or Don't You Care To Know) (SwingEra, RealJazz)

Don't You Lie To Me (Blues)

Don't You Want Me? (Fantastic)

Don't You Weep After Me (Folksong, Celtic)

Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (R&B)

Dont's Sing Love Songs (Folksong)

Doo Dah (Jumbo)

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (ClassRock)

Doodle Doo Doo (PerfComp, Legit)

Doodlin' (StandReal, UltJazz, Jumbo)

Doodlin' Song A (PerfComp)

Doon The (Celtic)

Doors (RealBk1)

Doraville (Jumbo)

Do-Re-Mi (UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, Legit)

Doroteo (The Automobile Song) (Jumbo)

Double Trouble (Blues, ClassRock, Elvis)

Double Up The (RealBk3)

Douglas Mountain (UltXmas)

Dove The (Jumbo)

Dowerless Maiden The (Celtic)

Dowie Dens Of Yarrow The (Folksong, Celtic)

Down Among The Sheltering Palms (Fantastic, UltFakeB, Favorite, Legit)

Down At The Cross (Hymn, Gospel)

Down At The Twist And Shout (UltCntry)

Down by The Old Mill Stream (Wedding, Favorite, BestEver)

Down by The River (EarlyJazz)

Down by The Riverside (Hymn, Folksong, UltJazz, Favorite)

Down by The Salley Gardens (Folksong, Celtic)

Down by The Sheltering Palms (Fantastic)

Down by The Station (Folksong, Favorite, FirstTime)

Down Hearted Blues (Blues, RealJazz)

Down In My Heart (Folksong)

Down In That Valley (Folksong)

Down In The Boondocks (UltPopRock, Jumbo)

Down In The Bottom (Blues)

Down In The Depths (UltBrdwy)

Down In The Dumps (Blues)

Down In The Old Neighborhood (Jumbo)

Down In The Valley (Hymn, Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Down In The Willow Garden (Folksong)

Down On 33rd And 3rd (Thoidy Thoid And Thoid) (Fantastic)

Down On Macconnarchy Square (Jumbo)

Down On Me (UltFakeB)

Down On The Corner (Jumbo)

Down The Field (Favorite)

Down The Line (PerfComp)

Down The Old Ox Road (Jazz50s)

Down The River (Folksong)

Down The Road (Legit)

Down The Road A Piece (FirstTime)

Down Under (SwingEra, RealJazz)

Down Went Mcginty (Celtic)

Down with Love (RealJazz, UltBrdwy)

Down Yonder (UltFakeB, Favorite)

Downtown (BestEver, FirstTime)

Doxy (StandReal, UltJazz)

Draw Nigh And Take The Body Of The Lord (Hymn)

Draw Nigh To God (Gospel)

Draw The Line (ClassRock)

Dream (Fantastic)

Dream A (Fantastic, Wedding)

Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Fantastic, EarlyJazz, Wedding, UltFakeB, RealJazz, JustStanR)

Dream Away (Sinatra)

Dream Babies (UltBrdwy)

Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) (SingerPop, EarlyRock, UltCntry, UltPopRock)

Dream Dancing (StandReal, RealJazz, Jazz60s)

Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes A (Disney, Movie, BestEver, Jumbo)

Dream Lover (SingerPop, EarlyRock, BestEver)

Dream Of Olwen (FirstTime)

Dream On (ClassRock, FirstTime)

Dream On Little Dreamer (Jumbo)

Dream Sweet Dreamer (Jumbo)

Dream Weaver (Movie, UltFakeB)

Dreame The (Movie)

Dreamer's Holiday A (UltFakeB)

Dreamin' (RealBk3)

Dreamin' Home (Chicago)

Dreaming with My Eyes Open (SingerCty)

Dreamlover (R&B, UltPopRock)

Dreams (ClassRock, BestEver)

Dreams Of Old Hawaii (Jumbo)

Dreams To Dream (Movie)

Dreamsville (StandReal)

Dreary Black Hills The (Folksong)

Driftin' (Worlds)

Drifting Along With the Tide (Gershwin)

Drifting And Dreaming (Sweet Paradise) (PerfComp, BestEver, Jumbo)

Drifting On A Reed (JustJazz)

Drigo's Serenade (Legit)

Drill Ye Tarriers Drill (Folksong)

Drink To Me Only with Thine Eyes (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Drink with Me (UltBrdwy)

Drinkin' My Way Back Home (UltCntry)

Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee Drinkin' Wine (FirstTime)

Drinking Again (Fantastic)

Drinking Champagne (50Cntry)

Drinking Song (Fantastic)

Drip Drop (EarlyRock)

Drive (TV)

Drive My Car (Beatles)

Drive South (SingerCty, UltCntry)

Driving Miss Daisy (Movie)

Drop Me Off In Harlem (EarlyJazz, RealJazz)

Drover's Dream The (Folksong)

Drowsy Maggie (Celtic)

Druid Of The Isles A (Celtic)

Drum The (Jumbo)

Drummer And The Cook The (Folksong)

Drunkard's Doom The (Folksong)

Drunken Hearted Man (Blues)

Drunken Sailor (Legit)

Drunken Sailor The (Folksong, Favorite)

Dry Bones (Folksong, Favorite)

Dry Weather Houses (Folksong)

Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (Folksong, Favorite)

Du Ring an Meinem Finger (Wedding)

Dublin City (Folksong)

Dublin Stage The (Celtic)

Ducktales Theme (TV, Disney)

Duffy's Blunders (Celtic)

Duke Of Earl (SingerPop, R&B, UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Duke The (RealBk2, UltJazz, JustJazz)

Duke's Place (JustJazz)

Dulcinea (UltBrdwy, Jumbo)

Dumbarton's Drums (Folksong, Celtic)

Dumplins (Folksong)

Duncan And Brady (Folksong)

Dunderbeck (Folksong)

Dungaree Doll (BestEver, FirstTime)

Dunvegan Dirge A (Celtic)

Duquility (Worlds)

Dust In The Wind (SingerPop, ClassRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Dust On The Moon (Jumbo)

Dust Pneumonia Blues (Blues)

Duteous Day Now Closeth The (Hymn)

Dwarfs' Yodel Song The (Disney)

Dwelling In Beulah Land (Hymn, Gospel)

Dying Ranger The (Folksong)

Dying Stockman The (Folksong)


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