B J The D J (UltCntry)

B Sting (RealBk3)

Baa! Baa! Black Sheep (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Blues, ClassRock)

Babe Is Born In Bethlehem A (UltXmas)

Babe Of Bethlehem (Folksong)

Baby (You've Got What It Takes) (UltFakeB)

Baby Baby (UltFakeB)

Baby Baby Baby (FirstTime)

Baby Come To Me (RealBk3, UltPopRock)

Baby Doll (Blues)

Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me (BestEver)

Baby Dream Your Dream (Fantastic)

Baby Elephant Walk (Movie, UltFakeB, Jumbo)

Baby Face (Fantastic)

Baby How Long (Blues)

Baby I Don't Care (You're So Square) (Elvis, UltFakeB)

Baby I Lied (UltCntry)

Baby I Love You (RealBk1)

Baby I Love Your Way (UltPopRock, Legit, Fantastic)

Baby I Need Your Lovin' (R&B, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Baby I'm A Want You (Wedding, BestEver)

Baby In The Cradle A (UltXmas)

Baby It's Cold Outside (RealBk2, Movie, PerfComp, BestEver)

Baby It's You (UltFakeB)

Baby Let's Play House (Blues, Elvis)

Baby Love (R&B, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Baby Mine (Disney)

Baby Please Don't Go (Blues)

Baby Scratch My Back (Blues)

Baby Talk To Me (PerfComp)

Baby We're Really In Love (50Cntry)

Baby What A Big Surprise (Chicago, UltPopRock)

Baby What You Want Me To Do (SingerPop, Blues)

Baby What's Wrong (Blues)

Baby Won't You Please Come Home (Blues, SwingEra, UltJazz, Favorite, BestEver, FirstTime, Sinatra)

Baby Workout (R&B)

Baby You're A Rich Man (Beatles)

Baby You're Too Much (Jumbo)

Babylon's Falling (Jumbo)

Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On (UltCntry)

Baby's In Black (Beatles)

Baby's Request (PerfComp)

Back Bay Shuffle (BestEver, Jumbo)

Back Door Man (Blues)

Back In My Arms Again (R&B)

Back In The High Life Again (Fantastic, UltPopRock)

Back In The Saddle (ClassRock)

Back In The Saddle Again (UltFakeB, Legit, Fantastic)

Back In The U S S R (Beatles, ClassRock)

Back In Town (The Boys Are) (Movie)

Back In Your Own Backyard (UltFakeB)

Back On My Mind Again (UltCntry)

Back To Back (Berlin)

Back To The Future (Movie)

Backstage Sally (RealBk3)

Backwater Blues (Blues)

Bad Advice (Chicago)

Bad Bad Leroy Brown (UltPopRock)

Bad Boy (Beatles)

Bad Case Of Loving You (BestEver)

Bad Company (Folksong)

Bad Girl The (Folksong)

Bad Medicine (ClassRock)

Bad Moon Rising (Jumbo, Fantastic)

Bad News (50Cntry)

Bad Time (Jumbo)

Bags' Groove (UltJazz, StandReal)

Bags' New Groove (UltJazz)

Bailiff's Daughter Of Islington The (Folksong)

Baja Bajo (RealBk2, RealJazz)

Bali Ha'I (UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, Legit)

Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today) (R&B)

Ball Of Fire (Fantastic)

Ballad A (UltJazz)

Ballad for Doll A (RealBk3)

Ballad for Two Musicians (RealBk3)

Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (UltCntry)

Ballad Of Davy Crockett The (TV, Disney, Movie, BestEver, Legit)

Ballad Of Easy Rider (Movie)

Ballad Of Ira Hayes (FirstTime)

Ballad Of Jed Clampett (TV)

Ballad Of John And Yoko The (Beatles)

Ballad Of Ned Kelly The (Folksong)

Ballad Of Sweeney Todd The (UltBrdwy)

Ballad Of The Sad Young Men The (PerfComp, UltBrdwy)

Ballad Of The Tea Party The (Folksong)

Ballade Pour Adeline (UltFakeB)

Ballerina (Fantastic, UltFakeB)

Ballin' The Jack (UltJazz, BestEver, Jumbo, Fantastic, FirstTime)

Ballroom Dancing (PerfComp)

Baloo Baleerie (Folksong, Celtic)

Baloo Lammy (Celtic)

Baloo Lammy (Folksong)

Baltimore Fire (Folksong)

Baltimore Oriole (Fantastic, StandReal)

Bamboo Flute The (Folksong)

Banana Boat Loader's Song (Folksong)

Banana Boat Song The (Favorite, BestEver, Jumbo, FirstTime)

Band Of Gold (UltFakeB, R&B)

Band On The Run (PerfComp, BestEver, Jumbo)

Band Played On The (Fantastic, Favorite, Legit, Celtic)

Bandit (FirstTime)

Bandstand Boogie (TV, PerfComp, BestEver)

Banjo Picker's Ball (FirstTime)

Banks Of The Don The (Folksong)

Banks Of The Ohio (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Banks Of The Suir The (Celtic)

Banks Of The Sweet Primroses The (Folksong)

Banner Of The Cross The (Hymn)

Bantry Girls' Lament The (Celtic)

Baptism Of Jessie Taylor (50Cntry)

Baptized Into Thy Name Most Holy (Hymn)

Barbados (UltJazz)

Barbara Allen (Folksong, Favorite, Celtic)

Barbara Ann (Fantastic, EarlyRock, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Barbara Polka (Favorite)

Barbary Allen (Legit)

Barber Of Seville Overture The (Favorite)

Barcarolle (Favorite, Jumbo)

Barcarolle (Offenbach) (Legit)

Bard Of Armagh The (Celtic)

Bare Necessities The (Disney, Movie, Jumbo)

Barefoot In The Park (Movie)

Barely Breathing (UltFakeB)

Baretta's Theme (Fantastic, FirstTime)

Bark for Barksdale (RealJazz)

Barney Google (Fantastic)

Barnyard Song (I Had A Rooster) The (Folksong, Favorite)

Barnyards Of Delgaty The (Folksong, Celtic)

Barra Love Lilt A (Celtic)

Basie's Back In Town (Fantastic)

Basin Street Blues (RealBk1, Blues, EarlyJazz, JazzStand, PerfComp, UltJazz, BestEver, Jumbo)

Bass Blues (RealBk2)

Bass Desires (RealJazz)

Batchelor's Walk (Folksong, Celtic)

Batman Theme (Fantastic)

Battle Cry Of Freedom The (Favorite)

Battle Hymn Of Love The (UltCntry)

Battle Hymn Of The Republic The (Hymn, Gospel, Fantastic, EarlyJazz, UltFakeB, Favorite, Legit)

Battle Of New Orleans The (Jumbo)

Battle On Shiloh's Hill The (Folksong)

Battlestar Galactica (TV)

Battlship Of Maine (Folksong)

Baubles Bangles And Beads (Jazz50s, Sinatra)

Be A Clown (Movie, UltFakeB, JustStanR)

Be A Santa (UltBrdwy)

Be Careful (Jumbo)

Be Careful It's My Heart (Berlin, JazzStand, Movie, SwingEra, UltFakeB)

Be Exalted O God (Gospel)

Be Happy (UltBrdwy)

Be Honest with Me (Legit, Jumbo)

Be Joyful Mary (Hymn)

Be Kind To Your Parents (UltBrdwy, BestEver)

Be Kind To Your Web Footed Friends (Favorite)

Be Known To Us In Breaking Bread (Hymn)

Be Mine (Jumbo)

Be My Life's Companion (Fantastic, UltFakeB)

Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee (Fantastic, Favorite, BestEver)

Be My Love (Legit)

Be Our Guest (Disney, Movie)

Be Present At Our Table Lord (Hymn, Folksong)

Be Still And Know (Hymn)

Be Still My Soul (Hymn)

Be Thou My Vision (Hymn, Folksong, Celtic)

Be Thou with Me (Bist Du Bei Mir) (Wedding)

Be True To Your School (EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Beach Baby (UltFakeB)

Beaches Of Cheyenne The (UltCntry)

Beale Street Blues (Blues, Favorite)

Beams Of Heaven As I Go (Hymn)

Bear Went Over The Mountain The (Folksong, Favorite)

Beast Of Burden (ClassRock)

Beat Goes On (Fantastic)

Beat It (Fantastic)

Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar (Fantastic, BestEver, FirstTime)

Beatle Boogie The (Jumbo)

Beatles for Christmas (I Want The) (Jumbo)

Beatles The (Worlds)

Beautiful Beautiful World (UltBrdwy)

Beautiful Boy (Movie)

Beautiful Briny Sea The (Disney)

Beautiful Brown Eyes (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Beautiful Dreamer (Folksong, Favorite, Legit, Fantastic)

Beautiful Friendship A (PianistF, StandReal, UltJazz, BestEver, FirstTime)

Beautiful Garden Of Prayer The (Hymn)

Beautiful In My Eyes (SingerPop, Wedding, BestEver)

Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Hymn, Favorite)

Beautiful Love (RealBk1, Jazz50s, RealJazz, Jumbo)

Beautiful Morning (It's a) (UltFakeB)

Beautiful Ohio (Fantastic, Favorite)

Beautiful Savior (Hymn, Favorite)

Beautiful You (UltCntry)

Beauty And The Beast (Disney, RealBk2, Movie, Wedding, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltPopRock)

Beauty School Dropout (PerfComp, UltBrdwy)

Bebop (Worlds)

Be-Bop (UltJazz, JustJazz)

Bebop Lives (Worlds)

Be-Bop-A-Lula (EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Because (Beatles, Wedding, Favorite, Legit, Jumbo, Fantastic)

Because Because (Gershwin)

Because He Lives (Gospel)

Because I Love You (Berlin)

Because It's Christmas (For All The Children) (PianistX, UltXmas)

Because Of Who You Are (Gospel)

Because They're Young (EarlyRock)

Because Thou Hast Said (Hymn)

Because You're Mine (Legit)

Bedlam (Folksong)

Bedroom Eyes (UltCntry)

Bee-Bom (FirstTime)

Beechwood 4-5789 (EarlyRock)

Beep Beep (Fantastic, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel) (UltFakeB)

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (1st Movemente Theme) (Favorite)

Before Jehovah's Awful Throne (Hymn)

Before The Lord We Bow (Hymn)

Before The Next Teardrop Falls (Fantastic, Legit)

Before The Parade Passes By (PerfComp, UltBrdwy)

Before Thy Throne O God We Kneel (Hymn)

Before You Go (RealJazz)

Before You Kill Us All (SingerCty)

Before You Walk Out Of My Life (R&B)

Beggar The (Folksong)

Beggarman The (Celtic)

Begin The Beguine (Fantastic, StandReal, JustStanR)

Beginner's Luck - I've Got (Gershwin)

Beginnings (Chicago)

Behind Closed Doors (Fantastic)

Behold The Amazing Gift Of Love (Hymn)

Behold The Lamb (Gospel)

Behold The Savior Of Mankind (Favorite, Legit)

Behold Thy Throne Of Grace (Hymn)

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Fantastic, JustStanR)

Bein' Green (JazzStand)

Being Alive (UltBrdwy)

Being for The Benefit Of Mr Kite (Beatles)

Being In Love (PerfComp)

Believe (UltBrdwy, BestEver)

Believe In Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Fantastic, Legit)

Believe In Yourself (Fantastic)

Believe Me Baby (I Lied) (UltCntry)

Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Celtic)

Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Folksong, Favorite)

Bell Bottom Blues (Blues, ClassRock, BestEver)

Bell Carol (UltXmas)

Bella Notte (This Is The Night) (Disney, Movie)

Belle (Disney)

Belle Belle (My Liberty Belle) (BestEver)

Belle Of The Ball (FirstTime)

Bells Are Ringing (UltBrdwy)

Bells Of Avalon The (Fantastic, FirstTime)

Bells Of Shandon The (Celtic)

Bells Of St Mary's The (UltFakeB, Favorite)

Bells Of Washington (PerfComp)

Belly Up To The Bar Boys (PerfComp)

Beloved It Is Morn (Wedding)

Beloved Let Us Love (Hymn)

Ben (R&B, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Bend A Little My Way (Legit)

Bendemeer's Stream (Folksong, Celtic)

Beneath Still Waters (50Cntry)

Beneath The Cross Of Jesus (Hymn)

Bennie And The Jets (ClassRock, BestEver)

Berkshire Blues (Jumbo)

Bernadette (R&B)

Bernie's Tune (PianistF, RealBk1, UltFakeB, UltJazz, Jazz60s, JustJazz)

Besame Mucho (Kiss Me Much) (UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Beside A Babbling Brook (Fantastic)

Beside The River Loune (Celtic)

Bess You Is My Woman (StandReal, UltBrdwy, UltJazz, JustStanR, Gershwin)

Bessie's Blues (RealBk3, RealJazz)

Best In The World The (PerfComp)

Best Is Yet To Come The (StandReal, PerfComp, UltJazz, Fantastic, Sinatra)

Best Of Everything The (Sinatra)

Best Of Friends (Disney)

Best Of My Love (SingerPop, Fantastic, ClassRock, R&B)

Best Of Times The (UltBrdwy)

Best Thing for You The (Berlin, Jazz50s, RealJazz, BestEver)

Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me (UltFakeB, R&B, Wedding)

Best Thing You've Ever Done The (PerfComp)

Best Things Happen While You're Dancing The (Berlin, Movie)

Best Things In Life Are Free The (EarlyJazz, R&B, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltJazz, Fantastic, JustStanR)

Better Be Good To Me (R&B)

Better Luck Next Time (Berlin, RealJazz, Jazz60s)

Better Than Ever (Movie)

Betty Boop (Movie, UltFakeB)

Between 18th And 19th On Chestnut Street (FirstTime, BestEver)

Between Blue Eyes And Jeans (UltCntry)

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Fantastic, JazzStand, SwingEra, RealJazz, BestEver, FirstTime, JustStanR, JustJazz, 54Stan)

Beulah Land (Hymn)

Beware Brother Beware (Jumbo)

Beware Oh Take Care (Folksong)

Bewildered (Jumbo)

Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered) (Fantastic, StandReal, JazzStand, SwingEra, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltJazz, Legit, JustStanR)

Beyond My Wildest Dreams (UltBrdwy)

Beyond The Blue Horizon (Jazz50s, Movie, UltFakeB)

Beyond The Reef (Jumbo)

Beyond The Sea (Jazz50s, UltFakeB, PerfComp, UltPopRock, JustJazz)

Beyond The Sunset (Gospel)

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) (Disney, Movie, BestEver, Jumbo)

Bible Tells Me So The (UltFakeB, Jumbo)

Bicycle Built for Two A (Favorite, Legit, Jumbo, Fantastic)

Biddle-Dee-Dee (Disney)

Bidin' My Time (Fantastic, StandReal, JustStanR, Gershwin)

Big Bad John (UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltCntry, UltPopRock, 50Cntry)

Big Bad Love (50Cntry)

Big Beat The (UltBrdwy, Legit)

Big Boss Man (Elvis)

Big City (UltCntry)

Big City Miss Ruth Ann (PerfComp)

Big Corral The (Folksong)

Big D (PerfComp, UltBrdwy)

Big Daddy (Fantastic)

Big Girls Don't Cry (EarlyRock, PerfComp, BestEver)

Big Hunk O' Love A (Blues, Elvis, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Big Midnight Special (50Cntry)

Big Nick (RealJazz)

Big Noise from Winnetka (Fantastic)

Big P (WorldsG UltJazz)

Big Road Blues (Blues, Folksong)

Big Rock Candy Mountain The (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Big Spender (Fantastic, Legit, JustStanR)

Big Wheels In The Moonlight (SingerCty)

Bigger Than Any Mountain (Gospel)

Biggest Part Of Me (UltPopRock)

Bijou (SwingEra, RealJazz)

Bile Them Cabbage Down (Folksong)

Bill (UltFakeB, RealJazz, UltBrdwy, FirstTime)

Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home (Fantastic, UltFakeB, UltJazz, Favorite, Legit, Jumbo, JustStanR)

Bill Groggin's Goat (Folksong)

Billboard March (Favorite, Fantastic)

Billie Jean (Fantastic)

Billie's Blues (Blues, FirstTime)

Billie's Bounce (Also Known As Bill's Bounce) (UltJazz)

Billy (I Always Dream Of Bill) (FirstTime)

Billy Barlow (Folksong)

Billy Bayou (UltCntry)

Billy Boy (Folksong, Favorite)

Billy Broke Locks (Folksong)

Billy Don't Be A Hero (UltFakeB)

Billy The Kid (Folksong, Legit)

Bim Bam Boom (Legit)

Bimbombey (Fantastic, UltFakeB)

Bind Us Together (Gospel)

Bingo (Folksong, Favorite)

Bird And The Cricket And The Willow Tree The (Jumbo)

Bird Dog (Fantastic, UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltCntry)

Bird Feathers (UltJazz, JustJazz)

Bird Food (RealBk1)

Bird In A Gilded Cage A (Favorite, Legit, FirstTime)

Bird Of Beauty (RealBk3)

Birdland (WorldsG UltJazz)

Birdland Blues (Fantastic)

Birds And The Bees The (R&B, BestEver)

Birds At The Fairy Fulling (Celtic)

Bird's Nest (JustJazz)

Birds Of A Feather (UltJazz)

Birk's Works (RealJazz)

Birmingham Bull (Folksong)

Birth Of A Band (Fantastic)

Birth Of The Blues The (EarlyJazz, JazzStand, Fantastic, BestEver, JustStanR, Sinatra)

Birthday (Beatles, ClassRock)

Birthday Of A King The (UltXmas)

Birthday Song The (Favorite)

Bit O' The Grogue (Legit)

Bitch Is Back The (ClassRock)

Bitter They Are Harder They Fall (Elvis)

Black (UltBrdwy)

Black And Blue (What Did I Do To Be So) (RealBk2, Blues, RealJazz, UltBrdwy)

Black And Tan Fantasy (EarlyJazz, RealJazz)

Black And White (BestEver, Jumbo)

Black Cavalry The (Celtic)

Black Coffee (RealBk2, Blues, RealJazz, BestEver, Jazz60s)

Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots (EarlyRock, BestEver)

Black Eyed Susie (Folksong)

Black Friday (ClassRock)

Black Horse Troop The (Jumbo)

Black Ice (RealBk1)

Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Folksong, Favorite)

Black Magic Woman (UltFakeB)

Black Market (RealJazz)

Black Narcissus (RealBk1)

Black Nile (RealBk3, JustJazz)

Black Orpheus (RealJazz)

Black Slacks (UltFakeB)

Blackberry Blossom The (Celtic)

Blackberry Winter (StandReal, RealJazz, JustJazz)

Blackbird (SingerPop, Beatles)

Blackbirds And Thrushes (Folksong)

Blackwater Side (Celtic)

Blah Blah Blah (Gershwin)

Blame It On My Last Affair (FirstTime)

Blame It On My Youth (PianistF, RealBk1, EarlyJazz, RealJazz, BestEver, FirstTime, 54Stan)

Blame It On The Bossa Nova (BestEver)

Blame It On Your Heart (SingerCty, UltCntry)

Blaze Of Glory (Movie)

Bleecker Street (FirstTime)

Bless 'Em All (Jumbo)

Bless God (Gospel)

Bless His Holy Name (Gospel)

Bless O My Soul The Living God (Hymn)

Bless The Beasts And Children (Movie, BestEver)

Bless The Lord O My Soul (Hymn)

Bless The Name Of Jesus (Gospel)

Bless Thou The Gifts (Hymn)

Bless You Darlin' Mother (Jumbo)

Blessed Are The Believers (PerfComp, UltCntry)

Blessed Assurance (Hymn, Gospel, Favorite)

Blessed Be The Name (Hymn, Gospel)

Blessed Jesus At Thy Word (Hymn)

Blessed Quietness (Hymn)

Blessed Redeemer (Hymn, Gospel)

Blessing And Honor (Hymn)

Blessing Of The Road (Celtic)

Blessing The (WorldsG UltJazz)

Blest Are The Pure In Heart (Hymn)

Blest Be The Dear Uniting Love (Hymn)

Blest Be The Tie That Binds (Hymn, Favorite, Legit)

Blizzard Of Lies (RealBk1)

Blond Sailor (FirstTime)

Blood Bought Church The (Gospel)

Blood Count (Jazz60s)

Blood On The Saddle (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Blood Red And Going Down (UltCntry)

Blood Will Never Lose Its Power The (Hymn, Gospel)

Bloodwashed Band (Gospel)

Bloody Mary (UltBrdwy)

Bloomdido (UltJazz)

Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle The (Folksong)

Blossom Fell A (UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Blow Away The Morning Dew (Folksong)

Blow Gabriel Blow (Fantastic)

Blow The Candles Out (Folksong)

Blow The Man Down (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Blow The Wind Southerly (Folksong)

Blow Wind Blow (Blues)

Blow Ye The Trumpet Blow (Hymn)

Blow Ye Winds In The Morning (Folksong)

Blow Ye Winds Westerly (Folksong)

Bluddle Uddle Um Dum (Disney)

Blue (UltCntry)

Blue And Sentimental (Fantastic, StandReal, SwingEra, UltJazz, FirstTime, JustJazz)

Blue And White The (PerfComp)

Blue Angel (50Cntry)

Blue Autumn (Legit)

Blue Bayou (Fantastic, UltFakeB, UltCntry, UltPopRock, 50Cntry)

Blue Bells Of Scotland The (Folksong, Favorite, Celtic)

Blue Bird Of Happiness (FirstTime)

Blue Blue Blue (Gershwin)

Blue Blue Day (50Cntry)

Blue Boogie (Jumbo)

Blue Bossa (RealBk1)

Blue Cat (Jumbo)

Blue Champagne (UltJazz, BestEver, Jazz60s)

Blue Christmas (PianistX, UltXmas, Elvis)

Blue Clear Sky (UltCntry)

Blue Daniel (RealBk1)

Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss) (Legit, Fantastic, Favorite, Jumbo)

Blue Dove (Worlds)

Blue Eyes (PerfComp, BestEver)

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Elvis, UltFakeB, UltCntry, 50Cntry)

Blue Flame (SwingEra, PerfComp, RealJazz)

Blue Gardenia (Fantastic, StandReal)

Blue Guitar (Legit)

Blue Hawaii (Elvis, Movie, UltFakeB, Jumbo)

Blue Haze (UltJazz, Jazz60s)

Blue In Green (UltJazz, Jazz60s)

Blue Jay Way (Beatles)

Blue Lace (Jumbo)

Blue Moments (FirstTime)

Blue Moon (RealBk3, Elvis, Legit, JustStanR)

Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Elvis, UltCntry)

Blue Mountain Lake (Folksong)

Blue 'N Boogie (UltJazz, JustJazz)

Blue Oak Tree (Disney)

Blue On Blue (UltFakeB)

Blue Orchids (Jazz50s)

Blue Pacific Waltz (Jumbo)

Blue Prelude (PianistF, Blues, RealJazz, BestEver)

Blue Rondo a la Turk (JustJazz)

Blue Room The (EarlyJazz, JazzStand, Wedding, UltFakeB, RealJazz, UltBrdwy, Fantastic, StandReal, JustStanR)

Blue Shadows On The Trail (Disney)

Blue Skies (EarlyJazz, Berlin, JazzStand, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy)

Blue Skirt Waltz (FirstTime)

Blue Sky (ClassRock)

Blue Spirits (RealBk3)

Blue Star (RealJazz)

Blue Suede Shoes (SingerPop, Elvis, UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltCntry, UltPopRock, Legit)

Blue Tail Fly (Folksong, Favorite)

Blue Tango (FirstTime)

Blue Train (Blue Trane) (Blues, RealJazz, Jazz60s, JustJazz)

Blue Tuesday (RealBk3)

Blue Turning Grey Over You (Blues, PerfComp)

Blue Velvet (Movie, UltFakeB)

Blue Yodel No 1 (T for Texas) (UltCntry)

Blue Yodel No 8 (Mule Skinner Blues) (UltCntry)

Blueberry Hill (Blues, R&B, UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltJazz, UltPopRock)

Bluebird (Blues, PerfComp)

Blueport (RealJazz)

Blues (My Nauhty Sweetie Gives To Me) (Jumbo, FirstTime)

Blues Ain't Nothin' But A Woman Cryin' for Her Man The (Blues)

Blues Before Sunrise (Blues)

Blues Bittersweet (Fantastic)

Blues Connotation (RealBk1)

Blues for Alice (RealBk2, Blues, RealJazz, JustJazz)

Blues for D P (RealJazz)

Blues for Daddy-O (Fantastic)

Blues for Junior (Pyramid) (RealJazz)

Blues for Pablo (UltJazz)

Blues for Rosalinda (RealJazz)

Blues for Sarka (Worlds)

Blues for Yna Yna (RealBk2)

Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock And Roll The (Blues)

Blues In Hoss' Flat (Fantastic)

Blues In My Heart (FirstTime)

Blues In The Closet (UltJazz)

Blues In The Night (Fantastic, StandReal, UltJazz, JustStanR, Sinatra)

Blues In Time (RealJazz)

Blues March (RealJazz)

Blues On The Ceiling (Blues)

Blues On The Corner (RealBk1)

Blues On Time (RealJazz)

Blues Serenade (FirstTime)

Blues with A Feeling (Blues)

Bluesette (PianistF, StandReal, UltJazz, BestEver, FirstTime, JustJazz)

Bluish Grey (RealJazz)

Bo Diddley (Blues, UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Bo Weevil (Legit)

Boar's Head Carol The (PianistX, UltXmas, Favorite)

Boat On The Sea A (Movie)

Boatman Dance (Folksong)

Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?) (Fantastic)

Bobbie Ann Mason (SingerCty)

Bobbie Sue (Fantastic)

Bobby Shaftoe (Folksong)

Bobby Sox To Stockings (UltFakeB)

Bobby's Girl (EarlyRock, BestEver)

Body And Soul (Fantastic, RealBk2, EarlyJazz, JazzStand, UltFakeB, UltJazz, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Bohemian Rhapsody (Movie, BestEver)

Bold Fenian Men The (Folksong, Celtic)

Bold Fisherman (Folksong)

Bold Robert Emmet (Folksong, Celtic)

Bold Soldier The (Folksong)

Bold Tenant Farmer The (Folksong, Celtic)

Bold Thady Quill (Celtic)

Bolivia (RealBk2)

Boll Weevil The (Folksong, Favorite, Fantastic, Legit)

Bonanza (TV, UltFakeB, Jumbo)

Bonaparte's Retreat (UltCntry, BestEver, 50Cntry)

Bond Of Love The (Gospel)

Boney Was A Warrior (Folksong, Celtic)

Bongo Beep (JustJazz)

Bongo Bop (JustJazz)

Bonita (Jazz60s)

Bonnie Blue Eyes (Legit)

Bonniest Lass The (Folksong, Celtic)

Bonny Bunch Of Roses The (Folksong, Celtic)

Bonny Earl Of Murray The (Folksong, Celtic)

Bonny Lighter Boy The (Folksong)

Bonny Ship The Diamond The (Celtic)

Bonny Ship The Diamond The (Folksong)

Bony Moronie (UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Boogie Chillen No 2 (Blues)

Boogie Down (RealBk1, BestEver)

Boogie Fever (R&B)

Boogie Nights (UltPopRock, BestEver)

Boogie On Reggae Woman (R&B)

Boogie Wonderland (R&B, UltPopRock)

Boogie Woogie (The Original) (PerfComp, UltJazz, BestEver)

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Movie, BestEver, FirstTime)

Boo-Hoo (PerfComp, BestEver, Jumbo)

Book Of Love (UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Boola! Boola! (Favorite)

Boom Boom (Blues)

Boot Scootin' Boogie (SingerCty, UltFakeB, UltCntry)

Boothbay Whale (Folksong)

Boots And Saddle (Take Me Back To My) (Jumbo)

Booze Brothers (RealJazz)

Boplicity (Be Bop Lives) (Jazz50s, UltJazz)

Born Again (Gospel)

Born Free (Movie, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Born In Mississippi Raised Up In Tennessee (Blues)

Born On The Fourth Of July (Movie)

Born To Be Bad (RealJazz)

Born To Be Blue (StandReal, Blues, Jazz50s, UltJazz)

Born To Be Wild (ClassRock, UltFakeB, Fantastic, FirstTime)

Born To Be with You (PerfComp)

Born To Lose (UltFakeB)

Born To Love That Boy (Movie)

Born Too Late (PerfComp, Jazz60s)

Borrowed Time (Jumbo)

Bossa Antigua (RealJazz)

Bossa Nova Baby (Elvis, EarlyRock, BestEver)

Bossa Nova U S A (Fantastic)

Boston Burglar (Folksong, Celtic)

Boston Tea Tax Song (Folksong)

Botany Bay (Folksong)

Both Sides Of The Coin (RealBk1, RealJazz)

Both To Each Other (Friends & Lovers) (R&B, UltPopRock)

Bottle It Up And Go (Blues)

Boulavogue (Celtic)

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams The (Fantastic, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Bouncin' with Bud (RealBk1)

Bound for South Australia (Folksong)

Bound for The Rio Grande (Folksong)

Boundless Love (Gospel)

Bouquet Of Roses (UltFakeB, UltCntry, Legit)

Bouree (Bach) (Legit)

Bourgeois Blues (Blues)

Bow And Balance (Folksong)

Bow Down Thine Ear Almighty Lord (Hymn)

Bowery The (Favorite, Legit)

Bowld Soger Boy The (Folksong)

Bowling Green (Folksong)

Boy Blue (Jumbo)

Boy from New York City The (R&B, UltPopRock, BestEver)

Boy Is Born In Bethlehem A (UltXmas)

Boy Is Mine The (UltPopRock)

Boy Next Door The (RealBk2, Legit)

Boy Wanted (Gershwin)

Boy What Love Has Done For Me (Gershwin)

Boy Without A Girl A (UltFakeB, EarlyRock)

Boys (Beatles)

Boys And Girls Like You And Me (UltBrdwy, Jazz60s)

Boys Are Back In Town The (UltFakeB)

Brady Bunch The (TV, UltFakeB)

Brahm's Lullaby (Favorite, Legit)

Brand New Key (UltPopRock, BestEver)

Brand New Love Affair Part I (Chicago)

Brand New Love Affair Part Ii (Chicago)

Brand New Man (UltCntry)

Brandenburg Concerto No 2 (TV)

Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) (UltFakeB, UltPopRock)

Brass Mounted Army The (Folksong)

Brave Irish Lad The (Celtic)

Brazil (JazzStand, UltFakeB, RealJazz)

Brazilian Love Affair (Worlds)

Brazilian Sleigh Bells (PianistX, UltXmas)

Brazzle Dazzle Day (Disney)

Bread And Butter (UltFakeB, EarlyRock, 50Cntry)

Bread Of Heaven On Thee I Feed (Hymn)

Bread Of The World (Hymn)

Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light (PianistX)

Break It To Me Gently (UltCntry, FirstTime)

Break My Mind (50Cntry)

Break Thou The Bread Of Life (Hymn)

Breakfast At Tiffany's (Movie)

Breakfast Wine (RealBk1)

Breakin' Away (RealBk1, RealJazz)

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltPopRock)

Breathe (UltPopRock)

Breathe Again (R&B, UltPopRock)

Breathe On Me Breath Of God (Hymn)

Breeze And I The (UltJazz, BestEver, Jumbo, FirstTime)

Breeze From Alabama A (Jumbo)

Breezin' Along with The Breeze (Fantastic, BestEver)

Brennan On The Moor (Folksong, Celtic)

Brian's Song (Fantastic)

Bridal Chorus (from "Lohengrin") (Favorite)

Bridal March from "Lohengrin" (Wagner) (Legit, Fantastic)

Bridge At Remagen Theme (Legit)

Brigadoon (Legit, Jumbo)

Bright Lights And Country Music (UltCntry)

Bright Lights Big City (Blues)

Bright Phoebe (Folksong)

Brighten The Corner Where You Are (Gospel, Legit)

Bring A Torch Jeannette Isabella (PianistX, UltXmas, Favorite)

Bring Back The Springtime (Gospel)

Bring Him Home (UltBrdwy)

Bring It On Home (Blues)

Bring Your Vessels Not A Few (Hymn)

Bringing In The Sheaves (Favorite, Legit)

Bringing It Back (Elvis)

Brisk Young Bachelor The (Folksong)

Bristol Stomp (EarlyRock, BestEver)

Brite Piece A (Worlds)

British Grenadiers The (Folksong)

Broadway (SwingEra, RealJazz)

Broadway Baby (UltBrdwy)

Broadway Melody (Legit)

Broadway Rose (FirstTime)

Broke And Hungry (Blues, Folksong)

Broken And Spilled Out (Gospel)

Broken Hearted Blues (Blues)

Broken Hearted Me A (UltCntry)

Broken-Hearted I'll Wander (Celtic)

Broken-Hearted Melody (PerfComp, BestEver)

Bronco Billy (PerfComp)

Brother Can You Spare A Dime (Fantastic)

Brother Jukebox (SingerCty)

Brother Sun Sister Moon (Movie, UltFakeB)

Brotherhood Of Man (PerfComp, UltBrdwy, BestEver)

Brotherly Love (UltCntry)

Brotherly Shove (Fantastic)

Brothers Of The Bottom Row (RealBk3)

Brown Eyed Girl (SingerPop, ClassRock, BestEver)

Brown Eyes (Folksong)

Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue? (FirstTime)

Brown Gal In De Ring (Folksong)

Brown Skin Gal In The Calico Gown (Jazz60s)

Brownie Eyes (Fantastic)

Brown's Ferry Blues (Folksong)

Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes (FirstTime)

Brush Up Your Shakespeare (UltBrdwy, BestEver)

Bruton Town (Folksong)

Bubble Bubble Bubble (FirstTime)

Bubbles In The Wine (TV, UltFakeB)

Buckaroo (UltCntry)

Buckeye Battle Cry The (PerfComp)

Buckeye Jim (Folksong, Favorite, Legit)

Buckle Down Winsocki (UltBrdwy)

Bud On Bach (Fantastic)

Bud Powell (RealBk3)

Budo (UltJazz)

Bud's Blues (UltJazz)

Buenos Aires (UltBrdwy)

Buffalo Gals (Fantastic, Folksong, Favorite)

Buffalo Skinners The (Folksong)

Buffalo Stance (R&B)

Bugle Call Rag (EarlyJazz, PerfComp, BestEver, FirstTime)

Bugler's Dream (Olympic Fanfare) (BestEver)

Build Me Up Buttercup (SingerPop)

Build My Mansion (Gospel)

Built for Comfort (Blues)

Built On Amazing Grace (Gospel)

Built On The Rock (Hymn)

Bulldog And The Bullfrog (Folksong)

Bullet Train (WorldsG RealJazz)

Bumming Around (50Cntry)

Bum's Rush (Fantastic)

Bunch Of Thyme A (Celtic)

Bungle Rye (Celtic)

Bunny Hop The (Jumbo)

Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary (Gospel)

Burgers And Fries (UltCntry)

Burgundian Carol (UltXmas)

Burgundy And The Virgin Snow (Worlds)

Burnin' A Hole In My Heart (50Cntry)

Burning Love (Elvis)

Burning Memories (UltCntry)

Bury Me Beneath The Willow (Folksong, Legit)

Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (Folksong, Favorite)

Bu's Delight (RealBk3)

Bus Stop (ClassRock, BestEver)

Bushel And A Peck A (PerfComp, UltBrdwy, BestEver)

Busted (UltCntry)

Buster's Last Stand (RealJazz)

Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town (UltBrdwy)

But Beautiful (PianistF, RealBk1, Jazz50s, JazzStand, UltFakeB, UltJazz, JustJazz)

But I Do (I Don't Know Why) (R&B)

But It's Alright (SingerPop, R&B)

But Not for Me (Fantastic, StandReal, JustStanR, Gershwin)

But Where Are You? (Berlin)

But You Know I Love You (UltCntry)

Butcher Boy The (Celtic)

Butcher's Boy (Legit)

Butterfly (RealBk3)

Button Up Your Overcoat (Fantastic, UltFakeB, UltBrdwy, UltJazz)

Buttons And Bows (Jazz50s, Movie, UltFakeB)

Buzz Me (Jumbo)

Buzzy (UltJazz)

By A Waterfall (Fantastic)

By My Side (UltBrdwy)

By Myself (PianistF, SwingEra, UltBrdwy)

By Strauss (Gershwin)

By Strauss (UltBrdwy)

By The Beautiful Sea (Fantastic, UltFakeB, Favorite)

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Fantastic, Wedding, PerfComp, Favorite, BestEver)

By The Time I Get To Phoenix (PerfComp, UltCntry, BestEver, Legit, Jumbo)

Byblos (Chicago)

Bye And Bye (UltFakeB)

Bye Baby Bunting (Folksong)

Bye Bye Baby (UltFakeB, BestEver)

Bye Bye Birdie (PerfComp)

Bye Bye Blackbird (RealBk2, EarlyJazz, UltJazz, BestEver, Fantastic, JustStanR, JustJazz)

Bye Bye Blues (EarlyJazz, UltFakeB, UltJazz)

Bye Bye Love (UltFakeB, EarlyRock, UltCntry, UltPopRock, Fantastic, Legit)

Byker Hill (Folksong, Celtic)

Byrd Like (RealJazz)


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