There are over 12,140 songs in this aggregate index, which is compiled from the contents of the 50 U.S. fake books shown in the table below. Together, these books included 21,000 entries. As you'll see in the song index, many of the more popular songs are found in several books. However, over 8,000 songs are available in one, and only one, of the books listed below.

The table lists the fake books included in index sorted by the abbreviations used in the alphabetical song indexes provided here. A shorter, 2-letter abbreviation is also shown. This abbreviation is used in the keyword field of some of the MusicFinder Databases (MFDs) available elsewhere on this site.

Many of these books are covered in the previous Fake Books section, although some of them, like Richard Wolfe's Legit Professional Fake Book, are out of print now and may only be available via E-Bay. These books are marked with a "-NA-" for the publisher. You can click on titles that are commercially available and the link will take you to Amazon for current pricing information.

I have also created Music Finder Databases for each of the fake books included in our master fake book index. Download them from our Fake Book MFDs page in the Lessons section.

Fake Books Included in Index
Abbr Ab Fake Book Title (Publisher)
50Cntry C5 Fifty Years of (Country) Hits (-NA-)
54Stan 54 Real Chord Changes For 54 Standards (Hal Leonard)
Beatles BT The Beatles Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Berlin IB Irving Berlin Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
BestEver BE The Best Fake Book Ever (Hal Leonard)
Blues BL The Blues Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Celtic CL Celtic Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Chicago CH Chicago Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
ClassicRock CR Classic Rock Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Disney DS Disney Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
EarlyJazz EJ Jazz Bible: Ragtime & Early Jazz 1900-1935 (Hal Leonard)
EarlyRock ER Early Rock 'N' Roll Era Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Elvis EL Elvis Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Fantastic MF Most Fantastic Fakebook In The World (Warner)
Favorite MF Fake Book of the World's Favorite Songs (Hal Leonard)
FirstTime FT First Time Ever Fake Book (Dover)
Folksong FS Folksong Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Gershwin JG Just Gershwin Real Book (Warner)
Gospel GG Gospel's Greatest (Hal Leonard)
Hymn HY Hymn Fakebook (Hal Leonard)
Jazz50s J5 Jazz Bible: Jazz of the 50s (Hal Leonard)
Jazz60s J6 Jazz Bible: Jazz of the 60s (Hal Leonard)
JazzStand JS Hal Leonard Real Jazz Standards Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Jumbo JU 1001 Jumbo Song Book (-NA-)
JustJazz JJ Just Jazz Real Book (Warner)
JustStanR SR Just Standards Real Book (Warner)
Legit RW Richard Wolfe's Legit Professional Fake Book (-NA-)
Movie MV The Movie Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
PerfComp PC Performer's Complete Fake Book
PianistF PP Professional Pianist's Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
PianistX PX Professional Pianist's Christmas Fake Book
R&B RB R&B Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
RealBook1 R1 The New Real Book, V1 (Sher)
RealBook2 R2 The New Real Book, V2 (Sher)
RealBook3 R3 The New Real Book, V3 (Sher)
RealJazz RJ Hal Leonard Real Jazz Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Sinatra SN Frank Sinatra Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
SingerCty SC Professional Singer's Country Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
SingerPop SP Professional Singer's PopRock Fake Book - Men (Hal Leonard)
StandReal R0 Standards Real Book (Sher)
SwingEra SE Jazz Bible: Swing Era 1936-1947 (Hal Leonard)
TV TV TV Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
UltBrdwy UB Ultimate Broadway Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
UltCnty UC Ultimate Country Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
UltFake UF Ultimate Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
UltJazz UJ Ultimate Jazz Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
UltPopRock UP Ultimate Pop / Rock Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
UltXmas UX Ultimate Christmas Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
Wedding WL Wedding & Love Fake Book (Hal Leonard)
WorldsGr GF World's Greatest Fake Book (Sher)