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Note: Frank has also created a video that explains all the steps discussed in the lesson below.

Please download this midi for demonstration of Midi Transpose and transfer it to your USER area in the keyboard: Midnight_FB.MID

SONG select screen PRESET area1. Pressing [Song Select] Button on central left side of the PSR-3000 will display this screen.
song select button

SONG select screen USER area2. You must now tab to location of the song that needs to be transposed - USER, CARD, USB, or HD. For our demonstration, please select Midnight_FB located in USER area.

MENU buttons3. By pressing [DIGITAL RECORDING] button, the DIGITAL REC MENU screen appears.

digital record menuPlease press screen left button [A] to select SONG CREATOR.

SONG Creator screen REC MODE tab4. Selecting SONG CREATOR will open up the SONG CREATOR display screen on the REC MODE tab.

CHANNEL Screen5. Pressing <TAB> right one time, brings up the CHANNEL screen.

Selecting CHANNEL TRANSPOSE6. Pressing buttons [A] or [B] allows you to select 4 - CHANNEL TRANSPOSE.

CHANNEL TRANSPOSE FOR 1-87. Using the [1] button below the screen, you can increase or decrease the transpose amount. For our demo, please set to "-4".

8. Use buttons [2] through [8] to set channels 2 through 8 for "-4".

CHANNEL TRANSPOSE for 9-169. Please press button [F] to select channels 9-16 to modify.

10. Channels 9 through 16 are now displayed. DO NOT change channels 9 and 10 for Yamaha midi's. They are PERCUSSION channels. Please complete setting channels 11 through 16 to "-4".

TRANSPOSE completed11. Press button [D] to select EXECUTE.

12. You will see this screen when the transpose process is completed.

13. After the EXECUTE is completed, press the [I] button to select the SAVE option.

SONG display screen14. After pressing SAVE button, the SONG display screen appears.

15. <TAB> to and select the same location as the original song. Note, it's already hi-lighted. Press button [6-B] to select SAVE option.

screen showing edit box to change name of song being saved.16. The previous step displays this screen. Notice the name in EDIT window is same as original. Go to next step.

17. In EDIT window, add "2" to end of file song name. Just in case you made a mistake. System now won't erase the original.

18. Press button [8-A] to select OK. This actually saves your changes.

MAIN screen again19. The CHANNEL screen appears once more. You have now transposed and saved the changes to the original midi song. Press [EXIT] keys several times to get to the MAIN screen.

20. You could have skipped part of last instruction. But, it's always good to go HOME to the MAIN screen.

You have now completed and saved the original midi with a new name. It does need to be tested (played). Go to steps 1 and 2, then Play the transposed midi.

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This page updated on April 26, 2019 .