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Your PSR or Tyros provides you with the capability of creating your very own "User" personalized styles. You can create a style entirely from scratch, although few owners attempt that. You can also, however, create a new style by modifying styles that already exist. This includes taking different parts from existing styles and putting them together into your own style creation. The first three lessons in this section here help you with that task. Some owners may, indeed, want to create their own styles themselves, track by track, variation by variation. I have not done that. In fact, I don't know if I'll ever get around to doing that. But Simon Williams has created hundreds of his own styles. In the fourth lesson, Simon provides some helpful advise to players who want to create their own styles. While you may not want to tackle a whole style, perhaps you just want to create your own multipad - a mini style part. The final section provides some notes from Leo Dunne, who has created a whole bunch of multipads, on how you can create your own.

Assembling Style Sections

Earlier model PSRs included only two style variations instead of four variations. If you are converting one of these styles for use with the PSR-2k series, you may want to expand a 2-variation styles to a 4-variations style. In this lesson, we show you how to add sections to a style -- how to convert a style with section A and B into one that has sections A and B and C and D. This lessons shows you how to use the Assembly Page in the Style Creator to add new sections by copying old sections.

Assembling Style Parts

If you have expanded a two-variation style to four-variations by copying the first two sections, you may want to replace individual tracks in the copied sections or add entirely new tracks from some other style. Or, perhaps, you have a style you like, but you want to replace the bass line with that from some other style. That is all done in the Assembly Page of the Style Creator and this lesson explains how you do it.

Copying Intros, Endings, and Fills

Assembling style parts focused primarily on the four MAIN style variations, A, B, C, and D. But the PSR can also copy specific Intros or Endings or Fills. If you have a particular Intro you like, you may want to add it as a 4th intro option to a style you are working on. This lesson will explain how to do this.

Tips on Recording Styles

Simon Williams, who has authored many styles on the PSR740 and now the Tyros, provides some hints and tips on how you can go about putting together your own new style. Simon's advise is appropriate for most PSR models. You can find Simon's public domain styles, which I have tuned to the PSR-2000 and added OTS, in the Styles | Other section of this site.

Recording Your Own Multipads

Leo Dunne has created over 100 multipads. You'll find them on the Multi-Pad page in the Styles section. In the final lesson here, Leo gives you step-by-step instructions on how you, too, can create your own multipad files.

Pedro M. S. Eleuterio posted a Style Creator Tutorial on YouTube that shows how to create a custom style for Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) using the Yamaha Genos Style Creator. Be sure to check it out if you want to see how to make use of the Genos Style Creator.



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This page updated on February 15, 2024 .