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I am going to illustrate the various things you might want to do with a file by performing a number of common tasks. I'll work through each example step by step, using screen shots from the Tyros3 to illustrate the procedure. In the process, I cover various file operations and you may learn some new tricks as well.

I plan on altering some of the preset styles and saving "my" versions of the style in separate folders on my USB drive. I will start with one of the ballads. So, the first task will be to create a new folder on my USB drive to hold "my" ballad styles. I will use the same USB drive used in the previous lesson on the File System.

The second task is to copy one of the preset ballad styles and store it in my new ballad folder.

In the third task, I will make some changes to the style and then save my changed version of the style over the initial one stored on the USB drive.

Finally, a friend wanted a copy of the T3 multipads, so for the 4th task, I will make a copy of all the preset multipads and save them on the USB so I can move them to a PC and email them to my friend. OK, let's get started.

Creating a New Folder

MAIN screenAs usual, I start at the MAIN screen. I am going to make a copy of one of the preset (internal) ballad styles, so Il press the [D] button to bring up the STYLE display screen (PSR-S users would press the [E] button). I have just turned on my Tyros3 and the default style, EasyPop, is currently loaded. The STYLE display screen will open up with EasyPop selected.

I would like to select a ballad style in the Swing&Jazz category. I could hit the UP button and select the Swing&Jazz folder or simply press the Swing&Jazz category button on the keyboard panel. Either way, that moves the STYLE display to the Swing&Jazz styles.

Swint&Jazz stylesIn the screen shot here, notice that:

The two rows at the bottom of the display show the options you can select from the numbered buttons below the screen. The first row lets you move through the various pages of styles in the Swing&Jazz folder. There are actually 48 styles in this category so it would take 5 pages to display them all. You can see the first three pages here [P1], [P2], and [P3]. Pressing the [Next] button would show you [P4] and [P5]. We'll explore the other buttons in this row later.

The bottom row shows you the possible file operations on the displayed files. Options that can not be chosen are "grayed" out. The only thing you can do with that DreamyBalad style is COPY it. That's because you are looking at the PRESET styles. You can not DELETE them or CUT them or PASTE a new one in this area. You can make a copy and you do that by pressing the bottom [3] button. That makes a copy of this style and saves it on a "clip board." (Tyros5 users be sure you are looking at Menu 2 to see these file operations.)

Once you have selected a file to copy, the next step is to put that copy someplace. You can only put the file in a storage area that you can write to. You can put it in the USER area or on your USB drive or, if you have a Tyros, on your hard drive. However, in this example, before I copy the style file, I am going to create a new folder to put the style in.

USER areaUsing the [TAB] key, I tab over to the USER area. In this screen shot note the USER tab at the top and also note the STYLE folder at the bottom of the listing, which shows three style files in the USER area. There is only a limited amount of space for storage in the USER area, but you can store anything there. Behind the scenes, however, the operating system keeps track of what you are storing. I'm looking at the USER area through the STYLE display screen so it is only showing me styles I have stored under USER. If I were to look at the USER area from the REGISTRATION display screen ([J] button), I would see that I also have some registration files stored in the USER area. Similarly, the SONG display screen would shows several songs stored in the USER area.

USB storage areaI want to put the new folder on my USB drive, so I continue tabbing over until I get to the USB1 area. The only thing on my USB drive is a single folder called ExFiles with the example files from the previous lesson.

The bottom row shows the file options that I can use at this time, one of which is FOLDER. You select this option, which will create a new file folder, by pressing the [7B] button. The "B" in this notation stands for "Bottom" and [7B] means the button below the number 7 button.

New Folder NamingThis opens up a NEW FOLDER naming screen that allows you to provide a name for your new folder. By default, the Tyros3 enters "NewFolder" as the folder name. I don't want that name so I have to delete those characters and enter the name I want. You use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to enter characters for the new folder name. The Naming Files lesson explains in detail how to use the NAME box. In this screen shot, I have entered the characters for a new folder name "Ballad". When you have the name that you want, press the OK button to complete creating your new folder.

New style folder in USBYou now see two folders on the USB drive: Ballad and ExFiles. If you were to open up the Ballad folder, you would see that it is empty. We haven't put any files in it yet. Note that if you looked at the USB drive through the SONG display or the MULTI PAD display or the VOICE display, you would see both of these folders. Folders are shown in all the displays.

OK, we now have our new folder. In the next lesson, we make a copy of that DreamyBallad style and paste it on my USB drive. In the process, we rename the file and make sure we get it in the Ballad folder.


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This page updated on February 15, 2024 .