Recent Additions

xmas23 - Christmas Alphabet, Mary's Boy Child, Merry Christmas Polka.

xmas23 - Torben Goldin - My Grown-up Christmas List.

xmas23 - Larry Tyler - Mister Santa, Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me.

Juul adds 191 more Spanish midi files.

Khaw Hock Lye - Have You Never Been Mellow, Love Is Over, What's Love Got To Do With It.

Jim Matthews - Dear Darlin'.

Toine Dejong - Kiddy, Kiddy Kiss Me, Jren Komen Jaren Gaan.

Roy Beardmore - Ain't No Pleasing You, Flowers in the Window, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, Shine, Somewhere Only We Know (MP3 plus video)

Khaw Hock Lye - Careless Whisper, Close to You, Padam Padam.

Juul adds 7 MP3s: A Broken Heart, Donkey West, Guitar Melody, Gulio Gitarro, Gulio Guitar Swing, Julio Own Guitar Swing (c), Wonderful Land.

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