Recent Additions

Nick Van Zutphen - Bad Moon Rising, From Russia with Love, Get Together, Marching Home ©, Music of the Night, Somewhere Out There, Teach Your Children.

Ernie Mulder - December Dance 2019 ©.

Larry Tyler - I Got Rhythm, I Fall in Love Too Easily (w/Wes flute), Yellow Days (w/Wes tenor sax).

Roger Brenizer - He'll Have To Go.

Toril Susegg - Sense of Wonder ©.

New PSR Performer, Alan Clare, with 5 songs.

Toril Susegg - Nightfall ©.

Jim Laing - Sherry, Surfin' USA, Sweet Georgia Brown, Volare.

Ernie Mulder - Winter 2019 ©.

Richard Kent - Danke Shoen, For Once In My Life.

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