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Recent Songs

After The Love Has Gone (6/6) PSR-S950

Stuck On You (vocal by Gary Diamond) (5/9) PSR-S950

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (vocal by Drake) (4/25) PSR-S950

Waltzing Matilda (vocal by Wally Towells) (3/13) PSR-S950

Most Beautiful Girl In the World (vocal by Drake) (3/4) PSR-S950

Early Morning Rain (vocal by Drake) (2/17) PSR-S950

Musical Background

(December, 2020) I grew up in a humble home in southeastern Texas that was frequently filled with southern gospel, country, and pop tunes on our radio. In the evenings our father filled the house with country and pop tunes he was rehearsing on guitar for gigs at the local clubs. When my brother and I were teenagers, we became interested in playing guitar and bass guitar for our church services. Occasionally, I would try my hand at the piano keyboard when no one was listening.

Upon my father’s retirement in 1985, he relocated to central Texas and shortly thereafter purchased a Yamaha PSR 6300 Portatone. When my brother or I visited him, we were duly impressed by the “one-man-band” capabilities the instrument offered. Then, in the late 1990’s, I acquired a PSR 510 keyboard. I was amazed at the advancements that Yamaha had made over the previous decade. I used this instrument and headphones to learn how to play my favorite songs for relaxation.

In 2010, I retired from teaching secondary mathematics for the state of Texas. In the fall of that year I purchased a Yamaha PSR S710 and spent about a year experimenting with the impressive array of realistic voices and accompaniment styles onboard. While I learned about the performance and recording capabilities the instrument afforded, I found the PSR Tutorial website and downloaded some style files and instructional pages.

In the fall of 2014, I acquired a PSR S950 and later, in the fall of 2017, I purchased a Tyros 5. I am a home player, and I enjoy many musical genres, but my favorites remain: southern gospel, country, R&B, boogie, pop, soft rock, swing, and jazz. I continue to strive to master arranging, improvisation, the nuances of mixing, the use of multipads, and step-recording.

Joe Waters’ PSR Tutorial website has been a musical Mecca for me. Besides all the free downloadable resources available there, I have enjoyed the interaction with like-minded music-making friends from around the world.

Richard's MP3 Song Index

The list below includes all of Richard's songs arranged alphabetically by song title. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song. Songs recorded on Tyros5 (T5) or PSR-S950 (95).

After The Love Has Gone (95)

Ain't No Mountain (95)

Amarillo By Mornin 2 (95)

Amarillo By Mornin (vocal) (95)

Brandy (T5)

Cole Porter Medley (95)

A Day In The Life Of A Fool (95)

Don't Worry Baby 2 (95)

Early Morning Rain v(Drake) (95)

Fools Rush In (95)

From A Jack To A King (Drake vocal) (95)

From A Jack To A King (95)

Funny How TIme Slips Away v(Drake) (95)

Funny How Time Slips Away (95)

How Long (95)

Il Tempo Se Ne Va (85)

Jailhouse Rock (v by Drake) (95)

Just The Way You Are (T5)

Love Letters (95)

Masquerade (95)

Moonlight Feels Right 2 (95)

Moonlite Feels Right (95)

Most Beautiful Girl In the World (vDM) (95)

Mr Bojangles (95)

Never Can Say Goodbye (95)

Put Your Hand In The Hand (95)

The One You Love (95)

Rascals Medley (95)

Song For You, A (95)

Spooky Medley (95)

Stuck On You v(Gary Diamond) (95)

Superstition (95)

Sweet Love (95)

The Way You Look Tonight (95)

Things (We Used To Do) (95)

(I Had) The Time of My Life (95)

Waltzing Matilda v(Wally Towells) (95)

Waterloo (95)

We Are Magic (95)

What A Wonderful World (95)

Where Is The Love (95)

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On v(DM) (95)

Winchester Cathedral (95)

MIDI Files

From A Track to A King