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Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (5/19) Tyros3

Pride of Erin Waltz (5/19) Tyros3

The Dark Island (5/19) Tyros3

The Sleeping Warrior (5/13) Tyros3

Berkley Square (5/10) Tyros3

Bossa for Bernie (5/10) Tyros3

Musical Background

My musical education started at the age of 8 with weekly classical piano lessons, which continued until I was 18. In between time, I was also taught to play the Highland Bagpipes.

At 18, I played piano for a couple of years in my uncle’s four piece wedding band. I then joined up with a few friends hoping to start a rock and roll band. I was still on piano, but after a few weeks, I was elected to play a brand new instrument called the electric bass guitar. I was the only one who knew enough about music to be able to do this. We became so good and popular that I was really a professional musician by then and had even joined the UK Musicians Union to enable us to appear on television.

The band decided to reform eventually so we added 2 trumpets and 3 saxophone players and landed a residency via the UKs largest ballroom operator at that time called “Mecca.” Mecca operated dance halls all over the UK. When this ended, I took a job playing in a local club for 3 nights a week, still on bass.

After playing for 8 years, I gave it all up and retired. I sold my Fender Precision Bass and embarked on another career divorced from music that lasted for 30 years. Many years after retiring, I had a friend who bought a Tyros 3. I used to go and play on it and give him some free music lessons. Eventually, 12 years ago, I bought my Tyros 3. Being able to sight read almost anything and having been taught to play with both hands, I took to the Tyros 3 like a duck takes to water. About the same time as this, my old band decided to do a 45 year Reunion gig for charity. I had not played for 45 years but I borrowed a bass from my son. I had to write out all my bass parts as my memory would not allow me to remember any of the old melodies from the 60’s that we used to play. We did 3 nights at a local venue and played to 600-700 delighted music lovers. We repeated this for another 2 years but as we had lost some members from the original group and also some of the replacements, we finally called it a day. So now my time is spent playing all sorts of music except Hip-Hop on my Tyros3.

Ron Fraser

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Adeste Fidelis (T3)

Berkley Square (T3)

Bossa for Bernie (T3)

Cavatina (T3)

Dindi (Antonio Carlos Jobim) (T3)

Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana (T3)

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (T3)

Over the Rainbow (T3)

Pride of Erin Waltz (T3)

The Dark Island (T3)

The Sleeping Warrior (T3)