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Title Performer Keyboard Year
Tabé-TabéToine DejongTyros22019
Tad BaleiFrancisco AlbuquerquePSR-30002005
Tak abyste to vedelaBob KCVP3012014
Tak nevím ©Bob KPSR-S9702019
Tak Pojd ©Bob KPSR-S9702018
Take A Chance On MeClem EbberCVP4012013
Take FiveCraig PSR-S9502017
Take Good Care Of My BabyDave ChurchTyros32013
Take Good Care of My BabyRoy BeardmoreTyros52017
Take It EasyCraig PSR-S9502019
Take It To The LimitNick Van ZutphenTyros42017
Take Me Home Country RoadKen TooneCVP6052015
Take Me To Your World (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002014
Take On MePedro EleuterioTyros32013
Take The Long Way HomeCraig PSR-S9502017
Take These ChainsNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702019
Take These Chains From My Heart (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
Take Your Memory With You When You Go (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002013
TammyPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
TammyDel KayTyros42015
Tammy (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002014
TangerineLarry TylerPSR-S9752019
TangerineAlex GreenTyros42011
TangerineNeal SaundersTyros32011
Tango 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
Tango 2018 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502018
Tango Of RosesRoger BrenizerTyros42016
Tango Salon ©Ryszard BieszczadTyros42019
Tanze mit mir in den morgenToine DejongTyros22019
Tanzen Mocht IchJohn VishnoffTyros22010
Tar And CementNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
Tarantella Ernesto ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502018
A Taste Of HoneyPatricia HarmanTyros32011
A Taste Of HoneyPeter GasserPSR-S9002012
A Taste Of HoneyJudy ShortPSR-S9002013
Taxi ThemeCraig PSR-S9502019
Te Llamo Para DespedirmeJulio CazesPSR-S9002008
Tea For TwoJim LaingGenos2020
Tea For TwoStan CroffTyros42019
Tea For TwoJoseph HartPSR-S9102011
Tea For TwoBob KCVP3012013
Tea for TwoDeane PetersGenos2017
Tea For Two (vocal)Osvaldo De SouzaTyros42012
Teach Me Tonight (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-SX9002020
Teach Your ChildrenNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
Tears In Heaven (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros52014
Tears On My PillowVince AndreoneTyros12009
Technotes ©Nick Van ZutphenTyros42020
Teddy BearNick Van ZutphenTyros42020
Teddy Bear (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros32012
Telephone LineCraig PSR-S9502021
TelstarToine DejongTyros22020
TelstarPeter GasserPSR-S9002011
TelstarNick Van ZutphenTyros42017
TelStarNorman FernandezPSR-S7702018
Tempus Fugit ©Toril SuseggTyros52019
Ten GuitarsMarie AlicataPSR-S9702020
TenderlyDavid LaplanteTyros32010
Tennessee ChristmasLarry TylerPSR-S9752018
Tennesse WaltzMarie AlicataPSR-S9702020
Teneesse WaltzLeo DunnePSR-90002019
Tennessee WaltzToine DejongTyros22019
Tennessey WaltzJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
Tequila SunriseNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702020
Tequila SunriseCraig PSR-S9502019
Tequila Sunrise (vocal)Mike CyrTyros52015
Tere Mast Mast Do Nain (Dabaang)Manoj YarashiPSR-S7102012
Texas State Of MindJanet GriffinTyros32011
Thank God Im A Country Boy (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002009
Thank Heaven For Little Girls..Go Away L GirlPeter GasserTyros42014
Thank You ©Francisco AlbuquerquePSR-S9002008
Thanks For The MemoriesJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
That Lucky Old Sun (vocal)Ton AnthonieTyros42013
That Old Black MagicJudy ShortTyros42013
That Old Black MagicFrank FilipoPSR-30002015
That Old Gang Of MineAlex GreenTyros42011
That SundayLarry TylerPSR-SX9002020
That's AllLarry TylerPSR-SX9002020
That's AllMike SzmaniaPSR-S9102011
That's AllKen StenzelTyros42011
That's All (vocal)Judy ShortTyros42013
That's All (vocal)Gary DiamondPSR-S9502013
That's AmoreJim LaingGenos2019
That's AmorePatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
That's For Sure ©Wally ZelinskiPSR-S9102012
That's The Way Love Goes (vocal)Mark DewPSR-S9752019
That's The Way Of The WorldCraig PSR-S9502017
That's What Friends Are ForLarry TylerTyros52017
That's What Friends Are For (vocal)Torben GoldinTyros52015
That's What Jesus Means To MeRoger BrenizerTyros42014
Them That GotEddie ShoemakerPSR-30002010
Them There EyesJon DTyros52020
Theme From Sand PebblesMike SzmaniaPSR-S9102011
Then You Can Tell Me GoodbyeRoger BrenizerTyros42020
There Goes My EverythingJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
There I've Said It AgainLarry TylerPSR-SX9002021
There I Said It AgainRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9752020
There, I've Said It AgainJon DTyros52020
There I've Said It AgainJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102016
There I Said It AgainRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9752020
There Is A Tear In My BeerJohn VishnoffTyros22010
There Is LoveNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
There Is Noting Like A DameFrank FilipoPSR-30002015
There Is PowerJanet GriffinTyros32011
There Will Never Be Another YouLarry TylerTyros52017
There'll Be Some Changes MadeRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9102012
There's A Kind of HushCraig PSR-S9502021
There's A Kind Of HushJoe WatersPSR-20002005
There's A Kind Of HushPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
There's A Kind Of HushBob McKinneyTyros42014
There's A Pawn Shop On The Corner In Pittsburg PA (vocal)Ton AnthonieTyros42013
There's Always MeLeo DunnePSR-90002019
There's No Place Like Home (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-SX9002020
There's No Place Like Home (vocal)Marie AlicataPSR-30002020
There`s No Reason In The WorldJim MatthewsPSR-SX9002021
There's Something About That NameGary KilbyPSR-30002010
Thereses Waltz ©Nick Van ZutphenTyros42016
These Boots Are Made For WalkingNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702021
These Foolish ThingsJoe WatersPSR-20002005
These Foolish ThingsHermann SchunkTyros22010
These Foolish ThingsLarry TylerTyros52017
These Foolish Things (vocal)Torben GoldinTyros52015
They All LaughedLarry TylerPSR-SX9002020
They Call Me The Breeze (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros52016
They Can't Take That Away From MeStephen MolnarPSR-S9102009
Thieving MagpieChris BellTyros22011
A Thing Called Love (v)Larry TylerPSR-S9752019
Think Of LauraCraig PSR-S9502019
Think Of MeJim LaingGenos2020
Think Out LoudPedro EleuterioGenos2018
Third Man ThemeJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102017
This BoyNorman FernandezPSR-S7702018
This Boy (vocal)Mike CyrTyros52015
This Can't Be LoveLarry TylerTyros52017
This Could Be The Start Of Something Big (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-S9752018
This Diamond RingCraig PSR-S9502017
This Guy's In Love With YouChuck HuntTyros22011
This Is All I AskLarry TylerPSR-S9702018
This Is The Day ©Toril SuseggTyros52019
This Land Is My Land (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002009
This Land Is Your LandNick Van ZutphenTyros42018
This Magic MomentCraig PSR-S9502017
This Magic Moment (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52017
This MasqueradeDon ValentineTyros42015
This Masquerade (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52016
This One's for YouCraig PSR-S9502017
This Time Tomorrow ©Wally ZelinskiPSR-S9102012
ThornbirdsPatricia HarmanTyros42012
A Thousand Love Songs (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
A Thousand YearsPedro EleuterioGenos2018
Thriller (vocal)Gary DiamondPSR-S9502013
Through The Eyes Of LoveJerry ErnstPSR-30002012
Throw Off The Granite ©Andrey GusevTyros52021
Thump ©Bob CoatePSR-SX9002021
ThunderballPeter GasserTyros42017
Ticket To RideNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702019
Ticket To RideSergio CovarrubiasPSR-S9702019
Tico TicoJudy ShortTyros42013
Tico TicoBob McKinneyTyros52015
Tie A Yellow RibbonGrant CantrillPSR-S550B2013
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak TreeJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
TightropeJim MatthewsPSR-SX9002021
Tijuana TaxiMarie AlicataPSR-S9702021
Tijuana TaxiLarry TylerPSR-SX9002020
Tijuana TaxiLynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002012
Tijuana TaxiToine DejongTyros22019
Til I Hear You SingEileen LowryTyros42012
Til I Hear You SingTorben GoldinTyros42013
Till ThenLarry TylerPSR-SX9002020
Till There Was YouJim LaingGenos2020
Til There Was You (vocal)Mike CyrTyros52015
TillPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102012
Till The Storm Passes By (vocal)Diane VillafanePSR-S9002011
Till There Was YouJoe WatersPSR-20002005
Till There Was YouMarcelo GasparPSR-30002008
Time After TimeCraig PSR-S9502018
A Time For Us (Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet)Craig PSR-S9502019
A Time For Love (Wes clarinet)Larry TylerTyros52017
Time In A Bottle (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros32013
Time Is TightErnie MulderPSR-S9502021
Time Is TightJim LaingGenos2019
Time Is TightTorben GoldinTyros42013
Time To Say GoodbyeChris BellPSR-30002007
Time To Say GoodbyeNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
Time To Say GoodbyeSergio CovarrubiasPSR-S9702019
Tin Roof BluesRon JubenvilleTyros42016
Tip Toe Through The TulipsRoy BeardmoreTyros52020
Tip Toe Through The TulipsPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102013
The Tips Of My Fingers (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002014
Tired of Waiting for YouCraig PSR-S9502017
Tiroler 2017Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
A Tisket A Tasket (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-SX9002020
Titanic ThemeNick Van ZutphenTyros42017
TitaniumPeter GasserTyros42017
To All The Girls I've Loved BeforeLarry TylerPSR-SX9002021
To Each His OwnAlan PaganelliTyros12008
To Je Krasa ©Bob KPSR-S9702018
To Know Him Is To Love HimJohn PhillipsTyros42014
To Know Know Know YouNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702017
To Love AgainPauline ZTyros22010
To Love SomebodyCraig PSR-S9502019
To Love SomebodyNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702019
To Love SomebodyCraig PSR-S9502017
To Make You Feel My LoveErnie MulderPSR-S9502020
To Make You Feel My LovePeter GasserTyros42017
To MeLarry TylerPSR-SX9002021
To My Friends ©Jannie KroeseTyros22010
To se pocita ©Bob KPSR-S9702019
To The Shady WoodsAlan ClarePSR-S9702020
Too Cold At Home (vocal)Mark DewTyros52019
Today I Started Loving You Again (vocal)Jerry ErnstPSR-30002011
Today Is Mine (vocal)Mike CyrTyros52015
Together Again (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchTyros42012
Together Wherever We GoEileen LowryTyros42013
Tom DooleySteen Smollerup RasmussenPSR-S9102013
Tonight West Side StoryCraig PSR-S9502019
TonightPatricia JacobsenPSR-S7102013
TonightFrank FilipoPSR-30002015
Tonky Honk ©Wally ZelinskiPSR-S9102012
Too Late NowJoe WatersPSR-20002005
Too Much HeavenTorben GoldinTyros42013
Too Young (vocal)Ton AnthonieTyros42013
Top GunCraig PSR-S9502018
Top Of The MorningGary CoupePSR-21002011
Top Of The WorldToril SuseggGenos2020
Top Of The WorldGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
Top Of The WorldKen TooneCVP6052015
Top Of The WorldMike CyrTyros52015
Top of the WorldErnie MulderPSR-S9502017
Top Of The World (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-S9752019
Toreador MarchMike ClarkePSR-S9002011
Toril's RockChaCha ©Toril SuseggPSR-21002018
Toril's Tango ©Toril SuseggPSR-21002018
Total Praise (vocal)Diane VillafanePSR-S9002011
The Touch Of Your LipsDave EdwardsPSR-30002014
Touch Me in the MorningCraig PSR-S9502021
Towards The SeaToril SuseggGenos2020
ToylandDeane PetersPSR-SX9002020
TracesLarry TylerTyros52017
Tractus ©Wally ZelinskiPSR-S9102012
Trains And Boats And PlanesNick Van ZutphenTyros42018
TraumereiTorben GoldinTyros42013
Trav'lin' ©Laura Remson MitchellPSR-7402012
The Trees (Rush)Janet GriffinGenos2017
Tres ©Wally ZelinskiLowrey2012
Tribute To Duran DuranPeter GasserTyros42017
Tribute to Roy OrbisonPeter GasserTyros42017
Tricks Of The LightGary CoupePSR-21002008
Trip Hop2 ©Chris EasdownTyros52020
Trip Hop Kenny ©James GraceyTyros22010
Tristeza de nós doisFrancisco AlbuquerquePSR-30002004
TristezzaMarie AlicataPSR-S9702020
Tritesse ©Francisco AlbuquerquePSR-30002005
The Troll's Stomp Dance ©Toril SuseggGenos2020
Trolley SongFrank FilipoPSR-30002015
TruePeter GasserTyros42017
True Blue ©Laura Remson MitchellPSR-7402012
True LoveLeo DunnePSR-90002019
True LoveNeal SaundersTyros32012
True LoveBill McCrackenPSR-S7102014
True Love WaysJon DTyros52020
True Love WaysLarry TylerTyros52016
True Love WaysCraig PSR-S9502017
Trumpet Jazz Swing ©Jannie KroeseTyros22010
Try A Little KindnessNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
Try A Little TendernessDeane PetersTyros42012
Try A Little Tenderness (vocal)Rocco NoscheseTyros42012
Try A Little Tenderness (vocal)Larry TylerPSR-S9752018
Tulips From AmsterdamNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
Tulpen uit AmsterdamToine DejongTyros22019
Tulsa ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502018
Tum Hi HoManoj YarashiPSR-S7102013
Tum Se Hi (Jab We Met)Manoj YarashiPSR-S7102012
Tumbling Tumbleweeds (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52017
Turn Around (vocal)Mike CyrTyros52015
Turn Me OnRoy BeardmoreTyros52019
Turn Out The LightWarren PetersPSR-30002009
Turn Turn TurnNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702018
Tuxedo JunctionRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9752021
Tuxedo JunctionBill VeniceTyros32009
Tuxedo JunctionStephen MolnarTyros42010
Twelfth of NeverLarry TylerPSR-SX9002021
The Twelfth Of NeverToril SuseggPSR-S9752019
Twilight MagicEileen LowryTyros32009
Twilight TimeHermann SchunkTyros22010
Twilight TimeJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102015
Twilight Time (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002013
Twisting The Night AwayCraig PSR-S9502017
Two Cigarettes in the DarkMike SzmaniaPSR-S9102009
Two Different WorldsLarry TylerTyros52016
Two Front Teeth (vocal)Mike HackworthTyros42020
Two GitarenToine DejongTyros22019
Two Step TooGary DiamondPSR-30002011
Two Tickets To Georgia (AniFantasy)Roger BrenizerTyros42016
Two Tickets To Georgia (SwingFoxtrot)Roger BrenizerTyros42016
Two Young LoversErnie MulderPSR-S9502017
Tyroler PolkaToine DejongTyros22019


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