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Title Performer Keyboard Year
QuandoLeo DunnePSR-90002019
Quando Quando QuandoBob KCVP3012017
Quando WaltzTon AnthonieTyros42013
Quatre ©Wally ZelinskiLowrey2012
Que SeraBill VeniceTyros32009
Que Sera, SeraNeal SaundersTyros32012
Quentin's ThemeGloria HansonPSR-S9102015
Quiet Nights Alone ©Nick Van ZutphenTyros42016
Quiet Nights Of Quiet StarsTorben GoldinTyros42013
Quiet Nights Of Quiet StarsFrank FilipoPSR-30002015
Quiz WizzardGary CoupePSR-21002012
R&R Shuffle 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
The Race Is OnRoy BeardmoreTyros52018
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto (Full Moon and Empty Arms)Roger BrenizerTyros42014
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto (Piano Only)Roger BrenizerTyros42014
Radetsky MarchChris BellTyros22011
Radetzky MarchTorben GoldinTyros42013
Rain ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502018
Rainbow ConnectionRichard KentPSR-S9502017
Raindrops Keep Falling On My HeadHermann SchunkTyros22010
Raindrops Keep Falling on My HeadRandy SherwoodPSR-S9702017
Raining In My HeartRoy BeardmoreTyros52017
Rainy Days and MondayLarry TylerTyros52017
Rainy Days And MondaysSusie DrageTyros42011
Rainy Night ©Toril SuseggTyros52019
Rainy Night In GeorgiaRichard KentPSR-S9502017
Ramblin' BobLeo DunnePSR-90002019
RamonaToine DejongTyros22019
Rascals Medley 1Richard KentPSR-S9502019
Rascals Medley 2Richard KentPSR-S9502019
Rascals Medley 3Richard KentPSR-S9502019
Rave OnLarry TylerTyros52017
Re-excitedChuck Hunt9000Pro2011
Rebel RouserRoy BeardmoreTyros52017
Recuerdos de la AlhambraGary CoupePSR-21002008
Red Is The Rose (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
Red Red WineGary KilbyPSR-30002010
Red River RockSteen Smollerup RasmussenPSR-S9102013
Red River ValleyLeo DunnePSR-90002019
Red River ValleyRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9102012
Red River Valley (vocal)Ton AnthonieTyros42013
Red Rose Cafe (vocal)Ton AnthonieTyros42013
Red Roses For A Blue LadyRoyce MosgrovePSR-S9102013
Red Roses For A Blue LadyRoger BrenizerTyros42014
Reine de MusetteToine DejongTyros22019
Remember When (vocal)Gary DiamondPSR-S9502017
ReminiscingBill McCrackenPSR-7302010
Rent Party BluesBob KCVP3012013
Resting In The Shade ©Toril SuseggPSR-S9752019
Return To MeRoger BrenizerTyros42015
Reves d hiver ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502016
Rex ©Wally ZelinskiPSR-S9102012
Rhapsody In BlueJudy ShortTyros42013
RhiannonBill McCrackenPSR-7302010
Rhinestone CowboyLarry TylerPSR-S9752019
Rhinestone CowboyEileen LowryTyros42013
Rhinestone Cowboy.Nick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702017
Rhythm Of The RainBill McCrackenPSR-7302010
Rhythm Of The RainMike ClarkePSR-S9002011
Rhythm Of The RainGloria HansonPSR-S9102013
Rhythm Of The RainRoy BeardmoreTyros52018
Rhythm Of The Rain (vocal by Tom Devito)Jim LaingTyros32014
Rickshaw ©Wally ZelinskiLowrey2012
Ride Of The WitchSunny HaddletonPSR-S7502014
Ride OnLeo DunnePSR-90002019
Ride On (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros52014
Ride Out Of Town ©Toril SuseggPSR-S9702017
Riders Of The StormPeter GasserTyros42018
Right Here WaitingNick Van ZutphenTyros42017
Right Or WrongWarren PetersPSR-30002009
Right or WrongRichard KentPSR-S9502017
Right Or WrongJack WilliamsonPSR-S9102018
Right Or Wrong (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002013
Ring Of Fire (vocal)Udo BeckerTyros52014
Ringsend RoseLeo DunnePSR-90002019
Rio DeJeneiro Blue (vocal)Ken StenzelTyros42012
Rise AgainRichard KentPSR-S9502017
Ritme van de regenToine DejongTyros22019
River RoadRoy BeardmoreTyros52017
Rivers Of BabalonNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702018
Roads PortisheadValentino RossettiPSR-S7102019
Rock 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
Rock And Roll MusicStan CroffTyros42019
Rock Around The ClockJannie KroeseTyros22010
Rock FerryPeter GasserPSR-S9002012
Rock&Roll 2016Ernie MulderPSR-S9502016
RocknRoll YearsLeo DunnePSR-90002019
Rocket ManMark ChapmanPSR-S7102014
Rocket ManCraig PSR-S9502017
Rockin' Around The Christmas TreeTim BirdGenos2018
Rockin' RobinGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
Rocky 2017 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
Rocky Mountain WayCraig PSR-S9502018
Rocky Top (vocal)Lynn Rae CouchPSR-S9002013
Rode Rosen, Rode Lippen, Rode WijnToine DejongTyros22019
Roll Over Beethoven (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52016
Roma 2018 ©Ernie MulderPSR-S9502018
Romeo et Julliet 2017Ernie MulderPSR-S9502017
RomjulsdrømToril SuseggTyros52018
Rosa Na KolejichBob KCVP3012017
RosannaCraig PSR-S9502017
The RoseNick Van ZutphenTyros42017
Rose GardenGrant CantrillPSR-S9502014
Rose Marie I Love YouToine DejongTyros22019
Rose Of TraleeLeo DunnePSR-90002019
Rose Of Tralee (vocal)John PhillipsTyros42015
Rote Rosen, Rote Lippen, Roter WeinJohn VishnoffTyros22010
Route 66Ken StenzelTyros42011
Route 66 (v by Joyce)Larry TylerPSR-S9752018
Route 66 (vocal)Larry TylerTyros52016
RoxanneCraig PSR-S9502017
Rthym Of RainLeo DunnePSR-90002019
RubyFrank FilipoPSR-30002015
Ruby TuesdayNick Van ZutphenTyros42019
Ruby Tuesday (vocal)Morrie ReeceTyros52014
Rudolph (Bertie59)Bertie PSR-S9702017
Rudolph the Red Nose ReindeerBill HardenTyros42017
Rudolph The Red Nosed ReindeerDeane PetersTyros42016
Rudolph The Red Nosed ReindeerTim BirdGenos2018
Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerRichard KentPSR-S9502016
Run For CoverPeter GasserPSR-S9002011
Run Run RudolphRoy BeardmoreTyros52017
Run To MeCraig PSR-S9502019
Run To MeNick Van ZutphenPSR-S9702018
The RunawayErnie MulderPSR-S9502017
Runaway (vocal by Tom Devito)Jim LaingTyros32014


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